La Bufadora Resort Development


Bajadock: Yup, the new La Bufadora Megayacht Marina, Hotel, Ecoresort plus heli-pad and water taxi for the Punta Brava golf course will provide a couple of hundred acres for plywood shanties along the approach to welcome visitors.  

Zeta Tijuana

“We would be willing to relocate within the same area, according to a modernization of our tourism product is the current La Bufadora Mall. We understand the need to adapt and to give a better deal for tourists are consistent, there satisfied with what we do every day, “summed up the movement’s spokesman in Bufadora Wrestling, Darvy Batallar Gomez, after issuing positioning tenants of this resort in Ensenada.

After the failed eviction attempt on 22 September, and the declaration of the municipal government of being unable to carry out the order of the seventh district court to deliver the commercial area of ​​La Bufadora the Ejido Coronel Esteban Cantú, representatives of tenants, discussed the negotiations that are currently underway, and aim to prevent violent clashes like those that were to happen on Monday, 22.

This is the explanation of Batallar Gómez regarding the new plans, which ensure accept being relocated, provided they have a space where to work:

“As you know, in parallel to the event of eviction we had in recent days so the Ejido Coronel Esteban Cantú, was announcing the filing of Javier Cital Camacho as an interlocutor by the landowners to carry out negotiations and dialogue.

Following the event which everyone knows him as the machetes event the next day in the afternoon at the mall La Bufadora held a desk, where he participated the State Government, Municipal Government, Senator Blasquez, and the representation of movement “La Bufadora in Struggle”.

Basically the fundamental agreement that is taken in this workshop was to open a space to build a platform for dialogue and negotiation. This space is being built in order to invite the Ejido Coronel Esteban Cantú, through delegate CNC Cital Javier Camacho, to move forward together and concretemos this possibility that gives the political space for a the law enforcement side, and opt for a negotiation.

We movement “La Bufadora in Fight” yesterday at a general meeting, appointed negotiating team, and therefore we are introducing the motion “The Bufadora in Struggle” will esar represented in this dialogue platform and negotiation through partner Alejandro Cuevas Lopez, and a server (Darvy Batallar Gómez).

And we will of course with the assistance of licensed Santibañez July. The purpose of this assignment which gave the general assembly will bounded with 2 key issues.

  1. We will be applying at the time that this platform of dialogue for reconciliation, the establishment of “a side room” where they can be companions to be consulted in decision-making is established.
  1. Any decision that has to do with deep and radical changes that may occur to the bosom of the mall, will be taken by the General Assembly.

We were very clear yesterday at the General Assembly, that there may be profound changes in the current structure of the business premises of La Bufadora, there may be changes to such a degree that you can generate new structures in different places, that we are talking that can be given to relocation within the Commercial Center of Bufadora. It must be given to relocation within the shopping center La Bufadora, considering that for most modern commercial offering that provides central La Bufadora, you have to implement a project.

A remodeling project and a project for upgrading the Mall La Bufadora, and this project is now, and was revised in 2010 by FONATUR, under the name of Urban Development Plan Part of The Bufadora (PPDULB). This PPDULB you’re presenting the entire General Assembly next week, with the plans, the methodology for the application. Because there is talk of installing offshore, there is talk of installing ecotourism tours in the area. It is said that the development of this project not only covers 3 hectares where sits the current shopping mall La Bufadora, but speaks of the possibility of developing 200 hectares for everyone to fit there.

We want to send a message to Mr. Javier Camacho Cital, in the sense that we open our arms and we will be able to talk honestly, clearly, but determined by the tenants to find the formulas that allow us all , fall within the Centro Comercial La Bufadora. All fit and we can all be part of this new development is coming in the future. “

Rosarito Ensenada Bicycle Ride Crash

Bajadock: Rosarito Ensenada Bicycle Race Crash with vehicle on Costero, less than 1 mile from finish line.  This is at the first stop light as you enter Ensenada from the north at the Pemex station.  

1. WTF was the driver of that vehicle thinking?

2. That’s the only vehicle access to Teniente Azueta during the R-E ride.  During my only R-E ride in 2010, I was stunned to see a cop directing traffic access here across bicycles riding at 30+ miles an hour sprinting to the finish line.  I was in full lather, huffing, puffing and questioning if the cop in the whistle was going to attempt to stop me.  Who is responsible for this setup?

3.  Ensenada is not a safe environment for bicyclists.  I know and don’t ride downtown anymore.  Cars and bicycles are a bad mix.  In Ensenada, car drivers aren’t used to a bicycle going more than about 7 miles per hour!

Because caused the fall and injury of an unregistered participant Bike Ride Rosarito-Ensenada was remanded to the competent authorities an employee of the Tax Administration Service (SAT), who when driving at the entrance to the city breached the step Preferred of the riders.
Based on the report drawn up by officers of Municipal Transit Abad Liborio Godinez, 53, was driving an official vehicle of the SAT, and crossed without caution preferential lane where cyclists arrived.
Information obtained by The Watcher in the accident, the affected states that are identified as Jorge Luis Villalobos Hernandez, about 45, who was rushed to the Clinic Number 8 of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).
The first report indicated that he had just undergone a bloody nose, but yesterday learned unofficially that six ribs, clavicle and scapula, a punctured lung and fractured.
The Municipal Public Security Directorate (DSPM) said in its share of developments at 14:30 last Saturday reported through C-4, that there had been a collision between a car and a bicycle in the Gastelum and Coastal Boulevard Avenue, in the downtown area.
Transit area officers found the cyclist lying on the road surface, so they requested the support of an ambulance; Paramedics arrived to the site of the Mexican Red Cross (CRM) in the BC-060 unit.
After the injured cyclist was taken to the IMSS clinic, officials reported that the driver of a Dodge Ram pickup brand, 2001 model, gray with blue plates 0823, circulated on Gastélum Avenue southbound.
However, upon arrival at the cruise Coastal Boulevard, crossed the area without respecting the lane reserved for the arrival of the riders.
Therefore, the cyclist crashed head-on into the right side of the van the SAT, and the force of the crash came through the air to fall into the asphalt.
The SAT unit was towed to storage yards, while his driver was brought before the judge qualifier and made available to the prosecutor of the Common Law (AMPFC).

International Coffee Day

Thanks, Raymond, for your fun comment below.  My coffee tastes are quite simple.  Brown, strong and hot will suffice.  My preference is anything from the South Pacific in a thick mug.  I have started setting a light radio alarm to get me going by 6-ish for these after 06:30 sunrises.  I’m on a Kona blend in a french press lately.

And which Ethiopian decided to take the pit of berry, grind it and add boiling water? 

International Coffee Day

Coffee in the morning; coffee and a catch up with old friends; going for coffee with your new hot date – we drink coffee morning, day and night with friends, business associates and lovers. You have only to walk down the nearest high street and note the number of coffee chains to realise the extent of our love affair with our favourite caffeinated beverage.

Whether you favour espresso, americanos, lattes or cappuccinos; iced, decaf, instant or filter – Coffee Day is the day to savour and appreciate your beverage, and maybe even pick one up for free at certain chains in the USA.

Coffee Day also marks the long history of the drink: the properties of coffee beans are thought to have first been discovered in Ethiopia. The beans are actually the pits found in the coffee berry or cherry. The story goes that a 9th century goat herder noticed their stimulating effects on his goats and began experimenting.

Coffee drinking was originally popularised in the Arab world from around the 15th century spreading across Asia then to Italy and across Europe and to the Americas – and finally to your coffee cup.

Today, coffee is one of the world’s biggest crops so buying ethically grown coffee is all the more important – be sure to be selective in buying your cup of coffee and supporting ethical trade.

So when you drink your cup of coffee today, inhale its aroma, taste its dark and full-bodied flavour, think about its story – but most of all enjoy.

Taxing Business

Bajadock: The new tax rate of 16% has chased Mexican consumers to the USA for their purchasing power.  This reminds us of the old Mexican economic bromide that when your restaurant is doing half of the business as last year, double your prices to fill the deficit.  

“Five percent, that’s all?”, you say.  That question would be posed by someone who has never managed inventory nor payroll.  Or from a “business is evil” and “profit” is a menace to society protester.  Add in that most household consumer products are less expensive in USA than Mexico.  

Thanks that the San Ysidro/Tijuana border crossing seems to be smoothed out for 1 hour and less waits.  We’ll see how that develops during December Christmas shopping.  

AFN Tijuana

Tijuana BC September 28, 2014 (AFN) .- The increase in Value Added Tax (VAT) from 11% to 16% for border residents, has greatly damaged Baja California, affecting the household economy, and purchasing power, quality of life and employment opportunities for its people; having resulted in a substantial increase in the leakage of consumers in the United States.

This was the result of a study conducted by the polling Imerk house, the CEO of the company said,

Through a statement, announced that, as to the situation with VAT approval for eight out of ten people the current economic situation in California is bad perception decreases in seven residents of Tecate and in young people aged 18 to 25 years.

More than perception

Lugo said that this is more than a perception, because for six out of ten people’s economic situation has deteriorated home from January to date, rising above seven in Rosarito and the segment of 46 to 65 years.

Regarding the impact of the VAT increase in similar proportion to study earlier this year, now nine out of ten people claim that their purchasing power has decreased with the increase in VAT to go from 11% to 16%, proportion except Rosarito, where the impact is unanimous (95.8%), remains similar in the other four municipalities.

He said that nine out of ten people believe that the VAT increase has affected their quality of life, having a greater impact on the people of Tijuana and Mexicali, as well as women and people from 36 to 65 years; and now eight in ten residents of Baja California believe that the job in which the person responsible for the household economy works has been affected by the approval of VAT, a proportion that rises to nine in Tijuana and Rosarito and in people 36 to 65 years.

Buy more in EU

Manuel Lugo noted that on the issue of leakage of consumers in the United States, this phenomenon was intensified after the VAT increase, as currently six in ten people have stopped buying any product in the national territory to acquire in the United States, a figure that five to six passes with respect to the measurement at the end of January, increasing to seven in Mexicali and in people 26 to 35 years.

He stressed that the current leakage of consumers not only involves those who have documents to cross the United States, relative to 55.3% who have stopped buying any product in their city of residence was identified that ten people seven cross and buy your products but the other three do entrusting their purchases to another person, as it rises to four in the people of Tijuana.

Besides, contrary to the information obtained at the beginning of the year when half of the Baja California were hoping that the federal government would back the VAT increase at the border, currently six out of ten people believe that the federal government will not do anything about it and keep the approval of 16%.

Perfect Ensenada Weather


foto por IRE

After more heat than usual, Ensenada and northern Baja return to the best weather on the planet.  IRE’s photo, above, inclues warm water and a cool cloud massaging Punta Banda like a gentle hand.


If we could only squeeze a few raindrops out of the sky.

Windows are open at night and the beginning of an autumn chill in the air each morning.

Scenic Road Before December?

Bajadock:  The idea discussed in this article is to open two temporary lanes along the scenic road collapse.  Those lanes would follow the dirt path that is being used for the Ensenada Rosarito bicycle ride.   The landslide is approximately 300 yds wide, so the temporary lanes circumventing that would only be about 1/4 mile around.  We like it and hope they rally for this solution as well as the Bajamar exit temporary road.  

El Mexicano

ENSENADA.- responsibilities should fincar against whom or who incurred “miscalculations” that ultimately constituted a mockery for ensenadenses not open to the Carretera Scenic, said yesterday the dipu-State Armed Reyes Ledesma, during travel to the devastated area.

He noted further that requires political will and social meaning of the authorities of Capufe and SCT to meet the suggestions of various collegiate groups about the possibility of building alternate routes that help to streamline the vehicular traffic to Ensenada, and that is that one of the main causes of Ensenada economy has been severely affected.

After touring each of the points where the reconstruction of the damaged section was performed, leading the Special Commission to monitor these works by the State Congress, the legislature was accompanied by construction specialists for the US found the level of progress that carry the Works and said “surprised” that the authorities of not enable Capufe “even two lanes” so they can pass through that stretch hundreds of vehicles that currently saturate the free road Tijuana-Ensenada.

Observing that has enabled a channel for passage of the bike ride Rosarito-Ensenada, suggested to delegate Capufe, Rosa Maria Castañeda Guadiana, the embankment is almost ready, may well be conditioning and for traveling through this route Communication percent or perhaps thousands of vehicles and not wait until December.

“… The thing is that there seems to be awareness among officials about Capufe continue to cause enormous damage to the economy of all sectors of Ensenada, with the delay in the opening of the scenic road; we see no reason not to do so, because the embankment is ready, it is a matter of tending the asphalt even in two lanes and continue working while the additional work, “said the legislator to the official.

His appreciation was well received by presidents of the various agencies of the private sector, Association of Professional Engineers and the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry, although they acknowledged that the decision is one’s authority, because progress presenting works reconstruction allow it, so much so that one lane for the bike ride was already enabled.

Technically it is possible to open that stretch to the movement, but what is lacking is the will and sense of social authorities insisted Congressman Reyes Ledesma, to which the delegate Capufe had no answer.

The work immediate option, he said, is that proposed the College of Engineering, voice Picket Jorge Briseno, who showed the plane where you can enable an interconnection path from the bridge to Santa Rosa Cantamar, which are no more than five miles and not cost more than 60 million construction within a period not exceeding three months, he said.

On the alternate route which already works SCT Bajamar the Free road and then to Bypass Ensenada, the speakers agreed that is viable, but is planned long term and what is needed right now is an immediate solution that can occur with the two alternatives proposed: put two lanes on the causeway is almost completed in no more than 300 meters long and the alternate route proposed by the College of Engineering.

That would solve the immediate problem, albeit temporarily and would not need to wait until mid-December so that the road is open, but a matter of will and sense of social authorities, noted Reyes Ledesma.

During the tour yesterday, once again presented the developments leading these works and is expected to reopen the road by mid-December and the component Members of the Special Committee, including René Mendívil Adrian Acosta and now it will be possible Cuauhtemoc Cardona Benavides, as well as federal, Ricardo Medina Fierro, deputy promised to keep an eye on its progress.

Another commitment they made to sensitize Capufe central authorities and the SCT, to meet the proposed provisionally open the road and note the alternate route proposed by the College of Engineering.

San Ysidro Border Wait Video

This past week, the lineups at northbound San Ysidro border crossing have been at 30 minutes and less.

Tropical Storm Rachel

Weather Underground Tropical Storm Rachel

Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride

by staff traffic engineer, W.E. Coyote                    

TRAFFIC WARNING:  If you are planning on visiting Ensenada or coming through Ensenada on your way south this Saturday, get through downtown ‘Nada by 10AM.   Traffic will be constricted between the toll booth and downtown from later morning through late afternoon.

ALSO, ROSARITO Free Road(Downtown from Rosarito Beach Hotel south) will be closed for the bicyclists.  Rosarito might get back to some sort of normal after noon.  Bicyclists will be on Free Road between Rosarito and La Mision until mid-afternoon with another traffic choke point where the Scenic/Toll Road exits at La Mision/La Fonda to the Free Road.


This has been a service of the ACME emergency warning system.

Bajamar Alternate Scenic Route reported Sep 24 2104 on the BajaMar alternate route.

We reported on this BajMar alternate route Feb 25 2014 and wrote this:

Bajadock: The proposed detour from Toll Road k77 @ Bajamar/Jatay to Rancho Bonito(just south of the wine valley connector) on the Free Road is 12k(7 miles) in length.  My map above is accurate on the Bajamar and Rancho Bonito points, but, the path is just my guess.  Also, the end of this article mentions a “second stage of the project … with the bypass link”.   By bypass link, are they talking about a connection to the Libramiento project, that bypasses Ensenada to the east?  Looking forward to details.  In the land of  mañana, while we wait, the good news is that traffic on the Free Road has been flowing smoothly since the Dec 28 landslide on the Toll Road.

Today we see HOORAY!  THX to B.G. for the clue.  I envision fierce battles for taco stand turf at the Bajamar exit.

ranchobonita  An estimated 2 billion pesos investment manage the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) in 2015 to build an alternate route from Bajamar free road to Ensenada Mission.

To lessen the negative effects left by the collapse of a section of motorway on 28 December, federal authorities initiated studies in this artery dirt, which will develop a work connection, which will be optimal for freight heavy.

The delegate of the SCT in Baja, Alfonso Pesqueira Parents reported that the progress of this project is 75 percent, and it identified as a branch from Bajamar the junction with the issuance of the Santa Anita, between San Antonio de las Minas and Sauzal.

“The project will be completed as such the month of October, and begin the process of Environmental Impact Assessment (MIA) and change of land use where required, in addition to seeking registration with the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP ), “he said.

In the first stage will invest 800 million pesos, while in the second thousand 200 million pesos to build the stretch of 24.3 kilometers, with four lanes in each direction and berms 22 feet wide.

The official said that extra resources will be sought, because, by now, the Congress has already determined the budget for the following year.

The details were announced yesterday morning when federal officials, private sector and state representatives held a meeting at the Las Rosas at 10:00 am, which called for greater communication about progress on scenic highway Tijuana-Ensenada.

After the meeting, the group together with the mayor of Ensenada, Ensenada’s mayor, Gilberto Hirata Chico, joined a tour of the landslide in the area where there was a meeting with Mauricio Sanchez Woodworth, director of Road Infrastructure Capufe.


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