Trash Culture or Trash Services?


Bajadock: Above photo is from the Frontera article claiming that culture is to blame.  Below photo from Viva Punta Banda asks where all the trash containers are on Playa Hermosa in Ensenada on Easter weekend?

I would expect a bureaucrat to defend his turf and trash services.  My personal experience is that there is a culture of no responsibility for the environment in Mexico AND there is a lack of basic services sufficient to keep the place clean.  One message board blamed the seagulls for redistributing the garbage from the containers to the beach. 

We did publish this photo last August, celebrating the new “tourists only” trash cans in downtown Ensenada vs the locals trash spot, hah!

The scandal over the enormous amount of waste that was abandoned throughout the Rosarito beaches was due to lack of a caring culture to keep them in good condition, said Manuel Armendariz, coordinator Zofemat at City Hall.

He said there are more than 160 garbage bins placed along the beach and it is unfortunate that people who visit these places prefer to leave their rubbish lying on the sand instead of making an effort to bring trash to the containers available.

He commented that many of the containers installed on the beach remain empty or half full during the days of greater influx of visitors.

While the sand was filled with the amount of garbage that vacationers throw mercilessly.  He noted that the issue of waste is a matter of culture rather than of equipment and man power to maintain clean spaces.  He called the people who visit these places to make an effort to deposit the waste in containers and set an example before they are fined to make the law prevail.

Seagulls, locusts, bats


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