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Punta Banda Horseshit and Gastronomy

foto por Bajadock

Bajadock: Wowzeritos Punta Banditos!  A Gastronomic Corridor is shovel ready for the neighborhood, as soon as the horseshit is mitigated.  


The peninsular and Estero area of ​​Punta Banda registers contamination of canyons, streams and beaches by garbage, discharges to the sea of ​​commercial and restaurant waste water, as well as horse excrement in the sand, so that civil authorities and associations will attend to the problem.

During a meeting in which representatives of the three orders of government participated, it was determined that a series of actions and plans will be undertaken.

They pointed out the risks to the physical integrity of people by traffic of motorcycles and horses by the beach, as well as the increase of population of dogs, cats and wild animals killed in the beach, besides cloud of agrochemicals in inhabited zones, originated by spreading pesticides In agricultural areas with aircraft.

The meeting was held on April 7, where the Community Environmental Monitoring Committee of Estero de Punta Banda, with the support of Pro Esteros, AC and the authorities, emphasized the attributions of the different departments competent in environmental matters.

Gabriel Camacho Jiménez, from the coordination of Community Strengthening Pro Esteros, AC, stressed that in the meeting, citizens and officials, a series of cooperation actions were determined.

Cooperation actions
It was agreed to follow up, is the construction and operation of a collection center, separation and transfer of domestic waste.
For this, the Environmental Monitoring Committee of Estero of Punta Banda already has economic resources for the construction of the first stage of the project and the ejido Esteban Cantú would be lending a land.
Gabriel Camacho explained that environmental surveillance tours and operations will be carried out jointly with various environmental authorities, talks will be held at local schools and there will be brigades to clean beaches and streets.
Likewise, work will be done on the formation of a local lifeguard group, as well as delimiting horseback riding to a trail or route, in conjunction with the service providers.
He emphasized that development will be planned in the area to generate economic benefits, conserving landscapes and natural resources, which endow the area with a high potential for the development of the ecotourism sector.
Two projects were designed to be compatible with the Punta Banda Estero Ramsar Site, which are a high-performance sports center and gastronomic corridor.

The meeting was attended by Oswaldo Santillán, delegate of the Profepa; Érika Jiménez, representing the Sub-Directorate of Municipal Ecology; José M. Sánchez de la Parra, on behalf of the Secretariat for Environmental Protection of the State (SPA).
In addition to the César Agustín Martínez, municipal delegate of Maneadero; Officer Rodolfo Amador, commander of Public Security of the delegation of Maneadero; Saúl Sandoval, president of Ejido Commissariat of Ejido Esteban Cantú.

Damage and pollution:
Contamination of creeping streams and beaches by garbage
Burning trash
Discharge of sewage from shops and restaurants to the sea
Horse excrement on beaches
Transit of motorcycles and horses by the beach
Population increase of dogs and cats
Dead animals on the beach
Cloud of agrochemicals in inhabited areas scattered in agricultural areas with aircraft

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