Dollar v Peso Affects Business

Waiter Javier Rascon serves diners at Cheripan restaurant in Tijuana, which has felt the effects of the peso’s slide. — Alejandro Tamayo

— From the cuts of meat served in the Argentine-style parrilladas, to the cherry tomatoes in the salads, many of the ingredients at the Cheripan restaurant in Tijuana’s gastronomic district come from San Diego.

For owner Juan Carlos Aguiluz, this poses a challenge. The Mexican peso has lost more than 20 percent of its value relative to the dollar over the past year, a slide that has raised the restaurant’s costs and cut into profit margins.

“We can’t charge in dollars,” Aguiluz said one afternoon this week, seated before a heaping plate of warm empanadas. “Our price is in pesos.”

With an economy that is closely tied to San Diego, many businesses and residents across Tijuana are struggling under the peso’s declining purchasing power and some of the highest inflation rates in Mexico.


Sign that reads “Your dollar buys more at Calimax” seeks to entice Tijuana grocery shoppers who pay in dollars. — Alejandro Tamayo

Yet for U.S. visitors to the city — or those Tijuana residents who work in San Diego — the peso’s depreciation can bring benefits, as the stronger dollar can stretch farther south of the border in paying for everything from airline tickets to haircuts to restaurant meals.

“This is a city with so many dollars that we can pay in Mexican pesos or the U.S. dollar without the cashier telling you anything,” said Carlos Leos Martínez, who leads Centros Cambiarios Asociados, a group of 98 Tijuana currency exchange businesses.

Two years ago, the official exchange rate was 13.4 pesos per dollar. A year ago, it was 14.8 pesos to the dollar. It has since inched up gradually, peaking last month at about 18.6 pesos to the dollar. But in Tijuana, money exchange houses last week were buying pesos at 17.20, and selling at 17.55 — a reflection of the large number of dollars in circulation in the city, Leos said: “This is the most dollarized city in Latin America.”


This is not the first time that Tijuana’s residents have contended with a drop in their currency’s value. Many remember Mexico’s 1994 devaluation, when it fell by 50 percent relative to the dollar. With the exchange rate now flexible, and the value determined by the market demand and supply of pesos, the shifts have been more gradual, said James Gerber, an economics professor at San Diego State University.

The peso’s current depreciation has been attributed to a range of factors, from the decline in Mexican oil prices to rising U.S. interest rates. Agustín Carstens, governor of Mexico’s central bank, told the Wall Street Journal last month that the peso is “severely undervalued” and that he expects it to appreciate.

“It’s too cheap in Mexico right now, if you have dollars,” Gerber said.

As the peso has depreciated, Tijuana has been experiencing higher inflation that the rest of Mexico. Last year, Tijuana’s overall inflation rate of 4 percent for 2015 was the second-highest in the country, after Tepatitlan, Jalisco, according to Mexico’s National Institute of Statistics and Geography.

Economist Ruben Roa said a month-by-month breakdown of the numbers shows the city’s inflation rates have been rising steadily since January 2015, and by last month had topped five percent, more than twice Mexico’s national rate of 2.43 percent.

Driving the region’s inflation were sizable price increases in sectors such as transportation, health and personal care, food and clothing, said Roa, who is leading an effort by the economic development councils of Tijuana, Rosarito Beach and Tecate to generate reliable data on the region.

But the peso’s depreciation is only one cause for the rise in the region’s prices, Roa said. Another factor pushing up prices, he said, has been the lagging effect of a five percent sales tax hike since January 2014 that put border regions on par with the rest of the country.

In Tijuana, members of the middle class have been the hardest hit, said Roa. “These are the people that are able to cross constantly to the United States, to buy necessities such as shoes and clothing, and consumer goods in general.”

Compounding the strain for residents is the cost of housing, as many real estate transactions as well as rental contracts for businesses and housing are negotiated in dollars.

Gilberto Leyva Camacho, president of the Tijuana Chamber of Commerce, said this has taken a toll on most of his 2,700 members who owe monthly rents in dollars. “Their income is in pesos, and their expenses are in dollars,” Leyva said. “This really hurts them.”

He said the situation is especially difficult for members whose businesses are heavily reliant on U.S. imports: Those who sell used U.S. cars, auto parts, tires, refrigerators, furniture and other goods. While their costs are rising, they can’t raise prices without losing clients, Leyva said.

At Cheripan restaurant, Eguiluz said he is not changing his habits, and continues to cross to purchase many of produce— sometimes even tomatoes exported from Mexico — because his business depends on offering consistently high quality. In Mexico, “there are ups and downs, and a restaurant needs to be constant,” he said.

In November, he raised prices 15 percent for the first time in four years, he said, and is reluctant to do so again.

Despite the challenges of recent months, Eguiluz said there have been some silver linings: As the dollar has strengthened, he has seen more U.S. customers in his restaurant. “They’re Mexican-Americans, or Americans who are taken by the hand by Mexicans, but they’re coming.”

Ensenada Carnaval Parade


Lopez Mateos(1st Street) is warming up the crowd.  The sensory rich atmosphere was rocking before the parade started.  Kids of all ages, multiple cultures and interests were enjoying a perfect summer day on February 6th.












Mariscos El Primo Nava…yes we were the Only Gringos in the House!

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Juice Bar

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Hotel Restaurant
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VG Donut & Bakery


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Taste of the Himalayas

Phil’s BBQ

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Ciro’s Pizzeria

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Ensenada Tourist Focus

As part of the initiative of the administration headed by Governor Francisco “Kiko” Vega de Lamadrid, to consolidate Baja California as the target of major Pacific cruises and the second in Mexico, Assistant Secretary of State Tourism Ives Lelevier Gabriel Ramos, chaired the meeting of the Executive Committee of Ensenada Cruise, which was held with the participation of the Port Authority, the Cruise Terminal and the Marketing Committee of Ensenada.

At this meeting the state official reported that activities are implemented through a work plan together with tourist servers to thereby achieve the consolidation of Ensenada in target markets. These actions range from providing the Committee cruises efficient financial operation scheme and an impact of arrival at the cruise terminal, among others.

“We are working hard hand sector to increase the supply and improve the quality of services offered to visitors, so that we get more interest from the cruise and increasingly decide to descend from the boats to learn the fate “, said.

He said it is very important to establish working arrangements between authorities and entrepreneurs as tourist satisfaction is key to return to the destination.

“Much of the cruise we receive come from California and our goal is to show the destination so that choose to return by road; thus would attract a greater number of visitors not only to Ensenada, but to other destinations such as Tijuana and Playas Rosarito, “he said.

Explained in detail the work plan to follow this 2016, which includes among other things develop Back2Ensenada program a technological, modern and interactive platform, which allows better monitoring of the benefits of this program.

“We are also in the process of creating a mobile application called ‘Ens-Guide’, it will work as a guide for the passenger and may be used by pre cruise and post shipment; it is already developed in 70% and estimate to be ready in March this year to be presented during the annual “Cruise Shipping Miami” in which Baja California participates and this year will be held from 11 to 13 March, “said Lelevier Ramos, who said that these actions are aimed at making the destination a friendlier place for visitors.

He further reported that the promotional efforts prior to embarkation in the ports of origin, so that since passengers to board the vessel have to hand over information on the fate will be redoubled.

Finally, he stressed that working hard through the Public Trust for Tourism Promotion, which for Ensenada had a financial ceiling of just over 8 million during 2015 and this year will allocate at least 9.7 million pesos for promotion This figure could even be exceeded estimates derived from the good results expected in hotel occupancy of the port.

“Entrepreneurs in Ensenada that make up the Marketing Committee are designing major promotional campaigns to be carried out inside and outside the state also evaluated and supporting important events in tradition as the Baja 1000 and Harvest Festival” he concluded.

Ensenada Carnaval Feb 4 – 9

Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday parade route

Scenic Road Discussion #1000?

scenick89panfoto por Bajadock

Gerardo Sanchez / El Vigia | Ensenada, BC  The Early Bird Group Ensenada(El Grupo Madrugadores) seek the support of various associations and public and private institutions to require Federal Roads and Bridges Join provide transparent and timely studies and work done on the Tijuana-Ensenada highway information.

During the weekly session of the  The Early Bird Group that agreement was established to analyze the vital importance of the toll road for productive and social activities of Ensenada and the uncertainty generated by not having clear information on the state of the roads.

The meeting was a guest Garcilaso Luis Mendoza, researcher at the Department of Seismology Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada, who when asked about the issue of the fault lines of the highway said the Cicese not involved in the studies to respect.

He said that in recent years Cicese did have an interest in these analyzes, but currently Capufe makes this work with a particular company.

Therefore, he said the scientist, the Commission can not issue a technical opinion on the state of the stretch of highway in the call fault zone.

disinformation concerned

Madrugadores members of Ensenada, expressed concern about the failure to have a more precise information on the state of the road on the stretch Bajamar-San Miguel and constant resistance federal roads and bridges to provide information on the status of the roads, the work to be performed and the works pretnden perform.

In response, the local coordinator of Early Bird,  Juan Antonio Zertuche González, said that promote different groups and institutions do reach that concern both the state, municipal and federal government, so that the public has access to information to be the public domain.

Ensenada Wind Damage

The storm brought down wiring, trees and spectacular power outages, lack of water, flooded homes and landslides

Tuesday, February 2, 2016
the roof of a gas station gas located in the Pedro Loyola Avenue collapsed.
Bajadock: power was off for approx 2 hours Sunday in my hood.  Some trees, signs and fences were toppled.
Luis Miguel Ramirez / El Vigia Ensenada, BCMore than 250 events were seen around the town by various departments, as a result of strong gusts of wind recorded from Sunday night until yesterday, which reached more than 70 kilometers per hour.The ninth winter storm of the season, which manifested with strong winds, moderate rain, even hail, brought down wiring, trees and spectacular power outages, lack of water, flooded homes, landslides, among other mishaps.

Information released by the Ministry of State Security (SSPE), states that Ensenada was the second town of the company’s calls made by citizens to the emergency number 066.

From 06:00 hours on Sunday 31 January, at 06:00 pm yesterday, radio operators and channeled this port received 417 reports resulting from weather conditions; Tijuana took first place with nine incidents over.

The Municipal Public Security Bureau (DSPM), announced that official aided citizens over 30 reports recorded for about 12 hours; among the most important, there were six vehicle accidents with five injured, damage to buildings and closing roads. Colder Arturo Granados Gonzalez, director of Municipal Civil Protection, said that during Sunday afternoon minor reports were dealt due to the rains and winds in colonies like Emiliano Zapata Canyon Buena Vista and downtown.

  • 417 citizen calls 066
  • 6 road accidents with five injured
  • More than 30 reports required the help of local agents
  • 250 events attended by various agencies

Ensenada Carnaval 2016

February 4 to 9


PROGRAM Ensenada Carnival
Baja California
Dates and Events

Desfile de Comparsas Infantiles a lo largo de la Ruta del Desfile

Please note the following events are yet to be defined …

Thursday 4
Explosives Home Carnival with
Burning unfriendly mood.
Time: 8 pm in the Main PA

Thunderous music scene


Friday 5
Coronation of the Honorable Court Children
Time: 8 pm in the Main PA

Coronation of the Adult Court
Time: 9 pm in the Main PA

Pirate Night
Time: 6 pm
Where: Port Area

Artistic variety with tasty Dance


Saturday 6

First Grand Parade Floats
Time: 2 pm
Location: Parade Route

Artists: (pending)

Athletics Carnival
Time: 9 am
Location: Sullivan Park

Pirate Night
Time: 6 pm
Location: Port Area

Night Masks
Time: 8 pm
Location: Riviera Cultural Center

Sunday 7
Second Grand Parade Floats.
Time: 2 pm Parade Route

Edges: (slope)

Sport Run
Time: 10 am
Location: Playa Hermosa

Pirate Night
Time: 6 pm
Location: Port Area


Monday 8
Exhibition of old cars
Time: 10 am in Playa Hermosa

Artists: (pending)

Waiter competition in speed
Time 10:00 a.m.
Location: Calle Primera

Variety Arts and Dance


Tuesday 9
Third Grand Parade Floats
Time: 2 pm

Artists: (pending)

Holiday Contest and Award of Comparsas
Time: 7pm

Variety Arts and Dance

Closing ceremony in Playa Hermosa

Red bunting, this carnival is over …

Important information Carnival
Ensenada Baja California
Dates and Events …

Póster para el Carnaval de Ensenada 2013


Parade route starting in Revolution Park:
Ruiz Street , Coastal Boulevard and Playa Hermosa .

  • Carnival Place: Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico
  • Celebrations Area: Playa Hermosa
  • Troupes of nearly 50 people
  • Cost: Free
  • Organizers: Feast Committee of Ensenada. Phone: (646) 206-3418, and 206-3421

The Committee, along with cameras, clubs, associations and entrepreneurs, it is proposed to organize carnival rides and carnival events with much better quality in a safe and appropriate environment for families.

Brief History of Carnival
Carnival is an ancient tradition closely linked to Lent, which began several hundred years ago during the Middle Ages.

Lent is the 40 days that Jesus fasted and prayed in the desert. For this reason many Christians abstained from eating meat and to practice their vices during that period. Consequently Carnival began as a celebration for fun and let off steam exceeded with parties, food and wine before Lent.

The last day of Carnival it is known as Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras. And the first day of Lent is called Ash Wednesday, celebrated 40 days before Easter Saturday not counting Sundays.

Upcoming dates for Carnival in Ensenada

2016: February 4 to 9

2017: February 23 to 28

2018: February 8 to 13

2019: February 28 to March 5

2020: February 20 to 25

The latest figures of each year corresponding to the Mardi Gras.

Ensenada Storm Coming

A very powerful storm system that will bring a variety of different weather conditions to the micro-climates of Southern California will impact on Sunday.  18 FT Waves expected in San Diego and majority 12-14 FT elsewhere for damage at the coast is what we’re going with right now, a risk of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, flooding potential, and mountain blizzards.  Your forecast details by reading on … Video included

Light rain will start in all areas as early as Sunday morning … increasing as the sun rises and fading in many spots as the sun sets … a true daytime event.

Please NOTE that Category Five conditions are subject to a small part of the metro areas of OC/SD with the LA/IE zones having C4 conditions and a sharp decrease in severity north and west of Venture County.  This is important to remember because this service zones into these zones with accuracy to show you where the worst will hit.  This is a category five at the center, if you are in a category two area then do not expect category five conditions.  If you are in a C5 zone … Expect C5 conditions from you within 5-10 miles away.

The storm system will literally cut the forecast area in half from north to south with the southern half getting more severe weather than the northern half.  This is all due to a surface low that will set the boundary from northerly and southerly winds into it.  San Luis Obispo will not see the severity as with the last major pacific storm… which was Eugene, earlier this month.  The area will see rainfall and possible storms, however the tornado potential is looking to be Ventura County at the furthest west … and San Diego/Inland Empire at the furthest south and east.  Within this zone …

At the surface, a surface low crossing the bight will bring in the northerly flow out from the deserts and a southeasterly flow in the metro/coastal areas.

This low level spin will work to bring shear into the area and this plus instability will bring the risk of tornadoes yet again this month.  Instability is stronger in the OC/SD areas with marginal in the IE/LA/VT areas.

All areas of the forecast area within this advisory have the risk of severe winds, thunder, isolated tornadoes, and flooding.

An upgrade to a severe thunderstorm or tornado watch will be made by Sunday morning if the need arises.  This watch is the step before such a decision and as with the tornadic storms earlier this month … the decision will be made based off our models and scientific facts as that system did have tornadoes … as I did forecast.

Rainfall will be in all regions, including the low and high deserts where it usually does not happen with fronts.  The reason for this is because the deeper layer moisture is there for the rain to make it over the taller mountain peaks.  All desert zones will continue to have gusty winds through now into Monday, the storm statement is taking care of that.

Wave heights of 12 FT along the coast as the lowest will be likely in what could be the strongest El Nino induced west to east swell to hit the region this season.

Wave heights as high as 18 FT may hit the San Diego Coast … with an average of 14-18 FT … Be advised that strong winds, heavy rain, thunderstorms, and waterspouts are also likely with the passage of the front on Sunday.

It is not a good time to go out …

The system will affect the region during the day … exiting blizzard conditions through the SBD/RIV Mountains above 6,000 FT by evening.  Over 1-2 FT of snow may fall in the Big Bear zones, as well as the top of the Riverside County and Ventura County Mountains.  Wrightwood will see the snow during the middle of the front as well .. .so we’re going with 6-12 there.

As for the Kern County Mountains,  activity will start on Sunday morning ahead of the storm system, maximizing over the day … and light snow falling through the night into Monday morning.

PMC could hold over 6″ of snowfall with heavy snowfall on Sunday … and a closure of the Gorman Pass is possible with the lower snow levels through the night.

The model does show over 6-8″ of snowfall in Tehachapi at 4,000 FT … however the custom snow level charts show the bulk of the system at 5,000 FT so these totals may be overdone … with lower valley floor levels maybe having 1-3″ with 2x that at BVS …

Gusty west-northwest winds for ALL areas of the Southern California region will be likely through Sunday night, with winds continuing into Monday … and tapering off on Monday night.

Be advised that this is the free section of the site and limited information, maps, and charts can be placed here.  To get full member access with rainfall, snowfall, and other such charts placed for a forecast that you can CLICK HERE and see what all there is to offer.  I will be working hard to update everything through tonight and the morning, including tornado zone projects, which will be available by morning.

Bajadock: my photos of storm clouds approaching La Bufadora and my neighborhood Saturday evening:

LA Cetto Cava Ensenada

Cavas – Ensenada

Bajadock: Was treated extremely well by LA Cetto‘s Hector López and team at their CAVA/Boutique on north side of Ensenada near Hotel Coral.  I had a unique shopping need and Hector took extra time to help me.


This spot is an easy find and especially convenient if you don’t have the time to get up to the Valle de Guadalupe for wine tasting, gifts and LA Cetto‘s special olive oil.


photo courtesy of Brandy Cook

Terrace – Tasting: Cheese, Bread and Winec


La Cava is located on the road Tijuana – Ensenada Km 108 # 2788..

Located just minutes from the booth entrance to the city of Ensenada, near the port area.

La Cava – Boutique de Ensenada has a terrace which was created to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, from which you can enjoy the panoramic view.

You can also buy alluding to the cultivation of the vine Souvenirs and purchasing Cheeses and Meats.


Now on the Ensenada Interactive Map

Location and reservations:

  • Monday to Thursday 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 pm Friday and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • . Km 108 Highway: Tijuana – Ensenada No. 2788, Colonia: El Morro, Ensenada, BC
  • Tel. (646) 175 2363 / Fax. 175 2345


  • Retail
  • Public events
  • Personal and group tastings
  • Tastings
  • Scheduled events

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