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Otay Sentri Pedestrian Map

Our staff of cartographers produced this map in 2013 to assist Otay Mesa border northbound crossers.  The complete entry with detailed photos at locations 1-8 is available here.

I’m reposting due to Baja holiday visitor inquiries about easiest way for a Sentri card holder to handle their NON-Sentri guests getting back north to USA with least amount of hassle/delay.


Halfway between the Sentri entry(#7 in above map) and the Otay Mesa crossing is a taxi stop.  Drop your passengers WITH 1 bag(keeps their crossing hassle free) just before you wind around the PED LINE entry.  It is approx 200 yds from that drop to the Ped crossing building.


Here is the blimp view of your pedestrian drop at Otay.


After your Ped crossers get through the building after crossing, it is another 200 yds to the small car queue(approx 5 vehicle spots). Photo above shows that short walk north of the border.  You can also hang at Erik’s Deli, a few yards east of that point and meet your passengers there.

The Siempre Viva Rd exit is 1/4 mile after you drive through border crossing.  McD is your iconic landmark on the southeast corner of that exit.

After 10AM, I have rarely seen more than approx 20 minute passage for pedestrians through the Otay Ped Xing.


Otay Mesa Crossing Map


The Otay Mesa border crossing has become very popular for several reasons.  It lacks the characters of the San Ysidro/Tijuana crossing.  It does not have the congestion of Tijuana.  The Blvd 2000 highway access, from Popotla inland that joins Blvd Industrial, avoids most of TJ’s traffic.

Otay is also a great crossing for SENTRI pass holders hauling visitors back north.  Able bodies visitors can walk the 200 yds of the pedestrian crossing and meet their drivers at one of several restaurants just across the border.  The PED X-ing at Otay is usually a fraction of the wait as the PED X-ing at Tijuana/San Ysidro.  Map for PED and driver meetup is photo #6 below.   I have successfully used  Erik’s Deli for meetup on USA side of Otay for good coffee, food, wifi.

And thanks for D.L.’s council(comment below) on HOW to drop passengers at Otay for SENTRI users.  Kick your passengers to the curb well back of the SENTRI, where you see taxis(photo 8).  The SENTRI lane curves left, just after that taxi station.  Your passengers will have a 250 yd walk, parallel to your SENTRI lane, to the crossing.  After getting through the Ped Xing, it’s a 200 yd walk to reach the stores/shops, so look for Erik’s Deli on your right.

freerd2airportWhen I Otay,  I  use the Free Road at North Rosarito(exit Hwy1 just after the Soriana grocery).  7 Miles after exiting Hwy 1 is a well-signed right turn to AEROPUERTO.  7 more miles and good signage to “GARITA OTAY/AEROPUERTO” and you reach the Otay Mesa crossing.  Photo>>>

Photo 2 is the entry to Otay Ready Lane.  Mariscos Negro Durazo is the big blue building landmark to turn east on Humboldt, across from the TJ airport.

The only negative that I find with Otay Mesa is that the Ready Lane program has made this crossing  as congested as San Ysidro during rush hour.  There are many times during the week when the regular lanes are faster than the Ready Lanes.

That and maybe the food choices at Otay aren’t as much fun as TJ.

Yes, I have done this crossing over 50 times, including a few in 2017, so I am confident in this map and photo accuracy as of May 2017.

Click on photos below to enlarge.

otay1  otay2  otay3  otaycrossing4otay5  otay6



Baja Border Map

Baja Border Map

California Route 905 Opening

Editor’s note: For those of who use Otay Mesa crossing, this will ease the traffic and congestion as we start our San Diego shopping days otro lado.  Much like government to have a “grand opening celebration” 12 days before the actual highway opening.   Counted 16 government officials quoted, assembled or referenced in this article.  How many “dignitaries”(barf) are needed to cut a symbolic banner???

A grand opening celebration for the long-awaited completion of route 905 map the California Route 905 freeway from the Otay Mesa port of entry to Interstate 805 was held on the freeway truck breaks through 905 bannerWednesday, 12 days before the connector actually opens to motorists July 30.

Wednesday happened to be a day when a large number of officials responsible for the six-lane, 6.4-mile, $441 million project that should help greatly boost cross-border trade could be assembled.

route 905 grand opening signThe freeway was built with federal, state and local funds, with about $92 million coming from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act stimulus program. It will relieve pressure on Otay Mesa Road, a street parallel to the 905 that has a large number of stoplights and long has been clogged by tractor-trailer traffic. Otay Mesa is the land commercial port of entry in San Diego. State Route 905 factsheet (PDF). Route 905 map and construction phases.
complete story

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