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Ensenada Police Use Drones

Bajadock: We reported on the Ensenada Drone Patrol last October. Anything that improves the prevention of crime is welcomed.  Unfortunately, the catch and release practice by law enforcement and court systems seems to be ineffectiveA recent post from a friend…”I was at our bank on Reforma today and because the day was so beautiful I decided to let the wife go in and take care of business and I just relaxed in the sun outside. I befriended a municipal police officer while outside and asked him how he felt about any influx of crime in town. Just to make this short he told me that most police officers are very upset that a person can rob someone’s home and take several items, then arrested and set free the same day. There are no consequences for those who steal, rob, or assault others in Ensenada. I asked him was it because the jails and prisons are full? He said “no”. It’s just the daily thing that goes on time after time. He also told me about arresting someone for selling a small amount of drugs in the morning and set free a few hours later then the same guy was arrested for the same thing in the afternoon and set free that night.”


ENSENADA BC MARCH 12, 2018 (AFN) .- In the first frame of the city and in the areas with the highest incidence of illicit reports, the new technology of drones is being used, which are unmanned flying devices that are controlled by remotely, with which you can take pictures and video. The drones have allowed a total of 410 arrests and 130 direct interventions, as part of the surveillance work carried out by the Municipal Police.

The director of Public Safety, Jorge Íñiguez Díaz, recalled that the result of citizen participation is reflected in the interest of young people who for 95 days have made 1,200 flights in the urban area for free.

“A group, in which young Ensenadenses collaborate, approached the municipal president and the corporation with the intention of providing the drone flights as a demonstration, to contribute to the welfare of the Buenos Aires community. Since then, they have participated voluntarily in surveillance work, achieving more than a hundred interventions and more than 400 assurances of people for alleged faults and crimes, “he said.

He stressed that the cameras of the drones are linked to the monitoring area of ​​the Police Operations Center (COP), from where any illegal activity is observed, radio guidance is sent to patrol cars, so that the police elements achieve in a timely manner the detention of some alleged criminal.

He recognized the participation of the community in the realization of the strategies implemented in collaboration with the Municipal Government, since the goal is to achieve safer environments for the educated families.


Casa Marcelo Lunch

One restaurant’s loss is another’s gain. Set a time and place to meet a friend for lunch in Ensenada.  That restaurant’s website says that they open daily at 1PM.  Facebook page says 1PM.  Chalk sign at entry says open at 1PM.  Well, of course, they open at 2PM!  Luv Mexico!

Casa Marcelo was open and happy to see us.  So were the huevos con chilaquiles in chile verde, above.  This was the half order, btw.  The egg dishes at this restaurant are always presented with such car and flair.

This was the second time I ordered the tortilla soup.  The broth is yummy, but, this one was a bit more carb loaded with a mountain of tort strips below that mound of crema than my previous version.

Here was the previous version with approx half of the tort strips on an earlier visit to Casa Marcelo.

There are usually a few tostada appetzer dishes on the menu. This chile verde pulpo and veg tostada was a fun side to my tort soup.

Casa Marcelo Facebook , 8A – 6P, closed Tuesday, Riveroll between 7th and 8th

Maneadero Garbage Piles


Bajadock: This beautiful view is on one of my favorite hikes. These clandestine garbage dumps are huge throughout the Punta Banda area, west of Maneadero.  Most are 1/2 mile south of the paved Carretera La Bufadora, just far away from traffic to hide the dumping from witnesses.

Due to the fact that garbage trucks take a long time to pass in the Maneadero delegation, some inhabitants and merchants have opted to throw their trash on the ranches, putting at risk the quality certifications that farmers have.

“The problem of trash is something old in Maneadero and has not been able to solve, it seems that the municipality is not interested in solving the problem, they are always waiting for resources and do not start working with the tools they have,” said Raymundo Carrillo Huerta, farmer.

He mentioned that he recently met with other farmers in the area and everyone complained about the large amount of garbage that the inhabitants throw on their ranches every day.

“The trash is affecting us because the ranches are certified and all the effort that the farmers make to have the ranches clean, is at risk due to the lack of awareness of the people and the deficient work of the public services management, if the ranches they get contaminated, we lose our certifications, “he said.

Carrillo Huerta commented that in some parts of the delegation the truck takes a month to pass, however, there are other areas where it can take up to three months without passing.

“People throw everything, in the streams, in the salitral and there are merchants who also throw garbage, there are even people who are dedicated to collecting garbage and charge but then go and throw it to the ranch,” he complained.

The farmer said that another very strong problem is the burning of garbage, since every day in the morning there are people who set fire to their garbage, which causes pollution and risk of a ranch burning.

He also indicated that three years ago they detected more than 30 clandestine garbage dumps in different parts of the delegations and lately they have been discovering more, which is why they demand the intervention of the municipal authority.

“The deputy director of public services, José de la Luz Valdez López, already has three administrations in that unit, he knows the subject well, he is not a novice, we need more attention in Maneadero and his experience is noticed,” he concluded.

Muelle Tres Ensenada, Worth the Wait

Muelle 3(“Pier 3”) restaurant on the waterfront harbor of Ensenada may be the best seafood shop in Baja.

Was thrilled to have a willing guest who had been promised a visit to Muelle 3 for a very long time this Tuesday.  Weekdays early afternoons are a good bet for a seat in this small space.

Greeting was good and a couple of tables were available.  Our spot in the far corner gave us a view of the other diners as well as the boats in the harbor.  Muelle 3 does have a small outdoor spot with a couple of tables available if you like the open air or want a beverage while waiting for your table.

Chef’s gift was a potato and egg casserole twig.  It was an ok snack, nothing extraordinary.  Fun.

As mentioned many times, a one page menu is my favorite.  31 dishes, divided into suggested 1st, 2nd and 3rd courses are easily understood with your basic Spanish and there is usually a bi-lingual staff member on the floor if you need a lifeline.  The idea is to order a few plates and share.

Have seen a few reviews describe Muelle 3 as expensive.  Hmmm, lots of quality plates in the $7-$14USD range is expensive? Maybe that is true compared to a street fish taco.  These items are a terrific food value.

The oysters were super fresh and sweet.  We enjoyed them with Negra Modelo and Augua Mala Sirena(pilsner) while we casually surfed the menu for our feast.  I didn’t catch a photo of the salsa bar of approx 12 different salsa bottles at each table, but, I experimented with several on my shells of slipperies.

The seafood pasta was cooked and presented perfectly. My dining partner had mentioned a dish like this as their idea of possibilities on our drive into town for lunch.  Fyi, the oyster was just a leftover from the previous course.

This catch of the day, bonito, had a nice crust outside and steaming puffy flakes inside.  I eat so many different ceviches and seafood cocktails that it is always a treat to enjoy a chunky filet of a sea monster.

Every table has a view to the harbor at Muelle Tres.

Tuesday through Saturday, noon-ish to 6:30-ish.  Located next door to the Mercado Negro Fish Market. Parking lot is adjacent to the fish market, but, I use the lot next to 3 Heads Park.

Muelle 3 facebook

I’ll let you translate the bottom of the menu page that sums up the quality of the restaurant.  Vale la pena la espera! 

We happily award Muelle 3 with 5 out of a possible 5 fishing pangas for food, service, atmosphere, menu variety and fun.

Baja 1949 Documentary Video

Scenic Road Bypass Discussion Continues

The construction of an alternate route to the Scenic Highway is necessary to avoid road deterioration due to the passage of heavy trucks, said César Ramos García, president of the Mexican Chamber of Construction Industry (CMIC) in Ensenada.

“The stage was never designed to withstand the passage of such vehicles, never, therefore deterioration and constant repairs suffered by the road,” he said.

Specialists in soil CMIC announced on the basis of technical studies that the scenic road suffers its worst deterioration by the passage of heavy trucks, both cargo and passengers, so it is urgent that they be diverted as soon as possible.

He gave as an example San Francisco, California, where on one of its stretches it passes along the coast, like Ensenada, but heavy traffic is forbidden there.

“Studies of soil have shown that the passage of each truck is equivalent to the same damage and wear that would generate 50 sedans; at that level is the wear of the Scenic, making it also dangerous to move in areas closed by these heavy units, “he said.

The president of CMIC emphasized to continue investing in the realization of the alternate route and to do it with professional technical studies to get the project out as soon as possible.

“It is time to see road investments as a growth opportunity before spending, since the alternate route will be developed, will also be promoting the creation of industrial parks, of which Ensenada lacks and of which the state is urgent”, express.

For this reason, he insisted that it is urgent to continue with the Alternate to Scenic section because it will be a pole of industrial development and will immediately stop the passage of heavy vehicles through the Scenic, as they generate terrible and constant damage to the asphalt belt.

Industrial area To
allocate one thousand 750 million pesos in the construction of the alternate route to the Scenic, it has to be seen as an investment for the creation of a pole of industrial development.

The businessman said that the 24.6-kilometer road would connect Bajamar with El Sauzal and could become the industrial area that suffers the city, because when a new industry seeks to settle in a city, it does not look for if its streets are paved or bumpy, Look for connectivity, industrial zones, water and electricity.

“The alternate highway offers that possibility, ample spaces to develop companies and adequate road services, only lack long-term vision,” he said.

Ensenada Crime Increases

The report of the CCSP on criminal incidence, establishes that homicides and robbery in its different modalities continued to rise during the first month of the year.


The incidence of crime in homicide continues to rise in Ensenada; yesterday, a victim was added to the statistics.

According to data from the Deputy Attorney General’s Office, Ensenada area, around 4:17 pm, they reported a person killed by gunshots.

The body of the person of the male gender was located in the ejido Leyes de Reforma, in Valle de la Trinidad.

According to data provided by the Public Security Council of the State (CCSP), the report on criminal incidence establishes that homicides, vehicle theft, robbery with violence, robbery without violence, and robbery with violence They kept rising during the first month of the year.

The document details that, of the thousand 050 illicit denounced during the month of January, 245 were auto thefts.

This translates to an average of eight vehicle thefts per day.

The robbery to house room reached the 153 incidents during the first 31 days of 2018, whereas the robberies to commerce, denounced, were 47, whereas the robberies with violence (public road and others), added 31.

The illegal deprivation of liberty, bank robbery and kidnapping had no records during the first month of 2018.

Other crimes reported in this period were: threats, abuse of trust, sexual abuse, corruption of minors, bribery, dispossession, defamation, extortion, rape, fraud, breach of obligations, negligence, rape, intrafamily violence, omission of care, use of false documents, and driving while intoxicated, among others.

It is indicated that, “of the total of the crimes denounced in PGJE, it is established that 75 percent corresponds to crimes that due to their nature may be preventable or attacked by police corporations”.

Avenida Reforma Floods


Reforma Avenue, in the stretch between Calle Hierro and Avenida de las Rosas, was flooded yesterday morning for several hours because the flow of rainwater in that area was blocked by the construction of a dam on a site particular.

The barrier constructed with stones and earth had to be demolished by personnel of Civil Protection and Municipal Public Services, who broke a padlock that closed the access door to the property and proceeded to remove the materials that prevented the flow of rainwater to the area known as La Lagunita.

The intervention of Civil Protection was protected by elements of Municipal Public Safety, and as explained, this was done to prevent vehicular traffic on Reforma Avenue from being affected by the accumulation of rainwater at that point of the road.

It was also reported that several of the businesses surrounding the site where the dam was placed were affected in their operations and goods by the flood caused by the aforementioned wall, which prevented rainwater from reaching La Lagunita or the ocean.

On February 7 in the Official Gazette of the Federation the National Property Declaration # 1/2017 of the waters of the Don Diego and La Laguna Stream, also known as La Lagunita, Laguna El Ciprés, Laguna Formex Ibarra and / or Laguna El Naranjo

Said declaration also includes the channels, glass and federal zone in the extension established by the Law of National Waters, in this case the so-called Arroyo Don Diego.

The decree ensures that the characteristics of national waters referred to in articles 27 and 16 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States are met, because: “because they are waters that from their starting point flow and form currents that give origin to other declared of national property until emptying to the sea “.

The declaration establishes that it will come into force as of the day following its publication, that is to say on February 9, so that the blockade of the Arroyo Don Diego channel could be considered as damage to the Don Diego Creek.

The declaration is signed by Roberto Ramírez de la Parra, director of the National Water Commission and is accompanied by the technical annexes that establish the location and coordinates of the sites included in said declaration.

a) Its waters originate at 1,231 meters northeast of the Government Center of Ensenada, in the Ex-Ejido Chapultepec, Municipality of Ensenada, State of Baja California, at the point with the geographical coordinates Latitud Norte 31 ° 48′ 51.05 “and West Length 116 ° 35′ 02.27 “, according to its location in the topographic chart of INEGI, ENSENADA H11B12.
b) They are of intermittent regime and drain in a well-defined channel.
c) They follow a Northwest course.
d) They cover a total length of 1,960 meters.
e) 1,279 meters approximately downstream of the origin, they change their course to the Southwest.

Carnaval Hurt Ensenada Businesses


For six days part of the Costero Boulevard was closed

ENSENADA BC FEBRUARY 24, 2018 (AFN) .- The celebration of the past Carnival left uneasiness among local businessmen, who expressed their displeasure in a letter addressed to the members of the Cabildo of the 22nd Town Hall of Ensenada, where they ask to clarify who will respond by the damages caused by the location of the celebration, since part of the Costero Boulevard was closed for six days.

Jorge Nava Jiménez, president of the Employers Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex), and Enrique Vázquez Moreno, of the Regional Development Commission of the same organization, requested that in the following editions of the Carnival a better place be selected, since they argued that the territorial extension of the city of Ensenada is wide.

In the letter the Coparmex requests that the Municipal Government take seriously the organization of the Carnival celebration, and plan ahead and select a better place to celebrate it, which they said will allow it to be carried out in an orderly, peaceful and successful manner and will avoid damaging to third parties, such as local businessmen.

They emphasized that in the recent edition the right of established businesses to operate normally throughout the year was not considered, since the location of the Carnival affected the activity of more than 100 businesses, some of which had to close during the days of the popular celebration.

In the document the Coparmex points out that at the location of the Carnival there were arbitrariness and inconsistencies such as: “installing mechanical games with electric power supply in front of a gasoline service station, without a prior opinion issued by law by Civil Protection, or closing the roads in front of an ambulance service “.

Bajadock: This was the scene at entry to Cerveceria Wendlandt during Carnaval.  Below is map of street closure.

Baja Native Indian Food in San Diego

Bajadock: Chef Gilberto and his staff served me the best meal of 2017 at his Restaurant Nomada in September.  This event on 1 March should be fun, wish I could go.

Barona Cultural Center & Museum, 1095 Barona Rd., Lakeside, CA
Map | Website

Auka !!! Very happy to start activities this 2018 !!! We continue #nomadeando and this time we go to Barona Cultural Center & Museum of the Barona Casino where our brothers Kumiai / Kumeyaay from SD invite us to share what we are doing with love and passion in the nomad kitchen. We will present some samples of our flagship dish as well as something that will be part of our menu this season 6th. season!!!

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