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Ensenada Riviera Remodel


A historic investment will come to what is now the Riviera Cultural Center with the approximate amount of one million dollars, which will be allocated in remodeling work, in addition to the construction of the Parque Lineal to one side of one of the most representative buildings in Ensenada.

With this investment, an important part of the city would be regenerated, which, as an effect, will improve the image of the city center of Ensenada in one of the places preferred by the tourists that visit the city, besides being a location where the best events of the Port are held, such as Beer Fest or wine tasting, events that mark the beginning of the Celebrations of the Harvest.

According to data, the Riviera had not received an investment of such amount for improvement works since 1990.

It is noteworthy that the creation of the Parque Lineal, as well as the Culinary and Artisanal Plaza, which will be on the side of the Ensenada stream, will offer more space for visitors, where they can buy a good souvenir or a nice food plate.

In the same way it will reinforce the lighting and illumination, which will stand out thanks to the improvement of the gardens with new fountains.

Gas Station Strike March 30


Gasoline companies from Baja California and Sonora will suspend work at gas stations of both entities for a few hours next March 30, in protest of the charges that they consider excessive for the certification of the quality of the fuels.

Pablo González Córdova, president of the Mexican Association of Petrol Employers, reported that it has already been confirmed that this protest could be carried out in more than 500 stations of the two states.

The strike would be from eight in the morning to two in the afternoon of March 30, and one of the causes, said González Córdova, is the claim of the federal government to charge 400,000 pesos a year to each service station For the certification of the quality of the fuels that are sold.

Likewise, there is a rejection of the schedule established by the Energy Regulatory Commission to continue the process of price release, when the right conditions do not yet exist.

He explained that, according to the new regulations, each station has to carry out four tests per year of certification of the quality of the fuels it expends, and each one of these analyzes has a cost of one hundred thousand pesos.

For each year they would be paying 400 thousand pesos for each season, which will affect mainly the small and medium businessmen of the sector, who will not be able to make those payments, assured the president of the Mexican Association of Gasoline Employers.

In addition, only certain laboratories authorized by the Agency for Safety, Energy and Environment, Asea, are the only ones that can make such revisions, which is a “cochupo” round, said González Cordoba.

Ensenada Beer Fest 2017 Review


Thousands of people went to what was the most important beer event in Baja California until now. Last Saturday, the best of the craft beer industry gathered in the city of Ensenada, demonstrating that for the brewers in the region, the industry is living one of its best moments.

The Beer Fest is the Disneyland of beer lovers; The attractions were the 120 breweries between regional and national that were present, same that showed new connoisseurs what’s really important about craft beer.

People from all over Baja and other parts of the country came to the Beer Fest Ensenada.

This Beer Fest is the only event that has options for everyone, from finding the favorite beers that are in the Tap Rooms of the state, to the opportunity of discovering secrets of not so popular breweries; this without forgetting that in the event there were other breweries from Mexico with great name recognition and prizes to their name.

Le Brú de Michoacán participated for the second time in the festival, bringing their award-winning beers in bottles like this one, with extracts of blue corn.

This edition not only had the best of the industry, but this time the food also was part of the highlight, another virtue of the state, where the best exponents presented the best dishes to accompany them with beers.

Fun and diversity did not end there, as the afternoon passed different musical groups made attendees dance in three different stages designed for all musical tastes.

Three stages were settled this time, so the dance did not stop.People kept arriving as the event progressed, many were waiting in the early hours for the opportunity to have access as the last tickets sold out.

Many breweries took the opportunity to present novelties, such as Agua Mala, which had an edition of its “Hierba Santa,” an endemic plant of Ensenada.

Without doubt the organization of the Beer Fest of Ensenada has a challenge for its 2018 edition as it seems that the space is getting small for the thousands of people who attended this year, and not only that, but to maintain the union between local brewers and the harmony among brewery houses.

Thousands enjoyed the Beer Fest Ensenada this Saturday Photo: Chema Gónzalez

Bus Burns on Scenic Road

Headed northbound on Scenic Road(highway 1) Sunday morning and smoke horizon greeted me, just north of El Mirador(K84). My photo is just before 9AM.

Delay was approx 40 minutes.

This is my weak shot, passing by.  Shadow and mirror clues.  I’m not skilled at phone photography with one hand.

Here is the crunchy skeleton of the former bus, 15 hours later during my southbound trip.  I suspected the carcass would reamain roadside.  Towing this would be a “bus of cards”.  Likely need to dismantle it.

Saw plenty of passengers safely watching the smoke from approx 100 yds north.  Seems all were okay, as no ambulances were present.  Capufe(highway team) and a couple of bomberos were present.

Thinking it was good that the problem did not occur in the 1 lane zone of Salsipuedes.

Listened to The Zombies to pass the time waiting.  “She’s Not There.”

Only other remarkable report was the Sunday evening(6:30PM) backup north and south at the Ensenada toll booth.  My wait was 10 minutes southbound.  Guessing that the beer fiesta crowd was mostly responsible for the northbound delay.

Cerveceria Transpeninsular


  by the Lusty Napkin

Baja seems to be adding a new beer brewery just about every 3 months.  Visited Cerveceria Transpeninsular for St Paddy’s Day.

I rarely go out for Paddy’s day as it is one of five “rookies’ nights out” holidays. Valentine’s/Paddy’s/4th of July/Halloween/NYE provide plenty of danger and bad dining values. But, I have been monkish at home since first of year and needed to get out and disturb the peace.

Transpeninsular(“T.P. is 8 fewer syllables than the whole thing) is located on north side of downtown ‘Nada, just south of Hotel Coral.  For us South ‘Nada Cerveza Cabezas, there is a U/left turn available on northbound Hwy 1 at the brewery.  Parking is easy, with plenty of backup space for exit onto busy Hwy 1.  They opened in January 2017.

The Transpeninsular is spacious with a two story ceiling and warehouse styling.  Plenty of natural light is available by day and the lighting at night is also comfy enough to read your menu(geezer alert!).  I arrived at my favorite beverage time: dusk.  Noise level is low for easy conversation.

My meet and greet was excellent with a youthful and enthusiastic staff.  Yep, I was at the bar, but, 3 different servers were regularly checking on me.  See my spot?

The “T.P.” bar seats approx 20 and it seemed that the rest of the hall, including upper level balcony, seats a total of approx 100.  It appears that they are targeting serious beer drinkers and not the usual mob 0f 2 for 1 Bud Light happy hour zombirazzis.

I enjoyed a Pilsner and an IPA for my quality pint quaffs.  Also ordered the slider triple play of beef, chicken and pork with a heap of gnarly papas fritas.  Warm, delicious and the slaw crunch on the pork loin was a fun surprise.

The T.P. food menu offers a simple variety of bar chow made to enhance your sipping.  I always add a bonus rating when everything on the menu is less than $10USD.*  Also love a printed beer menu, plus complete description and alcohol %.   They also have a few guest brews in addition to their own.   Transpeninsular speaks gringo, as the opposite side of menu I am holding is ingles.

Need an overpriced meat dish on a big white plate of swirls, sprinkles and swooshies?  You’ll have to move on down the road for your thirty dollar entree.  T.P. is not a foodie paradise.  It is a brewery with pub comfort food.

Had plenty of fries hanging with me after finishing the sliders.  Decided to order the Roganto Piccolo red wine for my dessert.  This cab, temp, cab franc, merlot “mut” was way above my expectation.  It seems that it was only a few years ago that wine writers would dismiss blending as blasphemy against the wine goddesses. A quality $4USD glass of wine is a rare find.

I’m giving Transpeninsular the complete 6 Beer Flight Award(out of possible 5* for atmosphere, food, bar stools, seats <100, several item less than $10USD).

Open 7 days a week, noon – midnight.   646 175 2620 phone.    facebook  Slainte! and see you soon T.P.

Weekly Scenic Road Crack Report

Bajadock: Baja news cycle is stuck on potholes, border tunnels, highway landslides, murders and political corruption.  Whatever happened to the Corona beach commercials and hot babes in bikinis promoting Tecate?

Flag dude reminds me of the Lifelock ads: “I’m just a highway landslide monitor, not a highway landslide fixer. Lunch?”


ENSENADA BC, MARCH 16, 2017 (AFN) .- Researchers at the Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada (Cicese), established a comparative basis with data taken every 15 days, to know the speed of fractures located in The scenic highway Tijuana-Ensenada and found five new cracks in kilometers 92 and 95, which does not mean that there is a risk, said Luis Mendoza Garcilazo, a researcher in the department of seismology.

He acknowledged that the infrastructure works that are carried out in the area as a preventive measure, are run by a nationally recognized companies and, certainly, are well thought out and well designed, he said.

“They are within the plan to improve safety, they are retaining walls, filtering galleries, I hope the nature does not win the work,” he said.

Fortunately, he said, gliding is a slow phenomenon. The kilometer 93 was already several years down.

Mendoza Garcilazo mentioned that the fault zone is well instrumented with piezometers, inclinometers, among other constant measuring instruments.

The researcher pointed out that the tasks of observation and measurement performed in the area and keeping an eye on the movements of that artery are “in case we can help or give some warning, especially the companies that are working.”

Corrective works in process

It should be mentioned that it was recently reported that corrective and preventive works carried out at different points on the Tijuana-Ensenada Scenic Highway, at the Salsipuedes Bay, will cost over one billion pesos.

The works will conclude in 2018 and are performed in the detected faults along 13 kilometers where, since 2014, constant studies and monitoring are carried out.

There are 125 control points, 33 piezometers and 16 observation tubes to measure the water and the pressure of the same.

Mantou Gastro Pub

Duck tamal at Mantou Gastropub. Photo:

sandiegored  by W. Scott Koenig

ENSENADA.-“Mantou” are a type of Chinese steamed bun and a carb staple of northern China, where wheat is more readily available than the rice grown and consumed in the south. It’s believed that the Mongols introduced the meat-filled version to the region during the Yuan dynasty in the 13th century.

While affable Mantou Gastropub owner and chef Omar Armas may lack the surly demeanor and tableside manner of the typical Mongol, he should be given no less credit as a global culinary explorer who brought mantou – the dish and its namesake restaurant – from northern China to Baja California in early 2016.

Chef Armas’ globetrotting began after a year at the Tijuana Culinary Arts School. “I left my home in Baja California to study in Florence. That’s where my interest in cooking really began,” he explained during a recent visit. “The Italians really put a lot of love into their pastas. That’s why it’s the number one comfort food in the world.”

Armas discovered mantou steamed buns while cooking in northern China via the Mayan Riviera. “One of my first jobs was as a cook at the Banyan Tree Hotels in Playa del Carmen. In 2008, tourism dried up due to the global recession, so I accepted a colleague’s offer to work with him in the restaurant of a new hotel in Macau.”

Driven in part by a feeling of isolation – Armas confessed that it was difficult for any immigrant to make friends in provincial northern China – the chef headed west and began a circulation in restaurants throughout Europe and the Americas. During this period, he worked with Quiquie Dacosta in Spain, Alex Atala in Brazil, and David Chang in New York.

Winemaker Lourdes Martinez Ojeda & chef Omar Armas. Photo:

The menu at Mantou, which Armas refers to as “eclectic cuisine and fun comfort food”, is a reflection of the chef’s time spent in these international kitchens. “We call the cuisine eclectic, as it’s influenced by many cultures. Chinese, Mexican, French. Everything we serve is made fresh and by hand in-house.”

Four types of mantou are on offer at the restaurant. The steamed buns are filled with locally sourced ingredients, such as grilled octopus in cilantro vinaigrette and smoked pork belly in chipotle mayonnaise. The dense, naturally sweet and succulent pork belly is cured for 24 hours and then smoked in-house.

Smoked pork belly mantou (steamed bun). Photo:

Though small plates also span the globe, many of the offerings stick close to home. You can taste the influence of Armas’ time spent in Mexico City with Enrique Olvera at Pujol, and enjoy his take on some local Baja California classics. The savory Ceviche Mantou is served in a molcajete and features lightly smoked local yellowtail, redolent of the sea with a slight, favorable hint of mesquite smoke.

Ceviche Mantou. Photo:

The taco of flor de calabaza (squash blossom) with nopal tatemado (burnt cactus paddle) finished with aioli, pickled onion, and chili morita is a revelation. A central Mexican delicacy is lightly fried in Baja California style beer batter and thoughtfully arranged with the other ingredients on a house-made tortilla, creating a singularly satisfying dish.

Taco of flor de calabaza and grilled nopal. Photo:

Armas’ first love, Italy, is represented on the menu by three classic tagliatelle pasta dishes, served with local proteins from both sea and farm. Though not currently on the menu, it was Armas’ duck carpaccio that won first place for chef and restaurant at the 2016 Sabor de Baja culinary competition.

The chef really gets excited about one entree in particular, the 18-ounce New York strip. “It took a year to find beef that I’d feel good serving,” he disclosed. “I finally found it close to home in Mexicali. I went to the ranch, tried it, and it was beautiful.” The very tender steak is grilled with tomato, thyme, and garlic and served with frites and three very good sauces in which to dip meat and potato: a 3-day bone marrow reduction, a broth and raw butter blend, and Mantou’s house-made ketchup.

The 18oz. grilled New York strip. Photo:

Pairing wines with Mantou’s dishes introduces another influence and taste — France. Mantou is one of the first Baja California restaurants to offer young wines from Bodegas Henri Lurton, the esteemed Bordeaux winemaker who recently began production in nearby Valle San Vicente. The connection here is Armas’ fiancée, Lourdes Martinez Ojeda, who worked with Lurton to bring modern French winemaking techniques to Baja California’s wine country.

Both food and wine can be enjoyed on Mantou’s spacious, rustic patio, or in their smaller dining room. The restaurant is located about 20 yards back from Avenida Adolfo López Mateos, providing ample parking and a tranquil dining experience. Reservations are recommended, but not required.

Mantou is located on Avenida Adolfo López Mateos #2030-A, Colonia Granados, Ensenada, Baja California. +52 646-206-0391.

We were invited by chef Omar Armas to visit Mantou Gastro Pub, and enjoyed complimentary food and wine as the guests of our generous hosts. No compensation was received for writing this article, and all opinions are those of the author — who would happily spend his own pesos at Mantou in the future.

San Diego-based culture, food and travel journalist W. Scott Koenig has explored Mexico and Baja California for over two decades. He founded in 2012 to report on south of the border destinations, food, culture and adventure. The website has since become an invaluable source of information on the burgeoning food and culture scene in Baja California, as well as the wider scene throughout Mexico. Visit Scott’s websites and social media via the links, below.

A Gringo in Mexico, FoodieHub, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

Rats Infest City Hall

In the Municipal Palace building there is an infestation of rats whose waste has become a source of infection for workers.

Mayor Marco Novelo Osuna, confirmed to, that employees of central offices complained because there are traces of rodents in booksellers, desks and corners of the public good.  Supposedly from the council room they took out two rats, assured the annoying workers.

Distressed, the munícipe, mentioned that they will have fumigated from the parking lot, in the basement, to the fourth floor.

The building of the town hall is going through the worst moment of neglect because in recent years there was no investment for maintenance which caused the appearance of these animals.

The municipal president warned that they will clean up the pipes but that this work will be accompanied by a hygiene campaign by workers who usually store food at desks or leave trash cans overflowing.

“We are cleaning everything, I started with the bathrooms, the records were a cochinero, there we have about 15 thousand dollars invested barely,” he estimated during a tour of the rooms on the first floor.

It still does not have a quote of how much the restoration of the municipal palace will cost but anticipated that only repairing the ceiling will leave in about 700 thousand pesos, and from there it will start with office structures as well as painting.

Yesterday Monday none of the two elevators worked so he requested the presence of technicians from a private company to carry out the repair of the rails.


Ensenada 1926, 1967, 1998

foto por Edgar Lima

Ensenada Beer Fest

More than 120 breweries throughout the country, as well as more than 100 styles of artisan drink, which are already a reference in Baja California, will be part of what can be enjoyed in the seventh Edition of the Festival Beer Fest Ensenada.

Paco Talamante Frías, organizer of the event, mentioned that the purpose of the event is to promote and promote the Beer Fest Ensenada beer culture, to be held on March 18 in the gardens of the Riviera Cultural Center.

He explained that on 15, 16 and 17 March there will be presentations by invited speakers, experts in the subject, as well as local gastronomy, music and malt-based beverage competition.

Growing Industry

The artisan beer producer also highlighted the growth of artisanal beer in Baja California, a state he said is spearheading all over Mexico, behind Nuevo León, Jalisco, Colima and Mexico City, he said.

“Generating brewing culture is the idea of ​​the festival, that the people of BC knew that there are brewers, now we have a variety of tasting rooms, regulations, laws and people are following the movement,” he said.

He referred to the beginnings of the festival that in its first edition counted on the participation of 27 “amateur” brewers, all from Baja California, today said they are 120 from all over the country including Hermosillo, Guadalajara, Monterrey, San José del Cabo, Texcoco and Mexico City.

“The authorities turn us to see (the brewers) for the economic spill, we bring: Tourism, work, 140 direct jobs to Ensenada and reactivate the industry in other branches of the economic chain,” he reported.

Improve quality

The owner of Cannería Cervecería also spoke about the quality of the product, he said “We competed directly with the San Diego beers, at the beginning was to try to imitate them, now it is to compete with them, we are on par”.

Finally, Paco Talamante noted that the Beer Fest Cove is one of the largest in the country but the only one that has been preserved independently, dates in which an economic spill of 9 million pesos and 100% hotel occupancy is estimated.

In the press conference were present the organizers Paco Talamante Frías and Hector Ferreira Ramírez: José Eduardo Arce, president of the Brewers Association, and Marco Padilla, representing the delegate of the Ministry of Tourism in the state Héctor Rosas Rodea.

In numbers:
120 brewers
100 beer styles
40 judges in the competition
25 gastronomy stands
100% hotel occupancy
100% independent festival
9mdp is estimated the economic spill
6 thousand attendees / Staff included (approximately)


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