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Ensenada Beer Truck Rescue

Canal 23 Ensenada

On Monday this week, our intrepid team of vid journalists posted the 1″ rain of Ensenada that resulted in the rescue of a car driver at “Lago Diamante”. Event was Thanksgiving Day, 28 Dec 2019.

Above is the followup video of a Corona Beer Truck rescuing the Lago Diamante dude’s car.  It also shows the cause of the flood.

Don’t know if the flood victim had a buddy at Grupo Modelo beer company who he called or if it was a random act of kindness from the beer truck drivers.

OK, it is a 15 MINUTE video, zzz.  First 4 minutes is all that you need for the main drama and dude showing off his freshly bathed car interior.  After that, you get to study the Coriolis effect, a cop drive by, firefighters taping off the area and analysis of the trash heap. Some choice ladies’ purses at the 12 minute mark are available for your Christmas shopping needs.

And now you know the rest of the story.  You never know when a beer can be so handy!

Location was on Diamante at Reforma, adjacent to the McD.




Drug War = Definition of Insanity

The 50-year US war on drugs has been a total failure, with hundreds of billions of dollars flushed down the drain and our civil liberties whittled away fighting a war that cannot be won. The 20 year “war on terror” has likewise been a gigantic US government disaster: hundreds of billions wasted, civil liberties scorched, and a world far more dangerous than when this war was launched after 9/11.

So what to do about two of the greatest policy failures in US history? According to President Trump and many in Washington, the answer is to combine them!

Last week Trump declared that, in light of an attack last month on US tourists in Mexico, he would be designating Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations. Asked if he would send in drones to attack targets in Mexico, he responded, “I don’t want to say what I’m going to do, but they will be designated.” The Mexican president was quick to pour cold water on the idea of US drones taking out Mexican targets, responding to Trump’s threats saying “cooperation, yes; interventionism, no.”

Trump is not alone in drawing the wrong conclusions from the increasing violence coming from the drug cartels south of the border. A group of US Senators sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urging that the US slap sanctions on the drug cartels in response to the killing of Americans.

Do these Senators really believe that facing US sanctions these drug cartels will close down and move into legitimate activities? Sanctions don’t work against countries and they sure won’t work against drug cartels.

A recent editorial in the conservative Federalist publication urges President Trump to launch “unilateral, no-permission special forces raids” into Mexico like the US did into Pakistan to fight ISIS and al-Qaeda!

I am sure the military-industrial complex loves this idea! Another big war to keep Washington rich at the expense of the rest of us. And the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force can even be trotted out to fight this brand new “terror war”!

Perhaps unintentionally, however, this sudden push to look at the Mexican drug cartels as we did ISIS and al-Qaeda does make sense. After all, the rise of the drug cartels and the rise of the terror cartels have both been due to bad US policy. It was the US invasion of Iraq based on neocon lies that led to the creation of ISIS and expansion of al-Qaeda in the Middle East and it was the US war on drugs that led to the rise of the drug cartels in Mexico.

Here’s another suggestion: maybe instead of doing the same things that do not work we might look at the actual cause of the problems. The US war on drugs makes drugs enormously profitable to Mexican suppliers eager to satisfy a ravenous US market. A study last year by the CATO Institute found that with the steady decriminalization and legalization of marijuana across the United States, the average US Border Patrol agent seized 78 percent less marijuana in fiscal year 2018 than in FY 2013.

Instead of declaring war on Mexico, perhaps the answer to the drug cartel problem is to take away their incentives by ending the war on drugs. Why not try something that actually works?

New San Ysidro Border Lanes Open

The new lanes are at the left end of the San Ysidro checkpoint in front of the extinct Mexico Gate that for many years was the entrance of San Ysidro to Tijuana
(Alexandra Mendoza / UT in Spanish)

Bajadock: Above 2 photos were the old Tijuana border crossing southbound(“Puerta Mexico”) in 2012 before the new El Chaparral crossing was deployed.  Puerta Mexico was demolished and became northbound San Ysidro lanes.  Those lanes just opened according to the following report.

The first four of eight new lanes on the left side of the San Ysidro checkpoint are already in operation, as could be seen after a tour of the place.

The border community says they have noticed the difference in what is considered one of the busiest border crossings in the world.

Motorists a few steps from the dividing line said today they waited between 15 and 30 minutes, agreeing that the delay was much less than they anticipated.

Regularly the left side of the checkpoint is used by travelers who lack a Ready Lane or SENTRI card.

“I was surprised to see her so short,” says María Martínez, who was returning to San Diego with her family after having spent the long weekend in Tijuana.

Others still doubt. “Ideally, it would be that way every day, hopefully it will always be that way,” said Raúl Luisa, a Tijuana resident. “But if that’s how they are with three, let’s see what happens when everyone opens.”

Churros and curiosity sellers were also surprised. Today the line does not reach the area where the posts are located. Those who work in the area said they had detected the new lanes since last week.


The view this Monday, December 2, 2019 on the left side of the San Ysidro checkpoint
(Alexandra Mendoza / UT in Spanish)

Ramón Riesgo, project manager with the General Services Administration (GSA) confirmed the opening of the lanes from 27 to 30, although he said it is still unknown when the remaining four will open. However, it is known that there will be a protocol ceremony on December 17 that could be attended by authorities on both sides of the border.

The opening of eight new lanes for a total of 34 access lines to the United States represents the end point of the San Ysidro expansion project that began almost a decade ago. As part of this, a second pedestrian crossing from Tijuana (Mexico) to San Diego was built, in addition to a new access to the Mexican checkpoint El Chaparral.

It is still pending that Mexico does its part and the access to the new lanes located in front of the old Mexico Gate, which for many years was the vehicular entrance to Tijuana, was extended.

This Monday there are no construction works in the area and motorists can accommodate in the new lanes until they reach the front of the checkpoint.

Previously, Mexican officials have acknowledged that there is a project underway to make adjustments, but it seemed that it would not be ready for the agreement on December 17. The lack of works until today corroborates it.

Abandoned Puerta Mexico southbound TJ entry that just opened to become San Yisdro northbound lanes.  foto por Alexandra Mendoza

Ensenada 1″ Rain Can Be Dramatic

This vigorous video rescue was taken at Av Reforma and Diamante, 28 Nov 2019 at 3PM.

What’s the big deal? It is only one inch of rain!

Don’t know why the guy waited that long to exit his vehicle. Lucky to get a lift out of the pool.

There is a McDonald’s and a Carl’s Junior at that intersection. When it rains there is a Dunkin’!

Baja Thanksgiving Rain

Rain begins in centro ‘Nada Thursday noon, bajadock.  It’s not always just margaritas, mariachis, mariscos, magia and mar in Baja.

Thanksgiving is a special holiday for a few of us ex-patriots on the south side of Ensenada.  Out of the 14 Thanksgivings enjoyed here since 2006, 12 have had perfect weather.  The 2019 episode was full of wind, rain, downed power lines, a 12 hour electricity outage and street/house/biz flooding challenges.

Guesstimates were that 2 inches of rain fell.  Florida and Washington state residents can laugh at that amount of rain.  But, when your infrastructure does not include proper drainage, storm sewers and lots of trash blocking the few drains available, cars become pool toys.

Thanks to great friends, 9 of us enjoyed a candle lit turkey dinner.  Our chefs had to get creative on cooking without electricity.  Propane cooking sources, solar lighting and holiday beverages of your choice are welcome friends.

Guessing that I will increase my carbon hoof print with a gasoline generator soon.

Sharing a few of my photos, plus others.

Friday rainrise Maneadero, bajadock, crops getting a good drink from the clouds

Av Internacional, Tijuana, Thursday, thanks RS

Tijuana Via Rapida Oriente with exit to Av Int’l closed, Thursday

Ensenada, Diamante/Reforma, Thursday

floater ‘Nada Thursday

ISSSTECALI Hospital Ensenada in 2 photos above is one block away from the giant crater sinkhole on Bucaneros last week that was filled.

Riveroll between 2nd and 3rd, Ensenada Thursday

Ensenada malecon Thursday

Av Int’l Tijuana….

San Yisdro and Otay crossings reports were mild this Thanksgiving Thursday.

Snow Thursday at San Padro Martir National Park, 100 miles south of Ensenada

50mph winds mid day Thursday south of ‘Nada, bajadock

Tecate to Mexicali highway closed due to snow Friday morning

Bajadock view north Friday morning to El Sauzal/Ensenada

Bajadock, Thursday rainrise Maneadero

Friday, Punta Banda, Ensenada, thx DDP

Check out the synchronized squeegee action in Tijuana Friday.  This is Blvd Industrial, just south of the Otay Mesa Border Crossing.

San Pedro Martir Closure


Ensenada, BC- ( Bulletin ) Given the snowfall forecasts on cold fronts No. 18 and 19, the Sustainable Economic and Tourism Secretariat, headed by Mario Escobedo Carignan, through the Undersecretary of Sustainable Development, it is reported that it is contemplated the temporary closure of the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir National Park on Thursday 28 after 4:00 p.m.

The Under Secretary of Sustainable Development, José Carmelo Zavala, informed that due to the forecast of the National Meteorological Service, snowfall and wind gusts exceeding 60 km / h are expected with temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius in areas of the mountains.

“By instruction of Civil Protection of the State, the National Park Sierra de San Pedro Mártir will remain closed from Thursday afternoon until further notice, since it is estimated a fall of 23 centimeters of snow and climatic conditions not favorable for visitors”, the state official said.

For his part, the Director of Planning and Policy, Manuel Rodríguez Monárrez, mentioned that once the snowfall and the machinery clear the snow from the access, the park will only be reopened to double-traction vehicles from 07:00 to 16: 00 hours

To conclude, he said that the phenomenon, however, calls upon visitors that once the National Park is open, take extreme precautions, those who come wear appropriate clothing and footwear, mainly older adults and children, carry water, forbidden to upload firewood, it is not allowed camping, bring food and enough fuel in the units, since inside the park there are no self-service stores or gas stations.

Baja is #1 for Vehicle Thefts

Bajadock: Auto theft has always been big business during my Baja experience. Defensive measures are recommended when you park your car.

Tijuana, Baja California.- During the presentation of the Report on crime incidence corresponding to the third quarter of 2019, prepared by the National Citizen Observatory together with the Educando Conseguimos Paz Foundation; the Director General, Francisco Rivas Rodríguez and the President, Francisco García Burgos, representatives of said organizations respectively, spoke about the main challenges that Baja California has in terms of security.

The document highlights that Baja California has three crimes in the first three places nationwide. Vehicle theft is the crime in which the State is in the first place at the national level, to have a reference, the national rate is 35.64 investigation folders per 100 thousand inhabitants, while the state rate is 91.93, that is 258% higher than the national rate.

The crime that stands out for its characteristics and the violence that it implies is the intentional homicide which is second in the national level with a rate of 19.47 investigation folders per 100 thousand inhabitants. Although there is a 7% decrease in the rate compared to the same period of the previous year, the state rate is 318% higher than the national rate.

The third crime that was emphasized is rape, which is also in second place nationwide with 8.12 investigation folders per 100,000 inhabitants, 230.6% higher than the national rate.

Regarding Tijuana, it was pointed out that it shows an increase in eight crimes with respect to the same period of the previous year, that is: guilty homicide, kidnapping, extortion, robbery with violence, vehicle theft, business robbery, pedestrian theft.

Francisco García Burgos said that there is an insecurity crisis given that in the majority of crimes there is an increase over the same period of the previous year, and in the national scene, Baja California is still above the national rates in the majority Of the crimes.

He indicated that the report can be taken by the new governments as the diagnosis of the start of his administration in the matter of public security. On the other hand, he commented that he presents an area of ​​opportunity for the state due to the predominance of MORENA in the State Executive, the Town Halls and the Local Congress. This political circumstance can lead to a unified public security strategy to be led by the Governor.

The municipality with a more precarious situation in this area is Playas de Rosarito. It is appropriate to establish a specific strategy for the municipality reinforcing the presence of public security corporations of the three government orders.

Finally, he indicated that it is necessary to deal with the 3 crimes in which the state occupies the first national places. These are vehicle theft, malicious homicide and rape, and review the strategies that have been used for the significant reduction of crimes in different municipalities.

Pemex Production Falls

Crude oil production from Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) has fallen to its worst level in the last four decades.

The state company produced 1,616 million barrels of oil per day during October 2019, while in November 1979, the company extracted 1,615 million barrels per day, according to information from the National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH).

For that year, production was a record figure that continued to be exceeded thanks to the launch of the Cantarell mega-site, while this year’s figure represents less than half of the historical maximum of 3.4 million barrels per day reached in 2003.

The oil company led by Octavio Romero Oropeza extracted 1,566 million barrels in the allocation regime and 49,300 units per day for the migrated contract of Ek-Balam. In its monthly comparison, Pemex produced 3% less, while in September 2018 the production fell 6%.

The general director of the Mexican company revealed in September that October production would be reduced by 32,800 barrels per day for the maintenance of the tanker ‘The Lord of the Seas’ and two platforms in the Akal field, but the decline was 50,000 barrels.

Private companies produced 45,200 barrels per day during October, a monthly rebound of 2% and 58% in their annual measurement.

National oil production was 1,661 million barrels per day during October, a monthly fall of 2.9% and an annual decrease of 4.7%.

By type of oil, Mexico produced 852,200 barrels of heavy oil, 382,000 barrels of light, 223,700 barrels of medium oil, 116,800 barrels of super light and 86,700 barrels of extra heavy crude, according to the hydrocarbons regulator.

Pemex promised to stabilize and raise oil production to 1,778 million barrels per day on average at the end of this year, with a peak of 1.8 million barrels per day in December.

Avocados and Drug Cartels

An avocado orchard in the Mexican state of Michoacan.
(Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times)

Tijuana Moat Construction

AFNTIJUANATIJUANA 21 Nov 2019 A sinkhole occurred on Father Kino Avenue, because of the construction of a hospital in the New City complex.

The events occurred this morning when the rainfall increased and caused the movement of the land of this work and the fall of the retaining wall.

The collapse of the containment was extended to the avenue where the “trailer” is located where engineers supervise the construction of the Zaimen Hospital.

The sinkhole “ate” a lane from downtown avenue to the River Zone.

Inspectors of Municipal Civil Protection and the Directorate of Urban Administration of the 23 City Council were mobilized to the site to assess the damage, and detect possible omissions of the builders.


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