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Water Off in TJ, Ros, Ens


TIJUANA BC, APRIL 8, 2017 (AFN) .- Despite the announcement by the State Commission of Public Services of Tijuana (Cespt) that the repairs announced in two days (Wednesday, April 5 and Thursday, April 6) have concluded. Service was suspended in all of Tijuana, Playas de Rosarito and part of Ensenada, until today Saturday 8 at 14:50 hours the lack of vital liquid affects a hundred colonies.

Cespt workers, consulted via telephone line 073, pointed out the above, in which they report that due to leaks and lack of pressure, the service has not been restored to the moment. In the attempt to communicate to the 073, the contact with staff of the parastatal took up to 30 and 50 minutes, according to the workers themselves because of the saturated lines of citizens desperate to know the causes of the problem.

A Cespt employee pointed out that among the affected colonies of Tijuana and Rosarito are the eastern neighborhoods of Urbi and Geo, such as Villas del Sol, Villa Fontana and El Dorado; Besides the Altamira, Residencial Agua Caliente, Hipódromo and diverse sections of Beaches of Tijuana. At the moment you can not inform, he said, about what hours the service will resume, but they are working to get it to you soon.

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