Ensenada Famous Flag Pole

The monumental flag will be a year without being hoisted on the Square Window to the Sea

The monumental flag, one of the distinctive national symbols of Ensenada, be a year without being hoisted on the Square Window to the Sea
The Watcher in October 2014 documented the lábaro was not placed during the patriotic celebrations of that year, or at half mast to mark the commemoration of October 2.
Now, despite four days until the start of the patriotic month, military officials have not appeared on the site to accommodate the flag.
As was documented at the time, one of the workers said that the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) had “no money” to repair the engine commonly used in raising ceremony area.
The fact was also criticized by Rafael Armando Gonzalez Miranda, who is known as “self-exile of 68” and often lead a ceremony at the Civic Plaza de la Patria to commemorate the student massacre. The man said that by law must be placed flag.
According to his testimony, on October 2 must be the flag at half mast, but “they forget,” that has occurred in the last three years, at least.
There is a decree
According to the Official Gazette, dated to December 20, 2011, it was decreed that the date of October 2 would be added to the other where the flag is hoisted at half mast.
“The date is added ‘October 2, Anniversary of the fallen in the struggle for democracy in the Plaza of Three Cultures in Tlatelolco in 1968’, subsection B) of Article 18 of the Law on the Shield, the Flag and the national anthem, “the statement said.

El Niño September




Mercado de Marriscos

Published on Aug 26, 2015
In this adventure, Fernando visit Ensenada, where he meets David Gonzalez Nishikawa in the restaurant, fish and wine bar La Cocedora de Langosta , who talk to us about the new culinary offerings of Baja California and also takes us to see the Ensenada seafood market or as it is known locally, the Black Market. That Fernando visit to the different tenants and Mauricio Garcia talk to us about the history of this icon of the city. Follow us and also find out what you will find when you come and Viva Baja California.


Ensenada Dam Drought

Ensenada, BC – Bushes, household garbage, dead animals and all kinds of waste can be found in the glass of the dam Emilio Lopez Zamora even is used as a road crossing of the colony Flores Magon to the former ejido Ruiz Cortines, but have water, there are only stagnant pools.
 For four years it does not rain enough in the port and south of the urban area, the aquifers have reduced their level because they have been recharged, the last rain occurred in January 2010 when there was a storm that lasted five days, it was the last time you received plenty of water dam.
 But a few weeks ago and you can not draw water there, because it is already very little, is very dirty and has deposits that could affect the water treatment plant that exists in that area.
 The lack of garbage collection in the northeast of the city, has caused residents of several neighborhoods and subdivisions, use the glass of the dam as a clandestine dump, there, in the bushes of more than two meters high, are the vestiges man; furniture, clothing, plastic, paper, everything can be found, while the relevant authorities fail to act to clean or desazolvar area.
 Heavy rain
To alert meteorological centers in the country, US and own Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada (Cicese), which present this year called “El Niño”, ie, heavy rainfall, has not caused any reaction of the municipal, state or federal to
cleaning streambeds or the same water reserve.
 Ensenada risk that overflow their banks in the garbage on them and affect the tranquility of the locals.
 In other cities they have already begun to do the same to try to minimize the impact of the rains, not in Ensenada.
 The lack of rainfall and excessive heat has left a gruesome scene of desolation in the Represo, canotistas have stopped training there, the birds have migrated to other water holes and ruins of houses have appeared in the glass.
 It is time to prevent disaster or at least prevent further damage, it is time that government agencies from the three levels of government, join and ensure the safety of citizens and meet the demands of the population: the dam desazolvar .

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Ensenada Jazz Wednesday

Hope to see you at the Riv this Wednesday.

El XXI Ayuntamiento a través del Centro Cultural Riviera, te invita a la 2da edición de “Charlas de Vino y Jazz” edición de agosto.
Tendremos una amena plática educativa y cultural a cargo del enólogo Jesús Ibarra de casa vinícola Vinart y posteriormente un recital de jazz a cargo del trío musical ensenadense “Oporto Jazz Band”

Evento: Charlas de Vino y Jazz
Lugar: Bar Andaluz
Fecha: Miércoles 26 de agosto
Hora: 7:30pm
Vinícola Invitada: Vinart
Banda de Jazz: Oporto Jazz
Admisión: $50.00 pesos.
Incluye 1 muestra de vino, la charla y recital de jazz.

New ATT Mexico Plans

Thaddeus Arroyo, CEO of AT & T Mexico, explained that both brands will merge to have stores only the AT & T brand.
After the purchase of Grupo Iusacell and Nextel, AT & T company officially came to Mexico and from today you can hire and Internet telephony plans.
 All offer the possibility of adding extra benefits as their North American States AT & T data plan to use hired calls in Mexico in the United States and Canada plan.
 This is the offer they have on the country:
 AT & T All States
 This is the plan of monthly income of the company offering voice calls, web browsing, access to social networks and radio function call Prip.
 They start at 189 pesos and 150 MB of internet to 399 thousand pesos for plans that include Internet 4GB.
 AT & T US your way
 These plans allow hiring monthly telephony and Internet, without a forced contract without additional charges, as they are controlled plans.
 From 200 pesos per month with 500 MB of internet, unlimited access to social networks and 500 minutes of calls, up to 700 pesos plans with 4GB of internet, social networks and unlimited calls.
Your Pack
 The company has already published all the possible combinations of their tariff plans in the old Nextel website.

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No More Table Dances

In addition to the problems of prostitution and drug dealing that already faces First Street, the operation of two “table dance” is added, which already generates discontent of tenants and hoteliers, whose clients complain about the loud music.
 “We want family holidays,” they said.
 Also, traders and service providers revealed that different businesses have been the target of criminal gangs engaged in theft in different ways.
 Amador said Arteaga Sahagun criminals obtained only one of the shops located on Avenida Lopez Mateos and Macheros, amounting to 40,000 pesos; and two businessmen, including a hotel, were also victims of the thugs.
 The president of the Retailers Association Branch Tourism (Shorten), specified that some of the problems are in the section between the Castle and Blancarte, which seek to integrate tenants in that area to the coordination meetings.
 Arteaga said that Sahagun ask the director of Municipal Public Security (DSPM), Enrique Villarreal Montemayor, the number of elements increases the Tourist Police, and information captured on surveillance cameras is provided.
 They seek to criminalize sale of pipes
Shorten the president said, in coordination with the Attorney General for Justice in Ensenada, Marco Antonio Chavarria Lopez, seeks to eradicate First Street selling pipes to drug use. He said that drug dealers were found in the area.
 “The request we made to Marco Chavarria, is to ensure that, in the California Penal Code, is punishable as a felony that this type of product is sold is made,” he said.
 Even, he said, “the pipes and you can find little shops to stores in the periphery; and expanded and it is rare that the authority is not paying attention to such things.”
 On the sale of narcotics in the tourist area, Amador Arteaga acknowledged that decreases as the Board of Trade, Alcohol and Public Entertainment, performs operational, “but if they do, there is such a rearrangement”.
 These operations, he said, also contribute to eradicate promotions “shots” of tequila that had several properties in the area.
They will review progress
Is expected Monday morning, members of the tourism sector to meet with the deputy attorney, Marco Chavarria Lopez, and the head of the DSPM, Enrique Villarreal, to discuss various security issues.
Related to the action lines that determine the authorities, regarding sale of glass pipes by the established trade, drug dealing, “pullers” bars, “tables dance” prostitution in public places and massage parlors will be addressed , among others.

Valley Girl Wine

August 19, 2015 we press the Barbera at Cava Maciel, it took a couple of hours and many stains to complete the process.

valley girl wines



Peso Crashes @ 17:1 USD


ACCOMPLISHED! BRUTAL devaluation Peña Nieto; Dollar exceeded the barrier of 17 pesos, closing today at $ 17.05

Invariably, the “goal” reached the 17 pesos bring the rising prices of goods and services, which boasted both Peña that was not happening. Private enterprise -class “ruler” de facto in this country also has been announcing that start rising consumer prices in several sectors, including food, later this month and early next.

Meanwhile, beware the history on this date: August 20, 2015, the day that the current usurper regime again broke their ignominious record of devaluation of our currency, making the dollar finally reached and exceed the barrier of 17 pesos.

According to the portal El Financiero , the dollar ended the trading day today trading at 17.05 pesos per dollar in retail operations in bank windows Mexico City. Before closing, the dollar was sold up to 17.10 pesos.

Meanwhile, for the corporate market, the interbank dollar also reached an unprecedented price, selling at 16.7835 pesos for intraday trading . This, according to the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), an organization that has been undermining our monetary reserves through auctions useless million.

“Depreciation” of today is equivalent to 1.3 percent of the registered yesterday, 15 cents, while only in so far this year, the peso has lost value against the dollar by almost 13 percent.

The Mexican peso has established 17 record lows during 2015. It has been one of the currencies that have most suffered the sustained appreciation of the dollar in the international market.

“Experts” in euphemisms and fantastic explanations to cover up the economic crisis caused by the current usurper regime, now blame the “expectations of a sharp slowdown in China’s economy” and the prospect of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) to delay plans to begin normalizing “political” money, as a result of the sharp slowdown in the world’s second largest economy, only partially eased market anxiety.

It sounds very compelling for anyone who does not understand that all that talk just means that Mexico lacks sovereignty and independence. True, other countries have also suffered the gruesome games of large speculators in the stock markets around the world, yet they are able to shield their currencies and economies because they have sovereignty. It is not the case of Mexico.

Ensenada Event Site

Bajadock: tried to navigate site for other dates, like today, Saturday and Sep 13.  Used 4 different browsers and only received error codes or nothing.  Will hope they fix for success.
 Ensenada BC – In order to promote tourist, sporting, social, cultural and educational events held in the city, the XXI City Council through the Department of Public Relations announced a section on “Events” on the official website www. ensenada.gob.mx .
Alejandro Flores Zúñiga, director of Public Relations said that due to the large number of events taking place in the municipality, the initiative to create a free platform where the community can publish and promote their activity was taken.
He said that from today, those interested can send their event data to be published on the official website of the municipal government, www.ensenada.gob.mx/eventos , appear deployed space where general information of each of events.
Free publication
The official explained that this initiative stems from the concern to have a section where all activities take place in the city, same that can be consulted and published in a completely free are met.
He invited all interested persons as well as developers who are responsible for event organizations to submit full information on their activities to e eventos@ensenada.gob.mx achieved thereby promote and strengthen the dissemination of the work they have performed.
 Flores Zúñiga said the community should send event name, date, location, contact phone and digital poster, so that as soon as possible be published in the new section.
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