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Ensenada Drone Patrol

Drones are effective in security

Politic and government
 by AFN.
Police officers and executive commanders of the corporation received a demonstration with drones controlled through a computer, where they were able to drive two of these apparatuses from the facilities of the Police Operations Center (COP ) directing them towards the hill of Chapultepec and in the upper part of a commercial square located in the boulevard Costero.

The head of the Municipal Public Security Bureau (DSPM), Jorge Íñiguez Díaz reported that this is to strengthen security strategies and indicated that during the exhibition, only in the Central Zone were four arrests of people in alleged flagrancy of crimes and faults to the Police and Government, which takes a step forward with the new technologies that strengthen the surveillance strategies, personnel and controls, who received this demonstration.

He pointed out that a group of young entrepreneurs who run a platform of this type of technology, provided free flights for several hours in various parts of the city, to demonstrate the efficiency of the drones for the corporation.

“This group of young people approached the mayor, Marco Novelo Osuna, to offer the free contribution, in order to contribute to the welfare of the community, since some of the participants in the project are Kenyan and want to work hand in hand with authority in the actions undertaken to achieve safer environments, “he said.

He emphasized that the members of the company expressed their interest to make further demonstrations to the DSPM, since they are updating this system designed specifically for security corporations.


1986 Flight to Ensenada Lunch

A Facebook comment claimed that this was La Guerrerense in 1986. Anyone?

I cut the first 11 minutes of this Youtube of the flight prep, Meadowlark Airport/Huntington Beach takeoff and Tijuana stop.

Organica Guadalupe Hotel

32.029891,  -116.655742

Bajadock:   all of my posts on hotels, restaurants and other points of interests are plotted on the Ensenada and Wine Valley Interactive Map.

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La Bufadora Eviction

Bajadock: Hard to decipher this article, but, it appears as if another eviction drama is in our future at La Bufadora.  September 2015 eviction article , shows the violence threatened when La Bufadora shop owners confronted police.  Good Luck, all.

After six years of litigation, the Álvarez and Díaz families, settled in the ejido Esteban Cantú, for more than five decades, accredited the legal ownership of 380 thousand square meters of land, located in La Bufadora, after the ejido claimed the non-existence or nullity of a title deed.

As part of this process, the ejido protected against the acts of the First Judge of Civil and Public Registry of Property and Commerce, as they intended to be handed over more than 14 thousand square meters where the commercial area of ​​that zone tour.

However, the Seventh District Judge in the State of Baja California resolved the suspension of the process for lack of causes that justify the actions of justice.

The area also encompasses most of the commercial area, that is, part of the more than 14 thousand square meters claimed by the ejido and that at the time, official experts determined that the estates of the Álvarez and Díaz Durazo families were not inside of the polygon of Ejido Esteban Cantú, in addition to that this territorial extension is occupied by merchants that they show like possessors.

The document establishes as a conclusion that “the legal interest on the part of the petitioner of the amparo was not shown, failing to demonstrate reliably the existence of an act of authority that affects the property described in his application for amparo …”.

It is further specified that in the trial, various documentary and expert evidence in topography, offered by the parties to prove ownership of the property, were admitted and released.

Attorney Jaime Palafox Granados said that his clients (injured third parties), Francisco Álvarez Vargas and José Díaz Contreras have a property title dating back to 1963 and deed, validated by the Agrarian Reform Attorney (now the Sedatu).

In addition, the title is duly registered in the Public Registry of Property and Commerce (RPPC).

Yes there will be eviction
It is worth remembering that members of the ejido Esteban Cantú managed to have the Seventh District Judge issue an eviction order from Amparo’s 666/2010 trial, because “fraudulently” was omitted that third parties were harmed.

In other words, the landowners, who were not part of this trial, were unaware of the reasons and legal grounds of the judicial decision in the case.

In this sense, Palafox Granados indicated that the eviction order will have to be executed to comply with the judgment (at a date not defined and that will have to determine the corresponding authority).

He explained, when executed, will be given sight to who has the right; will be when Vargas and Diaz, will claim the excess in the execution.

The litigant indicated that, because the area of ​​its customers integrates a large part of the commercial zone, they have had to file legal remedies in the civil area so that the commercial premises are released to them.

Bajadock: this was the scene in 2015

Boca Roja Wine Tours

Boca Roja | Baja Wine Adventures from Tim Barnes on Vimeo.

Boca Roja Baja Wine Adventures

Single day winery tour, overnight, tacos, breweries, food, surf, corporate team getaways, FUN!  Click above link or contact here.

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Adobe Food Truck

With all of the haute cuisine offered in Ensenada’s wine valley, my tastes prefer a simpler level of food that can be enjoyed with a glass of wine.  Adobe Food Truck is my favorite lunch spot in the Valle de Guadalupe.

This warm Saturday in September included mushrooms, shrimp and polish sausage plates.

The dry rose mood has caught fire in the Valle de Guadalupe.  We thoroughly enjoyed Adobe Guadalupe’s “Uriel” rose.  This is a combo blend of Tempranillo, Mourvedre, Grenache, Syrah, Barbera, Cinsault & Sauvignon Blanc.  Wow, what a palate party with cherry and cranberry flavors to enjoy.

We doubled the fun of our lunch, running into a couple of winemakers from just down the street.  This particular wine maker let us know that good things were coming from this year’s harvest with a 45% increase grape haul over last year.

Napping is a fun thing at Adobe Food Truck.  Leda, when are you going to get some hammocks to rent your guests?

Here was Saturday’s “slow food” menu.  The tapas offerings are fun, shareable and fresh.

Yes, Leda, Pita and team’s kitchen is the food truck, but the service in the garden seating area is excellent.  You will always get a description of the food, recommendations and you are also at Adobe Guadalupe’s tasting room.  Wine tasting flights are available and you can always buy a bottle or two for your team.

You can make a reservation at Adobe Food Truck by phone at 52 646 117 0627.

Adobe Food Truck is located at Adobe Guadalupe Winery, on the eastern edge of El Porvenir, approx 1/4 mile off the El Porvenir paved road.

Our staff award Adobe Food Truck the prestigious 6 Serrano Hams(out of 5 possible)!.  The extra Serrano Ham is due to the fact that everything on the menu is less than $10USD.

Valle de Guadalupe Airstream Glamping

52 646 185 3352 phone

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La Concheria Surprise

This Friday’s episode had me enjoying Chef Roberto’s “surprise me” dishes at La Concheria restaurant in downtown Ensenada. That’s Roberto working hard in the corner.

I have been ordering “sorprendame” since a well dressed, traveling salesmen ordered “surprise me” during my second week of my table waiting career decades ago in Bloomington, Indiana.

First up for our surprise were fresh oysters from Ensenada and Kumomoto oysters from a bit further south in Baja. These melted in our mouths and paired well with a rose sangiovese from Montefiore winery.

La Concheria is a small restaurant that might seat 30 people.  This Friday had a few people waiting for a spot as Roberto, Memo and team were working hard and fast.

Next up came Roberto’s ceviche especial with big chunks of octopus, clams and fish with peppers, onions and tomatoes. Mint is a big surprise element is in this big surprise.  Roberto learned about Peruvian ceviche in Peru.

Everything is fresh at La Concheria and the menu is one page, printed on approx a 5X 7 laminated card.  We love one page menus!

Music can happen anywhere and at anytime in Ensenada

We were full, but, when this dish joins your table, you have to dive in.  My guest had been eyeballing a few of the mussels dishes being served to other tables.  Roberto obviously is telepathic!

Roberto, Memo and Equipo La Concheria get our 5 out of 5 telepathic mussels award for fresh seafood, helpful service, a unique atmosphere, exceptional flavors and outstanding value.  La Concheria Facebook.

646 178 3271 phone

La Concheria is located on Lopez Mateos/Calle Primera/First Street in Ensenada and is open lunch until 6:30-ish PM.

Touring Ensenada

Ensenada Weekend Road Closures


Bajadock: From the Ensenada toll booth south to downtown SHOULD BE AVOIDED Saturday, 30 September, from 11AM until 4PM, southbound or northbound.  2 of the 4 lanes of that stretch of coastal road will be closed to accommodate the Rosarito to Ensenada bicycle ride.  Yep, traffic will be moving, but, the 10 minute drive from toll booth to downtown or vice versa will likely take you one hour during the 11AM-4PM time period.  JUSTDON’TDOIT!

In order to avoid agglomerations and vehicular incidents, the Municipal Public Safety Directorate (DSPM) informs citizens about the closure of roads for this weekend.


As of yesterday, the Rotary Club Street between Dunes and Coastal, where preparations are made for the Rosarito Ensenada Cyclist Ride, were closed in both directions.

On the occasion of this event at 10:00 hours this Saturday will begin the partial closure on the boulevard Fernando Consag and its returns, as well as the cruises of Boulevard Costero to Rocas Street and total closure of the lanes north of the same boulevard from Rocas Street to the Castle.

Sports circuit closures
On Sunday, October 1, from 4:00 p.m., all lanes will be closed with north and south directions of the Costero Boulevard between San Ginés and Estancia; and the eastbound and westbound lanes of the Esmeralda Boulevard between Costero and Pedro Loyola, due to the 1.6 mile Ensenada Grand Prix event.

The population in general is urged to respect the Traffic Regulations and the indications issued by police personnel who will monitor these activities; as well as to use alternate routes and leave with time of their homes to prevent any type of incident and / or agglomeration of road.

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