Citizens Secure Neighborhoods

The insecurity that is registered in the city bordered on residents of different colonies in Ensenada to restrict access at certain times of the day and at night to strangers like the same police officers who do not enter to patrol.

The initiative to close roads is of the inhabitants, who did it without consulting any authority.

“One of the problems was that they never arrived (policemen) when we called them, they spent up to half an hour without attending and the thieves at that time were already gone, or they were arrested but the next day they are already free and they rob us again” , Shared Fernanda who lives in San Marino.

Another similar case is the private Bay of Peace in the fractionation Villa Bonita where each of the 40 families that live there paid 700 pesos to buy high-tech security equipment.

According to a document delivered at each address are 300 pesos for the automated metal door and security cameras 24 hours a day and 400 pesos for a remote control.

“For the safety and tranquility of our homes, we have to work.”, is the motto they use.

Even with this control, neighbors have decided that the access code will be changed periodically to prevent it from leaking into other people outside the community.

In the case of the colony Moderna, Moderna Oeste and San Marino, they also cooperated to buy chains, steel anchors, signs with messages from ‘ALTO’, neighbors watching and at night they close the streets with chains and padlock.

Neighbors from different settlements agree with the businessmen who say that agents do not reach the 911 or 089 calls for help and feed false alarm statistics.

Vigilance with security guards is no longer an alternative because they do not trust private security companies either.



Saturday’s “transporter” thrill ride included some amazing scenery, surprising fuel efficiency and a speedy border crossing south at Tijuana.  Transported vehicle A from Reno to San Diego and vehicle B from San Diego to Ensenada.

Decided upon I-359.  Interstate 5(oh, excuse me “THEE 5” for californicators) is a horrible drive.  Ever try Bakersfield for a vacation?

Began the day just south of Reno, NV at the Bridgeport Inn.  This is a “charming”(translation = overpriced) motel with a funky bar and restaurant. Bar and restaurant were booming and all of the serving plates looked delicious, including prime rib.

It was a quiet sleep Friday night with shared bathrooms for a hallway of approx 8 guest rooms.

It was definitely basic “sheets and shower” + wifi,  my only needs for a guest room.  Had a couple of Stellas in the bar, then crashed in bed.  No a/c., no tv.  Don’t need tv and glad I was at 6,643 feet above sea level for cool climate.

As I put my stuff back into my vehicle at 6AM, I smell doughnuts.  Not a doughnut fan, but where doughnuts march, a babbling brook of coffee is usually nearby.

Love small towns and their mom/pop business establishments.

Told owner I would be interested in something, but, that I’m not a very sweet guy.  She showed me 2 trays of puffy croissants with ham and cheese.  HEAVENLY were the smells of the croissant and Blind Dog coffee as I began my trip south.

50F degrees in summertime at sunrise is a wonderful thing.

About 15 miles south of Bridgeport, I was greeted by this fun sunrise at Mono Lake.

The hills and lakes south of Reno, Yosemite and Mammoth Lakes is a fun area that I had never visited.  But, this was a pedal to metal “Transporter” day and I had little time for play.  Will return for fun in near future.

Luv seeing snow on mountains in summer.

After coming out of the pine tree paradise into the desert after Bishop, CA, had to turn my cruise control on and search for music.  The stretch from Bishop to San Bernardino is a big snooze.

Every time I am in the San Bernardino to Temecula(or versa vice) parade, where do all of these cars come from?  It is always a parking lot and I hope to not return for many years.

Great news is that the Tijuana El Chaparral border crossing south at 5PM Saturday is easy.  Only saw one vehicle pulled over for inspection.

The beach and trash were crowded at Playa La Mision. I wonder how often they haul away that huge trash dumpster on south end of beach.

Someone please tell me what is attractive about this scene at Playa La Mision?  No wonder that I am a monk.  Maybe they are all from Mexicali where it is 200F degrees.

I prefer my beaches like this one at Poco Cielo, La Mision.

Got home at 7:30PM for a 13 hour drive with only one coffee, gas, bladder stop.

My one day drive record is just over 1200 miles.  That was Parker, CO to Coeur d’Lane, ID in 2000, where I set my personal land speed record of 154mph.  Needed to verify that the 911 Targa would perform as described in the owner’s manual.

Thrilled to be home.

My “Transporter” movie crew:  Thanks to “PS” for the white whale, “R” for brief relief on electrical project, “D” for quick hidden storage solution, “R” and “R” for security team, “I” for camera work and “H” and “J” for happy hour.

Special assist goes to the entire team at Lithia Subaru Reno.  These pros know how to take care of customers.

These events occurred between 6AM and midnight Saturday.  No animals(OK, a few thousand bugs were eliminated at 75MPH) were harmed during the filming of this movie.


San Ysidro Morning Ready Lane

Having a SENTRI border pass without a sentri-fied vehicle can be a challenge.

This was the scene Friday morning, 5:15AM at San Ysidro(Tijuana) Ready Lane.  The lineup was backed up past the Nissan Dealership, but, 10 lanes available had me through in 35 minutes.  That was good, as I had to catch an airplane ride out of San Diego.

Past 2 times at SY Ready, noticed of the 2 approach lanes, the right moves more quickly.  That is subjective, but, looks like the left lane that curves harder left to spread to the 10 available booths has people hesitating and coin-flipping their perfect choice for a fast lane.

The right lane has fewer options and a less harsh left turn.

Six SENTRI, ten Ready and six regular lanes were available this Friday commute.  There have been times that the regular lanes have been less crowded than Ready.  This morning was not that way.

CBP guards have been very chatty with me.  Today’s guy asked where I lived.  The he asked me about the South Dakota license plate story.  He was kind and my time anxiety was eased due to speed of today’s Ready Lane.  Chatted with him for a minute and hauled to the airport for my first coffee of the day.

Doc, what’s the dif between those different lanes?  Let your fingers hit the keyboard, boys and girls.  I charge big bucks for my border expertise consulting.

Ready Lane routing in bright lime green on map:

Ensenada Wine Harvest Fest


La Muestra , the event that brings together the best wine labels of the Valley of Guadalupe in Ensenada, and which is part of the events of the Harvest Festival , organized by Provino , held another edition last Friday, and we were there To be able to try the best of the best.

The event had diverse gastronomic samples by the great variety of restaurants of the city, who were in charge of looking for the appropriate dishes, with ingredients of the region to achieve perfect pairing with the wines of the Valley of Guadalupe.

The Cultural Center Riviera is adorned year after year with this event, this time were three thousand people who could enjoy it, drink wine, eat the best of food and spend a pleasant moment with the best music.

We left some images of the event for your was the one of those who missed it this year and you are scheduling a date for the next one, and that, without a doubt, is an event that can not be missed.

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ViaSat New Internet Satellite Launch

Bajadock: Viasat’s Exede internet is a big improvement(yep, with problems) over the first generation of satellite internet service available for Baja.  Starband was my first satellite internet provider, yuck.  I’m a big believer in technology and competition.  Hope this satellite deployment and competitors continue to race for faster, more reliable and more affordable internet.

Approximately 29 minutes after liftoff, the ViaSat-2 mission was underway with the satellite separating from the launch vehicle. First signals from the satellite were acquired shortly thereafter through a ground station at Hassan, India. In the coming days, ViaSat-2 will start orbit raising with its chemical propulsion system, followed by solar array deployments, and will then switch over to its electric propulsion system to complete orbit raising over the coming months. ViaSat expects it will take several months for ViaSat-2 to reach its final orbital destination, located at 69.9° west longitude.

Mark Dankberg, ViaSat’s chairman and CEO commented, “Today’s successful launch is a momentous event in ViaSat’s history. It represents the culmination of hard work, dedication and commitment to technical excellence from across the ViaSat team. We also want to recognize our launch team partners, Boeing and Arianespace, for their support and collaboration in helping us successfully launch ViaSat-2.”

ViaSat-2 is a geostationary satellite that operates in Ka-band frequencies. It was designed to offer high-capacity connectivity and wide coverage, with the flexibility to move capacity to where demand requires it.

ViaSat-2 is expected to significantly improve speeds, reduce costs and expand the footprint of broadband services across North America, Central America, the Caribbean, a portion of northern South America, as well as the primary aeronautical and maritime routes across the Atlantic Ocean between North America and Europe.

Dankberg continued, “The innovations in our ViaSat-2 spacecraft and underlying network will enable us to be one step closer to connecting the world, and delivering new higher speed fixed and mobility services that will continue to compete with traditional broadband services.”

“Arianespace is excited to have delivered for ViaSat!  We are proud to have launched one of the world’s most advanced telecommunications satellites, ViaSat-2, safely to orbit. Great things are in store for our friends at ViaSat,” said Stéphane Israël, CEO of Arianespace.

“We are honored that ViaSat has put their trust in Boeing to build and deliver their next-generation satellite, ViaSat-2, a high-power 702 satellite with advanced capabilities that will help ViaSat connect millions around the world through high-speed broadband service,” said
Mark Spiwak, president, Boeing Satellite Systems International.

About ViaSat

ViaSat, Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT) keeps the world connected. As a global broadband services and technology company, ViaSat ensures consumers, businesses, governments and military personnel have communications access – anywhere – whether on the ground or in-flight. The Company’s innovations in designing highest-capacity satellites and secure ground infrastructure and terminal technologies coupled with its international network of managed Wi-Fi hotspots enable ViaSat to deliver a best available network that extends the reach and accessibility of broadband internet service, globally. For more information visit ViaSat at:, or follow the Company on
social media:  FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and YouTube.

CBP Liquid Meth Video


A recently released video shows a Tijuana teenager drinking a lethal dose of liquid methamphetamine while being questioned by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers.

Sixteen-year-old Cruz Marcelino Velázquez Acevedo died screaming and convulsing after he consumed the stimulant while in federal custody at the San Ysidro Port of Entry in November 2013. His family and the government agreed to a $1 million settlement in March.

According to the legal complaint, Velázquez told the officers that the amber-colored substance in the two bottles he brought across the border was apple juice he had purchased in Mexico.

The lawsuit alleged that “the two agents told a young man to drink the liquid to prove to them that it was fruit juice and not a drug,” Eugene Iredale, attorney for the teenager’s family, said in March. “He did that, and as a result, he died.”

Iredale said Velázquez was a high school student in Tijuana with no criminal record, and that it was believed that he was paid $100 to $200 to cross the border with the two bottles of drugs.

When Velázquez entered the country he told an officer he was headed to the United States to visit an uncle, and was sent to secondary screening by an officer, where he eventually drank the liquid.

Hwy 1 to 6 Lanes in Maneadero

Bajadock: Seems like there is an article about discussion/planning/resourcing every other month about making the 5 kilometer stretch from Chapultepec to Maneadero look like a real highway.  Above is the scene from 2 years ago when half of that  5K was repaved.  Apparently, these projects require money!

The expansion of the so-called “death stretch” would cost an estimated 200 million pesos and while these resources will be obtained, rehabilitation, signaling and improvement of the road from Chapultepec to Maneadero will be carried out.

Orlando Toscano Montaño, regidor and president of the commission responsible for the care of that stretch of road, reported the previous after holding a meeting with municipal officials and the federal deputy Wenceslao Martinez Santos.

He explained that the municipal government already has the executive project of the work and an investment of 200 million pesos is estimated, but this does not include the adequacy of a Cespe aqueduct that would be affected by this expansion.

Regarding the aqueduct would cost 20 million pesos that would have to be applied by the State Public Services Commission of Ensenada, said Toscano Montaño.

Seek resources
He said that also the federal deputy Eloisa Talavera Hernandez and the local deputies Rocío López Gorosave and Alejandro Arregui Ibarra, have joined the work to get the resources that are required to convert that stretch of road into a boulevard with six lanes.

However, acknowledged the councilman, this is a very strong investment that the municipal government can not apply for what will have to look for federal and state resources, work involving the mayor Marco Antonio Novelo Osuna, as federal lawmakers As state.

Toscano concluded that as long as this resource is obtained, there is the disposition of the municipal president to carry out the work of repair of the stretch, improvement of signage and lighting and also seek to strengthen the presence of police and traffic agents for prevention Of accidents.



Taco y Cerveza Fest


Horse Carriage Halter

photo 10 July, Zetatijuana

ENSENADA BC, JULY 28, 2017 (AFN) .- The 22nd City Council of Ensenada reported that the issue of horses transporting calandrias with passengers as a local tourist service is being analyzed by the municipal order of government in depth.

In the first instance as the authority closest to the population, any act of animal abuse, as well as the breach of applicable current regulations, is denied, according to a statement.

The Municipal Government said that the calender service is subject, on the advice of Mayor Marco Novelo Osuna, for several weeks to a review process, by various agencies that make up the City of Ensenada.

Among the units that are legally studying the subject – from its field of competence – are: the Directorate of Urban Administration, Ecology and Environment; The Municipal Public Security Directorate; The Municipal Transportation Unit; The Department of Legal Affairs and the Department of Medical Services.

The communiqué mentions that the 22 City Council has received citizen complaints for this issue, which has been present in the first square of the city for many years.

“To date no permit has been found for the operation of the” calandrias “by the municipal authority, which is empowered to grant them as a tourist transport service.

The 22 City Council reiterates the commitment that at the conclusion of the review, the results will be reported and action will be taken accordingly, respecting and enforcing what the laws and regulations establish.

This is due to the public rejection that the inhabitants of the port expressed in social networks when they saw a photograph of a horse lying on a street in front of the cruise terminal.

The people dedicated to this activity have a profile on Facebook entitled “Paseos Calandrias”, where they clarified that the animal is in good condition commenting “For people who are really worried about the horse that staged an accident on the Boulevard, I inform you That he is in perfect condition. Your comments are accepted, just remember that we are not all equal, and it is not fair that some pay for all, “they said.

Frontera 16 June

Scenic Road Trip Report

My mind was in another universe as I drove up to San Diego this past Monday.  Planned to use OtayReady Lane, but, mind on other matters put me  in TJ centro.  No worry, as it’s a 10 minute hop over to Otay.

OUCH, the Otay Ready lane was a mess.  Monday?  No way to get in from TJ airport side unless you go all the way back down to the Rio, then hike back uphill to what was likely a 2 hour wait.

 Opted for TJ Ready and it was flowing normally, as expected.

Discovered this little cafe along the TJ Ready lane.

I did not stop Monday morning, as it appears that the live entertainment is heightened at night.  I’m curious about the “discount menu”, mentioned on the marquis.

TJ Ready was about 50 minutes, which isn’t as bad as root canal for me.  But, the CBP dude at the booth was either Mr Skilled Investigator Joe Friday or a standup comedian.

“What were you doing in Tijuana?”. “What are you bringing with you today?”. “What are you doing in San Diego?”. “What kind of work do you do in Ensenada?”. “Where did you last live in the states?”. “What did you do for a living?”. “What kind of sales?”. “What kind of technology, flashlights? Hah.”. “How long did you do that?”. “Why did you choose Ensenada?”. “Is this your car?”. “Where is your car?”. “You have SENTRI? Can I see your SENTRI pass?”.

I’m not kidding/exaggerating. Geegollywillickers, this was a new record by about 3 times the amount of questions in my ten years of MEX/USA border crossing. I was tempted to do the “file a complaint” drama, but, I had no time for more bureaucracy.

Enjoyed a productive day in San Diego.  But, southbound traffic on I-5 Monday afternoon at 4 was full.  It was right at a 1 hour south border crossing.

But, this was my first ever time going through the declare items process.  “Waitaminute, 10 years, and this is your first time to declare an item?”.  Yes!

So, I see right lane for “declare” and follow a couple of tour vans + guy with a closed trailer that may have been a motorcyle rig.  I’m sitting there for approx 10 minutes, get out and ask a guy what is happening.  OOPS, I missed the BIG right lane further west where you fill out a document that looks like it was written by a third grader, give it to an inspection dude, he does his lookey, you go inside the SAT building and pay your tax of 16%.

Okay, paid my respects to Mexican law, so I’ll be on my way.  JUSTONEMINUTE, Mr Gringo!  Instead of passing through, this is what we call a “box” canyon in Colorado.  There is only one way out and it is a U turn back to the gauntlet of  thousands of vehicles that I had just endured for an hour.  Edging in to a border lane is not for wusses.  But, I’m a grand wuss lately, so watch out.

My very good news is that the paving operation just south of Bajamar has been completed.  That section of approx 1 mile(orange on above map) is back open to two lanes each way, yippee!

The major work at Salsipuedes(yellow) that has been down to 1 lane each way for over a year has no end in sight.

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