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Puente Ensenada


Come on Mexico.  Show us what you have got!

Studies and politricks are underway to replace, reroute or other idea on the Dec 28, 2013 landslide collapse of the 4 lane Mex 1 highway, approx 10 miles north of Ensenada.

Imagine the Baja Bridge like the Hangzhou or Sutong(photo inset above)  spanning Bahia Salsipuedes toward Ensenada in Baja California.  Take advantage of one of the most beautiful and panoramic settings on the planet and shout it to the world.


Imagine driving from this point toward that slice of brown land 6 miles in the distance at above photo center.  You would be driving in the middle of the sea, viewing the Todos Santos islands and the Punta Banda peninsula in the distance(at horizon in above photo).  The spectacular multi-colored cliffs to your east are your first clue to the treats awaiting you in the Valle de Guadalupe wine valley.

Then, you will have that same jaw-dropping seascape drive as your travel north at the end of your vacation holiday.

The “Baja Bridge“(Puente Baja or Puente Ensenada) will be a world class tourist attraction.  It will also enhance the gateway welcome as cruise ships approach from the north.

Add some serious infrastructure at El Mirador, K84, as part of the project.  El Mirador could be a beautiful area for photos, picnics, tour buses and a restaurant or two.  Any view like this one(photo above) anywhere else in the world would be a serious tourism destination.

Think of the tourism gains, tax revenues, toll road revenues and happy travelers from around the world who will experience all that Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada have to offer.

This new bridge would be a terrific replacement to the white knuckle ride that was Hwy 1 along Bahia Salispuedes.  That stretch was dangerous before the past 3 years of humps and bumps due to the unstable hillside the crashed on December 28, 2013.

And, no, I ain’t no inginiero, so I’m clueless about the geology studies needed, the cost and the feasibility of the Baja Bridge.

There will likely be a shortcut from the Toll Road to the Free Road for a short-term fix by summer 2014 to ease traffic.  But, on a think big scale, the Baja Bridge would be a world class wonder.

Ok, I get it, this is Mexico.  Maybe expectations are too low.  And this is Baja, the hillbilly state of Mexico, according to the Distro Federelites.  I’m guilty here of inflicting my spoiled gringo attitude on a different culture and economy,

But, a city that lists La Bufadora(zzzzz) as its top tourist attraction needs a kick in the bunz to bring it into the 21st century.

The Baja Bridge could be a big opportunity for Ensenada, the state of Baja California and Mexico.  ¿Quién sabe?

¡Viva México!

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