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Taco and Wine Pairing


Vino Bandito‘s note:  A light Rhone, like La Vieille Ferme, in the above photo, makes a wonderful addition to your Taco Bar.  “Old Farm” RED is light, fruity and earthy, which is why it compliments your grilled taco meat, salsas and squeezed lime so well.  $6-$7 per bottle at BevMo and Trader Joe’s in San Diego.  The Rhone River Valley and  La Vieille Ferme remind me of my favorite part of France.

We love tacos. And there’s nothing easier for a weeknight dinner than “taco night.”

Lucky for you and us, we have two very good reasons to have a taco-themed party a) it’s a good excuse to have your friends over and b) it’s easy to execute! You may be tempted to enjoy some margaritas, but save the calories have a glass of wine, as we discussed recently in The Daily Sip ®.

Although choosing the right wine for a taco party can be challenging, you can’t go wrong with a Cotes du Rhône. Cotes du Rhônes are often comprised of syrah, grenache, and mourvedre (“GSM”) grapes; these wines often offer spiciness that is a perfect complement for flavorful dish tacos. Best of all, since Michael Mina recommends a taco bar that includes steak, chicken or fish as outlined below, you want to choose a wine that medium- bodied as to work with spicy fish and chicken and weighty enough to stand up to your tacos con carne. Louis Bernard’s 2011 Cotes du Rhône is rust red in color and weighty enough to stand up the chorizo, crema, and black beans Michael recommends.

Bottom line: when thinking taco night, think Rhône wines.

Taco Bar: Steak, Chicken or Fish with Chili-Agave Marinade, Mango Salsa 2 ways & Midnight Black Beans with Crema
DISH 1: Chili-Agave Marinade & Grilling Tilapia, Steak & Chicken Skewers
DISH 2: Mango Salsas 2 ways
DISH 3: Midnight Black Beans
DISH 4: Garnishes: Red Cabbage, Radishes & Cilantro-Lime Crema
Louis Bernard “Cotes Du Rhone” 2011
o Cherry red color. Expressive nose with stewed cherry and red fruits aromas.
o On the palate, it is harmonious and rich, with round tannins and a lively, fruit-forward character.
o Perfect with poultry, grilled or stewed red meat and soft cheese.

Do you have a specific wine you like to drink on your taco nights?


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