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Scenic Road Bypass Discussion Continues

The construction of an alternate route to the Scenic Highway is necessary to avoid road deterioration due to the passage of heavy trucks, said César Ramos García, president of the Mexican Chamber of Construction Industry (CMIC) in Ensenada.

“The stage was never designed to withstand the passage of such vehicles, never, therefore deterioration and constant repairs suffered by the road,” he said.

Specialists in soil CMIC announced on the basis of technical studies that the scenic road suffers its worst deterioration by the passage of heavy trucks, both cargo and passengers, so it is urgent that they be diverted as soon as possible.

He gave as an example San Francisco, California, where on one of its stretches it passes along the coast, like Ensenada, but heavy traffic is forbidden there.

“Studies of soil have shown that the passage of each truck is equivalent to the same damage and wear that would generate 50 sedans; at that level is the wear of the Scenic, making it also dangerous to move in areas closed by these heavy units, “he said.

The president of CMIC emphasized to continue investing in the realization of the alternate route and to do it with professional technical studies to get the project out as soon as possible.

“It is time to see road investments as a growth opportunity before spending, since the alternate route will be developed, will also be promoting the creation of industrial parks, of which Ensenada lacks and of which the state is urgent”, express.

For this reason, he insisted that it is urgent to continue with the Alternate to Scenic section because it will be a pole of industrial development and will immediately stop the passage of heavy vehicles through the Scenic, as they generate terrible and constant damage to the asphalt belt.

Industrial area To
allocate one thousand 750 million pesos in the construction of the alternate route to the Scenic, it has to be seen as an investment for the creation of a pole of industrial development.

The businessman said that the 24.6-kilometer road would connect Bajamar with El Sauzal and could become the industrial area that suffers the city, because when a new industry seeks to settle in a city, it does not look for if its streets are paved or bumpy, Look for connectivity, industrial zones, water and electricity.

“The alternate highway offers that possibility, ample spaces to develop companies and adequate road services, only lack long-term vision,” he said.


Avenida Reforma Floods


Reforma Avenue, in the stretch between Calle Hierro and Avenida de las Rosas, was flooded yesterday morning for several hours because the flow of rainwater in that area was blocked by the construction of a dam on a site particular.

The barrier constructed with stones and earth had to be demolished by personnel of Civil Protection and Municipal Public Services, who broke a padlock that closed the access door to the property and proceeded to remove the materials that prevented the flow of rainwater to the area known as La Lagunita.

The intervention of Civil Protection was protected by elements of Municipal Public Safety, and as explained, this was done to prevent vehicular traffic on Reforma Avenue from being affected by the accumulation of rainwater at that point of the road.

It was also reported that several of the businesses surrounding the site where the dam was placed were affected in their operations and goods by the flood caused by the aforementioned wall, which prevented rainwater from reaching La Lagunita or the ocean.

On February 7 in the Official Gazette of the Federation the National Property Declaration # 1/2017 of the waters of the Don Diego and La Laguna Stream, also known as La Lagunita, Laguna El Ciprés, Laguna Formex Ibarra and / or Laguna El Naranjo

Said declaration also includes the channels, glass and federal zone in the extension established by the Law of National Waters, in this case the so-called Arroyo Don Diego.

The decree ensures that the characteristics of national waters referred to in articles 27 and 16 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States are met, because: “because they are waters that from their starting point flow and form currents that give origin to other declared of national property until emptying to the sea “.

The declaration establishes that it will come into force as of the day following its publication, that is to say on February 9, so that the blockade of the Arroyo Don Diego channel could be considered as damage to the Don Diego Creek.

The declaration is signed by Roberto Ramírez de la Parra, director of the National Water Commission and is accompanied by the technical annexes that establish the location and coordinates of the sites included in said declaration.

a) Its waters originate at 1,231 meters northeast of the Government Center of Ensenada, in the Ex-Ejido Chapultepec, Municipality of Ensenada, State of Baja California, at the point with the geographical coordinates Latitud Norte 31 ° 48′ 51.05 “and West Length 116 ° 35′ 02.27 “, according to its location in the topographic chart of INEGI, ENSENADA H11B12.
b) They are of intermittent regime and drain in a well-defined channel.
c) They follow a Northwest course.
d) They cover a total length of 1,960 meters.
e) 1,279 meters approximately downstream of the origin, they change their course to the Southwest.

Feb 8-13 Carnaval Road Closures


Ensenada, Baja California, February 3.- Due to the festivities on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Carnival 2018, starting this Sunday, February 4, at night, it will begin with the assembly of stages, stalls and mechanical games on the Coastal Buklevard

Rodolfo Lizárraga, general director of the event said that “the only road that will be closed is Blvd. Costero, from Miramar Avenue to Castillo Street, as well as Virgilio Uribe Street between Miramar Avenue and Gastélum Avenue.

He said that the entrance to the city of Ensenada, through the port, at no time will be closed, but said that if you want to avoid some delay, “motorists have the option of taking the entrance on the street Diez.”

The Carnival celebrations will be from February 8 to 13 in the tourist area of ​​the port and it is estimated that they will attract more than 250 thousand people during these six days.

The start will be Thursday with the “burning of the bad mood” at 8:30 at night, in the main temple that will be located in the Civic Plaza of the Fatherland (Tres Cabezas).

Bajadock: The 9th/10th street bypass route is advised this coming week:

I-5 Lane Closures January


Bajadock: Surprised that this has not been more widely publicized yet.  SY remodel is in phase 3 now.  Good news is that they are keeping southbound lanes open at rush hour, after 2PM.  The September 2017 Carmageddon closure of 3 days was a bigger lane clsure event and had minimal impact.

SAN DIEGO CA JANUARY 4, 2018 (AFN) .- According to the information provided by the General Services Administration of the United States (GSA), the US government will close two lanes of Interstate 5 (I- 5) to continue with the expansion and modernization works of the Garita de San Ysidro.

These closures will be carried out on two different dates, the first one being that of the southbound lane (the lane at the west end), from January 10 to 12, from 4:00 a.m. to 2:00 pm.

They explained that this lane will be gradually reduced just south of the Camino De La Plaza flyover.

Also three of the six northbound exit lanes, located at the east end, just past the inspection modules of the United States Department of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), will have night closures, from 10:00 in the evening until 4:00 in the morning.

These tracks, as well as the Rail Court ramp, will be closed during the aforementioned hours until January 31.

Ruta Vino, Comida, Cerveza APP

Ensenada DUI New Years Weekend

To avoid unfortunate accidents on the part of drivers who have ingested intoxicating beverages, personnel of the Municipal Public Security Directorate (DSPM), stationed in San Quintín, affirmed that there will be zero tolerance in the filters that will be installed in the delegations of the south of the municipality in the operative New Year.

The commander of the Municipal Police and in charge of the southern zone, Raúl Villa said that about 130 municipal agents will be in charge of monitoring and participating in this intense operation at the end of the year.

He said that these will start after 5:00 pm this Saturday at random in the main colonies and delegations; This will conclude in the first hours of January 1, in which zero tolerance is sought.

“We want people to have parties in peace and we will not have tolerance towards drivers who circulate under the influence of alcohol or any type of substance, which could cause an accident,” he said.

There will be patrols
He affirmed that the special groups of the Public Security Directorate will also participate, as well as that in the operatives, constant patrols will be carried out on all the colonies to avoid any kind of crime.

“We invite people to report if they see or witness a crime to the number 911 or 089, we will be working for people to have a safe holiday,” added the commander.

He added that patrols over the colonies will be constant to have police presence in the colonies and thus inhibit any type of crime that may occur, while the filters are being carried out.

Bajadock: We reported on DUI checkpoints for Christmas Eve in five Ensenada locations encountered by our eyewitness reporter.  Four of the five checkpoints were along Costero and Reforma last Sunday night. Highly recommend staying home on New Year’s Eve, as it is for rookies only out there.

Quercus Restaurante

My first visit to Quercus Restaurante in Valle de Guadalupe was Christmas Eve.  Quercus has been on my list for a while and was happy to find them in their convenient location in San Antonio de las Minas on the western edge of Valle de Guadalupe.

Love the rustic setting with rock and wood decor.  Owner Federico greeted and seated us with some ideas from the menu and the wine selection.

We started with rabbit machaca and guacamole tostadas for a fun treat with our Cava Maciel Merlot. Quercus is “oak” in Latin, so the rugged wood platter was a nice serving touch.

Pork ribs were done perfectly with a mild tomato salsa and served with grilled corn on cob. Yep, that’s a cloud of mashed potatoes hiding underneath the ribs.

Yellow tail tuna was grilled with a barley malt crust and orzo.  Our fish was slightly overdone and will order it grilled lightly on next visit.

Too many trendy, polished granite and white table cloth dining spots chase me to a simpler setting with a warm fireplace and the touch of family.  Quercus and Federico’s team are a refreshing welcome. Will award them with four out of five possible oak acorns for ambiance, service, food and unique setting.

Winter low season and holidays often make dining a challenge so call before you go.  Lucky us, Quercus has an connection.

Quercus Facebook

Location is in San Antonio de las Minas.  Take an east at the only Valle de Guadalupe stoplight, two blocks on your left side.  646 155 3167, bilingual

El Pariente Mariscos

One of the best seafood carts in Baja is Mariscos Pariente in Maneadero.

We wanted an easy break from the heavy foods of the Christmas holiday, so we stopped at the north Pariente(yep, there are two, see map below) for ceviche and almejas gratinadas for a complete seafood fiesta.

Half of the fun is watching them prepare the food.

Clams, oysters, shrimp, fish and lots of creative seafood cocktails are available at Pariente.  You can dine at the tables or “para llevar,” get your food to go.

We honor Mariscos Pariente with our coveted five Pismo clam(out of five) award.

Both Pariente locations are on the west side of Hwy 1.




Bajabound Surf n Turf 2017

Baja Bound Insurance and Cameron Steele of the Desert Assassins take a group south of the border for a Baja adventure at the SoloSports compound at Punta San Carlos.

Scenic Highway Still Slipping

Slides continue on the Scenic, CCEE urges the alternate route

Ensenada, Baja California, December 4 .- The business sector of Ensenada was pronounced by an agile and clear response by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) and Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe) around the construction of the route alternates Ensenada-Tijuana, by virtue of the known landslides in the vicinity of Kilometer 93 of the scenic highway.

Marco Antonio Coronado Valenzuela, president of the Business Coordinating Council of Ensenada (CCEE) said yesterday during his weekly breakfast that the scenic road “is still moving”, when they are about to be completed on the 28th of this month four years after the collapse that shut off Ensenada for a year.

Almost four years after the collapse, Coronado Valenzuela recalled that in addition to the year it took him to reopen, it takes another three years of repairs, with a cost much higher than the one billion pesos initially announced.

All sectors of the economy would be affected if that road section is interrupted again to the circulation, for that reason the leader urged the SCT of the federal government, offer information of the project that establishes the alternate route and to which they would have destined approximately two thousand millions of pesos.

The alternate road would cost less than the investment in the repairs of the scenic and would provide greater certainty for the economic operations of the city and its southern area, but the entrepreneurs are unaware of the progress of the project.

The doubts that overshadow the future of terrestrial communications is due to the fact that another road section that would connect the delegation of El Sauzal with the road to Ojos Negros suffered unexpected delays.

Coronado Valenzuela said that meanwhile, the Mexican government should prevent federal freight transport from continuing to use the Ensenada-Tijuana scenic highway and prosecute the transportation of goods along the Tecate-Ensenada highway, which has already been reclassified to receive large-tonnage vehicles.

The heavy load is the one that puts the viability of the toll road at risk, recalled the leader of the businessmen, as it was precisely the passing of a vehicle with heavy cement load the protagonist of the collapse on December 28, 2013.

The Ensenada-Tecate stretch was in the process of being modernized and was not classified for loading, “but the modernization has already been completed, the classification has already been carried out and the cargo is still on the stage,” he said.

The alternate Ensenada-Tijuana route is planned along 22 kilometers from the tourist area of ​​Bajamar, until it connects with the start of the Santa Anita Bypass in El Sauzal.

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