Decantos Winery

by the Lusty Napkin     

One of the newest and most impressive wineries in Valle de Guadalupe is Decantos Vinicola.  This architectural jewel offers one of the best panoramic views of the wine valley while you enjoy their extensive wine selections.

If you have time, a tour of this unique winery is highly recommended.

We enjoyed Decantos Petite Syrah and Tempranillo to get acquainted with the quality of the wine production.  Alonso Granados is the winemaker.

We arrived too late to enjoy the tapas menu from their kitchen.  But, the kitchens now on site at the wineries is a welcome trend.  Just a few years ago, it seemed that the Valle de Guadalupe food choices were only upscale/special occasion or taco stand.  Now you can sip and snack at wineries as if you were at a good friend’s home.

We did manage to get a tour of the winery from Decantos‘ Alex Ford.  Behind the open seating vista is the engine of the grape processing, fermentation, barrells and a bar for more wine consumption.  Soon, Decantos will be releasing their sparkling wines for consumption.

Here are the stainless steel tanks, a stemmer and the sparkling wine storage.  The sparkling wine storage allows for the turning of several hundred bottles at once, like a lobster trap.  What could be better than champagne and lobster?

Old, make that ancient school concrete tanks are used for some wine aging.  This trend is becoming more popular.

These stainless tanks are patented for their gravity feed and made in Spain.

Down deep in the ground is the barrell room.

Decantos is open 11A – 7P every day and located on the El Porvenir side of Valle de Guadalupe.  Signage is excellent.  Phone 646 688 1019   Facebook  



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