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Hurricane Willa

by weather editor Tropicali Tormenta  

Hurricane Willa looks like it will touch the tip of Baja with some moisture, but not major wind or water damage this week.


Baja Gasoline Tax Increase

by staff gasoline editor Fila Rupp  

Headlines show “33% gasoline price increase”.  Thankfully, this increase is only on the IEPS tax.  With Magna(regular) around 19 pesos/liter, this 82 cent increase will take prices up to 20 pesos/liter or $4USD/gallon(19 pesos to dollar exchange rate).

And who is successfully using a gas price app in Baja?  Have tried Zenzzer and Gaso App with weak results.

From October 20 to 26, it will increase the IEPS tax rate per liter of fuel , so there will be a greater burden for consumers.

From Saturday 20 and until October 26, Magna and Premium gasoline and diesel will have an increase in the Special Tax on Production and Services (IEPS), Expansión reported .

The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) reported that the quota for Magnagasoline for the following week will be 3.26 pesos per liter, 33.6% or 82 cents more than what is paid today.

Diario Oficial DOF


19_10_2018 Estímulo fiscal, así como las cuotas disminuidas del IEPS aplicables a los combustibles que se indican. 

For Premium , the tax will increase 29.5% or 0.80 cents, the fee per liter will be 3.55 pesos.

For diesel, the quota increased 22.5% or 48 cents, going from 2.17 pesos last week to 2.66 pesos per liter.

The increase occurs in the penultimate month of the current administration, “it is a political cost that the outgoing government can assume and that will help generate income for the new government,” said Arturo Carranza, energy consultant at the National Institute of Administration. Public (INAP).

Every Friday, the Ministry of Finance determines and publishes in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) the amounts of the federal IEPS fees charged per liter of gasoline and diesel. The maximum quota that can be applied this year is 4.59 pesos per liter of Magna, 3.88 per liter of Premium, and 5.04 pesos per liter of diesel .

The Ministry of Finance adjusts this quota to the drop when the prices of crude oil rise in the international market, and therefore, of the gasoline that Mexico imports from the United States, the objective is that the increases in the prices of gasoline are not as marked by this tax burden, is a practice that he has been doing since last year and that his then head, José Antonio Meade, called “softening”.

Tijuana Border Construction

by Staff Traffic Editor Quincy Quiebra  

Published the September closure of the Via Rapida Oriente(VRO) on this project that resumes today and this weekend. Though it is only a partial closure, the area is a traffic trap, leading into the border Ready Lane.

Starting at 11:00 am on Friday, October 19, there will be partial closure on the Vía Rápida and Vía Oriente trains, due to the installation of 12 storm drains, necessary to have a system that avoids flooding in this road, with the arrival of the rainy season. The Secretariat of Urban Development and Ecology reported that the closing on Via Lenta Oriente will be at the height of the incorporation to Padre Kino Boulevard, where six storm outlets will be installed, so that the traffic flow will be diverted to the aforementioned boulevard. The other six storm mouths on Vía Rápida Oriente will be installed at the height of the General Hospital, so the detour will be taking advantage of the gace of incorporation towards the Via Lenta. The work will last until the weekend and it is expected to be able to open normal circulation from the morning of Monday 22 October, so it is recommended to take precautions to avoid setbacks.

Border Commuter Program

It is estimated that around 25 thousand Mexicans with a Permanent Resident Card of the United States, commonly known as “Green Card”, live in Tijuana and daily cross to San Diego to work. The “Green Card” allows immigrants to work in the United States but also requires them to reside in that country, so that people with this status who live in Mexico and cross every day to the United States are not complying with the laws of that country. country and may face repercussions such as inadmissibility.

Fortunately, there is the “Commuter” program, a legal option that allows permanent residents to live in Tijuana and work in the United States in a manner 100% authorized by the immigration authorities.

Permanent residents (bearers of a Green Card) have to live in the United States in order for their state to be valid, but many fail to comply.

The “Commuter” program offers the possibility of carrying out this dynamic in a legal manner. By changing the immigration status from “permanent resident” to “permanent resident with frequent flyer status” you can work in the US. Legally while living in Mexico. It can take 6 to 8 months to receive the card that grants the “Commuter” status, which is renewed every 10 years.

Next, everything you need to know about the “Commuter Status”:

“Commuter” card

The “Green Card” for a permanent resident in the “Commuter” state is almost identical to the standard “Green Card”. However, the “Green Card” will have a different code. In front of most of the cards will appear the “C1” for the regular permanent resident and the “C2” for the permanent resident in the “Commuter” status.

How to obtain the “Commuter Status”

  • To qualify as “Commuter,” the person must have regular and stable employment in the United States.
  • Request the change to the Permanent Residency card by completing the I-90 migratory form to reflect the new status of “Commuter” (C2).
  • Deliver payroll vouchers for the last 6 months.
  • Pay a fee of 540 dollars.
  • The card must be picked up at the designated American gate.
  • Deliver Form I-178 to immigration authorities every six months along with evidence of regular employment.

Advantages of being “Commuter”

  • It allows to protect the status of permanent resident without having residence in the United States.
  • Minimize the questions in the booths of
    the sentry boxes
  • Authorizes the “Commuter” to request the SENTRI pass.
  • Allows accumulate employment credits to access Social Security.
  • 40 quarters of employment in the United States.

Disadvantages of being “Commuter”

  • Does not qualify for naturalization (US citizenship).
  • -It does not meet the physical presence requirements.
  • Migrant benefits for relatives can not be requested.
  • If the “Commuter” lacks regular employment for 6 months, he loses the status of Permanent Residence automatically.
    A- Circumstances out of control (example: chronic illness) or
    B- Evidence of 90 cumulative days of employment in the last 12 months.

How to become a Permanent Resident

  • Complete a new I-90 format to replace the “Commuter” card (C2) with a Permanent Resident card (C1).
  • Provide evidence of residency in the United States.
  • Pay a fee of 540 dollars.
  • The new card will be sent to the address in the United States.

Access to Benefits

The status of “Commuter” does not prevent the worker from qualifying for labor benefits available in the United States.

  • Social Security: the place of residence has no effect on obtaining benefits.
  • Driver’s license: The state of California allows immigrants living illegally to apply for a license, so any “Commuter” could apply for it with greater reason.
  • MedicAid: Possible waiting 5 years after getting a “qualified” immigration status. There are exceptions, however, it may not be required because many employers offer health insurance policies.
  • MediCare: by definition this program is not for people who work, but for retirees.
  • MediCal: Permanent residents, whether registered as “Commuters” or not, and residing in Mexico, do not qualify for MediCal because they do not live in California.
  • More than 25 thousand Mexicans live in Tijuana and every day they cross to San Diego to work.

Commuter program success story

Juan Manuel Chagollán, who has been a permanent resident of the United States for 30 years, changed his “Green Card” to one that specifies that he has the status of “traveler”: “Commuter Green Card”. Now, Juan Manuel does about 10 minutes of “line” and always arrives on time at the “Holy Cross Cemetery and Mausoleum” in San Diego, CA., where he has worked as a gardener for 13 years.

First Snow in Baja…San Pedro Martir


Ensenada Garbage Grows

by staff garbage editor Groucho Gastado   

Gotta luv the “piensa en grande” slogan.

At least 100 tons of garbage, between 300 and 350 tons generated daily, are not collected due to population growth and the lack of collection trucks, said councilor Samuel Albestrain Pérez.

Given the backlog facing the municipality, in the provision of this service, the mayor issued a position so that, in the Budget of Expenditures for the year 2019, resources are labeled to ensure the purchase of trucks for the Department of Clean.

The session of Cabildo, referred to the growth presented by the city and indicated that, only so far this year, the Directorate of Urban Administration, Ecology and Environment has received more than 800 applications review of draft subdivisions subdivisions, re-reports and official numbers, which shows a growth in the number of human settlements and, with it, the generation of more waste.

Currently, he recalled that there are more than 600 colonies only in the urban area, to which the 22 delegations are added.

“The data provided by the Directorate of Municipal Infrastructure and Public Services, is that between 300 and 350 tons are generated, only 250 tons are collected by the unit,” he noted.

Few units working
The mayor said that, according to the same agency, there are less than 30 garbage trucks, which are working.

Faced with the situation, he asked the mayor, Marco Antonio Novelo Osuna, to “have a good turn instructions” to the Municipal Treasury so that in the Budget of Expenditures 2019, resources are labeled for the purchase and acquisition of garbage trucks.

He also requested that the Directorate of Infrastructure and Public Services, carry out a strategy and a specific plan for 2019, and thereby ensure an effective efficient service.

Sergio Emergency Declared in Baja Sur

This declaration will apply in the municipalities of Comondú, Loreto and Mulegé, which was requested by the State Government

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS) . In the afternoon of this Friday, October 12 of this year and due to the passage of tropical storm Sergio, the Ministry of the Interior (Segob ) issued an emergency declaration for 3 municipalities of Baja California Sur .

“The National Coordination of Civil Protection of the Ministry of the Interior today issued an Emergency Declaration for the municipalities of Comondú Loreto and Mulegé of the state of Baja California Sur, ” he said in his statement.

According to the registry of the National Water Commission (Conagua ), the tropical storm entered the land around 4:30 am, local time, 80 kilometers south-southwest of Punta Abreojos , in Baja California Sur, with winds close to the 100 kilometers per hour (km / h).

After this declaration, the resources of the Fund for Emergency Care (Fonden ) were activated, with the purpose of meeting the food, shelter and health needs of the affected population.

Finally, Segob pointed out that said Declaration was requested by the State Government in Baja California Sur, which was established as of this Friday.

Tropical Storm Sergio

by staff weather editor Tropicali Tormenta     

No seeing any rain in Ensenada yet this Friday morning at 7AM.  Expecting some showers later today.

The problem with these storms hitting the 750 mile long Baja peninsula is that the terrain is like an egg carton.  The mountains, valleys and arroyos have pockets of micro climates.

Also, storm drains are not included in Baja infrastructure. Roadways can wash out quickly.

Flooding can occur in isolated areas at any time with as little as one inch of rain.

Ensenada, Riveroll y Calle Segunda, foto por El Vigia

Our favorite little pocket in Ensenada is Calle Segunda(2nd Street).  It is a few hundred meters from the ocean front and is below sea level.  It floods with a little as 1/2″ of rain.

Many foreigners do not realize that the Baja peninsula has two Mexican states.  The states of Baja(aka Baja “norte”) and Baja Sur(“south” and became a state in 1974) split the peninsula in two.

We wish our friends in Baja Sur well during this storm.

Baja Weather Channel is your best source for weather info throughout Baja.

Below shows Sergio’s path history, big right turn like last week’s storm Rosa, and Sergio’s position Thursday at 5pm.

Tropical Storm Sergio

Maneadero Garbage Grows

Residents of the Maneadero delegation demanded that the municipal authorities be provided with the garbage collection service, as there are areas where they have up to three months with the waste outside their home.

Members of the Citizen Council of the area, mentioned that one of the areas with the greatest backlog is Revolucionario Street, behind the “El Bistecito” market.

They ask for a solution to the garbage collection problem in Maneadero. Some areas have more than a month without being served.

Nobody attends
One of the affected referred that, separately, the reports have been made both to the delegation, as to the number of Citizen’s attention of the central government.

However, the only answers they receive is either “they are going to pass the report” or “there are no trucks”.

They explained that the problem occurs both in the upper part and in the lower part of the town.

“The situation is already unbearable because of the smells and the animals. There is a worm and dogs take out and scatter debris everywhere. We no longer know how to ask to be served, “said a head of the family.

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