Machete Sales

By staff writer D. Trejo

Seems that the same day federal authorities backed down on evicting La Bufadora merchants, they were patrolling Punta Banda neighborhoods for undocumented aliens, aka gringos.  It is a well known fact that many in this area don’t possess the proper, if any, Mexican visa for residing here.

Federales must have a quota to fill today.  And as the Feds were in the area anyway…

Hundreds of gringos flocked to the new machete vendor in Campo La Jolla, Punta Banda for these shiney tools, aka Visas Emergencias.  Log and gasoline sales were also brisk.

The local bulletin board was filled with questions about machete sharpening services in the area.

La Bufadora Eviction Mañana


Photo by Bajadock.  This was my view from Colonia Puerto Escondido down to La Bufadora eviction(La Bufadora desalojo) protest at 10:30 this morning.  The crowd of protestors, right side of photo, must have known about the 10AM eviction plan.


Photo by Bajadock.  View of the Police car lineup and boys in blue(center left) in riot gear.

Police staging area was Lobo restaurant near Calimax Maneadero.  Our reporters, “D” and “L” were eyewitnesses to the staging and we thank them for their accurate reporting.

Boys in blue getting ready to rumble.

Locals with sticks, pipes, machetes united(photo by El Mexicano)


Zeta Tijuana  photo by Zeta Tijuana

At exactly 10:00 am on Monday, September 22, a brawl between police and merchants of Bufadora in Ensenada, shouts and verbal violent clashes occurred was raised when the locals in uniform, accompanied by the legal department of the municipality attempted XXI complete the eviction order granted by the seventh district judge.

Armed with machetes and sticks rods vendors mentioned tourist area warned the authorities not to evict the premises – whose ownership remains in dispute between Esteban Cantú Ejidatarios the families with whom Alvarez-Diaz surrounded with a fence of wood gasoline-soaked ready to burn.

About 500 citizens formed a human wall to prevent the judge’s order was executed, the organizers of the operating protection reported 150 people Morena political party had come to offer support for the resistance.

The two hundred officers who sent them out there were also prepared with riot gear, shields and clubs handguns. For several tense minutes, both groups remained face to face about 4 feet away, until the city authorities decided to abort the eviction.

“For lack of safe” said city police director Enrique Villarreal his argument was that he did not want to put lives at risk, they would inform the mayor to turn submit this version to judge and determine what this leading.

Area Traders meanwhile reported that remain on guard day and night, input the next 48 hours, to avoid being caught, and depending on the judge’s order following act accordingly.

Bajadock: Below, El Vigia video shows the end of today’s drama.  Note the handshake between machete guy and the cop toward the end.

San Ysidro Flows

San Diego Red

Thousands of hours of human lives and thousands of gallons of gas were saved this week at the San Ysidro Port of Entry after seven lanes that had been shut down during construction of the revamped border crossing were reopened and manned for the first time in more than two years. On social media, commuters are expressing their happiness and relief, and are hoping that this is the new norm.

On Sunday evening, which is one of the peak crossing times due to all the people returning back home after visiting Mexico over the weekend, wait times can range from two to four hours in the standard and Ready lanes. Last night, reports indicated that wait times were well under an hour. Monday mornings are also peak crossing times, with the 8am average being just under 2.5 hours. This morning, as I write this, the reported wait time for both standard and Ready lanes according the the Customs and Border Protections’ website is “no delay, ” which means that it is probably less than 15 minutes long.

The former 1970’s structure has been replaced with 25 double-stacked northbound lanes, which means that (technically) there could be 46 inspection booths processing an estimated average of 50,000 vehicles at the busiest border crossing in the world. There is still work to be done, including the second and third phases to construct new facilities to process the estimated average of 25,000 pedestrians per day, and to add nine additional vehicular lanes,

and the rerouting of southbound lanes into Mexico.

During the next few months, as construction continues, it is expected that one to three lanes may be closed intermittently to finalize work. Back in April of 2013, authorities opened 43 booths during one long weekend as a test to determine how additional lanes improve border wait times. The results then were the same as they are now that the reopening is permanent: it makes a huge difference. Over the long-term, the decreased wait times can literally change the lives and lifestyles of border crossers.

The new border crossing will also include artwork, including an installation of rippling light over the processing booths activated by the passing cars. The U.S. General Services Administration, which is in charge of the construction and administration of the border crossing facility, will be investing $500,000 to commision artists to create new artwork for the border. The cost of the entire project, once completed including all three phases,

is almost $750 million dollars.

With the full infrastructure now in place, border crossers’ main concern is whether there will be sufficient staff to man all available booths. Setting aside the toll that long border wait times take on border crossers’ health (not to mention the environment and border relations) and if it all comes down to dollars and cents, then there should be no reason why the border should be manned at full capacity. Estimates by the San Diego Association of Governments projects an 87 percent increase in traffic by 2030.

It is estimated that $7.2 billion dollars in gross output is lost each year in the U.S. Mexico economies, not to mention an estimated loss of 62,000 jobs according to the most recent (outdated) 2007 study by SANDAG. Mexico is also tremendously harmed by the long border waits, which scares away investors, potential home buyers, and tourists. When you consider the fact that a survey by Crossborder Group, Inc. indicates that close to half of those that cross through border crossings are US Citizens, dual nationals, or US permanent Residents, and hence, are almost definitely paying federal taxes.

The only people that are unhappy with the reduced wait times are the border line vendors, whose stream of customers has practically dried up. Also pedestrian border crossers that are still waiting long times to cross through dilapidated infrastructure. The current wait times for pedestrians, at 8am, is reportedly two hours for both Standard Lanes and the Readylane. This is a long time to stand on your feet, especially if you still have to put in an eight hour day once you’ve crossed.

- See more at:

San Ysidro Border Wait Times



One hour on Sunday evening rush hour back to USA?  WOWZERS, that is fast!




13 minutes in ready lane on Sunday night?  That’s a couple of speed bumps for most of us, thank you!

Border Wait Times

From another forum: SY(San Ysidro) crossing has been faster all week. It’s spooky…I am cruising up to the booths with very few cars in line. It’s like going in a DMV office and getting fast and friendly service. No, not possible. I must be dreaming. Could not be true….DMV that is (in CA) but the SY crossing seems to be working.

After watching the construction process over a couple years and seeing the changes come to life, me thinks it is working.


Sunday Hike



797 FT
837 FT
1082 FT
This morning’s 5 mile hike starts ez(find light blue circle) with a downhill toward the hidden beach, then backtracks(mile 2) over to La Bufadora, climbs the power line trail(mile 3) and rejoins the road back up the hill(mile 4) to Colonia Puerto Escondido.
Finished off an excellent workout week of consistent weight work, 4 interval workouts and some less stressful hikes like this “EZ like Sunday Morning” tour.   Only work on this hike is the climb from La Buf up the power line.
The colors and random artwork of the La Bufadora neighborhood are always fun.  Saw a new chicken ornament today.   It was a sleepy, quiet morning here.
Tomorrow’s storm of the eviction will be a different mood.
Cherry protein shake is tasting very nice, thanks to finding frozen cherries on sale at Target.  I’m not much of a Target shopper.  But, friend needed an inexpensive French coffee press and Tar Zhay had them on clearance sale Thursday.  Thanks “H” for that distraction.


This cartoon fairly characterizes my opinion of politicians.

Perhaps you are a fan of one of the contrived political parties.  You may believe what they say.  Possibly, you did not receive a properly working bullshit meter with your high school graduation diploma.

For me, actions speak volumes.

I’m convinced most of the women and men in major political positions lost their run for high school class president and have made it their lifelong mission to correct that emotional ego damage.

Cabo Cantina Marina Open

Bajadock: Thanks to Craig on Talk Baja for posting this news.  After a week of tragedy and slogging through the mess, Cabo locals may have some light at the end of the tunnel.   #cabocantinamarina

Amigos! Cabo se está levantando y nosotros también! Estamos listos para recibirlos; tenemos cerveza fría, internet, comida y los partidos de la NFL! estamos abiertos a partir de hoy de 9 am a 5 pm!

Dear friends! We are ready to receive you! We have cold beer, internet, food and the NFL games on! We will be open from 9 am to 5 pm!

Talk Baja

Talk Baja Facebook page is your best resource for news about Baja.

Talk Baja is a community resource, thanks to Ron Gomez of San Quintin area.  It is an open forum for sharing news, information, photos, videos and more.  When a natural disaster like Hurri Odile hits, Talk Baja has been filling in the gaps where electricity and internet outages have failed.

Thanks Ron and  T.B. posters for continued updates.

Border Protest Canceled

Zach Noble/The Blaze

UPDATE (9:30 a.m. EDT): One of the “Shut Down All Ports of Entry” organizers has shed more light on why the protest was called off hours before it was supposed to begin: cartel threats.

“It was [a] cartel threatening a blood bath, [Facebook] hits coming [en] masse from Mexico,” Stasyi Barth told TheBlaze Saturday. “One of the organizers was being followed and was verbally told not to go.”

The plan had been to take a stand for American sovereignty, with ordinary citizens taking action to block the ports of entry along the U.S. border.

But early Saturday morning, a lead organizer of the “Shut Down All Ports of Entry” protest pulled the plug: Because of “an unsubstantiated threat of mass violence to attendees,” the event was cancelled mere hours before it was supposed to begin.

Shut Down All Ports Border Protest Cancelled

Citing the threat of violence and “suspicious activity” on the group’s Facebook page, Stasyi Barth said the protest was cancelled around 5 a.m. EDT Saturday.

“Your lives, and the lives of our law enforcement, are more important than any protest,” she wrote.

The protest had called for “deeply concerned” Americans to coordinate en masse and drive up to ports of entry all along the U.S. border and stop their vehicles, with the hope, organizers said, that the resulting economic disruption would force elected officials on both sides of the border to find solutions to illegal immigration into the U.S.

“[Support for the protest is in] Arizona, Texas, everywhere,” Barth, who’s based in California, told TheBlaze on Friday. “We have a Constitution that’s not being abided by. Americans are losing their rights, and America is losing its sovereignty.”

On Friday, Barth said she could not say how many people planned to participate in the protest, though the number of members of the “Shut Down All Ports of Entry” Facebook group — nearly 2,000 early Saturday — gives some indication.

The planned protest had been painted as a militia movement and criticized by government officials and law enforcement over the past few weeks, but Barth stressed that the protest was always meant to be a peaceful affair.

Here’s the list of ports of entry that had been slated for closure, as Breitbart reported:

Texas: Laredo, Rio Grande City, Presidio, Hildago, Brownsville and Del Rio.

California: Calexico West, Calexico East, Otay Mesa, Tecate and San Ysidro.

New Mexico: Columbus and Santa Theresa.

Arizona: Naco, Nogales, Douglas and San Luis.

It remains unclear whether protestors might still show up despite the cancellation for the protests, which were slated to begin at 11 a.m. EDT Saturday.

It was also unclear early Saturday how law enforcement, which had prepared to deploy “whatever force is necessary” to keep the ports open during the protest, might investigate the threats of violence that got the event cancelled.

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Ensenada Malecon Bridge

The new Ensenada Malecon bridge apparently jumps from the Cruiseport north to the malecon in this artistic rendering.  The Museo de Caracol(snail museum), our favorite whipping mollusk, would be bypassed by the majority of cruise ship passengers.  Maybe the burnt remains of Anthony’s can be made into a historical museum of adult entertainment and STD pharmaceutical services in Ensenada…  “Museo de Gorila”

The Port Authority of Ensenada, API renovations begin from September 30 this year, in the area of the Window to the Sea and the boardwalk, so there will be space for events until further notice.

The work aims to achieve a more efficient connection between the terminal and the Malecon Cruise through the construction of a bridge to facilitate city tour enjoying an alternative view.

The last modernization of the boardwalk was 15 years ago and now what is sought is to consolidate new attractions to enjoy the Ensenada and visitors to the city.

Thus, the API aims to strengthen the infrastructure and quality of services of the port.


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