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Mexico as It Is and Was Not

Americans concerned about  Mexico and Mexicans, and what sort of wights they be, a little history may help. We seem to know almost nothing about a bordering nation of 130 million. It is not what most of us think it is. It is certainly not what the Loon Right would have us believe.

For many years, until 1910, Mexico was run by Europeans, lastly under Porfirio Diaz, for the benefit of Europeans. Literacy was extremely low with economic conditions to match. The country was indeed, to borrow a favorite phrase of those hostile to Latin Americans, a Third-World hellhole. Many nations then were, to include China.

In 1910 the Revolution broke out. It was godawful, as civil wars usually are. It ended in 1921, followed shortly by the Cristero religious war until 1929. This had the usual hideousness favored by religious wars.

It left the country devastated. It hadn’t been much to start with, but now it was a wreck. Aldous Huxley, writing in 1934, saw no improvement. (Beyond the Mexique Bay) At least until 1940 much of Mexico was barely civilized, unlettered, lawless, and poor. Things were not all that swell in 1970.

Today, seventy-six years later (says the CIA Factbook), literacy is at 95%; the economy at $2.2 trillion, 12th  in the world in PPP; median age, 28; population growth rate, 1.12%; mother’s mean age at first birth, 21.3; total fertility, 2.24 children per woman; life expectancy at birth, 76 years.

And of course internet, airlines, computerized everything, and teenagers pecking at smartphones.

This is a lot of change in less than a man’s lifetime. Those hostile to Latin Americans do not want to know this, and usually manage not to.

In many ways Mexico remains a mess, mostly because of organized crime and corruption. Distribution of wealth is badly unequal, being now what the US is becoming. Books could be written about what is wrong with the country. Finland it isn’t. But neither is ti remotely a “Third-World hell hole” despite the squalling of such authorities as Ann Coulter, Manhattan’s premier she-ass.

It would be a good idea to retire the phrase, “Third World.”  Any designation that includes both Buenos Aires and Haiti (I have spent time in the slums of Cite Soleil with the US Army) is so broad as to be without meaning. In 1930, China, Mexico, Thailand and so on could reasonably have been called hellholes. None of these even comes close today. The slums of India do, as does much of Africa, yes.

To grasp the degree of educational advance between the Mexico as it was and as  of 1940 and today, look at what is visible on the ground:

Go into an ordinary bank, with which Mexico is littered. The clerks have to understand exchange rates, intermediate banks, SWIFT codes. They sit at computers, which are networked within the bank and with national headquarters, requiring network engineers and software weenies. Multitudinous ATMs require network people and maintainers. Telmex, the quite good telephone monopoly, needs people to program and maintain  switches and associated software. So do TelCel and ATT, cell-phone providers. Airlines need pilots and trainers of pilots, people to run and maintain high-bypass turbofans and avionics, the instrument-landing systems (ILS). The internet needs software people, router techs, help-line techs when someone’s modem fails (the techs are good). Also doctors and dentists, universities to train them, people who understand and maintain MRI gear, the usual elaborate diagnostic instrumentation, mechanics to run the diagnostic computers at car dealerships and understand what lurks under the hoods of today’s cars (which would baffle Stephen Hawking). And so on at great length. Similar observations could be made of many Latin American and Asian countries. Starting from roughly zero a few decades ago.

What Mexican are not, yet anyway, is driven in the sense that Americans often are. Young Mexican engineers are more so more so, but not the general population. A Mexican girl–to use an example I know–will go to dental school and then stay in her hometown, however small, marry, fix teeth, and raise children. Mexicans seem less entrepreneurial than Americans. They tend to regard a job as a way of supporting a family instead of the other way around.

There is considerable social mobility, at least around the cities. Women start businesses here, often restaurants, stores, bars, or maybe assisted-care homes in regions favored by retired Americans (e.g., Lakeside Care, down the street), but seem content with enough. “Enough” means something to them that it often does not to Americans. Whether this is good or bad can be debated, but it makes for contentedness but not commercial empires.

How will the new Mexican -American population adapt to the United States? I don’t know. Neither does anyone else, though many who know nothing about it have firm opinions. Will the government turn them into a sprawling class of welfare dependents? Doubtless if it can. Will furiously hostile anti-immigrant lobbies make them into internal enemies? They want to, and it would be the end of the US.

Or will they clamber, rapidly or otherwise, into the middle class and cease to be of much interest? The latter, I think. An intelligent policy would be to encourage them, but we can do it anyway. They are pretty good people, not given to terrorism or mutilating their daughters or the knockout game,  and they burn a minimum of cities. Everywhere I have been–LA, San Fran, DC, Huston, San Antonio, Pilsen and Berwyn in Chicago–they have seemed to be settling peacefully in. They have the potential to make it. We had better hope they get there.

Perfect Thanksgiving Weather

Baja 1000 Traffic

Bajadock: Had a brain freeze on my way back from San Diego Wednesday evening and drove my normal route through Costero Blvd in Ensenada during the Baja 1000 fiesta.  It took about 10 extra minutes to navigate through the two lanes southbound/1 lane northbound squeezed into the west side of the 6 lane street.  A few of the more medicated party animals definitely did not value their safety by running through the traffic.  Those SUVs hurt, you know?  Music, food, beverage and marijuana were flowing as I drove through at 6PM.  And this is merely the preamble.  Race is today/Thursday, so the party will be lit a bit more brightly next 3 nights.

Hey, Doc, what did you import on yesterday’s trip?  25 pound turkey, whole cashews, bubbling grape juice were among the goodies.

southbound Ensenada bypass route is a veer left just before Hotel Coral

Northbound Ensenada bypass on Reforma, take Novena(9th Street)

If you are traveling through Ensenada this week and don’t want the traffic crunch, use the 9th/10th street bypass route.

Although the Baja 1000 leaves a significant economic impact in the Municipality, closing the Boulevard Costero by the start of the race has caused traffic jams in various streets and discomfort of the population.

In August this year, the independent alderman, Cristian Vázquez González, presented a point of agreement to be analyzed change the starting point of off-road racing as each year generate traffic problems for citizens who need to move.

“I have nothing against racing, Ensenada has many conditions to operate in that area, but the fact that demos as a starting point our main area of circulation and our only active input, taking into account that the bypass is not in traffic conditions, priority is to put an event on the transit of people , “he argued.

l official said it has received several complaints from citizens and even went to the area of the race and witnessed the disagreement that exists in the traffic chaos that caused the race.

“There is a very big hassle people for the start, even people who like racing, is a lack of respect for ensenadense, there is a historical late yesterday interviewed some people and they said they had more than 40 minutes late, however, peak time can be up to two hours , “he said.

He also reported that he has been meeting with experts on the subject and have been analyzing three viable options for next year another starting point is contemplated.

Alderman suggested that might be the end of Avenida Ruiz and do not touch the Arroyos for environmental issues; Another option would be in an area of Ojos Negros and the third proposal is to start in the Valle de Guadalupe, specifically near the El Tigre.

“The analysis suggested apparently the City did not realize it but I’m working with my coach to promote team, however, before the end of the year we will push the agreement of the race is signed by the City Council and not by Proturismo “.

González Vázquez considered Proturismo signed the contract from a purely promotional and tourist perspective, regardless citizens living in Ensenada.

“Proturismo is only thinking of the pretty picture that represents the start, the agreement is advantageous because Score is seen as a beneficiary to the town of Ensenada and not to Ensenada as the track out of the way with more value, the City does not receive an income significant and if it brings many things , “he said.

Baja 1000 Road Closures

Bajadock: Thank to “K” for this one.  The translation of these details is iffy as normal.  Basically, Centro ‘Nada will a flustercluck this week.

Reports the Municipal Public Security Bureau on the closure of roads during the various activities issue # 50 of the Baja 1000. They note that from Tuesday until Thursday November 16 lanes will be closed Boulevard Costero oriented from east to west from the street to the street Rocks Alvarado. lso is closed to local traffic between First Street and Ruiz Castillo, Castillo between First and Boulevard Costero and Rotary Club between First and Boulevard Costero. 

Wednesday from 23:00 pm, the police will not allow vehicular traffic at the fords of the streets on the 3rd, 7th, 8th, 11th, and Amber between reform and Ruiz; Ruiz and the extension to the Beltway, same to be opened after the passage of the last moto.

Also Fords, Amber Street and Ruiz Prolongation again be closed on Thursday from 9:00 am, an hour before the starting signal to cars, and will reopen in full when the last vehicle pass.

The streets of the tourist area are closed they will be opened to traffic at 23:00 am on Thursday , November 16 , so urge people to use alternate routes in and out of their homes in time to avoid traffic jams .

Safety measures for off-road racing

  • Not pass the safety barriers along the route competition, must be free of foot traffic the buffer strip between the two established barriers.
  • Abide by the signs of the elements of public security, staff and other authorities responsible for controlling and monitoring the event.
  • Maintain constant vigilance to minors and do not leave them unattended at any time.
  • Refrain from bringing pets to the event that might get in the path of the competitors.
  • Not to generate false accounts of events that may arise during the completion of the sporting event that could generate mass mobilization.
  • No throwing objects participants, as this could generate to lose control of the vehicle and cause an accident.
  • the presence of spectators along the bottom of the Arroyo Ensenada is prohibited, so should be located in the area of ​​the levees protecting it.
  • Respect speed limits and traffic regulations and Police Bando, both in the city and federal and state highways as well as within the route of competition.
  • On issuance Cove in step dirt, two cuts in the road covering half of the cross section, caused by cracks of more than four meters wide and 10 meters in height, so must travel with caution and refrain from exceeding that section.
  • Notify the authority to watch some amateur pseudo breaking safety rules to maintain order.
  • In case of an accident give notice by telephone to the number 911 or the closest security elements, which will be located at each intersection with other roads.
  • Not enter the competition route in times where already started the event on until the last car, either in the same or opposite direction.
  • Not be placed on the outside of the curves and keep away more than 15 meters in straight route where high speeds are reached.
  • In case of an accident of a competitor or spectator route not enter the competition until the dust settles and visibility have come behind the car.
  • Not modify or alter the route of competition with ditches, ramps, rocks or other activity.
  • No littering and if there are fires perform in a clean area of ​​vegetation and make sure it has completely turned off.
  • Carry a first aid kit (including medication against scorpion stings and other insect), lamp with new batteries, basic tools for mechanical, spare tire, sufficient fuel to return to the city, sunscreen, hat or cap, jacket , etc.
  • Take precautions when choosing the location within the route of competition, to avoid risks and accidents.

Ensenada Breathalyzer Filters

For alleged crimes and administrative offenses, a total of 410 people were detained during the weekend, as a result of various operations carried out by personnel of the Municipal Public Security Directorate (DSPM).

The head of the local corporation, Jorge Íñiguez Díaz, announced that from last Friday to Sunday, officers participated in preventive trips, breathalyzer filters and other special actions in the urban and rural areas.

Of the 410 people arrested, 379 were intercepted for committing faults to the Police and Government Branch; They also rescued two 3-year-old girls, as victims of probable abandonment and omission of care.

On the other hand, 12 people were placed at the disposal of the Attorney General of the State (PGJE), for the alleged crimes of possession of prohibited substance and vehicle with reports of theft, damages, injuries, dismantling and trespassing.

While the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), a man was taken over for the probable possession of a firearm.

Íñiguez Díaz indicated that in the breathalyzer filters more than 600 automobiles were inspected and 19 drivers were intercepted for driving with marked alcoholic breath, an action that violates Article 41 of the Traffic Regulations.

The motorists surprised for the first time under such fault, were presented before the qualifying judge and their towed cars to municipal patios, in guarantee of the sanction to which creditors were made, the official finished.

Ensenada Fender Guitar Factory

Baja 1000 2017



Cuatro Cuatros Baja Development

Tucked in a natural reserve with over a mile of coastline outside Ensenada, Mexico, CuatroCuatros is poised to host residents and guests in a thrilling landscape, sandwiched between vineyards and the sea.

Directed by renowned Mexican architects Mauricio Rocha and Gabriela Carrillo of Taller de ArquitecturaCuatroCuatros—now 10 years in the making—boasts 2,100 acres that hold 500 exclusive lots ranging from 10,700 square feet to 3.2 acres, allowing property owners to build their own homes and villages within a dynamic community. Forty-four distinguished architects, half of them Mexican and half of them international, have been invited to work with these clients.

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 1 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 1 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 2 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 2 of 8 -

In addition to residents, short- and long-term visitors will also play a large role in the community at CuatroCuatros, whose touristic draw includes hiking, mountain biking, and horse riding. A paradise for wine lovers, the preserve includes over 44 acres of vineyards, producing wine that is aged and bottled on-site. An olive grove and olive oil press will allow residents and guests to get an inside look at the production process. Among the community hubs are the Casco, an amenities-filled village; a club house overlooking the Pacific Ocean; the Bura Bar; a sports club; and an equestrian club with a one-acre outdoor arena.

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 3 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 3 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 4 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 4 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 5 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 5 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 6 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 6 of 8 -

On September 1, the project took off with a three-day architectural colloquium that invited participating architects and curators to a series of round table talks. Members of the press, as well as 200 architects and students from the U.S. and Mexico, also attended the symposium. The event included Paraguayan architect and winner of the Golden Lion Solano Benítez; Chilean firm Pezo von Ellrichshausen; Brazilian architect Carla Juaçaba; and representatives from several Mexican practices including Legorreta + LegorretaJavier SánchezTatiana BilbaoRozana MontielMacías PeredoAmbrosi EtchegarayMMXProductora, and S-AR.

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 7 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 7 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 8 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 8 of 8 -

With only 10 percent of the land planned for development, much of the conversation revolved around designing and building in respect to the natural landscape, and how to intelligently use simple materials like concrete, wood, stone, and steel. The architects also discussed the importance of creating a modern, architectural destination in Northern Mexico. As extraordinary homes are built and the pioneering community realized, CuatroCuatros is sure to be a space to watch.

3 Months of Training

Celebrating completion of 3 months of consistently tough workouts in my gym and on the hills here.

The lower scar in above photo is what I call “Tuscany Trail”, as an hommage to my Tuscan neighbors whose home hovers above it.

After my chest and arm work, hit this hill for 16 intervals of 45 seconds each with a 90 second walking rest interval.  It was the most difficult workout of the year and I passed the test.

Thoroughly enjoyed a thick piña colada shake as my reward.

For the 92 days, I missed 9 days of workouts.  That’s the 90% workout day goal I have been trying to reach.

Also moving my diet to a more ketogenic diet has been a big help.  Nope, I’m not a keto perfectionist and far from it.  I enjoy beer and wine way too much.  But, adjusting my food intake toward green veggies and protein is easy.

Chicken, bacon, walnut, avocado, cucumber, roasted red pepper, gala apple and romaine salad with a cheap Malbec from Argentina was Thursday’s late dinner

My snacks are almonds, cheese and celery.  Hummus and greek yogurt provide excellent dipping variety.

I also have an 11-12 hour “fasting”  window between my last food intake at night and my late breakfast after workout.  That breakfast is my protein shake of whey powder and a variety of frozen fruit that I keep in the freezer.  EZ on fruit intake if you want to lose fat.

How much weight have I lost?  Guessing I’ve lost 12 pounds of fat, but, I don’t have a scale and have always recommended that a scale is a terrible tool for fat loss.  Most people’s weight fluctuates +/- 5 lbs daily, so what good is a scale to measure your progress?

My three categories of exercise are weight resistance, bodyweight exercise and hiking/running.  I rarely do the same exercise in any given week as variety is good for training as well as keeping a fresh attitude.

A business mentor of mine taught me about incrementalism.  The idea is to ease in to your healthy lifestyle.  Applied to diet and exercise, most people go absurdly overboard in the beginning.  Which leads to a quick end.  Try incrementally adding days of exercise, a  few naked salads and some protein shakes to your week.

I enjoy the mental and physical benefits of challenging workouts as I age gracefully.  And I’m writing this at 6:20PM, so it is time I had the first beer of the night.  SALUDOS.

30 bodyweight exercises

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