Tijuana Av Int’l Project


Bajadock: I had to dig purdy far into the interwebs to find mapping on the new project that is causing so much disruption for regular Tijuana border crossers.  Following article was published 8 Feb 2016.  For the busiest border crossing in the world, why the hush???  San Diego Red did publish this article with an unintelligible map.  Included my border crossing detour map at bottom.

Tijuana (ENTRAVISION) .- On Monday work began demolition of houses in an area in which is displayed the first part of a road project that will connect the urban area, airport, San Ysidro and Tijuana beaches.

Authorities began demolishing several homes in Colonia Libertad, top, in the area known as Canyon Zapada, close to the border wall, in what will be the first phase of the proposed new road circuit.

The road to the airport no longer fall to Colonia Libertad, but will continue right, glued to the border fence with two lanes in each direction to reach the San Ysidro border to join the International Avenue.

The government of Baja California has purchased so far eight properties in the area and is negotiating 38 more to build 4.2 kilometers of roads needed to close the circuit.

The estimated investment is 130 thousand million pesos, but will not be public resources, but a private company that seeks to recover the investment by charging fee.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Urban Development state already has a preliminary study of the project. Once it is validated by the State Committee for Public Private Partnership Projects, it could launch bidding this year to finally conclude in 2019.

Bajadock Av Internacional detour maps:




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