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Sabor de Baja 2017

Press Release:

Rosarito, Baja, Mexico (August 31st, 2017). The fifth annual “Sabor De Baja”, End of Summer, White Affair, occurred last night on August 30th to a record crowd on the ocean front gardens of the historic Rosarito Beach Hotel.

This year’s winners of the 2017 Sabor de Baja were the following:


52KOOL – Chef Oswaldo Flores

Miguel Aleman Valdez 2612, Colonia América
Tijuana Baja California

664 686 3361

https://www.facebook.com/52KOO L/

Paired with Border Psycho Brewery

https://www.facebook.com/Borde rPsychoBrewery/


Mi Casa Supper Club – Chef Jorge Cuadros

54 Estero, San Antonio Del Mar, Tijuana



Paired with Vinos El Cielo



Casa Plascencia – Chef Didier Hernandez

Robirosa 250, Aviación, 22014 Tijuana,

664 686 3604


Paired with Monte Xanic



Koi Sushi – Chef Yaron Del Moral

Paseo Playas de Tijuana 1185, Playas de Tijuana Seccion Jardines, 22500 Tijuana

https://www.facebook.com/Koi-s ushi-445298712272978/

Paired with Valley Girl Wines


Congrats to all the winner and all the participents, please stay tuned for more info and photos over the next 24 hours.

Sabor De Baja


El Corcho Rosa Summer Solstice

Along with FREE tastings of our summer wines, there will be an #alacarte menu

El Corcho Rosa Facebook




El Corcho Rosa Wine Bar

inwinewelust.com  for more info, private tastings, private events, contact, Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, MEXICO



Wine Gift Basket Ideas

Products of the Valle de Guadalupe…DRINK LOCALLY!

Your choice of Valley Girl Wines & olive oil, plus add VG wine glasses and corkscrew. Locally made chocolate, tapenade, marmalade and other goodies available too. Send me a PM to customize your holiday gift basket soon!



Valley Girl Baja Wine Fiesta

by Sitara Monic Perez


Belly on up to El Corcho Rosa this Sunday for a free taste of my new wine, La Vaquera, Chocolates by Colibrí, Good Food to nosh on by SeñorChef and support Tina Jo’s Promise, an equine rescue group. Entrada is gratis! Wear your western gear 8)   Get your cowgirl/cowboy on and win a bottle of Vaquera wine for best dressed.

El Corcho Rosa Facebook page/contact info





Valley Girl Sip and Nibble

Sip & Nibble, oooh!

Saturday, September 3, Noon – 8PM. Valle de Guadalupe  at El Corcho Rosa, tasting room for Valley Girl Baja Wine.  Hosted by Sitara Monica Perez with El Senor Chef.   Valley Girl Baja Wine tasting, bottles and cases for sale, El Senor Chef’s gourmet hors d’oeuvres and Pat Haley’s Colibri Chocolates are part of Saturday’s adventure.  Admission is free, wine and food is easy on your pesos and fun will be unlimited until nighty nighttime arrives.



Beef crostini with caramelized onions the latest to serve at El Corcho Rosa

BONUS: Pat Haley of Colibri Chocolates will be offering her mouthwatering and decadent truffles, almond roca and turtles to the party! Bring your sweet tooth.

Valley Girl Baja Wine

Bajadock: Enjoyed Sitara’s Lady In Red Monday evening at a neighborhood dinner.  The dinner was 3 different salads with crab meat and we started with a medium bodied Chardonnay.  In 20 minutes, we poured the Lady In Red, with its fruity aromas seducing us.  This Rhone style wine(Mourvedre base with Grenache and Syrah) is the perfect pairing for lighter dishes or sip it on its own for a refreshing happy hour, no matter what the clock says.  I MOAN for RHONE!  So, whytheheck did we only have one bottle???

With a Little Help From my Friends  , by Sitara Monica Perez

Posted on January 22, 2014 17 Comments

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve written about life in my wine-drenched world. The 2013 harvest and crush was stressful, exhilarating, satisfying and altogether exhausting but sweetened by the help of two amazing friends, Diana and Chente. Post-harvest had a few moments of rest and recuperation, but only a few …

Last year at this time I had no wine for sale. My new beauties were all resting in their barrels and there wasn’t much for me to do but play with the dogs and explore the valley, chatting with other winemakers and developing my palette for Guadalupe Valley wines. This year, however, I have INVENTORY! I bottled what was in last year’s barrels to make room for this year’s wine and now have finished bottled wine everywhere in my house. The living room has cases stacked four high, five wide. A whole wall in my bedroom is dedicated to cases of finished wine. My hallway is lined with cases of labeled and capsuled wine that is ready to sell. Not being one to sit on my heels for long, I knew I had to get back into marketing and sales or drown in my own creation.

Thankfully I have a brilliant marketing guy on my side. Yep, you know him. He lifted heavy crates of grapes during harvest, built my front porch tasting bar with his son, Jack, and has created a style guide for Valley Girl Baja Wine that has lent polish, sophistication and a touch of glamour to my branding. London born, Chente has elevated my marketing efforts with his eye-popping graphics, attention to detail and phenomenal sense for design.

Having top shelf labels and a vision of what VGBW could be is not enough in itself however. I’ve got the drive and the dedication to take my developing wine business to the next level but do I have the experience? I’m a Liberal Arts major, kids! Business? Boring! I’m pretty sloppy when it comes to accounting to be honest with you. Money comes in, money goes out. That’s my Zen approach to bookkeeping in lieu of keeping a ledger. Fortunately, without consciously intending to I managed to make friends with a retired accountant who has tons of experience with start-up companies. My buddy, Tom’s got the background to speak with authority on what makes a business strong, and a firm grasp on what keeps a business moving forward and thriving. Plus he likes wine, and though I drive him crazy with my multi-focused experiments and shotgun approach to making money, he manages to keep me on track. I fondly refer to Tom as my Business Manager, and he … well, he puts up with me!

complete article

sitara.perez@gmail.com , 646-198-4024 for wine tastings, wine sales and wine tours

El Corcho Rosa

El Corcho Rosa, Valley Girl Baja Wine

Stop #4 of 11, September 2013 Valle de Guadalupe Cork Trail Tour

Needed a change up this early afternoon, so made a VIP reservation at a small  Valle de Guadalupe wine bar, El Corcho Rosa.

There was a crowd of Sitara’s friends there to help her with her Sunday afternoon grape crush.  Errr, make that a gang of grape juice drinkers were hanging at El Corcho Rosa for intensive quality control studies.

Sitara is in year two of her wine making and Valle de Guadalupe adventure.  She also provides tailored wine tours of the wine valley’s eclectic wine offerings.  I had the recent pleasure of two very different Sitara wine tours.  In addition to excellent wine, I learned a lot more about grapes and met some of the most interesting wine makers in the Valle de Guadalupe.c

But, back to wine DRINKING!, Sitara’s current cellar offerings from Valley Girl Baja Wine…


ALSO, Lady in Red: Mourvedre base with Grenache and Syrah

50 Shades of Red: Grenache base with Mourvedre, Cabernet, Syrah and Barbera

Tattoo Lady: Cabernet

We sampled the Sauvignon Blanc(Gold Sister) which was perfect for the warming afternoon sun.  The valley has cooled considerably this week, so that the high temperature today only hit 80F/27C.

Met a handful of locals and some Rosarito Beach invaders at Sitara’s.  Seemed that this gang has been around each other before, but, everyone welcomed us and gave us the wine descriptions.  Nice people to meet and chat, as you would expect of friends of Sitara.

Enjoyed the Tempranillo(Bold Sister), which is a very good wine value, bursting with bold flavors.

Sitara really was working her grapes off that day, as she has been all month.  I was able to catch her for about 30 seconds.

Had to fly to our next victim, so said goodbye to El Corcho Rosa and will invade again soon.  Here is the location:



Winemaker Sitara

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