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Maneadero Hwy 1 Repair Funded?

Bajadock: News articles have been discussing funding for the repair of “Tramo de Muerte” stretch from Chapultepec to Maneadero past few weeks.  Here is hoping that discussion and planning move toward action.  Every time I’m driving in this area, my senses are on high alert for sudden lane changers, sudden entry/exit and other craziness. Careful out there.


With the approval of the Expenditure Budget of the State for the current year, it was possible that additional resources received by the Sidu, are intended for maintenance of roads and highways of Ensenada, and the so – called “Section of Death” will be priority , said deputy Alejandro Arregui Ibarra.

The legislator, he said that since the State Congress, the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Urban State Development (Sidu), Manuel Guevara Morales was asked for the application of the appeal is resolved understood the problem of road section between former ejido Chapultepec- Maneadero.

the first baseman lamented that the poor conditions of the “tranche of Death” have been factor so that only between 2013 and 2017, have registered 192 accidents with a balance of 27 deaths and 111 injured.

Material damage claims, he said, were estimated at around 3.4 million.

Arregui Ibarra emphasized the social and economic implications, since the products of the south zone have to travel the route every day, risking life and work of thousands of people.

“Those who live in rural areas, about 150 thousand people rightly are desperate, it is not guaranteed that the underlying problem is resolved, the road section is the only access they have to the urban area of Ensenada , ” he added. At the same time, he acknowledged the work done by the City of Ensenada with the installation of the special commission for the revision of this road stretch and the call to action.

in addition, to provide legal certainty regarding competition of the highway, conservation, reconstruction and expansion required, Alejandro Arregui called upon the signing of an agreement which has as its purpose the improvement of roads.

That is, an agreement between mayor Marco Antonio Novelo Osuna and director of the Secretariat Communications and Transport, in Baja California, Alfonso Pesqueira Padrés to carry out an agreement.


Tramo de Muerte Repair?

Bajadock: The 2015-16 repair and repavement from Baja Country Club north through Chapultepec Hill was a big improvement.  But, the potholes and rubble from B.C.C. south though Maneadero is dangerous.  

Just spotted the pothole left over from covering up the above road slide in December 2016.  The coverup of dirt over asphalt on the incline southbound, just south of Maneadero’s Calimax is a lane to avoid.

There was a small work of patches on Tramo de Muerte this spring, but, this was a superficial repair.

Yep, I’m using Google Translater.  But, can anyone decipher whattheheck is going on in the last part of the article below my map.  Commission?  Public Works?  Councilor?  Initiative?


Regents of the XXII City Council, approved the creation of a commission to search for resources and repair the so-called “death knell”, because of the risk involved for users and the importance of roads.

The initial regidor, Orlando Toscano Montaño, emphasized that the City does not have the resources to rehabilitate and improve that stretch of the Transpeninsular highway, so it is necessary to resort to different instances for the collection of resources to address the problem.

This commission, he explained, will be in the middle where the regidores that converge with the state, ejidatarios, delegates and other authorities to seek a solution.

“We know that the State Government already has an elaborate project,” he said.
Orlando Toscano lamented that, so far this year, there have been 34 traffic accidents with a fatal victim.

Referring to part of the justifications, mentioned that in the area of ​​Maneadero, there are more than 31 thousand inhabitants, in addition to more than 650 thousand tourists in the area, only for the area of ​​La Bufadora.

He also said that in the Maneadero delegation, the agricultural area, an activity that generates some 5,000 direct jobs, is growing in an area of ​​200 hectares.

The movement of workers and trucks, he added, is permanent.

Toscano Montaño recalled that the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT), ceded the referred section for what is competence maintenance and monitoring.

These conditions make it imperative to repair the artery.

Non-regulation commission
Prior to the vote, the respect Bertha Martínez Villalobos noted that the creation of the commission contravenes municipal regulations.
He also said that the commission would be carrying out actions that are the responsibility of the Public Works and Services Commission (which coordinates).
“The point of agreement has no regulatory basis,” he insisted, after reading the articles.
He also observed that, if approved despite the irregularity, the mayor has the authority to determine and appoint the councilor who should coordinate it.
However, he insisted, “the point of agreement should be dismissed.”
The point of agreement was approved in what corresponds to the creation of the commission, as well as for the councilor Orlando Toscano who coordinates it.
The mayor Cristian Vázquez recognized the initiative of Toscano, but considered that one must be more careful in what corresponds to the attributions of each commission
The governor Bertha Martínez Villalobos, abstained from voting, however, expressed her willingness to work on the newly created commission.

South Ensenada Hwy 1


Ensenada BC- ( With information bulletin ) The state government is in the first stage of the asphalt reencarpetado of the trans-peninsular highway between Chapultepec and Maneadero, better known as “Flight of Death”, being so far the 35 percent complete, as reported by the Executive in a statement.

The Delegate of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Urban State (SIDUE) in Ensenada Development Ceseña César Cuevas said that the work of an investment of 9 million 799 thousand pesos, aims the reencarpetado in an area of ​​37 thousand 800 meters square, considering a length of 2.3 kilometers from the former ejido Chapultepec.

The state government justified this road section has increased to 50 years and is part of a road axis as the only way that connects north and south of the town of Ensenada, due to constant use of vehicles and the incorporation of antiquity heavy cargo, the road has potholes, detachment of aggregates, deformation, cracks and bumps in the road surface, which represents a risk to the safety of users.

The progress of the work of this first stage, make the process work folder patching asphalt concrete with thickness of 8 cm, which is completed 100 percent; milling work existing folder with a depth of 2.5 cm. with an increase of 32 percent; the reencarpetado bearing surface with a thickness of 5 cm asphalt concrete over the existing pavement is an increase of 24 percent, according to data Sidu.

Repairs on the stretch of death. Photography: Courtesy / State Government

Social Audit Committee make to the work of the section reencarpetado Chapultepec-Maneadero

( With information bulletin ) The Comptroller General, Bladimiro Hernandez Diaz, who said on Friday held a meeting with the ejido of Maneadero, together with the General Secretariat of Government and the Ministry of Infrastructure and State Urban Development (SIDUE ), to form the committee which will monitor the proper implementation of the resources of the work of the section reeencarpetado Chapuletpec-Maneadero, which has an investment of 9 million 799 thousand pesos in an area of 37 thousand 800 square meters.

He noted that the committee was made up of President Raymundo Carrillo Huerta;Controller A, Epigmenio Romero Martin Solorio and Controller B Eduardo Dominguez, who will be responsible for supervising the management and proper application of resources for this work.

For its part, the Coordinator of Social Control in Ensenada, Sharim Guzman Cornejo said that during the meeting were informed committee members what the work, execution times, quality of materials, suppliers are He spoke of the quality of material, and a study to be conducted in temperatures of asphalt, among other data.

He said they handed over a copy of the technical file for the tunnel, so that they conform as citizens and see that they are running jobs with the right material.

He added that the Social Comptroller is a link to better information flows, as through a request made by citizens, is channeled to the executing agency, so they are working with organizations in other works to be to monitor.

stretch of death (2)
Repairs on the stretch of death. Photography: Courtesy / State Government

Ensenada to San Diego


As reported earlier this month, promised pavement repair has begun on the south Ensenada/north Maneadero stretch of Hwy 1, aka Tramo de Muerte/Flight of death.  This photo is from Friday trip north to San Diego.


Unusual sighting of a limp flag during daylight ‘in Ensenada.


As reported this week, there are concerns of another catatrophic landslide at K90 of Scenic Road.


This carwash in Rosarito, just south of Smart&Final provided trip highlight.  You know the chain thingy that pulls your car through the sprayers, sudsers and mechanical raggers?  The chain broke yesterday/Friday, leaving approx 12 of us cars stuck in line for 1 hour.  But, once repaired through, these guys do a good job on finishing hand cleaning and drying.

Rest room at Rosarito Commercial Mexicano grocery is clean and easy, plus inexpensive bagged ice.

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