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New Tijuana Border Car Wash

Sunday noonish vehicle accident on westbound Av Internacional in Tijuana caused a geyser of water to slow vehicles on the big hill leading toward Playas de Tijuana.  Nice to see that water pressure in this area is excellent.

Video above is from an eastbound vehicle.

Border Wall Prototype at Bar

Hennessey’s Facebook Page

Bajadock: What company manufactured the inflatable wall?  How many green cards did Hennessey give away?  Is the real Isabel Orlando filing a lawsuit?

Eagles Sue Tacos Desperados


Bajadock: What is next for the Eagles?   Lawsuits against the hundreds of bars with the name “Tequila Sunrise” should be announced soon.  Eagles, why don’t you come to your senses?  GetOverIt!

Following their lawsuit against Hotel California in Todos Santos in Baja Sur, Mexico earlier this week, the Eagles rock band is now pursuing legal action against Ensenada’s famous Tacos Desperados.

According to Eagles’ business manager and spokesperson Yorbes Wager, the Tacos Desperados taco stand has been using the Eagles’ song “Desperado”, the album of the same name and lyrics to promote their tacos and tortas as being associated with the Eagles.  Trademark infringement is the argument in both the Hotel California and Tacos Desperados legal actions.

Locals and tourists flock to Tacos Desperados for the fresh meat and vegetables in tacos like “Montando Cercas”(Riding Fences), “No Puedes Conseguir”(You Can’t Get) , “El Duro”(Hard One) and “Su Mejor Apuesta”(Your Best Bet).

Su Mejor Apuesta taco is a mix of marinated grilled pork shoulder, crisp bacon, onion and poblano peppers.  When slathered with Tacos Desperados‘ special guacamole, Su Mejor Apuesta will escalate you to heaven.

Tacos Desperados manager, Reyna Corazon, said “My family has been selling tacos well before the Eagles band was formed.”  Tacos Desperados opened in 1969.  “We are just a family running a small taqueria.  Instead of engaging their lawyers, the Eagles should visit Ensenada, try our tacos and write some new songs.”, added Corazon.

Tacos Desperados‘ original location is still open at the corner of Quatro de Mayo and Calle 20, several blocks away from Ensenada’s busy tourist action. They are planning a new stand at 28 de Diciembre and Boulevar Bromas to open later this year.

Open That Bottle Night Feb 25

Bajadock: Discovered this little holiday, “Open That Bottle Night“, last year.  I forget what bottle I opened that night in 2016.  Grab your best friend(s), family or neighbor(s) and enjoy an informal feast.  I may move beyond my $10-$12 bottle comfort zone and try something new that I have been saving.  “Release your wine prisoner”. Saludos!

Whether it’s the only bottle in the house or one bottle among thousands, just about all wine lovers have that very special wine that they always mean to open, but never do. This is why “Tastings” columnists Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher invented Open That Bottle Night, the world-wide celebration of friends, family and memories during which all of us finally drink that wine that is otherwise simply too special to open.

On OTBN, which is celebrated on the last Saturday of February every year, thousands of bottles all over the world are released from prison and enjoyed. With them come memories of great vacations, long-lost loved ones and bittersweet moments. The whole point of the weekly “Tastings” column is that wine is more than the liquid in the bottle. It’s about history, geography, relationships and all of the things that are really important in life.

If you plan to participate in Open That Bottle Night, here are some tips to help you make the most of it.

1. Choose the wine. This is the all-important first step. You don’t necessarily want to open your “best” wine or your most impressive wine, but the wine that means the most to you, the one that you would simply never open otherwise. Maybe it’s Grandpa’s garlic wine. You’re looking for a bottle full of memories. On the other hand, if you have, say, a 1929 Lafite that’s just sitting there, it’s tough to argue with that.

2. Stand older wine up (away from light and heat, of course) for a few days before you plan to open it — say, on Wednesday. This will allow the sediment, if there is some, to sink to the bottom.

3. Both reds and whites are often better closer to cellar temperature (around 55 degrees) than today’s room temperature. Don’t overchill the white, and think about putting the red in the refrigerator for an hour or two before opening it if you’ve been keeping it in a 70-degree house.

4. With an older bottle, the cork may break easily. The best opener for a cork like that is one with two prongs, but it requires some skill. You have some time to practice using one. Be prepared for the possibility that a fragile cork may fall apart with a regular corkscrew. If that happens, have a carafe and a coffee filter handy. Just pour enough through the coffee filter to catch the cork.

5. Otherwise, do not decant. It’s safe to assume that these are old and fragile wines. Air could quickly dispel what’s left of them. If the wine does need to breathe, you should have plenty of time for that throughout the evening.

6. Have a backup wine ready for your special meal, in case your old wine really has gone bad.

7. If you are having an OTBN party, ask everyone to say a few words about the significance of the wine they brought. This really is what OTBN is all about, sharing.

8. Serve dinner. Open the wine and immediately take a sip. If it’s truly, irretrievably bad — meaning vinegar — you will know it right away. But even if the wine doesn’t taste good at first, don’t rush to the sink to pour it out. Previous OTBN participants have said they were amazed how a wine pulled itself together and became delicious as the night wore on.

9. Enjoy the wine for what it is, not what it might someday be or might once have been.

10. Drop Dottie and John a note at about your evening. Be sure to include your name, city and phone number, in case they need to contact you so that they can share your account with other readers.

This article was adapted from a Tastings column by Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher published in January 2007.

Feb 14th Winemaker’s Day



Likey, “February 14th, While you decadent Westerners are running around spending your money on absolute rubbish, we celebrate wine.”

Trifon Zerazan, Day of the Vine, Winemaker’s day.  Perfect day for a wine soaking.

Love the wine you’re with!

Thin Blue Line of Death

The authorities in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, recommend domestic and foreign tourists to follow the path traced in the main streets and avenues of the port to keep guarded by police areas. Photo Javier Valdez

Bajadock: Like the Escalera Nautica idea of multiple marinas to attract boaters, every popular Mexican tourist city could create their “Linea Azul”.   “Stay along the blue line and your chances of being assalted or murdered are low.  But, you will enjoy every type of street hawker, hooker and time share sales available in our fair city.”  Bienvenidos.

Mazatlan 31 January.-  If possible divide the paradise of hell, Mazatlan authorities did with a blue line: a line in streets and avenues of important sectors of this port that domestic and foreign tourists should follow if they want be in danger, even death.

The line starts at the pier, where tourists come from cruise ships; It crosses the street Emilio Barragan enters the area called South Beach (between the pier and the historic center), followed by the Carnival Avenue, crosses the Boulevard Miguel Aleman and ends on the steps of the Plaza Machado and Teatro Angela Peralta.

Follow or not this verges on bicycle, on foot, by taxi or car itself can be the difference between being in the middle of a firefight or enjoy the mazatleco sun, the sea wind, a beer against sunset or coffee in the old pier.

Mazatlan rotted. Their violence competes with Culiacan, the state capital. In the first 30 days of this year they have been committed in Sinaloa at least 106 murders, 40 of them in the port of Mazatlan and Culiacan and the rest in other municipalities.

The government of Quirino Coppel Ordaz began the last day of 2016 and drug groups already noted. Commander Juan Antonio Murillo, former secretary of public security official Mazatlan and Attorney General of the state, was shot and wounded and two of his three bodyguards were killed.

Two other agents, including the operating supervisor of the municipal police in Culiacan, were kidnapped on Jan. 27 and shot a commander with a group of suspected gunmen in the capital faced.

Mazatlan, once safe and peaceful people who get up late and wear shorts and flip flops to work, early drunkenness and eternal bohemian port is sick of insecurity and violence caused by drug trafficking.

The  cartel  of the Beltran Leyva -presuntamente in alliance with cells  cartel  Jalisco  New Generation  – death struggle with the  cartel  of Sinaloa for the drug market in the southern state.

Up to eight murders in one day

The crime rate in the region has increased since 2016. Cells from rival organizations  cartel  of Sinaloa enter through the border with Nayarit and operate from Escuinapa, El Rosario, Concordia and Mazatlan, whose mountainous area in the north of the town, serves as a den for armed groups.

On the one hand, hell, bullets, nothing. The other, the patrols, the police operations, guide services and guidance. Everyone knows, even those that offer services and products to tourists, especially cruises, which leave more profits to the local industry and commerce.

Taxi drivers, owners and drivers of  pneumonias  (car hire discovered and windowless, preferred by walkers) and who offer rides in small boats know to follow the blue line.

Like they do with violence. It speaks softly to refer to it and not affect tourism. “Do not you dare go to Lazarus,” says a student at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa to another that is not the port. The colony Lazaro Cardenas is a couple of kilometers from the center and three or four blocks from the blue line. There are no drugs, weapons, assaults, robberies, shootings.

“It was like a rain of bullets,” say neighbors told reporters, referring to what happened on December 2, 2016, when an armed group attacked residents of the street Lazaro Cardenas Teniente Azueta. Three men were killed and one was wounded while trying to flee on a motorcycle. This year has been up to eight murders in one day in Mazatlan.

Law enforcement operations have been unsuccessful. With the new state government, about one thousand 800 elements of the military police are in the 18 municipalities of the state and began by Mazatlan. On January 27 they captured 14 men, most muggers,  drug dealers , vandals and gangsters. Not a single gunman from either sides. These, like the good boxers, enter, hit and go.

“Quietly. The killings are said quietly, so as not to affect tourism,” says an employee of a restaurant when asked about the wave of killings never seen in Mazatlan, and less in such a short time.

A taxi driver says that it is “a problem between the people of the drug,” but “unfortunately is affecting everyone.” He fears that new cruise companies put Mazatlan on the blacklist and stop them from reaching tourists.

Since arriving at the port, before lowering cruises, passersby are warned: follow the line. On the way to the blue line, tourists run into preventive agents of the municipal and state police, to reach the square or main garden, the cathedral and market.

Follow the line can be the difference. Deviating from the blue line painted on the surface of boulevards, sidewalks seawall and in the streets would go into the backyard of this city, the second largest of Sinaloa, stained corpses and messages posted on them, disrupted by infernal steps of gunmen from both sides.

So follow the blue line taxi drivers, tourist services and walkers. You have to follow to stay out of hell that adjoins the poor and wounded mazatleco paradise.

Miss Pothole 2017 Contest

They invite “Miss Bache 2017”

by AFN Tijuana.
In order to attract attention and accurately detect the large number of damaged roads in the port of Ensenada, a “No Beauty Contest” was created, entitled “Miss Bache 2017”, in the city of Ensenada. That citizens are invited to share photographs of the worst bumps they detect in the locality.

The initiative is the members of the company “Dudes Co”, who pushed the page “Many Bumps” (, with more than 10 years of combined experience in website development and mobile apps.

The web application was created to serve as a tool for the community and, in general terms, to improve the city; Dudes Co ensures that it does not sympathize with any political party or government, as well as not generating economic gains with the application and are interested in collaborating with citizens.

Surprise awards

About the contest, the organizers indicated that it was launched on social networks to invite people to share their photos by means of an “inbox” in which they will have to indicate the location .

The image will be published in an album and those who have more “Like” will receive surprises.

“The three photos that have the most likes on our album will be surprise winners, they can be photos of the biggest bump, the deepest, creative or funny photos, you can also name it with a name.

Valid likes will be from the photos posted on our album. The winners will be announced on February 10th. The surprise prizes will be announced soon, the public announcement said.


Corona Makes America Great Again

Why pretending to make a big America is already, that is the message that Corona sends to the new president of the United States ,Donald Trump , in its most recent publicity campaign .

The world -renowned Mexican beer merchants question the main slogan of Trump’s presidential campaign in his new commercial, months after issuing a message against the wall he intends to build on the Mexican border .

During the election campaign of the new president, Corona made a commercialstarring Mexican actor Diego Luna to send a message about breaking down walls, instead of building more.

After the campaign ” desfronterízate “, now Mexican beer has launched a commercial titled ” Let’s Make America Great Again ?” To answer that Americais already big and a land full of opportunities .

In less than a minute and a half he speaks of the goodness of our continent , of the virtues of the Latin American community , of our culture and asks to stop “using our name to generate divisions.”

In a unifying message, he emphasizes that we are all Americans and that our continent has always been great. Thus, they end up showing the proposal of a new shield for the American territory.

Trump Wall

Bajadock random thoughts today:

The “hoorays” and hatred from political sides are amazing commentaries about the human condition.

No politician is “my leader”.  I’m a bit too independent to be swayed by cheap rhetoric, bumper stickers and social media posts.

Anthropomorphic atmospheric alterations(or whatever the newest political term is), wedding cakes and bathrooms are low on my to do list.

Liberty, a thriving economy and a security catch my attention.

Health, happiness and peace sincerely wished for you and yours.

Planes, Trains, Automobiles

Enjoyed my time in Florida with family last week.  Flew out to Orlando on Christmas Day and have had good success flying this date dozens of times.

My return trip to San Diego, just before New Year’s thrills, was a bit of adventure.  Biggest influence on that drama was the monster that had invaded my skull, aka head cold.  I’m also on drugs and woozier than normal.

My return trip morning started at 50 to get showered, pack and get my Uber ride hitched.  As the city I was visiting is a bit rural and the demographic is older, Uber is brand new.  Guessing there are only a few Uber drivers there.  Few is defined as 1 or 2? Lit up my phone to see that my Uber driver at 06:45 was available within 9 minutes of me.  Clicked “pickup” and waited for the countdown map magic.  Ummm, welll, no go.  Let’s try again.  After 3 tries and my time getting critical, gave up on GUber.

Called a taxi.  Now in this little town, taxis are also not readily available.  My call at 7am found voice mail.  Surprise, surprise, they called back in 5 minutes.  Driver showed up in 25 minutes and I was off.  Wait.  “Where are we going?” asks the seasoned citizen driver.  a) I gave that info to dispatch with difficulty as I have little/no voice.  b) Wrote the address down for the driver.  He begins to fill out a form, presumably, some type of trip report.  I point to my watch, as I had emphasized to dispatch that I needed to be at my destination at 7:45 to meet an Orlando airport shuttle.  “Oh, okay.  By the way, you really need a spray for that sore throat.  Chloraseptic is the one to get.”.  We still were not moving.  Grrrr.  Someone smarter than I could create a workflow chart showing the human steps eliminated by the Uber app vs. taxi cabs’ glacial process.

Lucky me and taxi arrived at my stop 5 minutes late to catch my shuttle van to Orlando airport.  The service I use, Villages Airport Van, is excellent and covers approx 60 miles for $40.  It’s not door-to-door for me, but, beats all other options and is comfy and professional.  Caught a nap in the back and arrived 2 hours before my flight.  Tugged out my wad of dollars and pesos to give the driver a $5 tip and got in a line of about 40 passengers at curbside checkin.  Wait.  Reached into my left front pocket for my cash.  Nada.  Against TSA spanking threats, I abandoned my bag and went back out into 3 lanes of traffic.  Fluterring on the concrete were 3 separate folds of cash.  It was approx $300usd.  Lucky recovery.  Trick was that I was wearing golf rain pants with pocket openings.  Apparently, I stuffed my wad back into the rain paint opening, but, not into the true pocket of my shorts underneath.

Orlando can be quite a thrilling airport this time of year.  Love TSA pre with coats, shoes, belts and laptops not needing special treatment.  Makes you wonder why the regular TSA lanes need to jump through those hoops.  Settled into my seat in back row of Southwest direct flight to SAN to minimize my cold’s impact.  Chatty seat mate wanted a “first date” style interview.  Pointed to my throat.  Wait for it.  “You know, Chloraseptic spray is the only thing that works for me”.  Where do they find these people?

Arrived in San Diego on time, checked bag appeared with 20 minutes and Uber was working at SD airport.  Man, that place is a cluster.  Every other Uber driver in San Diego has a Prius?  Got to my car park easily, did my grocery shopping and crossed the border at 4PM with approx a 20 minute wait to get into Tijuana this Friday.  Got home at 6pm-ish and settled into an electrified home.  Had reports of a power outage early in the day.

Thrilled to be healing and resting at home.  I have a newly repaired frig full of food and plenty of time to catch up with my friends.  Oops.  Went to my freezer to get some ice for my knee.  It was great if you like your ice at room temp.  Looks like I need a different frig repair dude.


Great news is that my dog did not die and my wife has not left me.  Cheers to your health in 2017.

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