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Ensenada Noisy Neighbor Law

foto por Bajadock at Barbajan, Ensenada

Bajadock: Noise in Mexico is part of the cultural fun reminder that you no longer live in the third beige house on the second cul de sac on the left.  Banda music, propane trucks, political protests, engine brakes and car “vanity sirens” are part of the adventure.  Had a fun discussion ten years ago on “Baja from the Noise”, including some friends who have passed over to the tequila bar on the other side.

The “noisy neighbors”, could be sanctioned with fines that surpass the 2 thousand 200 pesos, from which personnel of the Direction of Municipal Public Security, received the tickets of infraction.

The councilman Samuel Albestrain Pérez, said that the sanctions, after the measurements made with the sound level meters and the decision of the Judge Qualifier, can be from 0 to 30 UMAs (Unit of Measurement and Update), whose value, in this 2017, It is 75.49 pesos.

The mayor recalled that, last July, the Cabildo approved the modification to the Police and Good Governance Branch and the Regulation for the Control of Environmental Quality, which he presented.

With this change, faculties and procedures were established to the Municipal Public Security Directorate (DSPM), for the execution of actions to the problem of “noisy neighbors”.

He explained that an infraction ticket was designed in triplicate; the original will be for the offending citizen, a copy to the railing manager and another copy for the Qualifying Judge.

Said fines will be sent to the Collection Office, who will be responsible for executing the collection of the same, as it may be through the payment of the property or some other collection concept.

Action protocols
The coordinator of the Trade and Entertainment Commission also specified that the Regulation for the Control of Environmental Quality, in Article 175, empowers the DSPM, to intervene and make the protocols of action to the faults indicated.

This establishes that, it will be cause for infraction to cause noise on public roads that exceeds the levels established in accordance with the Official Mexican Standard NOM-081-SEMARNAT-1994, which are indicated in Article 70 of the aforementioned regulation.

In this process, he highlighted, participated instances such as the Directorate of Urban Administration, Ecology and Environment, the DSPM and Municipal Revenue Collection.

They will use sound level meters
It was last September when the DSPM staff received 12 sound level meters, with which they will be able to attend to citizen reports by noisy neighbors.

Likewise, a training process was carried out by the Department of Inspections and Complaints of the Urban Administration Office, for the proper use of this device, focused on the handling of the sound level meter and filling stationery when making the measurements.


Baja Fires Ease

Bajadock: It was refreshing to see blue skies on my trip north to San Diego Saturday morning. Above maps are screenshots as of 6AM Sunday morning, but, hard to discern what is real time fire situation vs. data entered into the mapping site.

The big grey areas in photos above marks the Corredor 2000 fires.  That stretch of road begins in South Rosarito(aka Popotla at eh Baja Studios) and stretches northeast toward Tecate.

There was a brush fire that interrupted traffic on the Ensenada Free Road between Ensenada and La Mision Saturday.  From above photo, this looks like that fire was just north of Cuatro Cuatros winery. Always love work crew photos with shovels resting on pavement. But the overall reporting is that most fires are becoming contained as winds ease.

An approximate of 1,500 hectares could be affected by the fire that started in a grassland area near the Tijuana-Rosarito 2000 Corridor, according to data from the National Forestry Commission (Conafor) in Baja California.

Yesterday the fire remained controlled and away from urban areas, and according to official information, its growth was due to weather conditions that prevailed in recent days in Tijuana.

“We were attending another report at kilometer 60 of the Tecate-Ensenada highway, it was around noon when we heard about this other fire,” said Luis Gallegos, chief of the Conafor brigade.

During the first six hours the incident gained strength due to the wind conditions, detailed, which required the sum of the efforts of Conafor with municipal and state Civil Protection, Tijuana Fire Brigade and Playas de Rosarito, as well as personnel of the Sedena that He joined the work yesterday.

On Thursday afternoon, 30 people were evicted from the place known as La Roca del Alfarero, due to the fact that the flames reached their surroundings.

The reports
On the other hand the Carlos Gopar, director of Firemen Tijuana, informed that by the climatic conditions the work of suffocating the fire was complicated although it was managed to protect the residential zones.

“For a moment the evacuation was considered in the nearby subdivisions, but the wind changed the direction of the fire and smoke, so it was determined that it was safer for people to stay in their homes,” he said.

From dawn on Tuesday until Friday morning, detailed, there were 403 reports of fires, broken down into 229 forestry, 85 residential and 89 in vacant lots.

Season for Breathalyzer, Speeding Units

Bajadock: December gets out the Ensenada alcohol and speeding patrols, especially on weekends.  


ENSENADA: Municipal Traffic Personnel made an Operative Radar in the area of ​​the Peripheral and Esmeralda Avenue, where more than 250 vehicles were verified to strengthen the culture of prevention and respect for current regulations , informed the commander of Transit, José Luis Gutiérrez Bojórquez.

He noted that speed was monitored in the place, it was verified that the drivers will use the safety belt and it was recommended that mothers and fathers of family use appropriate chairs to transport the children.

“In total, 16 tickets were issued for infractions of articles 181, 134 and 20-F of the Traffic Regulations, and it is not necessary to tow a car since those who incurred faults had their papers in order,” he said.

The commander added that in the last 72 hours two filters of the Operational Breathalyzer were implemented, which circulated more than 500 motorists who were reminded of the preventive measures to avoid incidents related to the consumption of intoxicating beverages.

He said that 26 people were intervened for presenting alcoholic breath, which violates Article 41 of the Traffic Regulations, so they were presented before the judge and their vehicles towed to storage yards, where they were in guarantee of the violation that they were put

The commander reiterated the call to the population in general to respect the current legal provisions and avoid sanctions, mainly because by applying them risk situations are avoided that can lead to damages, injuries, even death itself or third parties.

El Vigia reported radar on the stretch just north of centro ‘Nada to Hotel Coral.

Scenic Highway Still Slipping

Slides continue on the Scenic, CCEE urges the alternate route

Ensenada, Baja California, December 4 .- The business sector of Ensenada was pronounced by an agile and clear response by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) and Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe) around the construction of the route alternates Ensenada-Tijuana, by virtue of the known landslides in the vicinity of Kilometer 93 of the scenic highway.

Marco Antonio Coronado Valenzuela, president of the Business Coordinating Council of Ensenada (CCEE) said yesterday during his weekly breakfast that the scenic road “is still moving”, when they are about to be completed on the 28th of this month four years after the collapse that shut off Ensenada for a year.

Almost four years after the collapse, Coronado Valenzuela recalled that in addition to the year it took him to reopen, it takes another three years of repairs, with a cost much higher than the one billion pesos initially announced.

All sectors of the economy would be affected if that road section is interrupted again to the circulation, for that reason the leader urged the SCT of the federal government, offer information of the project that establishes the alternate route and to which they would have destined approximately two thousand millions of pesos.

The alternate road would cost less than the investment in the repairs of the scenic and would provide greater certainty for the economic operations of the city and its southern area, but the entrepreneurs are unaware of the progress of the project.

The doubts that overshadow the future of terrestrial communications is due to the fact that another road section that would connect the delegation of El Sauzal with the road to Ojos Negros suffered unexpected delays.

Coronado Valenzuela said that meanwhile, the Mexican government should prevent federal freight transport from continuing to use the Ensenada-Tijuana scenic highway and prosecute the transportation of goods along the Tecate-Ensenada highway, which has already been reclassified to receive large-tonnage vehicles.

The heavy load is the one that puts the viability of the toll road at risk, recalled the leader of the businessmen, as it was precisely the passing of a vehicle with heavy cement load the protagonist of the collapse on December 28, 2013.

The Ensenada-Tecate stretch was in the process of being modernized and was not classified for loading, “but the modernization has already been completed, the classification has already been carried out and the cargo is still on the stage,” he said.

The alternate Ensenada-Tijuana route is planned along 22 kilometers from the tourist area of ​​Bajamar, until it connects with the start of the Santa Anita Bypass in El Sauzal.

Riviera del Pacifico

Ristorante La Forchetta

Ristorante La Forchetta had eluded me in my ten years of living in Ensenada until last night, Saturday, 2 December, 2017.  Il migliore!

Decided to make a reservation at Forchetta for 6PM.  Meet and greet was welcoming and easy.  Menus and wine list were delivered and Javier, our server, immediately asked for our beverage order.  Glad to see a good selection of beer here.

In addition to our Indio, Tecate Light and Bohemia Clara beverage selections, I spotted a Sangiovese Cab blend from Casa Magoni.  Ooh, I gotta go to Magoni and discover more as that Sangi was perfect for our decadent food choices.

Forchetta Menu is easy to handle with 3 short pages of straightforward descriptions:salad/appeteasers, pasta and main plates. Wine list is post card size with friendly pricing.

My role was as guest to my VIP visitors this evening and one of my hosts jumped first ordering the antipasto board.  This elegant presentation was a fun prognostication for some taste bud tango-ing tonight.  I have never had fresh basil leaves with an anti plate before.  Will add this to my own home appetizer menu.

Guessing that Forchetta capacity is approx 80, including the small bar and tables out on the patio.  Prefer smaller venues like this.  The Italian art and brickwork provide a romantic Italian getaway for a couple of hours.

Lucky us had Chef Ernesto come out to welcome us and have us ask him for any help or suggestions to enjoy our evening.  He suggested the marinated portobello as another appeteaser and we were amazed at the flavors and textures of this elevated serving.  This combined with the garlic bread “trains” would make for a grand meal.

Our seafood and chicken pasta/risotto plates were served steaming hot and flavors were full of love from the chefs.  One of my VIP hosts mentioned that if this restaurant were in his home town, he would dine here at least every other week.  I’ll take that hint and promise to stick my fork into more of Forchetta’s tastes soon.

Ristorante La Forchetta gets our coveted 5 Chianti bottle candles(out of 5 possible) award.  This was one of the two best dinners of 2017 for the Lusty Napkin of ‘Nada.  Warm atmosphere, attentive service, excellent food presentation and bountiful flavors have Forchetta rocking. Can’t wait to explore more of the menu.

Ristorante La Forchetta is located on Blancarte, a few meters from Costero Blvd.  Forchetta Facebook

646-178-3408 and noticed that they are open for breakfast at 7AM.


Ensenada El Sauzal Road Collapse Warning

Bajadock:  K105 is just north of Las Rosas Hotel on north side of El Sauzal. Two maps below are my added editorials to original El Vigia article.

Given the wear and tear of the coastal strip at kilometer 105 of the Tijuana-Ensenada highway and the risk that such erosion could damage the road, hoteliers in this city requested the prompt action of the authorities.

Víctor Celis Dueñas, president of the Association of Hoteliers of Ensenada, informed that in that place it is observed how the tides eroded the coastal area, wear that already affected the roadway and is a few meters from reaching the asphalt roadway.

Erosion worries
He indicated that specialists in the construction branch were asked for a technical opinion on the matter and they indicated that protection works should be carried out immediately to prevent erosion from reaching the road and prevent vehicular traffic from being affected.

“We already had the experience in 2013 of being cut off from the highway, and although in a smaller dimension, in this case one of the main accesses to the city could be affected,” the hotel manager said.

He added that it was already investigated who would be responsible for carrying out the protection works and it would have to be the XXII Ensenada Town Hall, since that section of the road is under the jurisdiction of the municipality.

He noted that in addition to initiating work to stop the erosion should be placed warning signs to prevent motorists could park in an area of ​​the boundary that can collapse at any time.

New Gasoline Brands in Ensenada

Bajadock: Recent sighting saw regular gasoline prices at four different Pemex stations of .20 mnp.  The trick is still to find which pumps give you a full liter poured for a liter paid.  Saw this liter proofing device(photo right) at a station in Chapultepec Sunday.  Did not bother to ask for a test.

Of the 50 gas stations that exist in the municipality of Ensenada, around seven have changed the image of PEMEX to another with their own brand, informed the president of the Association of Gasolineros, Juan Manuel Arellano.

The modifications in the different stations are due to the Energy Reform, which promised a significant benefit for the final consumer, that is, said the leader, “for the newspaper’s motorist”.

He warned that no buyer will see significant changes in the performance of gasoline but there will be competition of cents, that everyone will notice gradually, and insisted that they do not expect a reduction of 12 or 13 pesos.

“Make it very clear to the public! not because those brands enter will lower the price but it will be the same but with a difference of cents, between 15 or 20 below, “he estimated.

The representative took a risk, and did not doubt that the price per liter of gas reached 18 pesos at the end of the year.

He compared the prices of the fuel with those of the LP gas and mentioned that although a few years ago the tank cost 400 pesos now round in the thousand pesos, the increases are unstoppable.

“Everyone will trust the brand that best convinces them and each one will decide with what brand it stays,” he said.

The brands that entered Ensenada are ARCO and PB and in process are Chevron, Costco and Shell.

Employees remain the same.

Personnel of one of these new gas stations denounced that, while the design of the expended ones improved, for them there are no benefits neither in salary, training, much less incentives.

They assured that the salary they receive weekly for working eight hours a day and six days a week is only 850 pesos, but the tips are an extra.

“They just gave us a jumpsuit and … envelopes! they put us to work without explaining anything, “said one worker.

In United States stations gasoline pumps are automatic, however, in Mexico there are more than half a million employees who live from this activity, so companies in the country are far from doing without them.

Parking Meter Editorial

With regard to the new occurrence of the mayor, last week we asked him if he agrees with the return of the parking meters to the downtown area of ​​the city.  7 out of 10 say no.  Thank you all for expressing your opinion.

Any administrator knows that to improve the financial conditions of a business or an organization there are only three soups: increase income, reduce expenses or sell assets.

True … the town hall is practically bankrupt and already tried to sell some properties, without success by the way.

Now it tries to increase the income via parking meters which is strange, because few measures of collection prosper in electoral times. If the PRI has it complicated in 2018, those who approve or reject these measures will think about it more than once, particularly because of the number of votes that they would be leaving to report to the central offices.

Nor has it been said what will happen to those who do not pay for the parking lot … with so much cars with Anapromex plates, who will they press?  The fine would be like the calls to mass. Immobilizers?  Cranes? More annoyance and less votes.

What they still do not try to control the City is to reduce the huge amount of expenses, particularly in the hyperinflated payroll that all citizens pay.

And it is not exaggeration … it is so inflated that it even reaches us to sponsor the escorts of a lot of people who do not deserve them.

It seems a matter of contradictions but in reality they are only numbers: If the city council does not have money to pay, for example, the escorts of Rosarito Eligio Valencia’s ruler, it is necessary to force the Ensenadenses to cooperate with the cause each time they are parked in the middle. It’s not politics…it’s mathematics.

Loncheria Lupita Los Globos

When you go segunda shopping in Ensenada at Los Globos, get on your sensory overload with a visit to Loncheria Lupita. Turn on your Google Nose app:

Five out of five molcajetes de salsa award for Loncheria Lupita at Los Globos Segundas.

Ensenada Interactive Map

Extra Bonus is Oroginal(hey, that’s how it is spelled on the map!) Polla a la Leña where you get two plump fire roasted birds plus all of the extras for 110mnp.  That’s less than $6usd, Bubba.


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