Jazz Blues Wednesdays

Open Oporto Jazz: In Summer CEARTE

Wednesdays of Jazz and Blues

ensenada.net Article posted July 5, 2015
by Elizabeth Vargas

Evenings with Jazz and Blues and Jazz group participation Porto on Wednesday July 8, open the State Center for the Arts Ensenada In the summer program, CEARTE, which offer free and outdoor activities during the months of July and August.Square Ensenada Ceart Arts will host various activities with the idea of ​​offering a proposal entertainment through art, familiar and accessible during the summer season.

Every Wednesday at 19:00 hrs. Evenings will be Jazz and Blues, Jazz presenting 8th Oporto; 15, Deja Blues; 22, the Mj`sy Wednesday 29 Amaretto Blues Band group.

Planned In the summer, Ceart includes outdoor Cinema Club from 20:00 hrs. every Monday in the Plaza of the Arts, with the cycle “Chaplin outdoor” during July.

Storytelling for children will be offered and storytelling “About cushions”, appearing on Friday July 10 Expresarte Company, Marisol Ibarra on Friday 17 and Friday 24 group cycling, at 18:00 hrs. in hall attached to Place des Arts.

In the summer, Ceart also offer a “sonic Night”, played by presenting local bands of different genres, on Thursday July 23 from 19:00 hrs.

Each of these activities will be with free admission and will be held outdoors, at various points in the Plaza of the Arts Ceart. The calendar of August activities will be announced in advance. For more information contact at 173 43 07/08

Costero Clog

With sidewalks unfinished rods uncovered records the passage of pedestrians, yesterday was opened to vehicular traffic body Boulevard north coast.
This, according to the statement by the delegate of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Urban Development (Sidu) in Ensenada, Ceseña Cesar Cuevas, who told reporters that the road would be open to receive tourists on the occasion of the July 4, Day Independence in the United States.
The Watcher yesterday toured the work of urban regeneration, for finding the opening, it was only from the Macheros Avenue to leaving the port of Ensenada; however, northern Macheros body -of the Castillo- avenue remains closed and is scheduled to conclude work until 11 July.
In these areas still need the support of traffic police due to traffic jam and confusion in some pedestrians when crossing streets.
According to testimony of some employees of the place, just missing sidewalks cast details, estimated at 20 percent or “a week of work,” while the road they are “laying the second layer of hydraulic concrete.”
The sources stressed that all lights are working and is also ready street lighting.
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15 Tramos de Muerte


Enjoyed my toughest workout of the year Thursday.  Did 15 repeats of the “escaleras de muerte” for a total vertical climb of 3,245 feet.

On my 5th set, I was passed at the bottom of the stairs by a young female in moderate physical condition.  Ok, I’m an old geezer and can no longer hang with the 20 and 30 something athletes.  But, who was this young chick hauling bunz?

At approx stair #10, she pulled over in a fit of heaving and huffing.  As I climbed past her, she asked in very good English, “How many times are you doing this?”.  I replied in Spanish, “Terminando cinqo vezes y tengo diez mas vezes.”(finishing 5, 10 more).

She said that she can barely complete two climbs.  I encouraged her to keep working.

For her, I looked like The Flash.  For me, I suffered for almost 2 hours.  I would most likely be sucking the exhaust of my Colorado running and bicycling buddies if they attacked this 25% grade hill with me.

Get this.  Most people I know would be in major trouble attempting one climb on this stairway.  And their climb would include several lengthy stops.  They would also struggle going back down IF they reached the summit.

It does not matter if you are packing 50 extra lbs or have a six pack.  Go get physical today.  JUSTDOIT!

Hope to see that young lady out on the stairs next week.  You?


Grapes per Glass

How many grapes are in each drink?

Image by: Verso (flickr)

Reading about wines I came across this information they had to share with you immediately.It’s about how many grapes are in each cup.

The truth is that this information makes me appreciate even more the wine and dedication that leads out from the harvest to the table …

75 Grapes ~ = A Cluster

5 clusters = 1 bottle (750 ml)

1 Bottle = 5 cups (150 ml per cup)

1 bunch = 1 cup = ~ 75 Grapes

Bajadock: for excellent health, I’m recommending a minimal daily clusterquaff of 5 bunches of grapes.

4th of July in Mexico

Music as Medicine

Bajadock: Morning music starts before my coffee.

Casa Magnolia Restaurante


Visited Casa Magnolia Restaurante for the first time this week.  It has been on my to do list for a while.

Aaron, our host and server this evening, greeted us at the door.  We had our choice of seats on a slow Tuesday evening.

Menus, beverages, salsa, chips and bread all came quickly and with a smile.  The menu was huge, which is usually a bad indicator.  But, one of us liked the description of the chef’s special ceviche.


We then asked Aaron for his favorite dishes on the menu.  The stuffed chicken, Camarones Baja, ribeye, pescado a la plancha and tuna were among his recommendations.

We ordered the octopus appetizer, pescado a la plancha and the coktel campecana and shared.


pulpo y papas


pescado a la plancha




shock for octopus enemies


Lots of plates in the $10 to $15 USD range.


Location is on Costero, across from Playa Hermosa, the big municipal beach.


Nice view from our table.

Magnolia (facebook site) is a must for seafood lovers that enjoy a comfy, upscale atmosphere and a solid dining value.  Will be back soon.  646-176-6592

La Bufadora 4th of July

16.10 Pesos for $1USD

Dollar hits new highest price in history: $ 16.10 pesos

He climbed 9 cents more

Dollar hits new highest price in history: $ 16.10 SDR pesosARCHIVO
 CCby Elizabeth Rosales

WORLD.- According to Banamex retaken by El Universal , on Wednesday we woke up with a new maximum price in the history of the dollar, selling at $ 16.10 pesos , implying an increase of 9 cents compared to yesterday’s close.

Your purchase price also rose nine cents, trading at $ 15.79 pesos . A record for the dollar, whose price has climbed for several reasons. Among them:

  • The financial crisis in Greece
  • A strong economy in the US (with better employment opportunities)
  • A rate hike by the Fed

To understand how the Greek situation affects the dollar , we invite you to read a previous article by clicking here .

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Costero Blvd Opens, Maybe

El Mexicano

ENSENADA.- Given the large number of tourists from the United States, on the occasion of Independence Day of the country’s northern neighbor, which is celebrated on July 4, the state government decided, in coordination with the companies that are responsible works, open a northern part of the body of Coastal Boulevard Lazaro Cardenas del Rio.

Both the delegate of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Urban State (Sidu) in this county, as the spokesman for the three companies that are responsible for the urban regeneration of the boulevard, Gunther Padilla Martinez, Development reported that about giving the greatest possible facilities for good reception of visitors to the different businesses that exist on that road.

They add that the objective is to drive to Ensenada as an attractive tourist destination and improve the conditions of transfer of thousands of visitors on that occasion are expected to reach this position, starting Friday afternoon and stay until Sunday afternoon.

They noted that this openness had already planned and thereby provide trade opportunities and local tourism sector.

Both explained that the work of urban regeneration and road equipment in this part of the policy of rehabilitation and modernization of urban and road infrastructure of the State Government.

“We are in the final phase of the work, which will be completed in full by the end of July; However, progress so far allows us to start with the opening of roads in sections. The first of these, from street Gastélum to Macheros, will be opened on July 4, for the weekend to be used by tourists to be received and taking advantage of the celebration of the Independence of the United States. The second tranche of Macheros Castle Street, will open to vehicular traffic from July 11, “they expressed the informants.

The difference in progress, explciaron, is that in the second leg taking place underground water connections, drainage and storm most important, so that the work required more time there than in the first tranche.

He recalled that the urban regeneration and tourism facilities Boulevard, comprising 1 kilometer of road from street to street Gastélum Castle; where the water pipe replacement, sanitary sewer and storm system inlets and discharges of water, reconstruction of roads with cement concrete, reordering of crosswalks, curbs and sidewalks, reconstruction and correction of laps left lanes includes, besides painting and marking.

On the quality of works, he said they have strict controls regarding the structure and materials used as well as the commitment of the -local construction all- do a work worthy of our port.

“Before the state government received the work will be watching for any damage or situation that may arise in any case be corrected. Even after the work is delivered and received, there is a term for hidden defects in which reconstruction can also be demanding, “said Cuevas Ceseña.

He stressed that there is constant coordination with municipal transit authorities, which are present in all meetings on the work, to avoid the heavy traffic using this road, whose main purpose is to improve the image of the main tourist entrance to the city, as well as provide security and better equipment for pedestrians and tourists in the commercial area.

Bajdock: below is the scene at Costero and Macheros 2 weeks ago.  This intersection(McD/Oxxo) will be the southern border of the first Costero inland lanes opening this weekend.  Hope this helps the shop owners, because my forecast for traffic is a MESS!


foto por Bajadock


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