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Ensenada Breathalyzer Filters

For alleged crimes and administrative offenses, a total of 410 people were detained during the weekend, as a result of various operations carried out by personnel of the Municipal Public Security Directorate (DSPM).

The head of the local corporation, Jorge Íñiguez Díaz, announced that from last Friday to Sunday, officers participated in preventive trips, breathalyzer filters and other special actions in the urban and rural areas.

Of the 410 people arrested, 379 were intercepted for committing faults to the Police and Government Branch; They also rescued two 3-year-old girls, as victims of probable abandonment and omission of care.

On the other hand, 12 people were placed at the disposal of the Attorney General of the State (PGJE), for the alleged crimes of possession of prohibited substance and vehicle with reports of theft, damages, injuries, dismantling and trespassing.

While the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), a man was taken over for the probable possession of a firearm.

Íñiguez Díaz indicated that in the breathalyzer filters more than 600 automobiles were inspected and 19 drivers were intercepted for driving with marked alcoholic breath, an action that violates Article 41 of the Traffic Regulations.

The motorists surprised for the first time under such fault, were presented before the qualifying judge and their towed cars to municipal patios, in guarantee of the sanction to which creditors were made, the official finished.

Cuatro Cuatros Baja Development

Tucked in a natural reserve with over a mile of coastline outside Ensenada, Mexico, CuatroCuatros is poised to host residents and guests in a thrilling landscape, sandwiched between vineyards and the sea.

Directed by renowned Mexican architects Mauricio Rocha and Gabriela Carrillo of Taller de ArquitecturaCuatroCuatros—now 10 years in the making—boasts 2,100 acres that hold 500 exclusive lots ranging from 10,700 square feet to 3.2 acres, allowing property owners to build their own homes and villages within a dynamic community. Forty-four distinguished architects, half of them Mexican and half of them international, have been invited to work with these clients.

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 1 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 1 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 2 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 2 of 8 -

In addition to residents, short- and long-term visitors will also play a large role in the community at CuatroCuatros, whose touristic draw includes hiking, mountain biking, and horse riding. A paradise for wine lovers, the preserve includes over 44 acres of vineyards, producing wine that is aged and bottled on-site. An olive grove and olive oil press will allow residents and guests to get an inside look at the production process. Among the community hubs are the Casco, an amenities-filled village; a club house overlooking the Pacific Ocean; the Bura Bar; a sports club; and an equestrian club with a one-acre outdoor arena.

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 3 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 3 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 4 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 4 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 5 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 5 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 6 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 6 of 8 -

On September 1, the project took off with a three-day architectural colloquium that invited participating architects and curators to a series of round table talks. Members of the press, as well as 200 architects and students from the U.S. and Mexico, also attended the symposium. The event included Paraguayan architect and winner of the Golden Lion Solano Benítez; Chilean firm Pezo von Ellrichshausen; Brazilian architect Carla Juaçaba; and representatives from several Mexican practices including Legorreta + LegorretaJavier SánchezTatiana BilbaoRozana MontielMacías PeredoAmbrosi EtchegarayMMXProductora, and S-AR.

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 7 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 7 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 8 of 8 -

A Powerful New Project in Baja California Involves 44 Renowned Architects - Photo 8 of 8 -

With only 10 percent of the land planned for development, much of the conversation revolved around designing and building in respect to the natural landscape, and how to intelligently use simple materials like concrete, wood, stone, and steel. The architects also discussed the importance of creating a modern, architectural destination in Northern Mexico. As extraordinary homes are built and the pioneering community realized, CuatroCuatros is sure to be a space to watch.

Surf and Wine Tour

Ensenada #1 in Obesity

Ensenada occupies the first national place in obesity among children and adults, which represents a serious health problem, because in a short time these people will suffer from diabetes, hypertension and various chronic-degenerative diseases.

José Antonio García Rivera, head of the Sanitary Jurisdiction of the northern area of ​​the municipality of Ensenaden, explained that the national average of obesity in adults is 45%, and in Ensenada that figure is 63%.

In the case of childhood obesity, the national average is 45%, and in this municipality, minors have an average of 55%, that is, out of every 100 children taught 55 can be classified as obese.

He referred that the obesity referred to is the so-called visceral, which is the one that is concentrated in the ventral part of the body and is the one that causes diabetes problems, hypertension, because it generates a greater wear of insulin and hardening of the veins.

He said that among the states of the north of the country, Baja California has the highest levels of obesity and overweight and the five municipalities, but in Ensenada is where the highest percentages of both sectors of the population are recorded.

He indicated that through Isesalud and in coordination with the authorities of the XXII Municipality of Ensenada, a program to combat overweight and childhood obesity is applied, conducting medical visits in schools, talks with nutritional topics and promoting the practice of more exercise and physical activities by minors.

He pointed out that this is a problem in which there must be the participation of parents, educational and health authorities.

Mexico Horsemeat Scam

Researchers with the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico found horsemeat present in raw and cooked samples sold as beef or unclearly labeled in butcher shops, markets and informal selling points such as street stalls in six Mexican cities.

The study, commissioned by Humane Society International, also found high levels of clenbuterol in some raw meat samples. Clenbuterol, a veterinary drug commonly prescribed for horses, is not approved for food producing animals, and can be harmful to humans.

Researchers collected samples in the following cities: Aguascalientes, Zacatecas, Chihuahua, Mexico City, Pachuca and San Vicente Chicoloapan. The researchers studied 433 samples of cooked and raw meats, and surveyed 339 vendors. More than 40 of the samples collected tested positive for horsemeat. Researchers analyzed clenbuterol presence in 29 of the samples that tested positive for horsemeat (only raw meat could be analyzed for clenbuterol). They found significant clenbuterol concentrations in nearly all the tested samples.

The researchers also found that the majority of the vendors surveyed did not want to sell horsemeat and were unaware of the presence of horsemeat in the meat products they were selling.

Anton Aguilar, HSI/Mexico director, said: “The results of this study show that it is important for consumers to realize that meat mislabeling may occur and can be hazardous for their health, especially because the majority of vendors surveyed in the study were unaware that they were selling horsemeat as beef. We hope this study helps shed some light into the industry.”

The study only tested samples for the presence of clenbuterol, but other toxic substances may have been present. Horses often receive multiple chemical substances that are known to be dangerous to humans, are untested on humans, or are specifically prohibited for use in animals raised for human consumption.

In addition to the health effects involving the consumption of horses not raised for meat, the horse slaughter industry is inherently cruel. Unwanted horses, formerly used in racing or as riding companions, are sold to exporters who then pack them into semi-trucks and transport them long distances often under hot weather conditions with little or no food, water or veterinary care.

Mexico is the second largest horsemeat producer in the world, after China. According to the Mexican Ministry of Trade, in 2015 Mexico exported almost 3,000 tons of horsemeat worth almost $9 million, mainly to Vietnam and Russia. Many of the horses slaughtered in Mexico are imported from the United States – where horse slaughterhouses have been closed since 2007 following the withdrawal of funding for US Department of Agriculture slaughter plants inspections.

Media contact: Raúl Arce-Contreras,, +1-301-721-6440

VINOCOPIA: Sunday Fiesta at El Corcho Rosa

Sunday, 5 November: Come home to us, Autumn, you are NOT drunk, lol. What you need is a festive, post-harvest wine and food celebration with friends! Join us at El Corcho Rosa Sunday Nov 5th for fabulous food & wine, the best live local music and exciting new crafts for the getting (hello, holidays around the corner!)

We’re so pleased that our favorite local songbird, Wendi Rozsa will be joining us with special guest Steve Roza on mandolin. What a treat!

Check our our razzle dazzle wine & food pairing for Sunday Vinocopia event!


Featuring the culinary skills of Master Baker and Pastry Chef, Emilee Cole as well as Sommelier and former French Sous Chef, Ava Perez

Juicy 100% dry Grenache Rosé with intoxicating notes of wild strawberries and white cherries paired with a home baked quiche cup with bacon, gruyere, cheddar, peppers, and spinach.

70% Mouvédre 30% Syrah aged one year in mixed French and American oak barrels is full of dark fruit and gingerbread spices with lots of ruby red apple, black cherry, and nutmeg which we’ve paired with a chicken, sausage, and white bean cassoulet for a little taste of Provence right here in Baja.

Winemaker Sitara Perez uses a proprietary blend of Mexican chilies to make the world’s only Pepper Port which drinks like an alcoholic mole. Look for notes of dark chocolate and a hint of spice. We are pairing this wine with a dark chocolate brownie infused with Pepper Port and served with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Parcela 70 Restaurant

Our chef Alex Rubio uses ingredients from de region of Baja creating unexpected dinner menus that demonstrate the bridge of flavors between food and wine from Bodegas F. Rubio to produce a perfect balance on the plate.

With the peak Valle de Guadalupe season ending in September, many restaurants have very limited hours.  Luckily, Parcela 70 was open this Saturday evening with a big crowd.

deliciosas empanadas de atún y chilorio, servidas con pesto de tomate deshidratado y salsa de chipotle

chilorio recipe

We ordered a delicious bottle of Malbec to enjoy with our appetizer plates.  The empanadas and lamb tacos were moist flavor bombs, but, I particularly enjoyed the creative salsas that Chef Alex and team used to liberally paint the serving boards and our tongues.

borrego , queso con chimichurri salsa

Elizabeth, our evening guide, told us that the elephants on plates, boards, wine bottles and everywhere symbolize the family Rubio, their good luck, fortune and protection.  Every member of the Rubio family is represented by the elephants on the wine labels.

The dining scene is rural and rustic with high ceilings and big glass for the panoramic views.  Parcela 70 just opened a new patio.

We were lucky to find an isolated table away from the big party.  But, we were served well as it seemed each member of the serving team check with us early and often to see if we needed anything.  Thank You!

From the El Porvenir Road, head north from the Wine School approx 1/4 mile.  Jog left and Parcela 70 entrance will jump up quickly on your right.

We’re awarding Parcela 70 4.5 out of 5 possible elephants wetting their trunks.  Can’t wait to return to get deeper into the menu.

Pan de Muerto

Acua Sunset Restaurant

On my way home from a busy San Diego shopping day, decided to try out the Acua Sunset Restaurant, aka “Old Splash”.

It was about 2:30 this Wednesday afternoon. I toured the bar, saw the kitchen, checked on the waves the little dining nook and finally entered the main dining area under the big palapa.  A group of approx 10 was seated for lunch.

Hmmm.  Anybody home???

It was a beautiful afternoon and the cool breeze was perfect even though my car’s outdoor thermometer said 94F-ing degrees.


A server waltzed by me after about 5 minutes and went to the outdoor bar, adjusted her makeup with a purse mirror and made a phone call on her cell phone.  She made no attempt at paying any attention to me or the 10 top table of ladies who were celebrating a birthday.

Finally, a guy comes by and asks me, “Are you waiting for someone?”. “YOU” was my reply.

Though the meet and greet beginning was sketchy, the margy was delicious and the chips and tuna dip were very good.

Acua Sunset has taken the rough edges of the former occupant(Splash) and cleaned up the atmosphere a bit.

This spinach, grilled shrimp, strawberry, carmelized walnut, blue cheese and vinaigrette salad was exceptional.  Thanks, Acua for surprising me with a delicious lunch.

“Elmer” was very good on taking care of me after my slow beginning.  I’ll be happy to come back with guests for sunset.

Giving Acua Sunset Restaurant 3.5 waves out of five possible.

Acua Sunset is located at Baja Hwy 1 K54, the Cuenca Lechera(“Dairy Basin) exit, approx 2 miles south of the big sand dunes of Primo Tapia.

Hope the fires throughout Baja past few days are contained soon.

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