Pub Taco Bar


Sunday night rain provided a great opportunity for my guests’ last supper before their exit to baseball spring training in Arizona.

Juan and Ana went out for comida para llevar(that’s “to go” food for y’all) at Carnitas 2 Hermanos.  Two whole rotisserie chickens, tortillas, salsa and veggies can be had for a whopping 160 pesos.  That’s approx $11.50USD for the feast.  “C2H” is located just south of Ens airport, same block as Tacos Original, ocean/west side of hwy1/Reforma.


pubjatacostorts  carn2hermmap

We added Coca Cola simmered onions, guacamole, cheese and Herdez Chipotle salsa.  Also scored a new treat of spinach infused flour tortillas(secret store location).  The flavors and crunchy+sloppy textures provided a warm respite from the cool(50F) and rainy evening.

pubjatacoschick  pubmarchfireplace

After food storage and cleanup, we relaxed in the Pub lounge and were entertained by our tech staff struggles with connecting the DVD player for first time in months.  Fireplace was much easier to ignite than the DVD.

Free Road Rocks and Costero Mud


Sunday’s Free Road trip south from Rosarito to Ensenada was a bit rocky.  Rocks were on the El Tigre climb out of La Mision and the San Miguel descent of last mile toward Ensenada toll booth.

“Hey, Doc, why the heck are you on the Free Road?  We all waited a year for the Toll Road to open and you’re not taking the shiny new super highway?”.   Possible answers:

a) I’m penurious and can’t handle the tolls

b) The inland hills are a beautiful site

c) The sheep are so cute on the Free Road

d) I fear that the Toll Road will slide at km 93 again

e) Other


Rocks here are just after descent and hairpin turn south of Wine Valley exit on Free Road, north of Cuatro Cuatros.


Free Road is in great shape except for these invading pebbles.


North entry of downtown Ensenada was floody and muddy, as expected due to the construction on Costero meeting the rain.



Tourism was not evident at 11AM in downtown Ensenada Sunday.

Border Patrol Party Censor

Bajadock: In related news, all Austin Mexican food restaurants were ordered to stop serving beans, rice and tortillas.  Such food stereotypes are hurtful.  FIJI frat at UT announced that their next Mex theme party would only allow costumes of business suits, airline pilot uniforms or poorly fitted, white, short-sleeved dress shirts with pocket protectors filled with pens and mechanical pencils.  Guests are also strongly encouraged to wear extra sunscreen in the weeks leading up to the party, as tanned skin could be racially insensitive.   


The University of Texas at Austin’s Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity (FIJI) attracted attention from UT students — and others — after hosting a “Border Patrol” themed party Feb. 7. Guests,reportedly,arrived wearing sombreros, ponchos and construction gear.

FIGI president Andrew Campbell says the party was intended to have a Western or Old West theme. He admits “there were elements and dress that were insensitive and inappropriate. We understand why people were and are offended.”

Records released to The Associated Press in Jan. 2014 reveal that Fiji hosted a similar party where patrons wore “stereotypical Mexican clothing.” Reportedly the complaint was filed with UT’s Campus Climate Response Team.

Campbell says “(his fraternity has) learned an important lesson about planning and conducting our social events and other activities as responsible members of the University and Austin communities. (They) commit to work with the office of Fraternity and Sorority Life to plan programs to educate our members and reinforce the lessons from this unfortunate incident.”

Students are condemning the fraternity’s actions and are disappointed that the school is not taking action.

“Hugely disappointed with UT’s response to the racist Fiji party earlier this month,” says sophomore Diana Padilla. “How can minorities hope to feel respected in an institution of higher learning when things like this go unpunished? Such a big let down by a school I love so much.”

“I think (the event) was racist and offensive,” adds sophomore Nick Habel. “People need to be more educated and less offensive. It seems like people don’t realize these things are offensive or harmful, so they think it’s ok to have racist themed parties…I really am disappointed in the university for allowing this and not taking some kind of disciplinary action.”

“I always assume that after an event like this, especially at such a diverse university, there would be better communication about improving race relations,” says Nathaniel Belachew, junior. “Events like these are affecting other people.”

A letter of concern written by Latino Community Affairs has over 400 signatures of support. The letter read, in part, that the university must “encourage these organizations to end the negative and hurtful portrayal of communities of color on (UT’s) campus.”

Rosarito Sunset



El ultimo dia de febrero de Rosarito beach.



Spanish False Cognates

Spanish vocabulary can sometimes be quite simple if you are a native English speakers. There are so many cognates, or words that sound similar in both languages: decidir – to decide, la aplicación – application, marvilloso – marvelous, etc.

However, there are many Spanish words that sound like English words that do not have the same meaning. These are called false cognates, or false friends.

Spanish False Cognate Actual English Definition Spanish Alternative
actual current, at the present moment verdadero = actual
el nudo knot, joint, node desnudo = nude
la advertencia warning, advice, reminder el anuncio = advertisement
la agonía death throes, dying moments la angustia = agony
americano anyone from North America estadounidense = US American
aplicar to apply a theory or paint solicitar = to apply for a job
dirigirse a uno = to apply oneself
la apología defense, eulogy la disculpa = apology
la arena sand el anfiteatro = arena
el argumento reasoning, debate argument (disagreement) = la disputa
el asesino murderer, killer el asesino pagado = assassin
la asistencia attendance la ayuda = assistance
asistir to attend ayudar = to assist
el bachillerato high school or A-level diploma el soltero = bachelor
la licenciatura = bachelor’s degree
el billón trillion (US) mil millones = billion
bizarro valiant, gallant; generous extraño = bizarre
blanco white sin adorno = blank
blindar to shield cegar = to blind
el bufete desk el bufé = buffet
el campo countryside el campamento = camp
el cargo post or position; charge la carga = cargo
la carpeta folder la alfombra = carpet
la carrera race, journey, course; beam la profesión = career
la carta letter (document), deed, menu el carrito = cart
la tarjeta = card
chocar to crash sofocarse = to choke
el colegio high school la universidad = college
colorado red, reddish de color = colored
la complexión constitution, temperament la tez = complexion
el compromiso obligation, commitment la solución intermedia = compromise
el conductor driver el director = orquestral conductor
el revisor = train conductor
la conexión physical or logical connection la relación = emotional connection
la constipación cold (illness) el estreñimiento = constipation
contestar to answer contender = to contest
conveniente suitable práctico = convenient
la copa glass, goblet; trophy la taza = cup
corresponder to agree with, to match escribirse= to correspond (in writing)
la cuestión matter or issue to be resolved la pregunta = question
culto cultured, refined la secta = cult
el damnificado victim maldito = damned
la decepción dissapointment el engaño = deception
decepcionar to dissapoint engañar = to deceive
el delito crime el placer = delight
la desgracia misfortune, accident la deshonra = disgrace
deshonesto indecent, lewd fraudulento = dishonest
despertar to wake up desesperado = desperate
destituido lacking indigente = destitute
discutir to debate, to argue hablar de = to discuss
disgusto annoyance, trouble la repugnancia = disgust
echar to throw, to pour resonar = to echo
la educación upbringing la formación = education
educado polite culto = educated
efectivo real, actual eficaz = effective
el elevador hoist el ascensor = elevator
embarazada pregnant avergonzado = embarrassed
emocionante exciting emocional = emotional
eventual possible definitivo = eventual
excitar to excite (sexually) entusiasmar = to excite
el éxito success la salida = exit
la fábrica factory la tela = fabric
la facultad mental ability el profesorado = faculty (of teachers)
la falta absence, shortage, lack el defecto = fault (imperfection)
la culpa = fault (guilt)
fastidioso annoying, boring escrupuloso = fastidious
la firma signature la empresa = firm
formal reliable, serious de etiqueta = formal
el fútbol soccer football = el fútbol americano
fútil trivial vano = futile
grabar to save, to record asir = to grab
gracioso funny cortés = gracious
la grosería rudeness la tienda de comestibles = grocery store
honesto sincere, decent honrado = honest
el humor mood la gracia = humor
el idioma language el modismo = idiom
ignorar to be unaware of no hacer caso de = to ignore
la jubilación retirement el júbilo = jubilation
largo long grande = large
la lectura reading, reading material la conferencia = lecture
la letra letter of the alphabet; lyrics to a song la carta = letter
la librería bookstore la biblioteca = library
la lujuria lust el lujo = luxury
la mama breast la mamá = mother
la marca brand, record la mancha = mark
la masa dough la misa = mass (at church)
matar to kill unir = to mate
mayor larger, older el alcalde = mayor
molestar to annoy acosar sexualmente = to molest
el negocio business la negociación = negotiation
el nombre name; noun el número = number
la noticia news el aviso = notice
la ocasión opportunity; bargain la vez = occasion
el oficio trade, function; religious service la oficina = office
once eleven una vez = once
el pan bread la cacerola = pan
la papa potato el papá = father
el pariente close relative el padre = parent
el patrón boss; standard el patrocinador = patron
el plagio plagiarism la peste = plague
prácticamente in a practical way casi = practically (almost)
el preservativo condom el conservador = preservative
pretender to claim fingir = to pretend
procurar to manage (to do something) obtener = to procure
quitar to take away, to get rid of dejar = to quit
raro odd, strange poco común = rare
real royal auténtico = real
realizar to fulfill darse cuenta de = to realize
la receta recipe, prescription el recibo = receipt
la recolección harvest, collection el recuerdo = recollection
recordar to remember grabar = to record
la red network, net rojo = red
restar to subtract descansar = to rest
revolver to turn over el revólver = revolver
la ropa clothing la cuerda = rope
el salario hourly wages el sueldo = salary
sano healthy cuerdo = sane
sensible sensitive sensato = sensible
sobre on, above, over sobrio = sobre
la sopa soup el jabón = soap
soportar to bear, to carry apoyar = to support
suceder to happen, to follow tener éxito = to succeed
el suceso event, incident el éxito = success
la trampa trap el vagabundo
la tuna prickly pear; group of student musicians el atún = tuna
últimamente lastly, as a last resort por último = ultimately
el vaso glass, tumbler el florero = vase

Ruths Chris Happy Hour


A new favorite happy hour is Ruths Chris on Harbor Drive in San Diego.  We showed up at 5PM to enjoy some food and beverages.

The bar seating was completely full, so I asked if we could enjoy appeteasers and drinkies at a dinner table.  The problem is that they do not provide the happy hour drink and app price bargain in the dinning area.  But, they did suggest the outdoor patio.


Outdoor patio overlooking the harbor?  Who knew?

The steak sammich with thebestfriesever  was a good split for 2 people.  We ordered the fries med-well done for crispy skin.  Fries are bathed in salt, pepper, garlic and paprika.  Will have to try this at home.


Next course was seared, spicy ahi tuna.  The sauce was beer, dry mustard and soy sauce.  Ginger, onions, peppers and zuch garnich were a nice add to each medallion of tuna.


Enjoying a San Diego weekend.  Hope yours is grand.

Tramo de la Muerte

Bajadock: Saw this scene before noon just north of the hill that descends into the Maneadero agriculture valley.  Looks more substantial than the quick patch attempt a couple of years ago.
The morning of Wednesday 25 February, Public Works staff and Maneadero ejidatarios got to start patching the Tramo de la Muerte(“flight of death”), which consists of the highway of former ejido Chapultepec
Maneadero, in which plans to invest about 600 thousand dollars, money donated by landowners and businessmen Maneadero.Raymundo Carrillo Huerta, president of the Nationalist ejido Sanchez
Taboada recalled that the work will be conducted with money donated by landowners, businessmen Maneadero State Governor
Francisco Vega de la Madrid and Deputy Marco Novelo after
put the Start the program “takes a bump.”Carrillo Huerta recalled that the companies that have contributed to the cause are: Agro Costa, Quimical, I Cassa; Sahara, IQ Medical as well
as the ejido itself and entrepreneurs who have preferred that their names not be published.

It is noteworthy that an engineer from the ejido will be responsible for reviewing the work is carried out in a timely manner, they donated to be invested in the “flight of death”.

In the work of patching are working two gangs
Municipal Public Works Department who will repair the stretch, same as plans move forward about 10 square meters per day. Initially it was proposed to make 5 square meters, but to see the area the mayor gave the instruction to redouble efforts to bring the work promptly.

The work began patching former ejido Chapultepec to Maneadero, ie, from north to south; it is expected that in the morning a gang opens in tabular entire area has to bachear and other asphalt fills up the place indicated, that in the end a compact machine state ready.

Cafeteria Monique Ensenada


Visited Cafeteria Monique for first time on a quiet Friday afternoon.  This restaurant is located at 9th and Espinoza, right across the street from the cop shop.


I had some time to kill before an appointment in this area of Ensenada and decided to check out their wifi internet and grab a late lunch.  The green chile chicken enchiladas were moist and delicious.  The photo makes them look very bland,  but this 100 peso treat helped bridge my gap until my planned dinner after sunset.

The red salsa w/ chips looked canned, but, it was full of fire, wowzillas.


I wonder what stories these old bar stools could tell.  I imagine this spot being very busy at breakfast.  Notice the multiple copies of local newspapers at the bar.


Only challenge I had was an iffy wifi setup here.  Hope it was temporary.  Got to have wifi when I’m in downtown Ensenada.   After several tries, finally was able to get a stable connection.  Check out the shine on those tables and the floor.  Clean.

“Cafeteria” is another false cognate word thingy.  If the image of your high school lineup of plastic trays sliding along the rail to collect mystery meat and smashed potatoes comes to mind, Cafeteria Monique ain’t that.  The word simple refers to a cafe.

Breakfasts and traditional Mexican lunch dishes are served here.

Will return to Cafeteria Monique for the breakfast crowd.

646-716-4041  Cafetera Monique Facebook Page   7am – 5pm daily



Octopus Crab Killer

Dia de la Bandera Ensenada


El Dia de la Bandera has brought back Ensenada’s iconic flag today.  Glad to see it flying from my perch across the bay.  Photos taken at 11AM today.

The big flag has been mostly absent since June 2014.  I had my binoculars on it this morning at 08:00AM and the flag was still absent.  Will post more if a source turns up photos of a ceremony loving, ribbon cutting, baby kissing politico raising the flag hits the web.




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