In newspeak, the situation is FLUID.  In Baja, it means we don’t know what is happening and never know when it is going to change!

Thanks to good friends at BajaBound Insurance, a simple workaround is available for you southbound Baja explorers.  Click this link to BajaBound Insurance photo pathway to get to the Scenic/Toll Road and avoid TJ Centro.

My adjusted map above shows the 2 step process.  1) After TJ border crossing, hop on ramp up to CENTRO/HEROES that crosses the TJ River(RIO).  2) Within 150yds, quick right on ramp to PLAYAS/ROSARITO.

Yep, my road signs are funky , but, skewed them to provide a southbound orientation.  Our team of cartographers spent all night designing that feature.

Suspected and hoped they would keep one lane of Av Int’l open to keep traffic out of TJ Centro.

I’m including the Calle Tercera option below, just in case things change.


Free Road Option, left turn(think sign says ENSENADA), just before Big Chief Cuauhtemco roundabout…




For optimistic travelers, there is this San Diego to Ensenada Water Taxi service, per our December 2011 post.  Scheduled services coming soon!   8)


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  1. Janika
    Posted March 30, 2016 at 15:38 | Permalink | Reply

    i took this route and it was a piece of cake. You are going one way in the old incoming lane as the outgoing lane is blocked. Hardly any traffic around noon,

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