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Ensenada Interactive Map

Our team of cartographers began plotting popular restaurants, taco stands, wineries and other spots in the Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe area about 5 years ago on the Ensenada Interactive Map.  Click the map above or click here to access it.

The map is constantly updated with new discoveries and is always available on the left side of this website.

No, Hernán Cortés, we can’t possibly map every churro, chicharron and chocolateria location.  The good news is that the map also shows google maps locations that our team has not yet found.  The new Carl’s Jr near the flag in downtown Ensenada is an example.  Blame me, as I’m not a fan of U.S. fast fooderias.

As of May 2017, over 520 locations have been plotted on the map.

When first opening the map, the view can be quite a mess, as Ensenada Centro is dense with business locations.  Zooming in(hit the legend button to remove legend and unhide zoom: lower right) will focus on a more specific area of the city or wine valley.  Click and hold the map to move around.  Hit the legend button again and choose vino, hotel, cafe/Wifi, etc. to search.

The locations plotted by our team, when clicked, will open an info bubble that includes an underlined link to that business website or Facebook page.

Youbetcha, we gladly accept requests to plot on the map.  We will only focus on Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe with the area from La Mision as a northern boundary and Santo Tomas as southern boundary.

Thanks for any suggestions, criticism and commentary on our Ensenada Interactive Map.


Valle de Guadalupe area of map showing winery locations plotted.


The Point at Calafia

Stop #11 of 11, September 2013 Valle de Guadalupe Cork Trail Tour

Our wine valley tour was over, but, vacation was still on.  It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon winding north on the Tijuana-Ensenada free road from El Valle de Guadalupe.  The free road provides a rural look inland and a slightly lazier pace when it rejoins the 4 lane Toll Road/Hwy 1 at La Mision.  You will discover shops, taco stands and other adventures on the Free Road that you would miss from the Toll Road.

The Pontiac Vibrator headed to The Point at Calafia, K35.5.  This was my second visit in 4 days.  The combination of view, ambience, food, service and beverages make The Point at Calafia one of the best ocean view restaurants on the northern Baja coastline.

We settled in for margaritas and beers to accompany our ceviche pescado and ceviche diablo.  The diablo was supposed to be spicy, but, it was mild.  We ordered some hand made salsa to move the mix of fish, octopus and shrimp toward a faster dance.

We were sitting at the ocean side edge of the outdoor dining room enjoying the crashing waves while recounting our adventures in the wine valley.  Sunset was coming soon and that would be the end of our tour.  The only question we were asking was, “When will our next wine valley tour start?”.

Suggest you “like” the Point via their Facebook Page in order to catch specials like today(2 Oct)…

pointspecial   pointcalafia3

Excluding The Point(map and other details here), this map spots the 10 stops of our September 2013 Valle de Guadalupe Cork Trail Tour:


For new wine valley adventurers, the distance from Los Globos Cremeria, at the stop light in San Antonio de las Minas to Malegon’s in Francisco Zarco is 10 miles.  That should assure you that you are never more than 20 minutes away when hopping to and fro the wineries and restaurants.  The full Valle de Guadalupe Interactive map is HERE.

Please share you Valle de Guadalupe finds and adventures.  CHEERS.

Valle de Guadalupe Interactive Map


For my September 2013 Valle de Guadalupe Cork Trail Tour,  I asked around for any updated maps of the wine valley.  From what I found, the most recent map is more than 2 years old and is missing several key restaurants and wineries.

So, here is my attempt.  Click the map above or CLICK HERE to open up the interactive features.

The map is simply a version of the Ensenada Interactive Map.   The VdG version centers the map in the wine valley to ease navigation.

PLEASE send corrections, additions, modifications, photos, websites that will help me flesh out this map so that less familiar tourists can enjoy this treasure of a wine valley.

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