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Ensenada Beverage Tour


Our Sunday stroll through Ensenada began at Cerveceria Transpeninsular.  FYI, Trans opens at noon.

Our team enjoyed lunch and brews at Trans.  Burgers, wings, fries are the basic supporting actors here.  Beer is the lead role.

One of my beverage buddies decided to check out Habanos cigar shop in the Soriana market across from Hotel Coral.  Good luck finding authentic Cubans in Ensenada is the lesson learned.

Next stop was Cerveceria Agua Mala.

Agua Mala is easy to miss.  It is in El Sauzal(Ensenada norte), approx 1/4 mile south of the 16 story Entremar Condo tower landmark, west/ocean side of Hwy 1.

I like this funky bar upstairs at Agua Mala.

Did not need food, but, the choices are very interesting.  Hasta Pronto!

You know the party is fun when a beer is spilled.  Someone did not have a spare shirt, but, the show must go on.  Shirts get thirsty too!  It was a three bar towel and one shirt cleanup.  A wobbly table was the plausible excuse for the alcohol waste.

We were full of beer, so it was time to get our marguerita on at the Shrine of 1892. By the look of the white shirted server at right, he obviously knew about my poor reputation.

Luckily found a table in the middle of the action.  My team did their best in an attempt to recruit two of Ensenada’s finest professionals, located at table next to us, to provide personal services for me.   I managed to avoid the high fees likely associated with them.

Sometimes you have to rope in the scofflaws in your party.

Someone was paying the band well, as they never stopped playing this Sunday afternoon.

Where to go for our taco dessert?


Cerveceria Transpeninsular

Sunday sun was out with a cool breeze for our outing to Cerveceria Transpeninsular in Ensenada.  Gracias a Equipo Dominguito!!! Our nooner arrival was met with a warm meet and greet as usual here at Trans. That is also a very cool mural on the ceiling as you enter.

Our team selected our favorites with only disappointment being that they were out of the Pilsner.

I admit that I am not a fan of nachos. But, this volcano included guac and some nice carne.

The Trans burger was said to be one of the best in Baja.  Funny how we all like our burgers served differently.  A “hamburguesa tradicional” includes cheese here.  Only reason I prefer a burger without cheese is to minimize the slippery slope factor of the other layers on the cheese.  Fries at Trans are excellent.

This is Cerveceria Transpeninsular’s version of aguachilis.  It is much different than the traditional dish and not as spicy.

Half order of wings is plenty of meat and only 120 pesos.  Buffalo salsa was rich and medium on the picante scale.  I enjoyed these muchos with good crunch factor and big mess on my hands.  A visit to the rest room is necessary for full hose down after your finish.  BBQ salsa is another option.

Trans ceviche was also a bit unusual.  It is a good starter.


Cerveceria Transpeninsular opened about 18 months ago.  Their beer quality and variety is excellent.  The open brew pub is spacious and now includes an outdoor patio with ocean view.  You will find “Trans”on north side of Ensenada, one door south of Hotel Coral.

We award Trans with out five peninsula taps out of a possible 5 for the best brew pub in Baja.

Funny that I have never noticed the use of kilometer marker references south of the Ensenada toll booth before the K5.5 used at Cerveceria Trans.  It is a smart way for businesses to promote their location.

And here is some news from Cerveceria Trans…

Desalination Plant Ready Mañana

Bajadock: Love a grand political ribbon cutting ceremony in the land of mañana, Mexico.  Podiums draped with flags, trumpets and speeches play well to the uneducated.  This desal plant has passed several promised opening dates, like the one for a 2016 ready plan.  An inauguration for the plant near the Home Depot/Walmart Macroplaza is like celebrating a bridge with construction not yet reaching the other side. Rumor has it that Caliente Casino, across the street from the plant has a betting line on the date when desal water actually begins flowing.

by staff Construction Editor, Catalina Casco Construccion    


After a notary public testified to the operation and execution of the testing period of the desalination plant located on Pedro Loyola Avenue, it was reported that it will be on July 9 when the distribution stage of 250 liters per second of the liquid.

Unofficial data refer that next Monday will be in this port the president of the republic, Enrique Peña Nieto, to inaugurate the desalinzadora plant, whose investment reaches 880.4 million pesos, an amount that includes the Value Added Tax (VAT).

During a tour of the facilities, Moisés Pariente, director of Aguas de Ensenada, detailed the procedure that is carried out for the production of water.

He also reiterated that the intake and discharge lines were increased, which would increase the production capacity of the plant to 500 liters per second, in a second stage of the project.

He explained that the plant has an energy generator, which guarantees the production of 50 percent of the water, in case of any problem or contingency with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), as well as continue with the supply.

The Executive indicated that during the weeks prior to July 9, verifications and adjustments will be made (chemical reagents, membrane process) to ensure that the water that comes out for distribution, has all the required standards.

The El Gallo tank is the point from which the liquid will be distributed; the pipe has already gone through all the tests.

During the tour explained that to produce a liter of water, it is necessary to enter two and return one.

The water process
It is seven filters for filtering and has an overcapacity with an additional flow. After the sand filters, the water is handled to pass through the cartridge filters.

In the next stage, the pressure rises to 70 kilos to be able to beat the osmotic pressure and remove the salt.

The water is channeled to a storage tank with a capacity of 5 thousand 500 cubic meters, after passing through the remineralization tanks of the osmotized water.

The project for the desalination of seawater was contracted by the State Government and assigned to the company Aguas de Ensenada, a subsidiary of OHL and has a concession for a period of 20 years.

Seawater collection works
Desalination plant
Driving line to the storage tanks and El Gallo
Interconnection to the tanks of the Márquez de León colony
Location: Fraction A, of the block 73
Colonia Carlos Pacheco
Area of ​​21 thousand 84 square meters
Extension that includes a reserve area for future growth

It was explained that prior to the operation of the plant, verifications and adjustments will be made to guarantee that the water that comes out for distribution, has all the required standards.

Slurping Water from Mud

Bajadock: With warmer weather, population growth and little or no rain for next few months, the water shortages in Ensenada should provide interesting chisme.


Given the shortage of water and the delay in the operation of the desalination plant that is built in this port, the Cespe began to “squeeze” Emilio López Zamora dam and extract the little liquid that still remains in that place to supply the city .

Carlos Loyola Peterson, director of the State Public Services Commission of Ensenada, reported that a pump and a conductive line had to be placed on a raft to reach the center of the dam’s surface.

In that place, “he said,” you can find the little water that exists in the dam and the tubes through which the extraction could previously be done can no longer be used because there is no water to extract.

He indicated that currently there is a deficit in the water supply of 18 percent and which could increase if temperatures increase in the coming days.

“Milk” well
He added that within the measures of “desperation and emergency” in addition to “squeeze” the dam was put into operation a well that will supply a few colonies.

Loyola Peterson pointed out that so far the summer season has not been very warm, compared to the previous year, but to increase the heat the deficit will be greater.

He assured that the distribution that is being carried out can not be qualified as a survey, since the supply of water is not being cut in some areas of the city and this is due to the fact that its pipes and installations are too old and the application of a “tandems” program. “Causes serious damage and leaks in those networks.

Delayed not explained
On the issue of the desalination plant, Loyola Peterson said that the State Water Commission – the body responsible for the work – should already initiate legal proceedings against the Aguas de Ensenada company for the delay in fulfilling the completion of that plant.

The CEA is in charge of supervising the plant and Cespe will only be the one to whom the supply is provided, said the interviewee.

He informed that Cespe has not been officially informed when the desalination plant will start operations, nor has it even participated in the last meetings related to this issue.

“In the last session in which I was present, representatives of the plant were required to present an analysis of their progress and when it would be the start date of operations, there was no response and I have not gone to the following meetings”, said the official.

“But even when they set a new date, I personally do not believe them,” stressed the head of the Cespe.

He assured that the state administration has complied with all the payments that were required to build the plant and stressed that the Cespe has no interference in the construction and operation, is a responsibility of the CEA and that dependence is the one that must take it and act on it, he concluded.

Ensenada T Shirt Sales

                        by Traffic Editor Quincy Quiebra    

This was Costero Blvd downtown Ensenada at 5PM Thursday.  The Baja 500 race festivities have Costero Blvd traffic down to two lanes southbound and 1 lane northbound.

This shot shows a long lineup of booths selling T shirts and caps.  Is that it? The Score 500 race turns Ensenada into a big T shirt mall?


I decided on taking the direct route southbound Thursday through Centro Nada, despite the Score 500 hooplah and lane closures.  Guessing that the bypass through 9th/10th streets is an extra 10 minutes of travel vs normal route on Costero/Hwy1.

Yesterday afternoon’s traffic crunch may have added 3-4 minutes downtown.  That delay will increase Friday and during the weekend.

The 9th/10th Street gig appears to be similar in length to Hwy 1.  But, the traffic in that bypass is also thick with lots of stop lights.  Choosing the bypass asks if the Hwy 1 route delay is going to be more than 10 minutes.

And T shirt shops are not easily found on Calle Novena!

Ensenada to San Diego Road Report

                                      by Traffic Editor Quincy Quiebra 

Was out the door at 6-ish Wednesday morning for a trip north to San Diego.  That reminds me to get out the door a half hour earlier as Ensenada traffic starts hustling by 06:30.

Here is the lane merge at the Riviera northbound(Floresta is the cross street) to make way for Ensenada SCORE 500 race this weekend. Why didn’t I choose the 10th street bypass?  Guess was that traffic would be ok at 7AM in Centro ‘Nada.  It may have caused a 5 minute delay, no prob.

Zippered 1 lane north and 2 lanes south on Costero(instead of 3 lanes each way. Vehicle staging and awards stage and music stages are in right(normal northbound) lanes.

Rejoin lanes at normal state at Avenida Alvarado.

Above is the map with the approx 1/4 mile zippered lanes at the Riviera Hotel.

This map shows the 9th/10th street bypass.  I might use this coming southbound Thursday evening.

This is your northbound entry on Av Reforma(Hwy 1) to the 9th street(Calle Novena) bypass.


This is your southbound entry to the 9th/10th street bypass. The right lane is the most direct/fastest route through Ensenada.  But, this week, the SCORE 500 race will provide delays from Thursday through Sunday in Centro Nada.

Toll Road northbound from Nada to TJ was uneventful.  Moving north to Tijuana…

This construction as you leave TJ Playas and approach the border is a minor delay, add maybe 2 minutes at 8:30 AM commuter traffic.

They have zippered an extra eastbound lane at the TJ Playas construction site.  Works well.  This construction project is supposed to be completed in July.

Moving on to SENTRI traffic…

Tijuana SENTRI traffic was backed up all the way to the Padre Kino statue roundabout.

The universal sign for traffic panic in Tijuana is police yellow tape.  Ok, sometimes it means a dead body.  But, most of the time it means you are going to get creative on getting to the border.  This was a 2 TAPE morning.  There was a cop w/ yellow tape at the taxi entry junction(yellow ribbon at left) and a cop w/ yellow tape at the Padre Kino roundabout not letting me into the SENTRI approach lanes.  So, I went through the intersection(red lines), up the hill, U-turn, down the hill(orange dotted line) to enjoy this beautiful scene…

Begging for a lane entry in Tijuana is like begging for a VIP table from a maitre d at a busy restaurant on a Saturday night with nothing but a crisp Lincoln and a nice smile.  Best of luck.

Total time in SENTRI line was only 34 minutes.  For SENTRI pass holders we usually have a 10-15 minute line.  But, there still seemed to be a Memorial day hangover this Wednesday morning.

Best part of my trip Wednesday?  I was not shackled nor handcuffed nor sent to secondary inspection.  This was the first time since my April 20 handcuffing, shackling and detainment through the SENTRI lane.  Got my new SENTRI card and was barely acknowledged at the CBP booth at 9AM.

No, that’s not me.  I can’t quite rock red pedal pushers and Keds like this dude.  Maybe this is simply a Fashion Police arrest.

Guns of Mayor’s Wife Stolen

A long gun, type Colt M4 caliber .223 license plate LE375449 with two loaders with 60 useful cartridges was what was stolen from the truck aboard which circulates the wife of the Municipal President Marco Antonio Novelo.

Official data reveal that the crystallazo to the unit that was stationed outside the Cetto Cava in the San Marino Fractionation, allowed criminals to steal the weapon of charge of the escort.

The facts were reported at 22:52 hours in an incident that throughout the day tried to keep it secret from public security on which depends the permit for carrying weapons that is annually renewed by the Ministry of National Defense .

After the theft, personnel of the Ministerial Police took charge to start the investigation.

It should be noted that this Monday also lost a short weapon charge of another police officer of the Poniente station.

This is not the first time police officers are victims of thieves.  Both Municipal and ministerial.


Clandestine Garbage Increases  ENSENADA, Baja California(GH)

Due to the lack of garbage collection, there are more and more clandestine garbage dumps and some citizens have opted to throw garbage in Los Arroyos or burn it. 

“Every time they visit us the municipal authorities say they are going to solve it but nothing happens, it is very strong because you go to the streams and they are full of garbage and the vacant lots are also full, it is something that saddens, see how the community It is in a complete abandonment of services and there is no serious commitment, “said Raymundo Carrillo Huerta. 

The businessman denounced that in the Arroyo de las Ánimas people go and burn trash, as long as they do not have it outside their homes.

“It is exasperating, nobody wants to have garbage in their house, however, that does not justify being thrown out or burned, but people no longer have another because it becomes a source of infection to have boats full of garbage,” he said. 

Carrillo Huerta said that three years ago there were around 50 clandestine dumps, from small to very large, however, the amount has been increasing during the present administration. 

“Now there must be around 70 clandestine dumps throughout the town and not say in the area of ​​El Salitral, the Veladero, the San Carlos and Las Animas streams and the part of the cemetery, everywhere there is garbage,” he said.

The farmer also said that a few months ago they met with the deputy director of public services of the City Council, José de la Luz Valdez, to give him some suggestions, which apparently were not taken into account. 

“We told him that if they do not have trucks, that they enable the people who collect garbage in the houses and charge the citizen, regularize them and throw garbage in the landfill, thus activating a source of employment, Anyway, when the truck arrives, people also give money to the cleaners, “he said.

Catch and Release Criminals

In the report, two cases were presented that, for drug dealing, were stopped six times in a year.

As far as the municipal administration was concerned, 70,722 people were arrested, of which only 1,337 – a 2 percent – were placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry for the alleged commission of a crime.

The thousand 437 arrested and presented before the Public Ministry of Common or Federal Jurisdiction was for the crimes of: possession of drugs, 477; possession of stolen vehicle, 320; theft to commerce, 78; home robbery, 69;damage to property of others, 65; break-in, 62 and other criminal acts, 322.

The rest, 69,285 people were only arrested for infractions such as: aggressive people, of suspicious behavior, drunk, drug addicts or other administrative faults.

Also according to figures released by the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the rates of recidivism of those detained for a crime are very high, as only 195 detainees committed 669 criminal acts. That is, an average of those 195 of 3.4 crimes for each one.

The report presented two cases – Luis Alberto “N” and Ricardo “N” – who were arrested six times in a year for activities such as drug dealing, crimes against health and possession of drugs.

Another case was that of Marco “N” who was arrested three times in less than two months – March and April 2018 – for drug dealing.

This individual was arrested on March 27 of this year by narcomenudist and on April 1, he was again captured and charged for the same crime.

The presentation of this report was made by Mayor Marco Novelo Osuna and Jorge Íñiguez Díaz, Director of Municipal Public Safety before members of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Ensenada.

Navigating Ensenada Southbound

                        by staff Traffic Editor Quincy Quiebra                

Getting south through Ensenada is not a big challenge if you know how to reconnect to Avenida Reforma on the south end of the city.  The above map with numbers corresponding to key intersection photos, below, will lead the way.

After paying your toll at the Ensenada Toll Booth, enjoy your aapproach to Ensenada with fish packing plants, some great taco shops, cervecerias and fun restaurants.

1. Five miles south of the toll booth, your first decision is at a Y.  Take the right route at this intersection to “Zona Turistica”.  A left here can be a handy bypass around downtown when racing(Baja 1000/500 , Bicycle races) events clog Centro Ensenada.  No, that 9th/10th street bypass/truck route is much slower than Zona Turistico route 340 days per year. Here is map and photos for the 9th/10th street bypass.

2. Two miles south of your Y decision in step 1 is a traffic light at the northern edge of downtown Ensenada. This intersection gets clogged during afternoon rush hour or on weekends.  Simply follow traffic bearing to your right.  This is Costero Blvd.   Bienvenidos a Ensenada!  We are working on spiffing up this drab entrance to the city and will report back to you on that project’s progress soon. 8)

3. Two miles from the previous step #2 will put you here, at the Municipal Beach, “Playa Hermosa”. See the sign for Hw1 and La Bufadora?  Yep, left turn here, with Ocean’s Bar(excellent landmark/weak restaurant) on your left.

4. As you are now headed inland/eastward, in 1/2 mile, at the second 4way stoplight, turn right.  My photo looks like a Pemex gas station here, but it is now(2018) an Arco station.  This is Avenida Reforma, aka Hwy 1, upon which you are turning right.  Congrats/Felicidades!  Oh, one more danger note is that a forever pothole monster lurks in the right lane, just before your right turn.

5. You will pass through shopping centers and the MacroPlaza(mall with Walmart, Telnor/Telcel, Home Depot, Costco…aka “Little America”), then dropping down the hill into the agricultural fields of the little town called Maneadero.  A total of 8 miles from step 4 above will put you at the La Bufadora exit in Maneadero.  Take a right here to enjoy the most overrated tourist trap in all of Mexico.  Or get your groceries and fill your cooler before your journey south here.

…that Telnor/Telcel store is the best English speaking resource to get cell phone chips and phone plans.  It is tucked in behind McDonald’s at the MacroPlaza.

For those continuing south, the sign pointing to Guerrero Negro gives you approx 350 miles to get to that town.  You have approx 100 miles to San Quintin, the next significant town south and popular night stop.  Cheer up Griswold family.  It’s only 900 more miles to Cabo San Lucas from Maneadero.

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