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Scenic Road Landslides Possible

foto por Bajadock
Two years after various sectors were struggling to consolidate an alternate route, after a section of the Scenic Highway had slipped, they said there were “signs of sliding problems in the Salsipuedes area.”
They observed that the “reinforcement” works being carried out by Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe) in this way, show that the risk of new landslides remains latent, as they are evident when passing through that place.
Mario Zepeda Jacobo, president of the Citizens Council, AC, said that although there are no official data, it is estimated that 2 billion pesos have already been invested and it seems that the final technical solution is not yet available.
“If we accumulate the 2.5 billion that SCT estimates of cost for a new highway of quota of approximately 24 kilometers to cover the stretch Bajamar Ensenada, that stretch will cost us 4.5 billion,” he said.
This will have to pay toll fees and increase in the costs of inputs and food.
However, he argued that there is at least one other option to resolve the stretch of failures and prevent damage similar to the collapse of the 2013-2014 quota road.
It is the construction of a section of road “feeder” that communicates both roads, the quota and the free Tijuana-Ensenada.


That is to say a “Route of emergency of 6.4 kilometers, with which avoid critical areas of the highway of quota in the zone of Salsipuedes and of the free highway in the zone of the Mission.
Zepeda Jacobo explained that the “Route of Emergence” joins both roads, the quota at the height of Bajamar with the Free Tijuana-Ensenada highway at kilometers 74, estimated cost is 65 million pesos, if two Lanes or 125 million four lanes.
Faced with the authorities’ lack of resources, Mario Zepeda considered that the SCT has a budget for maintenance of roads or the own ones that the State Government has for road works.
“From there resources can be applied to build this road, which will certainly provide certainty and connectivity to the region,” he said.
He recalled that more than two years ago, on September 22, 2014, the various chambers, business and social organizations of Ensenada made the request for the alternate route.“We joined and signed a document to demand the president of the republic, various officials of the SCT, Capufe the governor of the state and the municipal president, the immediate construction of an alternative route of emergency.”
He emphasized that the objective was to avoid further damage to citizens and the regional economy.
The quota road, he said, was repaired until December 2014, we were practically a year without having this important route of communication for Ensenada and the peninsula.
“It should not be forgotten that when the highway collapsed, traffic flowed to the free Tijuana-Ensenada highway, causing 14 deaths, hundreds of accidents and multi-million dollar losses to all productive activities in the Baja California peninsula,” he lamented .
Zepeda Jacobo considered that such a situation can not be repeated.
“The authorities must be sensitive to the needs of society and anticipate situations totally predictable and preventable, they can no longer plead ignorance, they already know it and, once again, we are remembering it,” he said.

Hotel Burbuja(Bubble)

Bajadock:  Hmmm, count me as a questionable curmudgeon on “glamping”(glamorous camping).  At $200USD/night at Burbuja, am I in an observatory or part of a zoo(privacy)?  Wait, these are “state of the art” bubbles, not just any bubbles, Lawrence Welk.

Just met a couple who stayed at Encuentro‘s little boxes.  They described it as an “anti-resort” getaway from their San Francisco fast paced lifestyle.  $400+USD/night is certainly not my pop-up tent.  

Back to Burbuja, where is the complimentary champagne offer?  C’mon, Bubbles, pop your cork!

+52 (664) 380 6467


Ensenada Latitude and Longitude



I’m a fan of maps and directions.  For some of my east coast friends that have not yet visited my home in Ensenada, they are surprised at how far north and east I’m located. My Florida buds always thought I was in the Miami range for longitude.

Ensenada is within a few miles latitude(North/South) of Savannah, Georgia.  Nada town is also within spitting distance of Boise’s longitude(East/West).

One of my surprises moving here 10 years ago was that sunsets are approximately an hour earlier than my previous life in Denver, Colorado.  Ensenada is Pacific Time Zone.  But, we are so far east, that we are geographically in the Mountain Time Zone.  The USA west coast darts toward the east from Northern California.  Though I’m on the coast, my longitude is more than 300 miles east of San Francisco.

Water sports fans are also surprised on their first visits to Southern California and Baja.  Thinking that the water is going to be the same temps as Southern Florida will cause you some major shrinkage, boyz.  Get your wetsuit on!

A fun world tour is to find out what cities are near your same parallel/latitude. is a fun tool that lets you draw lat/long lines around the globe.


Marrakesh, Jerusalem, Kandahar and Shanghai share the same blue line latitude with me.  Gets me in a travel planning mood.

Ensenada White Christmas



Otay Sentri Pedestrian Map

Our staff of cartographers produced this map in 2013 to assist Otay Mesa border northbound crossers.  The complete entry with detailed photos at locations 1-8 is available here.

I’m reposting due to Baja holiday visitor inquiries about easiest way for a Sentri card holder to handle their NON-Sentri guests getting back north to USA with least amount of hassle/delay.


Halfway between the Sentri entry(#7 in above map) and the Otay Mesa crossing is a taxi stop.  Drop your passengers WITH 1 bag(keeps their crossing hassle free) just before you wind around the PED LINE entry.  It is approx 200 yds from that drop to the Ped crossing building.


Here is the blimp view of your pedestrian drop at Otay.


After your Ped crossers get through the building after crossing, it is another 200 yds to the small car queue(approx 5 vehicle spots). Photo above shows that short walk north of the border.  You can also hang at Erik’s Deli, a few yards east of that point and meet your passengers there.

The Siempre Viva Rd exit is 1/4 mile after you drive through border crossing.  McD is your iconic landmark on the southeast corner of that exit.

After 10AM, I have rarely seen more than approx 20 minute passage for pedestrians through the Otay Ped Xing.

Highway 1 Closure

Bajadock: Southbound lanes on Highway 1/Costero Blvd, 1K north of downtown Ensenada,  were blocked off last night.  My posse and I happened to be northbound here and saw the big crane attempting to get rid of the wreck at 6PM Saturday.  Traffic was being stopped southbound at UABC/Hotel Coral and diverted through the 10th/9th street truck route to get into downtown and south.  

Those in the know used the Chapultepec Hill maneuver to access downtown.  

Interesting that the accident occurred near midnight Friday.  Nearly 24 hours to clear the wreck???

“El Mosquito”, the nickname for the wreck area, is the #1 spot for accidents in all of Ensenada due to the tight curves and traffic hammering through at 70mph changing lanes.  Take it EZ through this dangerous spot.

Downtown Ensenada was hopping last night and traffic throughout was bumper on bumpees.


On the verge of arriving at the Ensenada port area, a tractor truck overturned at the height of the El Mosquito curve, caused by a roadway slope when the operator carried out maneuvers, was dumped early yesterday morning.

Information released by the Municipal Public Security Bureau (DSPM), indicates that at 22:05 hours reported through the Control Center, Command, Communication and Computer (C-4), had triggered a rollover in access Main to the port, at the height of the boulevard Fernando Consag.

Traffic Officials showed up at the place where they observed a Freightliner brand unit, model 1995, black color, without registering an injured, so they proceeded to make the corresponding expertise.

They deduced that moments before the crew made reverse maneuvers at the port entrance to the west, because the vehicle carried cargo that exceeded the dimensions. At the junction formed by the boulevard Fernando Consag and due to an unevenness of the road, the cargo was tilted to its right side.

Due to the above, the chassis was turned over on the same side until it hit the container against a concrete wall, in order to cause material damages.  The heavy unit was made available to the Integral Port Administration (API).

Ensenada Top Ten Bars

Bajadock: Three bars that I favor, but not included in following article, are Wendlandt(foto above during one of my visits), Cerveceria Agua Mala and Punta Morro(technically P.M. is not a traditional bar/pub, BUT, has THEBEST spot for a beverage and view of sunset on the ocean).  Have added links to the bars in this article.  Click on the bar’s title. And all are mapped on the Ensenada Interactive Map, click on map below listings.

As for bars, we always think of the group of Papas & Beer, Hussong’s, Pueblo Antiguo and La Villa, but outside of there, which are the best and most visited ?, according to what we witness and what the Statistics we threw, we give you the 10 best options:

Ultramarino Oyster Bar

You can not miss the shots of oysters and good live music, you can try the Wong Ton of marlin, or if you are, a good jar of artisan or barrel, while dancing with Takon Machine, I do not know, think about it. ..

Lucky Irish Pub

Whether in the Center or in Valle Dorado, in addition to a good beer, enjoy the wings, potatoes and cheese or the entry you like. This is a must see for many, so much, that they are already going to the third branch.

Lucky Irish 2
Lucky Irish 3

Ryerson 51

One of the most crowded places of the Center Zone of our city, located at the nal de la Primera and Ryerson, enjoys an excellent atmosphere, very busy, but excellent.

Pits Racing Bar

Well known for its wings and beer in medium or jar, is a good place to talk and live after work.

La Sabina

Located to the south of the city, it offers you between beers and domestic and imported drinks, but you should not miss any of its excellent cocktails of the house.

El Patio Bar

On the first between Blancarte and Alvarado is this bar that for more than 20 years offers good amibiente and an extensive menu in drinks and snacks.

El Pato

A good place to enjoy versatile live music and any national and imported drinks you want.

Las Micheladas

Although it is a new place in our city, this chain of bars has been very successful simply in Tijuana, Mexicali and Rosarito, reason why it gives us good sign to go to listen music of banda and norteño.

La Ferreteria

Another place where you can listen to banda and norteño music live and with the Dj you can enjoy and dance of different genres of music, its decoration makes you feel that you are really in a hardware store and you do not know if to buy a beer or tool ….

Red lion

A place whose owners give the concept of “After office”, where they invite us to take a jar, pintaditos or drinks prepared after work creating a relaxed atmosphere and with good music, the bad thing is that it always fills up early.


Valley Girl Baja Wine Fiesta

by Sitara Monic Perez


Belly on up to El Corcho Rosa this Sunday for a free taste of my new wine, La Vaquera, Chocolates by Colibrí, Good Food to nosh on by SeñorChef and support Tina Jo’s Promise, an equine rescue group. Entrada is gratis! Wear your western gear 8)   Get your cowgirl/cowboy on and win a bottle of Vaquera wine for best dressed.

El Corcho Rosa Facebook page/contact info





You Choose


foto por Bajadock

When I first spotted this billboard on the Toll Road in Rosarito Beach, I guessed that it was a produce advertisement for Commercial Mexicana grocery. The billboard is located at the famous “Jersey Cows” location.

BTW, that spot caught my attention for Taqueria 2000 and posted my taco experience there in 2013.

Back to the produce section, by the third time seeing the billboard, I noticed the “plastic surgery” note on the lower right hand corner.



Our staff of researchers was able to dig up the Genesis Plastic Surgery Center, that apparently also has a fresh fruit section for their patients’ enjoyment.  Do they have a happy hour?

Valle de Guadalupe Map App

Nuestro Mapa #8 Edición #Vendimias ¡ya está listo!, encuéntralo enVinicola Kastamay, Vinícola 3 Mujeres, El Pinar de 3 Mujeres, Quinta Sofía,ATP vinos y Familia, Allegro Burgers & Grill, Quinta Bonita INN”, La doble T “Sandwichería Chida”, Clos de Tres Cantos, Deckman’s En El Mogor,Cavas Del Mogor Mogor Badan, Hacienda Guadalupe, Pasion Del Valle,Baron Balche, Decantos Vinícola, Bodegas F.Rubio y Cia., Olivia El asador del Porvenir, Villa Montefiori, Conchas de Piedra, Cava El Laurel, Lomita,TrasLomita, Finca La Carrodilla, Museo de la Vid y el Vino, Barra de Café,Cafe Toya, Cava Ocho, eventos de la Vendimia y en muchos lugares más que estaremos anunciando próximamente.

En un par de semanas más estará disponible la 1ra Edición de#Ensenada.

#larutavcc #larutaens #RutadelVino #DescubreBC


click map or HERE to get to LIVE ineractive map



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