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Ensenada Mariscos Y Cerveza Festival

This is at the Riviera.  Looks like 7/11 will have a sushi booth.


Bodegas Santo Tomas Street Fair

With a series of cultural, artistic, musical activities, wine tasting and with a gastronomic offer and an artisan pavilion, the twenty-eighth edition of the “Verbena Cultural Santo” will take place on Saturday, August 18 at 12:00. Tomás. “

Keiko Nishikawa, Santiago Cosío and Jaime Delfín, representatives of the festival, announced that this is an emblematic event that is carried out as a recognition of the commitment that workers feel with Bodegas Santo Tomás and the Buenos Aires society that has accompanied them since 130 years

The general director of the wine company, Santiago Cosío Pando, said at a press conference held at the offices of Proturismo, that this party is free for the people of Ensande thanks to the support of a series of private and institutional promoters.

He added that with this motive there will be a cultural offer for all ages, a gastronomic variety, activities for infants, young people and adults, as well as the wines of the brand.

Various activities for the whole family
Meanwhile, the director of Proturismo, Amador Arteaga Sahagún, indicated that for the Municipal Government it is essential to consolidate and support the sector, especially the events where they join the entire community to bring the culture of wine to locals and visitors.

While Hector Rosas, delegate of the State Tourism Secretariat in Ensenada, applauded the realization of this Verbena that strengthens the traditional Harvest Festival that takes place in Ensenada.

The organizers of the Verbena indicated that there is a special program for infants, a tour of the facilities, a master wine tasting for 150 people by the Enologist Laura Zamora and concerts at different points of the event.

Jaime Delfin concluded by saying that the cultural part will have the participation of different bands from the locality, science workshops by UNAM, exhibitions and workshops thanks to INAH, living statues, story-telling, reading workshops and others in charge of UABC, among other activities.

Ratas y Retos in Baja California

Bajadock: Baja Governor Kiko Vega and President Enrique Peña Nieto proudly inaugurate the Ensenada desal plant, although it was not ready to open that day.  A couple of weeks after it did open, it was shut down.  It took a day or two after shutdown to announce the problem with the sand filters.

By: Arturo Ruiz, El Súper Cívico, revistaavefenix.blogspot

In many occasions life gives us tests of a different nature, to overcome them or not is a possibility, to evade them, is another, although not very recommendable from my point of view. And I think the most difficult tests are those where it is not in one’s hands to solve them.

Love, affection and friendship in some moments are put at risk of being lost due to communication problems, lack of understanding or flat because some of the parties no longer want to maintain that feeling towards the other person and in those moments one You must understand that it is no longer a problem but a conclusion and there is nothing left to do.

Politically, there are problems that stem from bad administrations, cheating, corruption or inefficiency. And in these cases, as what governs our political relations are not based on a feeling of friendship, but in any case on trust, but, above all, on the demand for responsibility and results.

And when a politician who has assumed a public responsibility generates problems for the governed, they have the right to demand that they correct these problems or that they resign, because in the end the rulers are only public servants who receive a salary that comes from the effort of citizens in general.

In short, if a government does not work, it must be changed. But that only happens where there are responsible societies and that have a high concept of individual dignity and common responsibility.

If a plague of rats arrives at a house or only one, we immediately prepare to exterminate it, because we understand that this rat will cause damage to the home and can even generate health problems.

So why do not we act like this with the bipedal rats that have made corruption their modus vivendi, who live with total cynicism of public money without giving results and who act with total disrespect towards citizens?

And, in Baja California, there are challenges to be solved as a society and rats to eradicate from the government that is responsible for leading the common destiny of those who live here.

The great challenge of this time is to take out the national action of the state government and it has to be done, because it no longer serves to govern, because the government has embedded entire families that live on the public treasury, we must remove it from the government because the PAN members who control that party and who have governmental power have become corrupt and cynical.
And I say it with total clarity and without euphemisms, because in that they have been transformed, into two-legged rats, into satraps and into the livings of everyone’s money.

Of the PRI, I do not even speak anymore because their governments have been sealed by negligence and corruption and for that reason that party is in a process of disintegration in the state and nationally.

But the PANistas are alive and active and dangerous, because they make public power a political power based on the purchase of votes, the purchase of chayotero journalists’ pens and because they use public money to profit from poverty.

The panistas of Baja California have made the payroll of the state government and the municipalities that govern a solid base of hard vote and that hard vote, can only defeat the free vote and broad participation of citizens.

These days, although many do not yet understand it, the biggest challenge for Baja Californians is the issue of water, a fundamental resource for life, health, the social development of people and the economic growth of our entity.

And the current leaders have sold us a pill that to deal with this problem the solution is to desalinate sea water to ensure the supply of water for agricultural, industrial and domestic uses.

And indeed the desalination plants are an alternative, but also it is to apply a sustainable policy in the use and administration of the water that comes from the Colorado River and from the water table. Water should not continue to be used in agriculture with archaic and wasteful methods of water.

The PAN have incurred influence peddling, acts of corruption and negligence in this area and as an example, there is the desalination plant in Ensenada that, less than a month after it was put into operation, it already presented faults in the sand filters and to suspend its operation.

A desalination plant that took more than a year from the original term in which it should have been delivered, a plant built and operated by a foreign company that will continue operating it and that will be the one who profits from the need and dependence that is had in Ensenada regarding water .

And all that is the fault of the government, there is no other responsible but them. And of course it is latent that this same can happen in the plants of San Quintín and Playas de Rosarito.
And we can not and should not forget the issue of the company Constellation Brands in the Valley of Mexicali, a project plagued by irregularities in the vein of public lands, serious irregularities in environmental matters and that will use thousands of cubic meters of drinking water, in an entity which is going through a severe drought and where the water supply is a current and widespread problem in several municipalities of the state.

Let’s see a few hard numbers and data:
The Desalination Plant of Ensenada had a total investment of 987 million pesos.

The Original Cost Estimate was: $ 637.1 million pesos 
The Development Bank of North America (NADB) granted a credit for 490 million pesos to Aguas de Ensenada, a subsidiary of GS Inima Environment, a company that obtained the award of a contract for provision of construction, operation and transfer services with a term of 20 years for the plant.

Promoter organization State Water Commission of Baja California.
For more technical data see:http //…/BD%202012-42%20Ensenada%20Desal%2…

But in the end, as long as society and government do not assume their roles and responsibilities, from outside the business sharks will come to eat the local fish, while the rats build and buy houses and real estate abroad … Or not?

PS (The PRI governments in the municipalities do not even serve to collect garbage and are already planning the possibility of privatizing this public service and, in passing, doing business with people’s money.) APP in sight?

Sabina Bandera Cooks

Thanks WSK

La Guerrerense seafood cart and Sabina Restaurante are located in Ensenada on 1st Street(Lopez Mateos) and Alvarado.

La Marina at Baja Cove Restaurant

Had not visited La Marina at Baja Cove for food in several years.  A friend suggested that he had recently enjoyed a fabulous breakfast there. Monday is always sketchy for dining, as so many restaurants close that day.  We hoped that LMBC would be open.

Our threesome arrived at 5:30 to see a whopping four other diners seated.  We chose the east side patio with view of the estuary and shade from the sun.  Temperature was approx 75F with a 10KPH breeze.

Took just a few minutes for Eddie, our server/bartender, to greet us and ask what we wanted to drink.  Upon confirming that real, fresh squeezed lime juice was the marguerita mix, those were an easy call.  Margs were delicious and alcohol content was noticeable.  Generous serving was poured into sombrero glasses.

Eddie also let us know that it was $1USD taco night with a choice of fish, shrimp, carne asada, chicken, adobada and pork.  Loved the slaw on the fish and shrimp.  Also very much enjoyed the chipotle salsa on the chicken.

We also had a couple of beers of the 325ml(11 ouncers, careful) variety.  This is a relaxing way to enjoy an evening cooling off after during this warmer than normal summer.

Will have to peruse the menu on next visit to see what else they are cooking at LMBC.  The inside semi circle tiled bar inside is fun.  But, the outdoor ambiance is preferred over the high school gym dining scene indoors.


We award La Marina at Baja Cove four out of five possible yachts for basic Mexican fare, service, atmosphere and value. Psst, there are no boats at this “Marina”.

La Marina at Baja Cove Restaurant is located on the south side of Ensenada.  Approx 8 miles south on Av Reforma(Hwy 1), then 7 miles west on Carretera La Bufadora, Look for La Marina sign then 1.5 miles north along the Punta Banda beach road.

Gated Guarded Community Robbery

Bajadock: Apparently a gate and a guard are not enough to keep crime away from Ensenada’s most exclusive neighborhood on Chapultepec hill, overlooking centro ‘Nada.  Too many gated communities allow entry based upon loose and subjective evaluation of visitors’ appearances.  The thieves here were also able to drive out of the neighborhood in their new ride without delay or problem.

Got a Facebook update that a marauding band of pistol packing  thieves had invaded another neighborhood on north end of Ensenada, Pedregal Playitas.

Pistol in hand, the thieves threatened to kill their victims in a home and stole a car

ENSENADA.- Despite having permanent surveillance at the entrance of the Chapultepec Second Section, one of the most exclusive sites in the city, a neighbor and her visit were beaten and robbed on Tuesday morning.

Around 08:30 hours, according to the information of the neighbors, two men entered walking to the subdivision overlooking the bay and the ocean. They advanced without problem two blocks.

At that time one of the neighbors in the area had the gate of her house open because she was receiving a visit; according to the testimony, the thieves got the woman and her visit to the house with luxury of violence, they were beaten, at gunpoint they asked for money and when they did not get anything they took the visitor’s car and fled.

Municipal Police said yesterday that the movement in the area of ​​the Modern was due to a false alarm for the theft of a minor. Minutes later announced that the report was false and that derived from the mobilization, in the same Moderna recovered a stolen car


This Wednesday, three convenience stores were stolen in different parts of the city, the Municipal Public Security Office announced.

At 8:29 a.m. reported by report to the C-4 of a robbery to commerce in the streets Yumanos and San Patricio, Ex Ejido Ruiz Cortines.

The thieves took around one thousand pesos and one gallon of milk, according to the establishment’s staff.

At 11:45 am on a report to C-4, a robbery to commerce located on Ruiz Avenue between 13 and 14 of the Central Zone was reported, with a booty close to one thousand 500 pesos, according to personnel of the establishment.

The third event occurred at 4:00 pm at a store located on Avila Camacho Street in the former Ejido Ruiz Cortines, from where the thieves took about a thousand pesos and packets of cigarettes.

Ensenada Water Shortage 2018


The lack of water supply of the desalination plant, due to problems with sand filters, will cause supply problems in 43 colonies in the south and southeast of the municipality, informed the director of the State Public Services Commission of Ensenada (Cespe ).

Carlos Loyola Peterson, indicated that the situation forces to the tandeos, that is to say, it will not be provided water 24 hours and that, maintained, already they know the form in which they are carrying out the tandeos.

He said that to reduce the damage, the Cespe, will resort to the dam as a source of water supply during this hot season.

He indicated that the problem that was registered last Friday at the Aguas de Ensenada plant, required an adjustment to the operation of the parastate, upon returning to the system with which it was working about a month ago.

This, he said, implies modifying the way in which water is distributed, with the movement of valves, the change of direction of flows.

Dam water
He added that, from the Emilio López Zamora dam, a flow of more or less 60 liters per second will be obtained, however, this source will only be able to work for around 45 days, since the water stored is limited.

Carlos Loyola recalled that the area of ​​the Popular 89 colony, are the process of building a line, from the colony Gómez Morín to solve the driving ability.

The official said that the current deficit is 30 percent, which is equivalent to 150 liters per second

On traditional sources such as Maneadero, reverse flow, La Misión, Pozos de la Ciudad, and wells of the former ejido Chapultepec, detailed that they get more or less 715 liters per second.

To these, another 55 or 60 liters per second of the dam will be added, however, around 900 are required for the regular supply.

Weekend Traffic Crunch

                                by staff traffic editor, Quincy Quiebra 

My trip north to San Diego this week included picking up mail, a few shopping items and a lunch.  A grocery clerk told me he heard that Ensenada was the “La Jolla of Mexico”. HAH!

That grocery clerk had no idea that I was headed to the real La Jolla for lunch on Saturday.  Yuck, what a traffic jam are any of the beach areas of SoCal.  La Jolla Parkway was backed up for 2/3 of a mile.

Planned a lunch at We Olive in La Jolla.  It’s much smaller and less dramatic than George’s.  Yeppers, I’m a contrarian on many of the trendy dining spots.  Prefer smaller, mom/pop shops.  But, my We Olive review will have to wait as my lunch buddy failed me.

Was thrilled to be on my south and get away from the crunch of cars everywhere.

Southbound at Tijuana, that border crossing was about 10 minutes and easy.  But, the ongoing construction when approaching TJ Playas is another mess.  Sometimes the westbound lanes are narrowed to just one lane.

The beaches hold your clue on the traffic.  Everyone is escaping the heat, including the weekend crowds at Playa La Mision.  This photo shows the beach at approx 1/3 capacity.  My Saturday afternoon southbound drive saw this beach packed tighter than a thousand sardines in a bee hive.

The Ensenada toll booth southbound backup was 1.8 miles and more than 20 minutes. That white horizontal stipe thingy at photo center is the ‘Nada toll booth. From that backup to get through the slow traffic lights in El Sauzal to centro Ensenada, it took me 40 minutes for a whopping 7 miles.

TJ Chaparral border crossing to my house on the south of Ensenada Bay is usually 2 hours or less.  A 2 minute beer pickup and a five minute grocery stop made that a four hour haul.  No wonder I rarely leave my neighborhood during summer weekend.

Ensenada Water Shortage

Bajadock: The elvigia article about the desal plant shutdown is this morning(Saturday).  It follows yesterday’s announcement(monitoreconomico article) urging citizens to restrict water useage with water shortages expected.


The company Aguas de Ensenada suspended the supply of 150 liters per second of desalinated water that was delivered to the Cespe to be distributed in the city, without the reasons for said suspension being known, nor when the liquid supply will be resumed.

Before the possible deficit in the water supply in some points of the port the State Commission of Public Services of Ensenada informed that it will redouble its efforts to distribute of the most equitable way the hydric resource.

Carlos Loyola Peterson, director of the Cespe, pointed out that the desalination plant is not part of the infrastructure or operations of the parastatal and that this unit is only a user of the aforementioned company.

In a telephone interview, he clarified that the State Water Commission (CEA) is in direct contact with Aguas de Ensenada and that until yesterday afternoon – after several hours of having suspended the supply of 150 liters per second – neither official He had not been unofficially informed about the reason for the suspension.

Nor, he reported, had he been informed of the time that the desalinated water would stop supplying.

Broken balance of supply
This week a report from Cespe established that urban consumption during this summer season is slightly higher than 800 liters per second.

According to that report, until Thursday of this week through the six different sources that supply the port, it had 814 liters per second.

The flows and origins are broken down as follows: Maneadero aquifers, 180 liters per second; Chapultepec, 34 lps;Wells in the city, 98 lps; The Mission, 225 lps; Inverse Flow System, 127 lps and desalination, 150 lps.

The 814 liters per second, said the report, although they were sufficient, it required users to make a rational consumption of water, since the balance between demand and supply was very fragile.

However, the suspension of supply by Aguas de Ensenada generates a deficit of about 20 percent of the city’s water needs.

A “salty” plant
The construction and operation of the desalination plant has a delay of almost ten years. Initially it was tendered in 2009 and it was intended to build in the area known as El Salitral en Maneadero.

In that place the first stone was placed that turned out to be also the last one, because the environmental normativity prevented that there was built the plant.

After canceling the El Salitral project, until 2014 the definitive relocation of the plant on Pedro Loyola Avenue was achieved and it was announced that it would be ready for 2016.

However, the work had a series of delays for various reasons, from legal, financial and even -in its final stage- to the strong waves that delayed its completion.

The desalination plant was officially inaugurated on June 11 by the president of the Mexican Republic, Enrique Peña Nieto, at the ceremony was announced by the National Water Commission (Conagua) and the CEA that the work had a cost of 882.4 millions of pesos.

However, that same day, the Bank for the Development of North America, an institution that financed part of the project, reported that the work cost 987 million pesos.

So far none of the authorities involved in the project have been able to explain the differences in the figures in terms of cost.

Who will pay?
In addition to the controversies over the delay and cost of the plant, another of the issues that have caused controversy and that have not been clarified by the State Government is: how or from what budget will the desalinated water be covered by the company?

Through the Transparency Unit of the State Government, El Vigía requested the CEA to report on the budget that would cover the desalinated water that would be delivered to the Cespe.

The official and textual answer was: “it will be through the payment of users to CESPE which will pay the CEABC based on the volume of water received by the Desalination Plant”.

However, even in the current rates of the State Public Services Commission of Ensenada, not even in the budget approved this year to the parastatal is the coverage of these payments contemplated.

CEA vs Cespe
Legally and administratively, the responsible for the supervision of the construction and operation of the plant is the State Water Commission, who tendered the work and its operation to Aguas de Ensenada.

The Cespe, is in strict legal sense a user or “buyer” of desalinated water.

On several occasions, Loyola Peterson has publicly pointed out the lack of communication and information both from the CEA, and from the aforementioned company towards Cespe.

This lack of coordination and communication between them became more evident with what happened on Friday.

The Cespe did not know what the reasons were, nor for how long the desalinated water would stop arriving. Until the end of the edition, both issues remained unknown to port users.



Ensenada, Baja California, August 3.- Given the increase in temperatures, the State Public Services Commission of Ensenada urged users to make a rational and responsible use of water, as it is within the limits of sufficient supply for the city.

Through a press release, it was reported that 814 liters per second (lps) are currently distributed in the port, from the six different sources of supply that are available. However, the demand is higher than 800 lps, so the supply in relation to consumption are almost in balance.

According to CESPE, the existing water is being distributed equitably throughout the urban area and the desalination plant is expected to pass from supplying 150 liters per second to 250 lps. “As we are informed, it is estimated that by the end of this month of August, we will be receiving the full flow,” said the agency with this announcement made it clear that the problem of water supply in the municipality has not been solved at despite the speech of the state government.

According to the text; “They are a total of 814 lps that CESPE receives at the moment and it is estimated that for this month, the demand will be a bit more than 800 lps; with which the operation of the desalination plant will be at its maximum capacity “, but as it is seen, it is insufficient.The sources of supply and the flows that contribute are the following: Maneadero aquifers, 180 lps, Chapultepec, 34 lps, wells of the city, 98 lps, La Misión, 225 lps, Reverse Flow System, 127 lps and desalination, 150 lps.


Lucky Irish 4: Seaside Beer Garden

Bajadock: LI4’s facebook page map is wrong(this happens often with Fbook maps, caution!).  Their map shows the location a couple of miles further north. LI4 is located just north of Punta Morro & UABC on north side of ‘Nada.  Used the video and other LI4 photos to plot them on my map above. I did friend them and sent a note to see if they could fix their map.

They were trying for a late July opening.  Check their LI4 facebook page for the gran inauguracion.

Have been to LI1 in centro and LI2 on South Reforma with good experiences.

The last five years of restaurant development on the north side of Ensenada have seen a great variety, energy, competition and fun.  Restaurant business is not an easy one.  But, people will always flock to good food, solid service and a good value at the low, medium and high price points.

Buena suerte y éxito!

Got taps?  Wowzers.

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