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Oakland Raiders to San Diego?

Bajadock: transcription of on-air letter read by San Diego AM1090’s Scott Kaplan, February 7, 2017.  The letter is supposedly from a prominent San Diego area business person to Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis about a new multi sport stadium plan in San Diego to accommodate the Raiders move to San Diego.

“This is blank blank. And I have owned these businesses in San Diego. I have a partner who says his name and he along with some political leadership of San Diego have asked me to invite you. To America’s finest city. Next week. We are prepared to offer the Raiders a new 70000 seat stadium requiring no vote as private funds from our group would replace the former City portion. Remember when. City the county and San Diego State said they’d put up $350 million. What this gentleman is saying is that they will put up the money so my boys and you bring the Raiders with their money that they were going to spend in Las Vegas. Five hundred million. You use the NFL money which is a million or hundred million. Of free money to build a stadium in San Diego or Oakland. You use there 950 or they’re 350 that you get up to 950 and all of a sudden you’re building a real stadium. This gentleman goes on to say this San Diego State Major League Soccer and the NFL would continue to participate and our private funds would assure the completion the Raiders will become the primary tenant with a very attractive long term lease.”

The stadium would electronically collapse into a 40000 seat configuration for San Diego State and 30000 for MLS surrounding the stadium will be a new convention center slash sports arena slash entertainment center and a river park. We have arranged for new signage and upgrades in the current stadium while the new stadium is being built adjacent to Qualcomm.  Mark, you will be enriched in San Diego and I have a plan where the Raiders will become the team of over 7 million people in the San Diego Baja California region. I am aware the majority of franchises are against the Raiders moving to Vegas. This offer will grow the value of the Raiders and secure league wide approval. Spanos was a horrible owner. You can be a savior to the city where your dad started. San Diego here’s my cell call me. Let’s schedule a meeting in San Diego next week. Thank you Mark. Sincerely.

Post Script from Kaplan: “I thought the letter was very inspiring. I thought the letter should have made Mark Davis say OK you got my ears. No public vote. $350 billion of private money. The money I was planning on bringing to Vegas San Diego can’t get anything done in Oakland Vegas thing looks like it’s blown up. Let’s have a conversation. Why not. What does Mark Davis have to lose. These are real players real guys real guys who by the way put in their message Spanos was a terrible owner. In other words we would never have done this with him.”


Baja Bound Surf Series Ensenada

Here is the highlight video from the 2017 Baja Surf Club Invitational at San Miguel – the final stop on the Baja Bound Surf Series. We had great waves and an amazing weekend of competition! Congratulations to Kevin Meza and Tiare Thompson who won the contest and the overall series championship for their divisions! ¡Viva Baja!

Baja Bound Insurance

Baja 1000 Cocks Injured


Two cocks are so far the only injured during the Baja 1000, while traversing one of the race cars.

The two birds crossed one of the cars that could not stop so both birds were hit and left wallowing in the streambed.

Luckily for the two roosters, they came out jjust a little fleeced, but their lives were saved.

Unlike other occasions the race and roosters after the mishap stood with their own legs.


The two survivors



Baja 1000 Ensenada 2016

A “friend of mine” braved Costero Blvd Thursday morning and evening to drive through the gauntlet of fans, SUVs, vehicles and traffic that are the Baja 1000.  Strongly encourage those wanting to get through Ensenada with minimal hassle this week to use the 9th/10th street bypass.

Morning drive was approx 5 minute delay.  Evening drive was a 15 minute delay due to increased traffic and pedestrian crossings.


“Area Ecologica” ironic photo of the day


Approx 1/2 mile of Costero Blvd downtown Ensenada has the inland 3 lanes blocked off in front of the Riviera Hotel. 2 lanes southbound and 1 lane northbound are squeezed into the 3 lanes in the coastal side.

This is the scene on the other side of the “Area Ecologica” sign

See more photos, videos and live updates from bajasafari blogspot

In Mexico, it ain’t a real sport without proper support teams or cheerleaders. There are reports that collateral businesses are booming this week.

Shark Attacks Cage

The incident in which a great white shark broke into a metal divers’ cage off the coast of Baja California last week is now being officially investigated after the National Protected Areas Commission (Conanp) filed a legal complaint.

The case was filed with the environmental agency Profepa and is intended to investigate whether the operators of the vessel offering shark diving at the Guadalupe Island Biosphere Reserve committed an infraction by placing shark bait closer to the divers’ cage than permitted by the regulations.


Alejandro del Mazo Maza, head of Conanp, said the vessel involved in the incident has already been identified and that all its permits, which are issued by the Environment Secretariat (Semarnat), are valid and in order, although “that situation could change.”

“What [the diving operator] did wrong was leave the bait in reach of the shark, which lunged at it. When sharks attack, they close their eyes. This coupled with the animal’s sheer inertia facilitated its breaching of the cage,” said del Mazo.

The Earth Touch news website reported that Conanp regulations stipulate that “bait must be immediately removed once an approaching shark is within two meters of a standing vessel.”

According to experts interviewed by the website, this particular regulation was met. What apparently was an infraction was the angle at which the bait was held.

The rules say the bait must be “thrown in a 45-degree angle from the cage to the outside of the boat,” and pulled in so that it does “not touch the cage or pass over the top of it.”

Dive tour operator Solmar, the firm involved in the shark incident, has addressed what happened in an open letter.

It said it has reinforced its cages and extended the zone around the cage where the bait cannot be dropped. “A meeting with other dive operators will take place later this month in order to work together to minimize unfortunate events like this,” said the statement.

Another incident has surfaced after a video was posted this week on YouTube of a great white shark that bit the hose supplying air to the divers in another cage before it, too, swam through the bars of the cage and became trapped inside.

It was dislodged by tying a rope around its tail while the dive master entered the cage and pressed in the shark’s gills, forcing it to swim away, reported

Ensenada Swim With Sharks

In September open to the general public the first oceanic aquarium in Latin America, which is installed in the Punta Banda, in the area where fattening ranches operate bluefin tuna.

The aquarium will be installed in what is a tuna ranch and will feature an underwater observatory, swimming areas with tuna and sharks, restaurants, playgrounds and other attractions.

Bautista Hector Mejia, director of the Port Authority (API) of Ensenada, reported this and said the place is finished and only the latest revisions are made to ensure the complete safety of those who come to this site.

He said this is a private investment company Baja Aqua Farms.

The official name of this place is , Acuario Oceánico, Bahia de Todos Santos, and is located in the area known as Tres Hermanas in Punta Banda peninsula, about thirty minutes via the sea port of Ensenada. Swim with sharks

In the environmental impact study authorized by Semarnat the activities undertaken therein explained: “Visitors will be offered the opportunity to feed directly to fish, swim and snorkel in a closure, also known as cage or floating aquarium “.

“The cages will be built with network enclosures in which will be found in captive bluefin tuna, sharks and other species of native fish , ” adds the document. In

addition to tourism, research will be conducted by the Cicese of species in captivity and exhibition.


foto por Bajadock


mapa por Bajadock


La Bufadora Below Surface

Into the Pacific – La Bufadora, Mexico from The Hirsches on Vimeo.

Estero Beach Lucas Oil Racing

Bajadock: Saw the convoy of 20+ big trucks/other vehicles with police escort headed south on Reforma Av Wednesday.



Baja Manta Rays

Baja 500 Race Week


SCORE 500 2016






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