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Ensenada Beverage Tour


Our Sunday stroll through Ensenada began at Cerveceria Transpeninsular.  FYI, Trans opens at noon.

Our team enjoyed lunch and brews at Trans.  Burgers, wings, fries are the basic supporting actors here.  Beer is the lead role.

One of my beverage buddies decided to check out Habanos cigar shop in the Soriana market across from Hotel Coral.  Good luck finding authentic Cubans in Ensenada is the lesson learned.

Next stop was Cerveceria Agua Mala.

Agua Mala is easy to miss.  It is in El Sauzal(Ensenada norte), approx 1/4 mile south of the 16 story Entremar Condo tower landmark, west/ocean side of Hwy 1.

I like this funky bar upstairs at Agua Mala.

Did not need food, but, the choices are very interesting.  Hasta Pronto!

You know the party is fun when a beer is spilled.  Someone did not have a spare shirt, but, the show must go on.  Shirts get thirsty too!  It was a three bar towel and one shirt cleanup.  A wobbly table was the plausible excuse for the alcohol waste.

We were full of beer, so it was time to get our marguerita on at the Shrine of 1892. By the look of the white shirted server at right, he obviously knew about my poor reputation.

Luckily found a table in the middle of the action.  My team did their best in an attempt to recruit two of Ensenada’s finest professionals, located at table next to us, to provide personal services for me.   I managed to avoid the high fees likely associated with them.

Sometimes you have to rope in the scofflaws in your party.

Someone was paying the band well, as they never stopped playing this Sunday afternoon.

Where to go for our taco dessert?


Bajadock’s Best of Baja 2017

foto por David Martinez/Muelle Tres

Here is my list of best food and beverage experiences in 2017.  As normal, none of my meals and beverages were complimentary. I always pay to play. Click links for detailed reviews.

Best Dinner: Restaurante Nomada

Best Appeteaser: Portobello mushroom at La Forchetta

Best Soup: Tortilla sopa at Casa Marcelo

Best Beer-http://aguamala.com.mx/Mako

Best Wine: Valle Girl Vino 50 Shades of Red 2013

Best Tacos: Los Chavalos

Best Cafe: Cafe Arabiga

Best Breakfast: Casa Marcelo

Best Lunch: La Concheria

Best Happy Hour(and marguerita): Punta Morro Restaurante

Best Winery: Adobe Guadalupe

Best Brew Pub: Cerveceria Transpeninsular

Best Exotic Dish: Pulpo Huitlacoche at Muelle Tres

Best Salad: spinach,grilled shrimp,strawberry,walnut,blue cheese,vinaigrette at Acua Sunset

Best Happy Hour Munchie: Chiharron de pulpo at La Cevicheria

Best New Wine Find: Vina de Frannes Cabernet Franc

Best Seafood Restaurant and Para Llevar(to go) Restaurant: Mariscos El Primo Nava

Best Dessert: Ramonetti Heladeria

Best non-tourist Valle de Guadalupe Restaurant: Restaurante Familia Samarin

Best Border Vendor: D’Volada Coffee

Best Yuck Factor Food: Chapulines(grasshoppers) can be found at Gastelum & 4th in front of Banorte from a guy selling them in baggies or at Rincon de Oaxaca on Reforma, east side, just south of Diamante

Best Seafood Cart: Mariscos El Pariente


Old School Ensenada Breakfast

Kidnapped a recent visitor last Saturday for an old school Enenada breakfast at Las Parrillas(the grills) at 6th and Espinoza.

The wood detail of the chairs and chandeliers’ amber glow atmosphere are a welcome feel at this cozy spot.  Coffee is solid and we enjoyed cheese quesadillas to get this morning meal started.

Love a counter bar at restaurants.  Reminds me of Woolworths in my youth.  Despite old school traditions at Las Parrilas, they have WIFI!

Shrimp omelette with chilaquiles.

Steak and eggs were perfect and the steak, though cooked med-well was tender with enough fat to make it a smooth carving.

Almost everything on the breakfast menu is approximately 100 pesos.  Service is excellent and extra friendly.  As usual, we were the OGITH(only gringos in the house) You gotta go!

Las Parrillas Facebook



Ensenada Breakfast War


The Lusty Napkin of ‘Nada has been too busy with other projects.   But, I’m happy to return for the Ensenada Breakfast War to determine the best breakfast in ‘Nada town.

We began our Thursday at Casa Marcelo at 8th and Riveroll and were the only patrons at 8:30AM.  Love the garden seating and well attended plants.  Greeting is always warm and coffee is fresh.


We ordered the Marcelo special plate and the juevos verde.  The special is definitely for big eaters.  Or like my guest, take half of the egg, lamb and veg dish home.  I’m a huge salsa verde fan and the chicharrones’ crunch below the oozing juevos was fun to mop up with tortillas de maiz.

BTW, I ordered my juevos “volteados suave” and that worked for “over easy”.   Following is an egg 101 ordering in Mexico:


Anyone else on how to get your eggs on in Mexico?

We were waiting on an auto repair service, so decided to hop up to the El Sauzal neighborhood and visit Hacienda Corralito. They are located one block south of the 16 story Entremar condo and on inland side of Hwy1.

This place is big and likely seats 150.  Hac’ Corralito has a huge outdoor garden seating area.  But, there is plenty of under-roof seating if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

I know that coffee at Hac Corralito is excellent, but, I was on caffeine delerium tremens.  Opted for a green smoothie that was full of fruit and veggie texture without being overly sweet.

This omelette with mole salsa was an exceptional dish.  Likely due to my Irish heritage, potatoes are not my favorite.  But ranch style spuds with a good crunch seem to compliment egg dishes.  Have also had excellent Juevos Benedictos are Hac Corralito.

Who wins the Ensenada Breakfast War?  I’m favoring Casa Marcelo by only the “pico del gallo” over Hacienda Corralito.

Marcelo is slightly more intimate in size.

Corralito unique kids’ playground and open garden will keep me bringing guests back for many years.

What’s your favorite breakfast spot in ‘Nada???

Casa Marcelo Facebook   (closed Tuesdays)  8a-6p

Hacienda Corralito Facebook   7a – 5p




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