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Propane and Other Utilities

My humble home in Ensenada requires the services of 6 utilites: Electricity, propane, water, internet, tv and cell phone. Drinking water, unlike general household water, could be considered #7.

Because my full 300L propane tank lasts me 6 months, if I forget to send an automated calendar alert, that tank is easy to forget.  When tank is below 10% levl, it’s a good idea to get some gas.  Can’t remember the last time I called for a propane truck, as they usually patrol our ‘hood a few times weekly.  They either honk or I can hear their diesel engines approaching.

My tank was at approx 7% level today, when I heard the Z gas posse coming to the rescue.  It’s approx 75 feet from the street to my tank for their hose to reach.  Guessing they were only at half spool.  Will have to ask next time.  “How big is your hose?”.

For kicks, I did a spreadsheet a while ago comparing living expenses during my 30 years in Colorado vs. here in Baja.  My 6 utilities here are well under $200/month, as I’m not a big consumer.   Utilities in Denver were triple that number.  Heating in winter, running an evaporative cooler in summer and watering plants in the desert air cost muchos pesos.

No, I’m not going to jump up on the table about how much less expensive Mexico is vs. US.  Your mileage may vary according to your lifestyle, entertainment needs and shop till you drop fetish.

But, my 200peso per month cell phone for unlimited texts/calls to/fro Mexico and U.S. is a whopping 12 bucks.  Almost everyone I know still working in the U.S. is paying $100+++/month for their cell service.  One hidden trick is that a lazy non-working slob like me doesn’t need a lot of data to get through the day.

I know several people who are even more remote than am I and their solar investment is significant.  Glad I’m on the grid as solar technology still does not have the ROI for my low kilowatt use.  $30USD/month is a taco per day to fuel my frig, tv, internet and lights.

Food and beverage?  I’m guessing those expenses are the same in Baja as in the USA.   There are expensive restaurants to enjoy, as well as tacos.

One of my favorite quotes was from my favorite and only niece visiting a few years ago.  At Trailero’s Tacos on north side of Ensenada, she was amazed at the flavors and buffet of veggies and salsas to add.  “Hey, Unc, why would you ever need to buy grociers here?”.  !

Biggest savings here is housing.  Just had a new friend casually asses my property as $2 million in SoCal, because of the water view.  Dunno about that and there are inconvenieces and inconsistencies in Mexico that blow up that propheltactic argument.

At 10 years here, I’m thrilled with my choice and would change very little of the choices made.

Now if we could just get a consistently good restaurant out here, I would patronize it often.

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