Ensenada Wine Competition 2017


Organized by the Autonomous University of Baja California with headquarters in the School of Oenology and Gastronomy , Will be held on 19,20 and 21 May 2017. The International Contest “Ensenada Tierra del Vino” (CIETVO) is a competition International agreement between products of wine origin that will be evaluated by a specialized jury, to obtain recognition based on the established in the definitions of the International code of oenological practices.

To provide the national and international wine sector with a platform for the recognition of the quality of their wines, through a competition endorsed by the UABC, with responsibility and transparency, as well as promoting the development of wine culture, by contributing to academic inclusion for a comprehensive training of professional citizens and promote the link to meet commitment and service to society.

The International Contest Ensenada Tierra del Vino, promoted by the Autonomous University of Baja California, is recognized as a competition with international projection through its link with the wine sector, and UABC’s commitment and responsibility to promote and disseminate with a global vision Wine culture.

Gran Medalla de Oro >=95                    Medalla de Oro  >=90                    Medalla de Plata >=85
U.I.E. Unión Internacional de Enólogos
Bajadock: How many have you enjoyed?

Ensenada Foodie Week 22-28 May

Bajadock:  I have yet to find a list of participants in any of the dozens of published articles on “Foodie Week”, May 22-28.  “We’re having a week of special food promotions” is nice.  A wee bit more detail, so that we could choose our destinations, would certainly help the idea, cheers?  Provecho.


Here is a slide show that you can scroll through.  The flyers published here just came up on the Facebook Page  late afternoon, Monday, 22 May.


As part of the promotion of food consumption among the local population, the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Spicy Foods of Ensenada (Canirac), will hold from 22 to 28 May the Foodie Week Ensenada or Restaurant Week event.

At a press conference led by the president of the Canirac Carlos García Travesí Bosch, it was reported that the event consists of offering special menus at prices up to 50% less than normal, in order for families to have the opportunity To go to the places that most draw your attention to tasting the dishes so you would otherwise have to pay more.

So far there are 35 restaurants registered, but it is expected the participation of 50 or 60 of all levels, whose economic offer ranges from 99 to 499 pesos in menus of various times that normally cost between 50 and 100% more, Depending on each establishment.

“Foodie Week’s strategy is to offer attractive rates to generate a week of occupancy above the statistically recorded and compared with in previous years,” said Garcia Travesí Bosch.

For this, a tabulator has been created where the average consumption is 500 to 650 pesos in Gourmet Restaurants, or Autor Cuisine, the diner can pay only 399 pesos.

In casual restaurants where the average cost is 250 to 500 pesos per person, during the Week of restaurants only pay $ 199 pesos for the menu.

The promotion also contemplates that in Mexican breakfast restaurants or snacks where the ticket is normally 150 to 250 pesos per person, the consumer only pays 99 pesos.

In pastry shops and cafes that charge between 80 and 150 pesos, the price will be 69 pesos, was informed at the press conference.

Present were: Roberto Alcocer Zardain, Vice President of Promotion of Canirac; Héctor Rosas Rodea, delegate of the Secretary of Tourism: Marco Antonio Coronado, president of the Business Coordinating Council; Jorge Monroy Martínez, sales director of Coca-Cola; Rodolfo Corral Flourie, president of the Marketing Committee of the Ensenada Trust, and Marianna Recines Velázquez, food and beverage manager of Bajamar.

García Travesí Bosch stressed that this effort will allow the food industry to offer a unique gastronomic experience that encourages the local population to go to restaurants, and those who come from other cities in the state help boost hotel occupancy.

This initiative also has the common objective of joining ties between the restaurants, the Canirac, tourist authorities and the ensenadenses.

The expectations, as they have been achieved in other entities of the country, are the attraction of new customers, restaurant exposure, increase the number of visitors, increase sales, position the participants and at the same time be in the taste of the ensenadenses And the Baja Californians.

In the Week of Restaurants is expected to increase by at least 300 daily diners in each of the establishments and an average visit to two different places per person during the days of the event.

If the success is expected, said Garcia Travesí, the State Secretariat of Tourism could boost the completion of the Month of Restaurants at the state level to rotate a week in each city, including holding the event twice a year.

New Tijuana Border Car Wash

Sunday noonish vehicle accident on westbound Av Internacional in Tijuana caused a geyser of water to slow vehicles on the big hill leading toward Playas de Tijuana.  Nice to see that water pressure in this area is excellent.

Video above is from an eastbound vehicle.  uniradioinforma.com

Fire Season Begins

Bajadock: Have been through the stretch of hwy 94 and Otay Lakes Road dozens of times.  Good news is that it is not highly populated, if they can prevent fire from spreading to Dulzura.  Fire location is very close to the CBP checkpoint on 94.  Hwy 94 closure from Honey Springs Road over to 188(Tecate border crossing) will be painful for locals.  Fire season is upon us, so be careful out there.


A wildfire burning south of Jamul had scorched more than 1,000 acres by Saturday night and was threatening Dulzura.

Residents in Dulzura were alerted to the possible need to evacuate their homes, and some did. The Viejas casino parking lot on Interstate 8 at Willows Road was designated as a temporary evacuation point, where Red Cross volunteers offered food and water.

The Red Cross later set up an overnight shelter at Otay Ranch High School, at 1250 Olympic Pkwy in Chula Vista.

Authorities sealed off several backcountry roads and evacuated a campground as wind-swept flames roared through rolling, grassy hills at a “dangerous rate,” Cal Fire said within an hour of the fire’s start.

Residents with animals in the path of the fire should leave early and take pets with them, advised Dan DeSousa, director of the county Department of Animal Services. If help is needed to evacuate animals, owners can call the agency’s 24-hour emergency line at (619) 236-2341.

Dulzura residents who left their homes were not allowed back in until about 10 p.m., when fire officials deemed it safe enough for them to be on the road with a sheriff’s deputy escort.

The blaze, called the Gate fire, broke out south of Otay Lakes Road and west of state Route 94, near a Border Patrol checkpoint, about 11:20 a.m.

Investigators were trying to determine the cause of the fire. It started on a dirt road off SR-94 leading to a Bureau of Land Management recreational area commonly used for target shooting, Cal Fire Capt. Isaac Sanchez said. He said the dirt road is behind a local landmark pink gate, which was chosen for the fire’s name.

SR-94 was shut down between Honey Springs Road and state Route 188, and Otay Lakes Road was closed between Wueste Road and SR-94. Residents were not being allowed through. Motorists are advised to avoid the area.

Winds pushed the blaze west toward Pio Pico RV Resort and Campground, which was evacuated early on as a precaution. Campers were directed to the Eastlake Walmart parking lot in Chula Vista.

County animal control officers rescued one dog from the campground because no owner was there, DeSousa said. They were returning later in the day to rescue a dog heard inside a trailer. An animal control officer also went to the Walmart to see if campground evacuees there needed anything.

The San Diego Humane Society also sent a response team to the Otay Ranch High evacuation center with food and supplies for pets.

Late Saturday night, Cal Fire sent out a notice that Pio Pico would remain closed because of fire damage to certain park infrastructure.

The fire pushed north close to the edge of Otay Lakes Road as fire crews worked to make sure flames did not jump the road.

A late-afternoon shift in the breezes then sent flames southeast, toward the community of Dulzura, Sanchez said. He said mostly grass with some sparse brush was burning, and air tankers did a good job laying down a barrier of fire retardant to slow the fire’s spread.

The San Diego County emergency website noted that at 6:30 p.m., the following emergency message was sent to 77 contacts by the Sheriff’s Department: “There is a fire in the area of Dulzura. The wind is blowing to the East and there is a concern that the fire may spread to your area. You are being advised to be ready to evacuate if notified to do so. You may evacuate now if you choose to do so. The evacuation route is Highway 94 East to Buckman Springs North to Interstate 8 West. Take interstate 8 West to East Willows Road. Exit East Willows Road and turn right(north). Continue West on East Willows Road to the Viejas Casino. The Red Cross will have a temporary evacuation center located in the casino parking lot. This a fire warning only, not an evacuation order.”

Updates on the site are available at sdcountyemergency.com.

A Chula Vista police officer who was directing traffic near Otay Lakes and Wueste was struck by a vehicle about 2:30 p.m., suffering serious but not life-threatening injuries, police said. The officer, who has been on the force 2½ years, was taken to a hospital.

Five air tankers and three helicopters made numerous water and retardant drops on fire all afternoon. Fire crews from several agencies were helping on the ground.

Smoke from the blaze could be seen from many parts of the county.

Temperatures reached 91 degrees by 1 p.m. in the area with 10 percent relative humidity, according to the National Weather Service. Winds were light but gusting to 21 mph. The forecast was for slightly cooler temperatures on Sunday, with a high of 86, but just as breezy as Saturday.

In a separate area at the other end of the county, a blaze that broke out Friday afternoon on the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base had burned an estimated 500 acres as of Saturday afternoon. It was 75 percent contained and not threatening any structures, base officials tweeted. The fire started in a northeast section of the base, off De Luz Road.


Fire officials have been warning San Diego County residents for months that this summer could be an especially bad season for wildfires, after heavy winter rains encouraged thick growth of tall grasses and brush. Residents near canyons and in rural settings are encouraged to trim vegetation back to 100 feet from homes and take other fire-safety precautions.

Staff writer Gary Robbins contributed to this report.

Mexican Gasoline Entrepreneurs

Video from Mexico News Daily: government drone shows at least 148 trucks are seen lined up on a road waiting for hours to enter a large fuel supply depot operated by pipeline thieves near the Puebla-Orizaba highway in February.

Bajadock: The depot is known



  • Shootout between soldiers and fuel thieves leaves 11 dead
  • Illegal pipeline taps cost Pemex $220 million over six years

Foreign companies looking to supply gasoline to Mexico are taking a hard look at planned investments after a series of fuel thefts escalated into a bloodbath last week in the state of Puebla.

A gun battle May 3 between soldiers and huachicoleros, the local nickname for fuel thieves, left 11 people dead and many more injured and triggered protests in Puebla, where pipelines are often tapped to steal gasoline. Companies looking to import fuel into Mexico from the U.S. like Howard Energy Partners, and BioUrja Trading LLC, are concerned about the uptick of the problem.

Soldiers stand in front of the flames generated by a fire in a clandestine fuel valve May 7.

Photographer: Jose Castanares/AFP via Getty Images

“It’s part of a worrisome trend that investors will take a look at and price into the offers that they make and the amount of investment that they decide to put into Mexico,” John Padilla, managing director of energy-consulting firm IPD Latin America, said by phone from Bogota.

Mexican fuel thefts have escalated in the past year, as the government abolished subsidies. The policy known as “gasolinazo,” or fuel-price slam, pushed up pump prices by as much as 20 percent in early 2017 and led to riots and blockades at some fuel terminals. Petroleos Mexicanos has covered the cost associated with the thefts, but it’s unclear whether the state oil company will try to pass them on to private importers in the future.

“Fuel theft is a significant concern for many companies going into Mexico and we don’t know that the government is doing anything in order to help alleviate that risk,” Rajan Vig, BioUrja’s head of Origination for Mexico, said by phone from Houston. BioUrja is seeking to import fuel into Mexico and is in talks with the government and banks to address the fuel-theft issue, but “we need the government to be on our side,” he said.

Illegal taps surged last year, resulting in losses of 2.2 billion of liters, or approximately 581.2 million gallons of fuel, a 24 percent increase from 2015. Disabling fuel pipeline taps cost Pemex around $220 million in the past six years, an amount that has risen more than 10-fold over the period, Mexican newspaper Milenio reported Monday, citing Pemex data.

“It’s a very large concern of ours,” Mike Howard, chief executive officer of Howard Energy, which is building a refined-product pipeline complex in northern Mexico, said by phone from San Antonio. “We’ve looked at all kinds of security measures including drones, above-ground cameras, everything that you can imagine to protect the product.”

The company is also investing in advanced leak-detection technology and considering burying its pipelines deeper in some locations. Huachicoleros typically dig up Pemex pipelines with a shovel because they are buried close to the surface.

“It’s an ongoing conversation that we’re having with our customers and with stakeholders in Mexico,” Howard said.

One of the murkier issues for the burgeoning private-fuel-import sector is who will cover the cost of product stolen from pipelines or terminals leased by Pemex. Tesoro Corp., which operates seven refineries in the U.S., won the first auction for capacity on Pemex’s pipelines and storage facilities on May 2. Commodity traders such as Trafigura Beheer BV and Koch Supply & Trading LP have applied for fuel-import permits.

Gasoline robberies are “a loss that Pemex just seems to absorb, and you can’t really expect the private sector to do that,” Robert Campbell, head of oil products research at industry consultant Energy Aspects Ltd. said by phone from New York. “Mexico’s justice system does not exactly inspire confidence. These are the sort of issues that really need to be worked out.”

Pemex is reinforcing its efforts to combat fuel theft, including tracking down black markets where the fuel is sold and increasing surveillance on its pipelines, Jose Antonio Gonzalez Anaya, Pemex’s chief executive officer said in a May 4 interview with Bloomberg. Gonzalez Anaya went to Colombia last year to learn new approaches to fight the crime from Ecopetrol SA, Colombia’s state oil producer that has grappled with frequent guerrilla attacks on its pipeline system.

“We are working on different fronts,” Gonzalez Anaya said. “It involves a lot of people, a lot of agencies. There’s not a silver bullet for this problem.”


Adobe Food Truck

Adobe Food Truck at Adobe Guadalupe winery is a perfect change of pace for your Valle de Guadalupe wine tour.

My team and I visited last Saturday to enjoy AFT’s delicious food and garden setting.  The Adobe Food Truck experience is a galaxy beyond burritos in foil thrown through a window of a taqueria on wheels.  Here are my top 5 reasons to visit AFT:

5. The scene is peaceful in a beautiful garden with ample shade.  You are at a picnic in the wine valley.

4. The menu and food is always evolving with fresh choices and a variety of options.

3. Service by owner/chef Leda(photo center) is outstanding. Seeing Leda and team scurrying from table to table to assist customers with information, food an beverages is a fun people watching event.


2. Beverage choices are good with beer and wine available to quench your thirst.  The Adobe Guadalupe wine tasting room is in the adjacent building so you can sample and purchase their outstanding wine.  New for me was AFT’s IPA beer with lychee.

1. The food and beverage value is excellent.  You can feed four people on a frugal lunch budget while sharing several different flavors from Adobe Food Truck’s kitchen.

Sandwiches, salads, Iberian ham and small plates are all part of AFT’s offerings.  The chalk board menu inspires your taste buds as you smell the food being prepared in the truck.  You can also check out the choices made by other guests while you wander through the garden.


Our food choices included a salad, shrimp and a savory mushroom dish this Saturday.


This was our “surprise me” dish from Leda with Polish sausage, shrimp and spuds, yum.


Adobe Food Truck gets our 5 road flare award(out of 5 flares possible) to guide your way to the fabulous food and fun at AFT in the Valle de Guadalupe.



Find Adobe Food Truck from the El Porvenir Road that parallels Hwy 3.  At the north end of the El Porvenir town, you will find excellent signs guiding you to the Adobe Guadalupe winery.  phone: 52 646-117-0627

Adobe Food Truck Facebook Page

Baja: Lawless State

Homicide investigations in Baja California are not very effective and business leaders’ concerns over worsening violence are justified, state and municipal authorities admitted yesterday.

Attorney General Perla del Socorro Ibarra told a conference in Tijuana that her staff are working 24 hours a day, but in percentage terms the effectiveness of their efforts “is not high” because of the high number of cases.

There have been more than 500 homicides in Tijuana so far this year.

The violence prompted business leaders to issue an SOS on Monday. The president of a citizens’ council on state security warned at a press conference that Baja California “is becoming a lawless state.”

“This,” said Juan Manuel Hernández Niebla, “is an SOS.”

Another business leader called for a single-command police force coordinated by the Army that would be capable of “attacking the organized crime structure.”

Kurt Honold Morales said there is no sign of effectiveness in the actions by security forces.

Also at yesterday’s conference, a forum on addictions and security at the Autonomous University of Baja California, Tijuana’s Public Security Secretary commented that authorities must listen to the complaints.

Marco Antonio Sotomayor agreed that they are justified. He said the municipality has “a very clear strategy, and one that has been strengthened, but it is also true that we have not achieved the results we wanted.”

Containing the violence was one of the desired results but that, he said, has not been accomplished.

Sotomayor observed that there have been successes operationally speaking, citing the seizure last weekend of 15 firearms.


Alarm to industrial wave of violence

General information
by AFN.
ENSENADA BC, MAY 17, 2017 (AFN) .- Jorge Eduardo Cortés Ríos, president of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry of Ensenada (Canacintra), called on the authorities of the three orders of government to establish a strategy Effective way to stop the wave of violence in the Entity.

The president of Canacintra reported that in addition to the killings, there are cases of extortion, express kidnappings, business robbery, vehicle theft, land collection, many of them not reported by the victims due to fear or lack of results.

He urged that concrete measures be taken, with targets and defined dates, coordinated by security corporations, that the Police Operations Center (COP) cameras be repaired and that they join the Communication and Command Center (C4).

“It is also urgent that the contracting, training, equipment and control of the municipal police be strengthened, that the failures of the New Criminal Justice System that favor impunity, that the crimes be clarified and punish the criminals be corrected.

In an event that he described as unprecedented for Ensenada, he said, “we are returning to levels of violence that we believed had already been overcome, requiring real and effective coordination between federal, state and municipal police corporations with the armed forces. Leave to these all the responsibility “.

“The perception of insecurity, unfortunately justified by the figures, places a high risk on investment and tourism, one of the few sectors that have maintained some economic dynamism in recent years and could inhibit some projects in this area, which Would be disastrous for the economy, “said Cortes Ríos.

The industrialist insisted on the urgency of stopping the criminal wave, investigating and punishing those responsible, to prevent other countries from continuing to issue alerts to stop their citizens from traveling to Mexican states and cities with high levels of violence.

He recalled that since mid-2016, there are restrictions on the part of the United States Department of State so that Americans do not travel to destinations like Baja California and the municipality of Ensenada. Added that just this April 22 the United Kingdom also issued a recommendation to its citizens, a situation that inhibits the arrival of visitors from that country to the region, insisted the leader.

To date, 58 people are reported killed in the municipality; Which has caused alarm in the industrial sector of Ensenada by the large number of victims, but also by the negative effects that it may have on the economy of the already repressed region.

He indicated that according to information collected, 30 crimes have been committed in the southern part of the municipality, 28 in the urban spot, in the conurbation zone and in the Valle de Guadalupe, so far in 2017; Which he said far exceeded the total number of homicides committed throughout 2016, he said.

Cortes Ríos stated that the most worrying of all is the upward trend, since only in the last week have been registered at least three murders in the northern rural area; Another alarming figure is the number of women who died violently, who already number 12, a situation that generates even greater uncertainty among the population.

In order for the city to progress, it requires investments, that existing companies can operate without surprises, that there are more jobs, generate taxes; But for that, a climate of tranquility free of violence is required, “said Jorge Eduardo Cortés Ríos.

Ensenada Interactive Map

Our team of cartographers began plotting popular restaurants, taco stands, wineries and other spots in the Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe area about 5 years ago on the Ensenada Interactive Map.  Click the map above or click here to access it.

The map is constantly updated with new discoveries and is always available on the left side of this website.

No, Hernán Cortés, we can’t possibly map every churro, chicharron and chocolateria location.  The good news is that the map also shows google maps locations that our team has not yet found.  The new Carl’s Jr near the flag in downtown Ensenada is an example.  Blame me, as I’m not a fan of U.S. fast fooderias.

As of May 2017, over 520 locations have been plotted on the map.

When first opening the map, the view can be quite a mess, as Ensenada Centro is dense with business locations.  Zooming in(hit the legend button to remove legend and unhide zoom: lower right) will focus on a more specific area of the city or wine valley.  Click and hold the map to move around.  Hit the legend button again and choose vino, hotel, cafe/Wifi, etc. to search.

The locations plotted by our team, when clicked, will open an info bubble that includes an underlined link to that business website or Facebook page.

Youbetcha, we gladly accept requests to plot on the map.  We will only focus on Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe with the area from La Mision as a northern boundary and Santo Tomas as southern boundary.

Thanks for any suggestions, criticism and commentary on our Ensenada Interactive Map.


Valle de Guadalupe area of map showing winery locations plotted.

Mogor-Badan Farmer’s Market

At Mogor-Badan in the Valle de Guadalupe, a small farmer’s market is available on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11a – 1p.  We arrived at 12:15 Saturday and were a bit late for the best goodies.  But, there were still plenty of fresh veggies from the organic garden, cheese, marmalades, vanilla, olive oil, olives and eggs.  Can’t believe my camera forgot to catch the goose eggs!

Samples of the marmalades and cheese were available for tasting.


If you are heading to wine tastings, it never hurts to bring along some bread and cheese to non-restaurant wineries to share with your hosts or fellow guests.  Of course, ask first when you arrive at the winery, to get approval on your BYO food.  Generally you will gain quick friends with this gesture.

At Mogor-Badan on a Saturday, you could hit the triple play of the market, a wine tasting and lunch at the excellent Deckman’s Restaurant(opens at 1pm).

Muelle 3 Restaurant Ensenada

My maiden voyage to Muelle 3 restaurant in Ensenada was this past Friday.  What has taken me so long? This iconic seafood restaurant is one of the few spots on the water in Ensenada that offers excellent food in a small, comfy setting.

With more than 12 miles of waterfront available from the Ensenada Hwy 1 toll booth south to Estero Beach, finding 5 decent restaurants with an ocean view on that stretch is a dining challenge.  Muelle 3 is a welcome port for sensory treats.

Muelle 3(“mway-yay tres” – Dock or Pier 3) is small, but dishes out some of the best and most unique seafood dishes in Baja.  They are usually busy in late afternoon, because they close at 7PM.  We luckily only waited about 10 minutes for a table at 5:30.

First order was fresh oysters with our beers.  They offer both Wendlandt and Agua Mala microbrew selections.  Wine is also available.

Next up was Pulpo Huitlacoche.  This may be the most creative octopus dish I have ever enjoyed.  I had seen/heard of Huitlacoche(see video at end of this post) before, but, these were my first bites, combined with slices of octopus and veggies.  I jokingly guessed grits on the green salsa support, but, it was polenta with cilantro.  The tortillas made for mini taco bar fun with the pulpo mix.

Yellowtail and veggies

Yellowtail and risotto was my “surprise me” dish.  90+% of my restaurant orders are “sorpréndeme, por favor”.

Both of our seafood main dishes were simply seasoned and seared perfectly.  No sauces or extra goop were added to disguise the fresh fish flavors.

Maybe Muelle 3 can squeeze in 20 diners maximum.  Owner/chef David Martinez is in the yellow shirt out on the patio here entertaining guests.

Our servers also handled kitchen’s last call smoothly.  Noticing that we had only ordered appetizers as of 6:30PM , we were asked if we would like to order more before the chefs shut down for the evening.  There was also no rush to the services that followed, even though we were 2 of only 4 diners remaining, thank you.

Muelle 3 gets our 5 anchor award(out of 5 possible) for flavors, atmosphere, service, value and fun.  Best way to enjoy this is with a 4some sharing different dishes and flavors.  Next visit, I will bring 3 friends and begin at 3-ish.

Loved another online review lamenting lack of ambience at Muelle 3.  WTF?  Cozy dining room attached to open kitchen on the waterfront with boats and gulls bobbing and weaving provide an excellent atmosphere at “Dock 3”.

Location is on water at end of Mercado Negro Fish market in Ensenada.  Street parking works or there is a thrifty pay lot on the north edge of restaurant between Muelle 3 and Cocedora de Langosta.

Muelle 3 Facebook.  646-174-0318  Closed Monday.

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