Scenic Hwy Alternative Route

Bajadock: this Bajamar alternate route was proposed shortly after the December 28 2013 landslide on coastal Highway 1(aka “Tijuana Ensenada Scenic Road”). What will be happen first?  The Alternate Route, Ensenada’s new airport, repairing the Tramo de Muerte(stretch of death Hwy 1 south of Ensenada) or the Desalination plant?
In addition to the investment of 2 thousand 171 million pesos for the construction of an alternative road to the Tijuana-Ensenada Scenic Highway, it is necessary to obtain 520 million pesos for the payment of the right of way, according to a report by the Ministry of Infrastructure And Urban Development of the State (Sidue).
Among the advances, in addition to the executive project, it was indicated that the Manifesto of Environmental Impact (MIA), is in process.
Staff from the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) were requested to seek resources from Fonadin for the payment of the 23.5 km long rights of way that the alternative route would have.
The work, which will run for two years, includes an A4 section of 22 meters crown and the construction of 12 structures: four bridges, three uneven junctions, a tunnel and 7 PIV (Lower vehicular steps).
A report from the Sidue states that the cost of the work is estimated at 2 171 million pesos, in addition to an additional investment of 529 million pesos for the liberation of the right of way, which will be “non-recoverable”.
Alternative route
Dealer: Fonadin
Estimated capacity: 13 thousand vehicles per day
Execution period: 2 years
Total length: 23.5 kilometers
Total investment: 2 thousand 691 million pesos
MIA: In process

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