Tras Horizonte Tijuana

In 2012, the Kokopelli team set out on a new venture serving up grilled seafood tacos and tostadas from their street side cart in Tijuana. Four years later, the Kokopelli concept has evolved into a bigger picture. Their revamped concept is named Tras/ Horizonte, or ‘behind the horizon.’

Tras/Horizonte introduces a new mixology program, featuring drinks like the Chapulin Colorado. A mezcal based cocktail with prickly pear, lime, bitters, and grasshopper salt. The Kokopelli menu remains, with the addition of some new and exciting dishes. The raw earthy textures, and vibrant colors of the interiors capture the essence of Chef “Oso” Campos and his team perfectly. The restaurant space will also house a new brewery on site.


Tras / Horizonte | Tijuana, BC | © Life & Food

“The raw earthy textures, and vibrant colors of the interiors capture the essence of Chef “Oso” Campos and his team perfectly.”

Tras / Horizonte | Tijuana, BC | © Life & Food
Tras / Horizonte | Tijuana, BC | ©Life & Food
Tras / Horizonte | Tijuana, BC | ©Life & Food
Tras / Horizonte | Tijuana, BC | ©Life & Food
Tras / Horizonte | Tijuana, BC | ©Life & Food
Tras / Horizonte | Tijuana, BC | ©Life & Food
Tras / Horizonte | Tijuana, BC | ©Life & Food
Tras / Horizonte | Tijuana, BC | ©Life & Food

Tras / Horizonte


Rio Colorado, Tijuana 22015
+52 664 674 4906



I-5 Lane Closures at Border

TIJUANA BC 21 OCTOBER 2016 (AFN) .- The General Services Administration US (GSA by its acronym in English) announced that replace damaged containment barriers located in the lanes of Interstate 5 South in the gatehouse San Ysidro, in order to improve the safety of traffic.

This project, in a statement, will require the partial closure of some lanes on said road, towards Mexico, from October 24 until October 28, 2016.

Several lanes southbound, up to 3 lanes at once, will be closed during low traffic periods in the “non-peak hours”, from 6:00 to 14:00; and will be reopened daily at 14:00; and according to that report, the South Railway 5 will remain open during this project and drivers can continue crossing into Mexico by the same highway.

drivers who should drive carefully when passing through areas under repair is indicated; and for those who need to use the rail return (U-Turn) to remain in the United States, it is suggested to follow the white sign and blue and use located to the left of the 5 freeway lane, where the booth Customs is and Protection border (CBP for its acronym in English) to provide access to Interstate 5 North.

For more information on the expansion project of the Earth’s San Ysidro, interested parties can visit the website:

Shark Attacks Cage

The incident in which a great white shark broke into a metal divers’ cage off the coast of Baja California last week is now being officially investigated after the National Protected Areas Commission (Conanp) filed a legal complaint.

The case was filed with the environmental agency Profepa and is intended to investigate whether the operators of the vessel offering shark diving at the Guadalupe Island Biosphere Reserve committed an infraction by placing shark bait closer to the divers’ cage than permitted by the regulations.


Alejandro del Mazo Maza, head of Conanp, said the vessel involved in the incident has already been identified and that all its permits, which are issued by the Environment Secretariat (Semarnat), are valid and in order, although “that situation could change.”

“What [the diving operator] did wrong was leave the bait in reach of the shark, which lunged at it. When sharks attack, they close their eyes. This coupled with the animal’s sheer inertia facilitated its breaching of the cage,” said del Mazo.

The Earth Touch news website reported that Conanp regulations stipulate that “bait must be immediately removed once an approaching shark is within two meters of a standing vessel.”

According to experts interviewed by the website, this particular regulation was met. What apparently was an infraction was the angle at which the bait was held.

The rules say the bait must be “thrown in a 45-degree angle from the cage to the outside of the boat,” and pulled in so that it does “not touch the cage or pass over the top of it.”

Dive tour operator Solmar, the firm involved in the shark incident, has addressed what happened in an open letter.

It said it has reinforced its cages and extended the zone around the cage where the bait cannot be dropped. “A meeting with other dive operators will take place later this month in order to work together to minimize unfortunate events like this,” said the statement.

Another incident has surfaced after a video was posted this week on YouTube of a great white shark that bit the hose supplying air to the divers in another cage before it, too, swam through the bars of the cage and became trapped inside.

It was dislodged by tying a rope around its tail while the dive master entered the cage and pressed in the shark’s gills, forcing it to swim away, reported

Finca Altozano Food Truck


Lupe! invites you to the soft-opening(Friday, 21 Oct) of chef Javier Plascenca’s new casual eatery at Finca Altozano.
We will be having tortas with home-made artisanal bread, charcuterie, Baja Wines, craft beer and live music.

We would love to see friendly faces eating, drinking and having fun!

Almost ready!! Super stoked with our new project, tortas with local baja california ingredients, fresh made breads, house smoked meats, cold smoked fish and seafood, pickled and fermented veggies and condiments, local craft brews on tap and a special wine list that will showcase some of the best small boutique wineries from the valle. All coming out from a 1969 airstream! In the middle of a beautiful vineyard.@faltozano_valle @bajalupe#valledeguadalupe #javierplascencia#bajacalifornia #lonches #tortas

we have a soft opening on the 21st oct then open to public sunday the 23 rd.



Mantou, Bodegas Henri Lurton Fiesta

Please join us to celebrate the winner of Taste of Baja 2016, Chef Omar Arms Restaurant Mantou, as a guest in my house chef Supper Club, on Friday 28 October.

Collaborative dinner and wine pairing will be presented by Lourdes Martínez Ojeda oenologist of the wine Henri Lurton Guadalupe Valley. Lourdes, or Lulu was premier winemaker in Bordeaux for 10 years with Brane Cantenac Chanteau (one of the 15 best classes Bordeaux) before moving back to the valley brought all his skills to make excellent wine in Mexico. Chef Armas, who has worked in restaurants with Michelin Star recognition in the world will be serving the winning dish that gave him top honors in Taste of Baja as well as the best creations you have in your restaurant Mantou in Ensenada.

Doors open at 5 pm and guests will be greeted with a complimentary drink, while enjoying the live music. The first course will be served at 6 pm The cost of dinner, drinks, and food pairing is $ 65 or $ 60 dlls for members of Mi Casa Supper Club and includes tax and service. Do not miss this wonderful evening with the best food and wine that Baja has to offer.

Champagne Showers

by Bajadock

Who the heck decided that it was a good idea for athletes to take a winemaker’s delicious sparkling bubbles of hard labor and spray them around like feral cats marking their territory?

I suppose that multi million dollar incomes make the $40+USD bottles a minor expense.  But, have some respect for the time, energy, care, science and art put into the soil to glass process.

Maybe spraying a bottle of Coke or Dr Pepper doesn’t have the same cache as Veuve Cliquot.

According to writer and photographer Beverley Byer, there are a few people who claim they were the first to celebrate with a Champagne shower.

1967 24 Hours of Le Mans champion Dan Gurney claims he deserves credit for starting the tradition. After he won the auto race, overwhelmed with excitement, he sprayed himself and everyone around him with Champagne. An article published on All American Racersquotes Gurney, who states that was so thrilled, he felt an urge to shake a bottle of Moët that was given to him after winning.

At least the stupid Gatorade shower is only wasting colored sugar water.

My past experience with champagne and sparkling wines has been limited to a couple of glasses per year for celebrating something fun.  My first experience with Veuve Cliquot was during a limo ride with my family on the way to the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs celebrating a couple of family birthdays.  It was quite a fun party.

Thanks to friends new and old, I have begun an appreciation of sparkling wines and am enjoying the education.  And just like other wine, bubbly does not require you to shoot your wad of pesos on one bottle of fun.  This article from provides a handful of sparkling samples from around the world for less than $20USD.

There are also a few wineries in our Valle de Guadalupe that have recently begun processing sparkling wines.  Will report on those soon.

My favorite wine shop in San Diego, San Diego Wine Company,  has steered me into some wonderful new grape juice flavors in the past year.  Next up for taste sensation is Graham Beck Sparkling Rose.  

Rather than waste those flavors by spraying them all over the party, will sip and savor every single drop, bubble and taste.  Yummm.

When it comes to bubbles, what’s yours?



Trailero Tacos Ensenada


fotos por Taqueria El Trailero

It has been too long since my last visit to Trailero on the north side of Ensenada.  Usually on that side of town, I’m anxious to get my bunz north to San Diego or south to get to my home approx 1 hour from this spot.

Last Friday, I was wanting some tacos to ease into happy hour, so I stopped in.  Admission here that I have never had tacos para llevar(to go).  Half of the fun of visiting a great taco shop is watching the cooking show and people preparing their adorable antojitos of artful allure.


foto por Bajadock

But, Trailero has spools of plastic bags ready for you to tong your veggies into them and spoon in the salsas and guac for your home bound cargo.  Heck if you were destitute you could order 2 tacos and steal 10 pounds of veggies and salsas to feed an army.  But, everyone is cool, taking only what they need for to dress up their individual tacos.

BTW, Trailero was the site of my visiting niece’s famous, “OMG, why would anyone living here ever buy groceries?” quote.  With the food value here, that is not a bad argument.

I ordered some carne and some al pastor tacos.  The tortillas and cooked meat were put in flat styro trays and covered with aluminum foil.  I packed up my veggies, salsas and 4 tacos  for 84mnp.  That’s 4 US dollars and 40 cents, tightwads!

And just to show what a classy taco shopper am I, paired my precious taco feast with a bottle of Orowines 2013 Bluegray Priorat from Catalonia, Spain.  This blend is Cabernet – Carignan – Grenache with 45% grenache.  Sho ‘nuf, the label says to pair it with carne tacos!  8)~(excellent find and was  a last moment substitute for the aristocratic Padre Kino 2017 that had <<<been aging in my car’s trunk).  Anyone for a blind taste test between Padre Kino and 2 Buck Chuckles???

One surprise from my bag of salsas was the onion and pepper mix, seen in the big clear plastic bowl in photo right(foto por Bajadock).  Ouchee, those peppers are not for whimps.  Tongues on fire were only soothed by adding extra guacamole.

Need more excuses to hang in Ensenada Norte.  I’ll channel my favorite muse for fantastic inspiration.



al pastor, mi favorito


above 3 photoso by Bajadock, Friday, 14 Oct 2016


Trailero is located in El Sauzal, the northside area of Ensenada, approx .8 of a mile south of the hwy 3 exit to the wine valley.  It is also 2.5 miles south of the Ensenada toll booth, east/inland side of road.  They advertise 7am – 2pm, so little planning is needed for your taco fix.  And watch the parking situation out front with the marginal road paralleling hwy 1 and traffic inning/outing.  There is also a small parking lot in the back of the shop.  Trailero Facebook page


October Hunter’s Moon

Diet Myths

Bajadock: My diet isn’t for everyone, but, I do enjoy late(9pm) dining.  My euro style dinner habit is a holdover from my working days, coming home at 7pm-ish and needing some decompression time before gobbling grub.  Observing “dieters”, moderation and choosing unpackaged food appear to be the strategies that are most effective.  Obsessive and/or severe restrictions usually fail.

There are so many myths and strangely specific rules about when to eat to lose weight, but alone they do nothing to help. Eat a hearty breakfast and light all day.Eat small meals every few hours. Rules around when you eat are less important than you think, and even when they do help, they’re not for the reasons you think.

Myth: Eat a Hearty Breakfast, First Thing in the Morning

Sorry, there’s nothing special about eating breakfast. It’s not “the most important meal of the day.” At least, not for everyone. For years, people (especially cereal marketing companies) touted the benefits of breakfast because it supposedly kept you from overeating, jump-started your metabolism, or <insert any other reason to manage weight and obesity>.

But here’s the wrinkle: a majority of breakfast studies are biased. A study fromThe American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that most research on skipping breakfast and weight gain was conducted with the explicit intent to force that correlation. Similarly, the argument that school-age children who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight seems compelling, but the focus is more on the school’s breakfast program and whether a child eats enough at home, rather than breakfast itself being some game-changer.

What’s more, some of these breakfast studies are funded by the food industry, including cereal companies like Kellogg’s and General Mills, who have a vested interest in you eating their very breakfast-y foods. In other words, many of these nutrition studies were methodologically doomed from the get-go.

Personally, I flip-flop between eating breakfast and skipping it. Alone, eating breakfast or skipping it matters less than what you eat, how much of it you eat, and what your other lifestyle choices are. Bottom-line, people eat breakfast for a variety of reasons, but eating or skipping breakfast itself isn’t going to help you suddenly drop a pant size. Eat breakfast because you want to and punch anyone who makes you feel bad for skipping it, right in their breakfast-eating face.

Myth: You Need to Eat Small Meals Every 2-3 Hours

I used to work with people who—bless their heart—had every one of their daily six meals perfectly portioned out in crisp-looking plastic food containers. Every few hours they’d make a beeline for the fridge and joyfully nosh for all of five minutes. “Keeps my metabolism stoked,” they used to say. But like their sandwiches, that underlying principle was a load of baloney.

Say it with me: Eating many small meals does not “boost” your metabolism. In fact, for some people, the more they eat, the hungrier they feel, and they may end up eating more calories than they would with fewer, larger meals. On the opposite end, having more meals to look forward to throughout the day can benefit some people psychologically, especially when they find dieting to be difficult, and help them avoid binging after a long hangry day at the office. Plus, there are health reasons to both eat and avoid eating frequently, like managing blood sugar.

As this study in The British Journal of Nutrition notes, your body will process all of those calories just the same whether they came in one or three big packages, or seven smaller ones. In essence, frequent meals are simply a key strategy in helping you manage your appetite and mindful consumption, so if more meals works for you, then you do you.

Myth: You Need to Eat Immediately After a Workout

There’s a popular notion among the lifting crowd that if you don’t have a protein shake and a good source of carbohydrates to replenish your energy reserves within 45 minutes to an hour of your workout, all of your hard work in the gym goes poof, just like that. Since nobody wants to risk having their gains wasted, this fear of missing the all-important “post-workout anabolic window” was perpetuated by a “just in case” mentality.

Luckily, this review of the research in Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition clears things up a little: For most of us, when we eat after our workout doesn’t matter so much, as long as we eventually eat a substantial meal (that ideally contains both carbs and protein) at some point after. If you can’t sit down and eat a proper meal until hours after your workout, your muscles aren’t going to wither up and die like Internet forums will have you believe (whew!).

Not eating immediately after your workout might affect you only if you have another intense workout to do on the same day. Otherwise, you’ll be fine. The study’s authors share in an interview on Born Fitness that if you’ve already eaten before your workout, you can lag for up to 6 hours before not eating could start to hurt your recovery. While there’s no urgency to eat immediately, that Chipotle burrito is certainly a nice incentive to get your workout done, so if it helps get you to the finish line, by all means, enjoy. However, if you’re trying to maximize your benefits in the gym, it’s more important that you focus on getting enough protein and calories for the whole day and get enough rest.

Myth: You Need to Stop Eating a Few Hours Before Bedtime

You’ve probably heard the ill-advised saying to never eat after 6/7/8 at night, because if you do all of your calories will automatically be stored as fat calories and you’ll gain weight. The thing is, most diet-related rules of thumb, including those from crash and fad diets, are really just rituals to regulate your eating habits. That’s because for a lot of people nighttime eating often involves raids on ice cream, pizza, cookies, and all of the other high-calorie foods that actually can lead to weight gain. Telling you that you “can’t” eat after some arbitrarily established time simply helps you control your total calories, and avoids potentially self-destructive habits.

That said, it’s worth noting that this advice can certainly apply to people who have digestive issues like gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). If that’s you, you should definitely avoid eating a couple hours before bedtime, because doing so can aggravate indigestion and heartburn.

Ultimately, all of these strategies can work as part of a weight loss plan, but for reasons that have nothing to do with what those diet guru magazines say. In most cases, they simply ritualize your eating so you manage your hunger andfood cravings. However, that doesn’t make them somehow magical and guarantee they work for everyone, which is why you should look past the myth to the behavior that may help. Remember, if you want your jeans to fit looser, it comes down to total calories and the habits you personally develop around them. When you eat those calories has a smaller effect than you think.

Illustration by Sam Woolley. Image by with wind, kellywritershouse, joshp, and sociotard.

You Choose


foto por Bajadock

When I first spotted this billboard on the Toll Road in Rosarito Beach, I guessed that it was a produce advertisement for Commercial Mexicana grocery. The billboard is located at the famous “Jersey Cows” location.

BTW, that spot caught my attention for Taqueria 2000 and posted my taco experience there in 2013.

Back to the produce section, by the third time seeing the billboard, I noticed the “plastic surgery” note on the lower right hand corner.



Our staff of researchers was able to dig up the Genesis Plastic Surgery Center, that apparently also has a fresh fruit section for their patients’ enjoyment.  Do they have a happy hour?

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