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Perfect Cloud Mattress 2 Years Later

My mattress, just unboxed and read to unfurl

by staff Sleeping Editor Dormido Perezoso 

Now have two full years of sleeping on my Perfect Cloud Atlas gel plus mattress and simply enjoy every night of peaceful dreaming.

Since my purchase, I have noticed an increased advertising presence of mattress companies on the http://www.  Gotta luv the marketing involved with names like Nectar, Bear, Layla, Casper and DreamCloud.  They all seem to have a “secret sauce” type of innard material that makes theirs different and superior.  Here is the stuff inside my Perfect Cloud.

“Mocha”?  Geezo, does it also come in strawberry and key lime?

Here is my king sized mattress, just removed from its packaging and taking on air.  Guessing it is at the 7″ stage in this photo and headed to a 10″ final thickness.  These mattresses are vacuum packed to minimize shipping size, then absorb air to reconfigure to their normal size.

After approx 6 weeks of sleeping on it, I decided that it was just a bit too firm for my side/belly sleeping.  Added a bamboo fiber mattress topper that softens the mattress a tad and is now a perfect sleeper. Yep, I admit I was coming off of 17 years with a water bed.  That water thing was comfy, but, on the soft end of the firmness spectrum.

Most of these one piece bed mattress companies offer a free sleep trial of 30-90 days.  For us Baja residents, shipping it back to them would be a major hassle.  So best idea is to find a willing friend on vacation and check out their mattress while they are away for your test.

Or, if you are verrry friendly with them…

One feature that is important to me is a cool bed.  Many people simply throw a hunk of foam on their old mattress.  That may provide you the support/softness you desire.  But, I would burn up in the heat of that foam “oven”.  My Perfect Cloud is one cool sleeper.

Another fun and practical features of a “onesy” mattress is the storage area below.  The frame I purchased gives me 17 inches of storage area below.  I have eight x 18 gallon resin containers of stuff below this bed.

Full disclosure is that I’m an easy sleeper no matter what.  I paid $600 for the mattress and the bamboo fiber topper was another $100.  From what I’m reading that is on the lower end for these new high tech one piece mattresses.  Most of these mattresses in king are in the $1,000-,1500 range and that is still a grand value if you find a mattress you like.

Dulces sueños, y’all!


Whale Play

A San Diego newlywed spent most of Tuesday treating his wife’s side of the family to boat rides, and it’s safe to assume that Domenic Biagini placed himself in good graces.

The La Jolla-based wildlife photographer, who got married Saturday, found blue whales on each of three excursions, and even enjoyed a close blue whale encounter with his wife, Samantha.

“All were giant successes,” Biagini, 26, told USA Today.

a man swimming in the water: File Photo© File Photo File Photo

But the third trip stood out as truly magical, when Biagini and his wife’s aunt and uncle watched in awe as blue whale calf – still much longer than Biagini’s 21-foot boat – swam directly beneath and circled the stationary vessel.

“In what was truly a once in a lifetime moment, this baby Blue Whale decided it wanted to do a little people watching!” Biagini wrote in his YouTube description. “The playful calf circled our boat while our engine was completely off, and eventually swam directly under us twice!

“I am on the water every single day, and I have never seen a Blue Whale do something like this. The view from the drone shows you that this ‘little’ whale is still nearly twice the size of the boat!”

Blue whales are the largest creatures on earth. Adults can measure nearly 100 feet and weigh more than 150 tons. Calves measure about 23 feet at birth, and the whale that visited Biagini’s vessel was perhaps 35 feet long.

Blue whale sightings are somewhat rare off Southern California, but in recent weeks the endangered whales have been feeding in areas from San Diego to Santa Barbara.

The mammals feed almost exclusively on shrimp-like krill, and adults can consume up to 4 tons of krill per day.

Asked if this was how Biagini and his wife were enjoying their honeymoon, he responded, “This was just post-wedding fun. Our honeymoon is in Maui in October.”

Hike Torrey Pines

                                    by staff Fitness Editor Gloriella Glutemus 

Hiked Torrey Pines in San Diego for the first time this Thursday.  The hike reviews are heavenly from the area hiking community in various online forums/articles.

From my Goog Earth inspections, the Torrey Pines area is not that big at approx 1 mile(north to south) long and a little over .5 miles wide.  So, macho me, decided to start the hike in without a trail map.

After about 15 minutes on the South Fork Trail, found out that it is closed to get down to the beach, OUCH! See my red X where the trail is closed. Caught above  colorful spot at the South Fork Overlook. Backtracked and found the Beach Trail from the main parking area(Yellow trail below).

Before hitting my workout, decided to explore the area.  Meandered by following the paved road northbound downhill. Ended up on the north end by the beach parking are to gain access to the beach.


The layers and textures along the beach are very pleasing. If you want to know more about the geology, check this video.

Easily found the stairway for the beginning of the 335 foot climb. This is about 1 mile south of the beach parking lot.  Gotta check tide chart here or you might be swimming.

Did the yellow trail of .75 miles and 335 foot vertical climb for four repeat laps.  Had an EKG test about 90 minutes after this workout and did not divulge the workout to the doctor until it was over.  BP was elevated and let him know why.  EKG was fine as normal.

TMI section here, but, decades of experience have allowed me to be an office building rest room bird bath expert.  Yes, with just a drying towel, you can refresh your hygiene.  The UPS dude interrupted me and laughed at my bird bath state.  He said he wished he could catch a shower mid day.  Ever see a Fedex/UPS delivery guy even slightly overweight?  No way!

At only 8.5% avg grade with a few 20-30% shorty climbs on stairs and RR tie inclines, I’ll call the Torrey Pines Beach Trail a moderate climb.  By design, there are flats to recover after the climbs and some room along the side to pull over for a break.

The big thing I did not like were the guiding cables on all of the trails.  The cables are a necessary evil to protect the environment from the human condition(aka idiots).  The trails are only wide enough to allow two skinny people to pass each other. Geewillikers, I would never hike here on a weekend due to the herds of humans.

The area is gorgeous.  The beach is clean.  Sunsets are fabulous.  Missed lunch at this mansion.

And the hike is fun.  Great?  Ummm, it’s a good hike.  But, no food on the beach, no dogs, rules, rules, rules, parking difficulty(mine was very creative) just did not make me euphoric.  Maybe my 04:30 wakeup call had me grumpy?

We’ll award Torrey Pines 3.5 out of 5 Nikon binoculars for this hike.

This would be a great spot for a picnic.  But, that no food rule kinda makes that difficult, eh?

And while I’m grumpy, why can’t I enjoy an adult beverage on the beaches of SoCal?  I no longer recognize the America of my youth.  California sucks all of the fun out of California!  Hikes in Baja are so much better.

Ten Best Hikes of San Diego


Got Stairs?

My gymnasium for the month of May

by fitness editor Gloriella Glutemus 

For me, exercise and health are an attitude and lifestyle choice.  OK, I’m no longer running middle distance  or 5/10/21.1/42.2K races.  But, I still run intervals in hills, hike most days and have all the resistance equipment needed at my home gym.

Oooh, baby, just use your imagination!

Have been on the road lately and have let my diet and exercise weaken.  Travel often disturbs my health choiced.  Excuses are like Fbook political opinions so I exhausted many of those with a few bags of chips and some high carb dining.  Decided to get my bunz in gear before my waddle down the snack aisle no longer allows room for other shoppers.

Craig Ballantyne is one fitness guru that makes sense to me.  He preaches the exact opposite of long slow distance workouts.  He also is among many who teach you how to workout using your own bodyweight, aka “No gym equipment required”.  Click his highlighted name if you want more info.

The topography of my current location on the road is flatter than a flapjack run over by an 18 wheeler. So, without hills to provide interval workouts, I’m lucky to have a 5 story flight of 78 stairs for a 44 foot vertical climb(top photo).

Mixing sprint intervals, jumps and a bit more variation past 2 weeks on these steps..  Got in 30 reps of two stairs at a time for a 1,320 foot climb this morning that burned baby burned!

HTFU.  What’s yours?

San Ysidro SENTRI Directions 2018

by Baja Traffic Editor Quincy Quiebra                             

MARCH 23 UPDATE with new photos…This was my 4th San Ysidro crossing using this SENTRI route and it has been lower traffic, lower hassle and quicker than any other way.  This route is a total of 1.4 miles from Av Int’l to the SENTRI entry point.

Others will rename this article, “This is why I cross at Otay!”.  OK, here is one of the handy ways to access the San Ysidro border crossing SENTRI lanes. There are other ways to get to SENTRI and the more comfy you are with Tijuana, the better prepared you will be for surprise street closings and detours.

What is a SENTRI pass?  Clic aquí.   It is the best Baja trip accessory other than sharp cheddar cheese and toilet paper packed in your Baja rig.

I’m a fan of the TJ/San Ysidro crossing.  Ok, Doc, you must have a dark/masochistic side that enjoys pain and punishment.  Get some help.  I do, I do and it comes in 750ml bottles of grape juice when I am tied to the whippin’ post.  But, once you know TJ and its major geographical conundrum, the TJ RIO,  San Ysidro is the easiest and shortest path to San Diego.

Above is your prerequisite overview study on getting from Mex Hwy 1(Scenic/Toll Road) to Avenida Internacional.  After you pay your 35 peso(as of 2018) toll it is 2.75 miles to “SAN DIEGO/ZONA RIO” right turn.  This right turn becomes a 270 degree turn(looks like an upside down number 4) that will underpass you and put you on Avenida Internacional along the TJ RIO.  CONGRATS! From this cloverleaf intersection you have another 2.75 miles until your next right turn(step#1 below).

Sometime in 2017, the new bridge connecting Avenida Internacional(the stretch from Tijuana Playas to the border along the Rio) to Av de la Amistad and the Bus Station was completed.  But, I had not tried the new PVCHPM bridge, as I rarely use Av Internacional approach to the border.  Puente Vehicular Centro Histórico-Puerta México is the full name of the bridge.  Will PVC become a good nickname?

Most people screw up Tijuana directions because they can’t handle the traffic pressure and chance detours.  EZ Clark and Ellen Griswold vacationers.  Stick in some Cat Stevens, Air Supply or England Dan & John Ford Coley in your cassette deck and chill.  You can do it.  Here we go:

Numbered stations 1-7 in above photo are keyed to detail photos below.  Amber circles are roundabouts.

1. A soft right turn is needed just as Av Int’l begins to bend.  A 3 story white building landmark is on this corner. This will put you on the PVC bridge to cross the Rio.

  1. Turn right immediately AFTER this white building.

This is the soft right turn after “Whitey” at the Av Revolucion sign.  Bridge ramp is barely visible in this shot below the “1”.

Entering PVC bridge

Bridge north exit upcoming plus right turn at traffic light.

2. After crossing the bridge and the RIO, you will dead end at Av de la Amistad.  Right turn here. Or stop in this store at right for the essentials, in case of a rash or other “leftover encounters” on your Baja visit.

BTW, for those dropping pedestrians at Pedwest, you are approx 200 yds from Pedwest at this intersection.  Instead of the right turn headed to SENTRI at step 2, take a left and another quick left will place you at PEDWEST dropoff point.

!. This intersection/roundabout/flustercluck on Av de la Amistad requires patience.  Buses, taxis and turistas nerviosas scramble/uturn/actlikeidiots through here.  Just bear right straight thru this spot and approach the BP gas station(I know the old Goog Earth pic shows it as Pemex).

3. Just after the BP gas station, RIGHT LANE ONLY and 90 degree bend to the right.  If you hang a left here and climb the on ramp, enjoy your trip into the abyss!   See my red forbidden sign in the left lane?  Right, right, right lane!

4.  Left at this fork, head left to Paseo Centenario.  Deep breaths, as you are through the hairy part, and close to success.

Keep your focus on Paseo Centenario.  Everything else here is a distraction from your goal.

5. Just turn right here. This is Paseo Centenario street. Steps 3,4,5 are just a big U turn, see top map of article.  See that amber building ahead?  That is where we are headed.

6. In one block from step#5, turn left at this light.  Or place your bets at the casino on your right.

El Centenario yellow building on left to upcoming stop sign before left turn that puts you in SENTRI lane.

7. Left turn at the El Centenario amber building to enter the SENTRI lanes.  Be certain to stay to the RIGHT of the concrete barriers or you will back at the BP station(step #3) in a hurry.

Enjoy your velvet Jesus portrait, churro , nieve or Cafe D’Volada(xlnt coffee!) order while waiting in line.

[During some busy periods # 7 left turn may be stopped by police.  If so, just head right(south) along Av Padre Kino until a U turn is possible

Someone brave, like my friends at my favorite Mexican auto insurance company, BajaBound, will likely post a spiffy video soon.  I’m just not a video guy, so will let experts handle that task!

What is your favored route to cross the border from Baja into Socal?

For the regular/ready/sentri lanes at San Ysidro, Otay and Tecate, click the Baja Border Crossing Maps on pages listed in the header on the top of this page:

Fat Chick in Pink Leotard

Years ago, a friend of mine, who was not in great physical shape, poked fun at an obese woman in a pink leotard, ambling through a park as we drove by.  Yes, she was large and it was a struggle for her to move beyond snail’s pace.

“Hey, she is out there doing something about it!”, was my retort to my buddy.

As the dumb jock of my neighborhood, I have a bunch of experience in athletic training, exercise physiology and physical therapy.  “What’s the best exercise equipment(aka “latest gimmick”) should I get to start my new exercise program?” is a question I have heard hundreds of times.


That’s right, WANT TO, is your best exercise equipment.  If one is serious about reaching a goal or improving, your desire and focus will get you there.  If you are unserious and unfocused, your result will be the blur of scattered energy.  LIKE TO is a different universe than WANT TO.

Photo above is the hill that connect our local Campo 9 neighborhood to Colonia Puerto Escondido, my little hood.  The complete hill goes from sea level at Crocodile Cove to 850 feet and is approx 2 miles in distance.  But the stretch from the casa chocolate for approx 1,000 feet(300 meters) is a 19% average grade that will kick your bunz if you do repeats on it.

Got in 8 repeats and the complete workout had me just short of 2,000 vertical feet in climbing Wednesday.  Thrilled that my seven time surgically repaired knee still performs, although it’s creaky in old age.

The fat chick in the leotard is as inspiring to me as a few of the world class athletes with whom I have enjoyed training.

What are you wanting to do today?



3 Months of Training

Celebrating completion of 3 months of consistently tough workouts in my gym and on the hills here.

The lower scar in above photo is what I call “Tuscany Trail”, as an hommage to my Tuscan neighbors whose home hovers above it.

After my chest and arm work, hit this hill for 16 intervals of 45 seconds each with a 90 second walking rest interval.  It was the most difficult workout of the year and I passed the test.

Thoroughly enjoyed a thick piña colada shake as my reward.

For the 92 days, I missed 9 days of workouts.  That’s the 90% workout day goal I have been trying to reach.

Also moving my diet to a more ketogenic diet has been a big help.  Nope, I’m not a keto perfectionist and far from it.  I enjoy beer and wine way too much.  But, adjusting my food intake toward green veggies and protein is easy.

Chicken, bacon, walnut, avocado, cucumber, roasted red pepper, gala apple and romaine salad with a cheap Malbec from Argentina was Thursday’s late dinner

My snacks are almonds, cheese and celery.  Hummus and greek yogurt provide excellent dipping variety.

I also have an 11-12 hour “fasting”  window between my last food intake at night and my late breakfast after workout.  That breakfast is my protein shake of whey powder and a variety of frozen fruit that I keep in the freezer.  EZ on fruit intake if you want to lose fat.

How much weight have I lost?  Guessing I’ve lost 12 pounds of fat, but, I don’t have a scale and have always recommended that a scale is a terrible tool for fat loss.  Most people’s weight fluctuates +/- 5 lbs daily, so what good is a scale to measure your progress?

My three categories of exercise are weight resistance, bodyweight exercise and hiking/running.  I rarely do the same exercise in any given week as variety is good for training as well as keeping a fresh attitude.

A business mentor of mine taught me about incrementalism.  The idea is to ease in to your healthy lifestyle.  Applied to diet and exercise, most people go absurdly overboard in the beginning.  Which leads to a quick end.  Try incrementally adding days of exercise, a  few naked salads and some protein shakes to your week.

I enjoy the mental and physical benefits of challenging workouts as I age gracefully.  And I’m writing this at 6:20PM, so it is time I had the first beer of the night.  SALUDOS.

30 bodyweight exercises

Ensenada #1 in Obesity

Ensenada occupies the first national place in obesity among children and adults, which represents a serious health problem, because in a short time these people will suffer from diabetes, hypertension and various chronic-degenerative diseases.

José Antonio García Rivera, head of the Sanitary Jurisdiction of the northern area of ​​the municipality of Ensenaden, explained that the national average of obesity in adults is 45%, and in Ensenada that figure is 63%.

In the case of childhood obesity, the national average is 45%, and in this municipality, minors have an average of 55%, that is, out of every 100 children taught 55 can be classified as obese.

He referred that the obesity referred to is the so-called visceral, which is the one that is concentrated in the ventral part of the body and is the one that causes diabetes problems, hypertension, because it generates a greater wear of insulin and hardening of the veins.

He said that among the states of the north of the country, Baja California has the highest levels of obesity and overweight and the five municipalities, but in Ensenada is where the highest percentages of both sectors of the population are recorded.

He indicated that through Isesalud and in coordination with the authorities of the XXII Municipality of Ensenada, a program to combat overweight and childhood obesity is applied, conducting medical visits in schools, talks with nutritional topics and promoting the practice of more exercise and physical activities by minors.

He pointed out that this is a problem in which there must be the participation of parents, educational and health authorities.

Workout Success

No wonder that so many give up so early on their new exercise plan.

The first day, the first week and the first month is full of pain, little success and lots of frustration.  Sore muscles tell you “just fuggeddaboutit!”.  Injuries say “what were you thinking?”.  Your tortured mind tells you that the upcoming workout should be procrastinated at all costs.

No, I had not let myself go to complete flab this year.  But, I was likely up 10-12 pounds at one point due to travel, weak mind and other distractions. Exercise and fitness goals are a huge part of my soul.

Waitaminute, we thought you did not own a scale and don’t believe in weighing yourself as a good measurement of fitness, right?  Right!  But, they way I feel, look and clothes fit tells me exactly how many weeks of serious effort are needed to correct my conditioning.

August 8 began my recent workout discipline.  I started with an easy chest and arms weight workout and a light 2 mile hike. The photo of my neighborhood above is my outdoor gymnasium.  Only required additives needed to these hills are good shoes and good attitude.

Today marks the 8th week completed of my path.  Out of 56 days, I missed only 8 for an 85% success rate.  More importantly, was that at week 2, I began throwing in some serious hill interval workouts to kick my bunz into puddles of protoplasm.

Today’s 12 repeat sprints of a 200 yard hill(approx 8% grade) followed by chest and arms weight session was a winner.  My new sofa grabbed me hard for a spontaneous nap today after this morning’s punishment.

About my diet, I slightly moderated the amount and type of food enjoyed.  Added fat with avocados, olive oil, coconut oil.  Preferring veggies and salads over rice, pasta and spuds.

Last night’s spaghetti dinner modification example including 1/3 the normal pasta serving.  The other 2/3 was zucchini and spinach.  Those 2 veggies go great with my red sauce and Italian sausage.

Cucumber, tom, apple, avocado, chicken salad with olive oil, lime and Tajin dressing

Yep, I like my beer, wine and occasional starch sinning.  But, I’m guessing my diet only changed approx 20%.  Biggest change was focus on adding veg intake.  In calorie terms, guessing I’m devouring 10-20% more than before due to the intensity of my workouts. Like my no scale rule, I don’t count calories.

It is fun to be in a place that I can eat virtually as much as I want.  Other than my beer and wine fixes, I’m lucky not to own a sweet tooth. Well, I need an ice cream score on occasion, so I load up my daily protein smoothies with ice, so that I have to spoon it.

Smoothies, salads, fish(not fried) tacos, stews/soups, pork/chicken/seafood, nuts, broccoli.  Nope, I’m not perfect on these, but, my trend with these fresh foods is my friend.

Food tastes better, my mind thinks more clearly and sexual performance and enjoyment are improved, youbetcha!

Sharing my success as encouragement for you and yours to find a way to improved health.  If you only walk around your block, that is better than sitting in your Barcalounger.

Bajadock’s 5 tips for long term exercise success:

  1. Find an exercise activity that you might enjoy. Hey, I don’t completely enjoy all of my types of different workouts, but, I enjoy taking on the challenge and the satisfaction of achievement.
  2. Set an exercise schedule, add a buddy if that helps you and get it done in 30-60 minutes.  A 10 minute high intensity interval workout is better than going out for a 1 hour walk.  Quality  and consistency win over quantity.
  3. Modify your diet.  Unless you are working out with intensity for 2 or more hours a day, you will not outwork a bad diet.  Find vegetables that you enjoy.  Do a one day per week “cheat” day to take care of your cravings.  Modify, don’t try anything crazy, because that won’t last long.
  4. A little bit of fruit , especially berries, in a smoothie(I like whey protein) is good.  Fruit juices and a whole lot of fruit might look healthy, but the sugar content will defeat your plan.  OJ in your morning is a weight loss killer!
  5. Extra bonus:  Until you reach some little point of success, weight loss, % of planned days executed, keep it your little secret.  I hear many announce their new plan or buy the shiny new equipment and discuss their purchase with 20 friends.  Shhhh, JUSTDOIT, exercise and wait until you have health news worthy of a press conference.  Thanks for reading mine, CHEERS.

Ensenada Weekend Road Closures


Bajadock: From the Ensenada toll booth south to downtown SHOULD BE AVOIDED Saturday, 30 September, from 11AM until 4PM, southbound or northbound.  2 of the 4 lanes of that stretch of coastal road will be closed to accommodate the Rosarito to Ensenada bicycle ride.  Yep, traffic will be moving, but, the 10 minute drive from toll booth to downtown or vice versa will likely take you one hour during the 11AM-4PM time period.  JUSTDON’TDOIT!

In order to avoid agglomerations and vehicular incidents, the Municipal Public Safety Directorate (DSPM) informs citizens about the closure of roads for this weekend.


As of yesterday, the Rotary Club Street between Dunes and Coastal, where preparations are made for the Rosarito Ensenada Cyclist Ride, were closed in both directions.

On the occasion of this event at 10:00 hours this Saturday will begin the partial closure on the boulevard Fernando Consag and its returns, as well as the cruises of Boulevard Costero to Rocas Street and total closure of the lanes north of the same boulevard from Rocas Street to the Castle.

Sports circuit closures
On Sunday, October 1, from 4:00 p.m., all lanes will be closed with north and south directions of the Costero Boulevard between San Ginés and Estancia; and the eastbound and westbound lanes of the Esmeralda Boulevard between Costero and Pedro Loyola, due to the 1.6 mile Ensenada Grand Prix event.

The population in general is urged to respect the Traffic Regulations and the indications issued by police personnel who will monitor these activities; as well as to use alternate routes and leave with time of their homes to prevent any type of incident and / or agglomeration of road.

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