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Baja Fiestas Jul-Aug-Sep


BAJA CALIFORNIA.- We are already halfway through the year and the party is just beginning in Baja California, if in the next few days you will have a free day to wander through the region here we leave you a couple of events that you should pay attention to.

Music, beer, wine, food or fun, whatever it is, you will surely find it in any of these events:


Guadalupe Valley Fest

If you are looking for a place to enjoy a rich wine, good food and better music, this is the ideal festival for you. For the moment the Line Up has not been revealed, this will be done in four days so you should be aware of your social networks.

  • Where? Decantos Vinícola, Rancho San Miguel Fraccion A, S / N, Ejido El Porvenir
  • What time? 12:00 pm
  • When? Saturday, September 15
  • Cost: $ 80 dollars, after July 1st at $ 120 dollars
  • More information: Here

3rd Anniversary “Boot Event”

Decantos Vinícola, will celebrate its third anniversary with the return of “Eventos de la Bota”, where regional gastronomy and wine are the main protagonist. Your ticket includes a wine boot (1 liter) and gastronomic samples by chefs, restaurants and traditional food stalls, where chefs Javier Plascencia (Finca Altozano and Erizo), Roberto Alcocer (Malva), Angelo Dal Bon (Tre Galline), Drew Deckman (Conchas de Piedra), Miguel Bahena (Pacific) and Bernardo Piña (Machine 65). The special guest will be the BC Philharmonic Orchestra that will play rock classics of the 70s and 80s.

  • Where? Decantos Vinícola, Rancho San Miguel Fraccion A, S / N, Ejido El Porvenir
  • What time? 4:00 pm
  • When? Saturday, July 21
  • Cost: Ask for a miracle to get tickets with someone who can not go
  • More information: Here

Wine Fest 2018

The fourth edition of this festival will arrive, ideal to enjoy the gastronomy of renowned chefs, foodtrucks, commercial stand, handicraft expo, wine tasting and wine tasting of 10 of the region. The music will be part of the event since it started, so it will be a special guest Denisse Guerrero, vocalist of Belanova and Moderatto as the main band.

  • Where? Vinicola Castillo Ferrer, Carretera el sauzal de rodriguez-Tecate Km.86, 22830 Valle de Guadalupe
  • What time? 4:00 pm
  • When? Saturday, August 18
  • Cost: $ 950 to $ 2,500 pesos
  • More information: Here

Sea and Wine Festival

Imagine 10 hours of entertainment fused with the best marriage as well as culinary and artistic talents.The night will become full of memories when singing and dancing with Magneto, Mercurio and Kabah.

  • Where? Estero Beach Forum, Playas del Estero Street S / N, Ex-Ejido Chapultepec.
  • What time? 4:00 pm
  • When? Saturday, July 21
  • Cost: From $ 710 to $ 4,085 pesos
  • More information: Here


9th Edition of the Festival of Chile en Nogada

Attend and see how they reward the three best dishes of Chile in Nogada, also visit any of the five pavilions that will be: one gastronomic, where of course you can eat this dish among others, another of handicrafts, wines, beers and children’s area .

  • Where? CECUT Esplanade
  • What time? 12:00 pm
  • When? Sunday September 2
  • Cost: Free admission
  • More information: Here


Movies and Comics Convention- Comics & Collectibles has already become a tradition in Plaza Galerias, a 100% family event where you can enjoy an exhibition with more than 20,000 collectable figures. It goes from Marvel, DC, terror to movies like Star. Wars, Transformers, Batman, GI Joe, Legos, among others.There will also be an amateur club with different themes, workshops, make-up artists, music groups, cosplay contest and exclusive sale of Comic Con 2018.

  • Where? Racetrack galleries
  • What time? 11:00 am
  • When? Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 August
  • Cost: $ 70 pesos
  • More information: Here

Palenque Tijuana

As part of the Tijuana Fair you can attend the palenque where some will remember their adolescence with old bands, they will dance to the rhythm of the band or you will cry or you will sing to love with pop. The concerts begin on Friday, August 24 and end on Sunday, September 16.

  • Where? Panlenque Tijuana, Tijuana River 3rd Stage, Tijuana in Parque Morelos
  • What time? All concerts 11:00 pm
  • When? From August 24 to September 16
  • Cost: Various prices
  • More information: Here

Mezcal Fair: Tijuana 2018

Tijuana will throw the house out of the window with the Mezcal Fair 2018, where not only will people be able to taste the great variety of this drink, but mezcalier certification will also be given. Exhibition and marketing of this drink, distillates, beer and of course food. You can not miss it!

  • Where? Mamut brewery
  • What time? 12:00 pm
  • When? Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 July
  • Cost: $ 250 pesos per day
  • More information: Here


Fair of Rosarito

The fair is the favorite place not only for children, but also for adults, the reason? who does not love to get on the rides to get us all in the stomach, as well as enjoying a night full of music, which turns this into the funniest days of the month of July.

  • Where? Rosarito Fair, Benito Juarez 25000
  • What time? 6:00 pm
  • When? From July 5 to 29
  • Cost: $ 60 pesos adult and $ 30 pesos children
  • More information: Here

Taste of Baja 2018

The sixth installment of the culinary competition will give us a tour of the delicious food, wines and craft beers that the state offers us, where you will have to go dressed in white and enjoy the culinary competition among 25 chefs from Baja California, who will pair with the most emblematic Mexican wines.

  • Where? Gardens of the Historic Hotel Rosarito Beach
  • What time? 6:00 pm
  • When? Wednesday, August 29
  • Cost: $ 70 and $ 85 dollars
  • More information: Here

Baja Sand 2018

As every year, the Sand Art Festival “Baja Sand” will be back to bring amazing sand figures which can be from iconic state monuments to comic superheroes, among others. You can also enjoy the Body Painting exhibition, where artists will recreate their work in the body of its protagonists.

  • Where? Beaches of Rosarito, at the height of the Rosarito Beach Hotel
  • What time? 5:00 pm
  • When? Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 August
  • Cost: Free admission
  • More information: Here



Best Fun of 2017

Last week, wrote about my Best of Baja food and beverage experiences of 2017.  In so many ways, this past year was a renaissance of my spirit with family, friends and fun. Here are some of my Best Fun of 2017 highlights:

Attitude adjustment and house remodel(front side photo above) were my best improvements for 2017, with new entry, curtains, paint color and outlook heading into my new adventures.

Best Sign of the Apocolypse: Rosarito fire in October

Best workout: Bodyweight workout followed by legs/chest/arms weights followed by intervals on this hill

Best Love Thy Neighbor Advice

Best Sunrise

Best Sunset

Best Optimism

Best Movie:  Hidden Figures  (I video my movies, as I have not been out to a flick since 2004), Thanks W, for the reminder.

Best Car Rental: CPE Isuzu Trooper Rent-A-Car, gracias!

Best Unfair Fight, Four on 1

Best Home Dinner: chili verde

Best Street Performer: No fire, no tricks, no assistants, no juggling…just a man and his bottle….Wowzers

Best Street Performer with Fire: The Silver Man Clan, Tramo de Muerte

Best Green Flash: Edgar Lima

Best Jail

Best Alternative Workout Studio: Angie’s Pole Fitness

Best Road Trip: Reno to Ensenada, September, was my first trip through the Sierra Nevada mountains.  Can’t wait to return and spend more time soaking in the scenery.

Best Christmas Decoration

Best Birds and Bees Do It Photo

Best Happy Hour: l’chaim

Best Wine & Food Pairing: Bocelli Sangiovese and cauliflower crust pizza.

Best Bubbles

Best Bubbles Saluting Flag

Best Mom


Best music: Jean-Luc Ponty, “Renaissance”

Best Photo: Owl in my front yard.  Certainly not a great composition, but, it was fascinating to share the moon with this little guy perched on top of a pvc pole lot marker.

Best Moments with family and friends, thank you.  Cheers to our adventures and new friends this year.  Ring my bell soon.


Ensenada Noisy Neighbor Law

foto por Bajadock at Barbajan, Ensenada

Bajadock: Noise in Mexico is part of the cultural fun reminder that you no longer live in the third beige house on the second cul de sac on the left.  Banda music, propane trucks, political protests, engine brakes and car “vanity sirens” are part of the adventure.  Had a fun discussion ten years ago on “Baja from the Noise”, including some friends who have passed over to the tequila bar on the other side.

The “noisy neighbors”, could be sanctioned with fines that surpass the 2 thousand 200 pesos, from which personnel of the Direction of Municipal Public Security, received the tickets of infraction.

The councilman Samuel Albestrain Pérez, said that the sanctions, after the measurements made with the sound level meters and the decision of the Judge Qualifier, can be from 0 to 30 UMAs (Unit of Measurement and Update), whose value, in this 2017, It is 75.49 pesos.

The mayor recalled that, last July, the Cabildo approved the modification to the Police and Good Governance Branch and the Regulation for the Control of Environmental Quality, which he presented.

With this change, faculties and procedures were established to the Municipal Public Security Directorate (DSPM), for the execution of actions to the problem of “noisy neighbors”.

He explained that an infraction ticket was designed in triplicate; the original will be for the offending citizen, a copy to the railing manager and another copy for the Qualifying Judge.

Said fines will be sent to the Collection Office, who will be responsible for executing the collection of the same, as it may be through the payment of the property or some other collection concept.

Action protocols
The coordinator of the Trade and Entertainment Commission also specified that the Regulation for the Control of Environmental Quality, in Article 175, empowers the DSPM, to intervene and make the protocols of action to the faults indicated.

This establishes that, it will be cause for infraction to cause noise on public roads that exceeds the levels established in accordance with the Official Mexican Standard NOM-081-SEMARNAT-1994, which are indicated in Article 70 of the aforementioned regulation.

In this process, he highlighted, participated instances such as the Directorate of Urban Administration, Ecology and Environment, the DSPM and Municipal Revenue Collection.

They will use sound level meters
It was last September when the DSPM staff received 12 sound level meters, with which they will be able to attend to citizen reports by noisy neighbors.

Likewise, a training process was carried out by the Department of Inspections and Complaints of the Urban Administration Office, for the proper use of this device, focused on the handling of the sound level meter and filling stationery when making the measurements.

Ensenada Fender Guitar Factory

VINOCOPIA: Sunday Fiesta at El Corcho Rosa

Sunday, 5 November: Come home to us, Autumn, you are NOT drunk, lol. What you need is a festive, post-harvest wine and food celebration with friends! Join us at El Corcho Rosa Sunday Nov 5th for fabulous food & wine, the best live local music and exciting new crafts for the getting (hello, holidays around the corner!)

We’re so pleased that our favorite local songbird, Wendi Rozsa will be joining us with special guest Steve Roza on mandolin. What a treat!

Check our our razzle dazzle wine & food pairing for Sunday Vinocopia event!


Featuring the culinary skills of Master Baker and Pastry Chef, Emilee Cole as well as Sommelier and former French Sous Chef, Ava Perez

Juicy 100% dry Grenache Rosé with intoxicating notes of wild strawberries and white cherries paired with a home baked quiche cup with bacon, gruyere, cheddar, peppers, and spinach.

70% Mouvédre 30% Syrah aged one year in mixed French and American oak barrels is full of dark fruit and gingerbread spices with lots of ruby red apple, black cherry, and nutmeg which we’ve paired with a chicken, sausage, and white bean cassoulet for a little taste of Provence right here in Baja.

Winemaker Sitara Perez uses a proprietary blend of Mexican chilies to make the world’s only Pepper Port which drinks like an alcoholic mole. Look for notes of dark chocolate and a hint of spice. We are pairing this wine with a dark chocolate brownie infused with Pepper Port and served with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Ensenada Fires Burn

Bajadock:  Smoke is definitely in the air this Saturday morning after Friday’s significant fire near Maneadero.  Noticed the burn yesterday at approx 11AM, as it looked like a fog bank.  But, fog banks don’t happen randomly that far inland.  My photo is at 5PM Friday from my Pub.  Map below.  There were several other fires in Baja Friday.  I’ll call this one the King Kong Fire, as that’s whom I spot in the cloud formation. 

Careful out there.

More than 100 hectares of vegetation were consumed by the fire until yesterday afternoon, as a result of a forest fire registered in the López Portillo ejido, which is located towards the Maneadero delegation, said Sergio Montes de Oca Ramos.

The head of the Forest Fire Department of the National Forestry Commission (Conafor) reported that 80 hectares of shrubland were of shrub, while the remaining 20 were of pasture.

At the close of the edition, fighters of different corporations and volunteers, achieved 50 percent control and 50 percent containment, with no reported material damage to homes or injured persons.

It was at 09:27 hours yesterday, when the flames began to spread in the area of ​​hills that is located to the east of the town, which is why an operation was activated with the participation of Conafor elements.

To enable the fire to be fought without major risks, as well as to prevent possible damage to the electricity supply system, employees of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) participated in the morning.

To the operativity were added elements of the Fire Department, with fire extinguishing machines from two stations, with the objective of providing protection to citizens living in the area nearby.

It should be added that, at the same time, a fire was recorded at Cerro del Vigia, also along the ramp leading to the Cetys campus, which were completely new when they were completely controlled and suffocated.

It was at 09:27 hours yesterday, when the flames began to spread in the area of ​​hills that is located to the east of the town, which is why an operation was activated with the participation of Conafor elements

Concerts Bad for Health


U.S. Consulate General Tijuana

Security Message for U.S. Citizens:

Exercise Caution at Bandas Gruperas Music Events

April 28, 2017

The U.S. Consulate General Tijuana informs U.S. citizens that drug trafficking organizations have made threats of violence against “bandas gruperas”—musical groups which specialize in narco corridos (songs celebrating their criminal exploits) and the music venues that host them.  Each band tends to be associated with a particular drug trafficking organization.  Therefore, the bands are viewed as targets by competing cartels.

On April 2, a narco manta attached to a dead person was left in Tijuana threatening to kill Miguel Comando,who sings about the Arellano Felix Organization (AFO). Miguel Comando is scheduled to play Las Pulgas nightclub on Avenida Revolucion in Tijuana on April 28, 2017.

Given that the cartels have been willing to follow through on their threats against members of the bandas and the venues where they appear in the past, the U.S. Consulate General has advised its personnel to avoid this event and be very cautious about attending similar events and venues. Also, review local media to be aware of possible threats.

The Consulate reminds U.S. citizens to review your personal security plan, remain aware of your surroundings, including local events, and monitor local news stations for updates.  Be vigilant and take appropriate steps to enhance your personal security.



For the second time the municipal government of Tijuana requested the suspension of a concert that tonight would be held in a show center of the city for there is a death threat against the local singer Miguel Comando.
Just as he did last February 10 to request last minute that the concert of the musical group “The New Rebels” by the appearance of a narco blanket by which they were threatened, the government of Tijuana today did the same with The case of Miguel Comando, who also received a similar threat, although in this case the warning was placed on the body of an individual who apparently for that only the criminals sacrificed.


Before the threat, it was said that the young interpreter was offered the possibility of not showing up, for his safety, however he said he felt sure of not having problems and asked for the opportunity to make his presentation because he said “Las Flegas” is The trigger for any singer to achieve success, which repeated in a long video of 10 minutes with six seconds in which he tries to explain his situation.


Comando, who in his presentations conceals the face behind a mask or a handkerchief also said in that video not to be a drug trafficker, nor to belong to any criminal group, although he recognized to interpret “narco corridos” and to do it “for Tijuana” like other groups “lo Make for other states of the country “.

The fight between organized crime groups, which now has as its victims the singers of corridos, also caused the death on September 1, 2016 of José Alberto Cervantes Nieto, alias El Betillo, member of Northern Explosion, who was executed In Rosarito.Http://

The administration of Las Pulgas made it known simply that it canceled this concert by orders of the city council, reason why for the second time it called to its customers so that they appear by the return of their money.

Feb 14th Winemaker’s Day



Likey, “February 14th, While you decadent Westerners are running around spending your money on absolute rubbish, we celebrate wine.”

Trifon Zerazan, Day of the Vine, Winemaker’s day.  Perfect day for a wine soaking.

Love the wine you’re with!

Ensenada Carnaval 2017


This year’s parades(desfiles) on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday, are on Costero/Lazaro Cardenas.  Should make traffic thrilling on those days.

CEARTE Violin Concert


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