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Old School Ensenada Breakfast

Kidnapped a recent visitor last Saturday for an old school Enenada breakfast at Las Parrillas(the grills) at 6th and Espinoza.

The wood detail of the chairs and chandeliers’ amber glow atmosphere are a welcome feel at this cozy spot.  Coffee is solid and we enjoyed cheese quesadillas to get this morning meal started.

Love a counter bar at restaurants.  Reminds me of Woolworths in my youth.  Despite old school traditions at Las Parrilas, they have WIFI!

Shrimp omelette with chilaquiles.

Steak and eggs were perfect and the steak, though cooked med-well was tender with enough fat to make it a smooth carving.

Almost everything on the breakfast menu is approximately 100 pesos.  Service is excellent and extra friendly.  As usual, we were the OGITH(only gringos in the house) You gotta go!

Las Parrillas Facebook




La Cevicheria Oyster Bar


Continued my Friday Food Frolick trend at La Cevicheria, battling the Semana Santa traffic in Ensenada.  OK, per Surfer Dude’s counsel, road crowds ain’t nearly as bad as in Orange County or L.A.

I was pleasantly surprised by the ample outdoor seating at La Cevicheria.  This Friday saw a good crowd with only 2 or 3 tables available at 5:30PM.  There are approx 6 seats at the bar and I’m always comfy in a bar stool.  This spot feels like your little neighborhood bistro.

The interior at La Cevicheria is a small space with room for approx 36.  Exterior seats maybe 24?

La Cevicheria has the usual bottled beer subjects plus a few craft brew selections like Wendlandt and Lagunita IPA.  Bohemia Clara was my choice.  Meet and greet was friendly and the menu was in my hands pronto.  Wine, mixed drinks, tequila and mezcal are also served here.

My bartender made a few suggestions and asked “How hungry are you?”.  Started with the Tuna Al Pastor taco due to the creative combo name.  Yep, that’s pineapple, and although hidden by the mild red salsa, there were plentiul meaty chunks of tuna in this fun taco.  Food trivia nuts: Tacos al Pastor are called Tacos Adobada in Baja.

You also are served a salsa flight at La Cevicheria.  Left to right in photo above is habanero to chipotle,  tongue torch to mild.

Bohemia #2 was accompanied by 6 fresh oysters.  I hate to admit that I’m a whimp on hot salsas.  A little heat is good, but, too much overwhelms the flavors.  I had to try a couple of drops of the habanero on one of these “snots on a shell” and it brought me to tears.  Stayed within the salsa verde and chipotle zone for the rest of my visit.

When I see “house special” or “de la casa” in the menu, my frolick nerves jump at the chance.  But, I was on Bohemia course #3 and was semi-full of seafood and suds already.  OK, I ordered the half portion of Ceviche de la Casa.  Yes, above photo is the HALF portion on a full dinner plate.  I asked for verification that I was not served a full portion.  Yowzers, a full portion could feed 4 people.  This Montaña de Mariscos had clams, octopus, fish and shrimpies. 

I did not want to expand into a new belt size this early on a Friday, so requested “para llevar” and my server gladly took away the dish to put into a container, with the tostadas packaged separately, thanks.

On taking home your saved dinner at a restaurant, do you prefer DIY scooping at the table into your container, or would you rather have a server handle it back in the kitchen?

La Cevicheria is a perfect spot for a sip and nibble, sharing tapas with friends or a full seafood orgy session.  The one page menu(Gracias Dios!) is easy to navigate and gets my coveted 6th star award, because all menu items are less than $10USD.

La Cevichera is located inside Villa Mexicana, a shopping mall, on the inland side of Lopez Matoes(1st street), or seaward side of Calle Segunda.  Easiest way to find it is entry from Alvarado.

FYI for Ensenada visitors, Alvarado runs into the water at the Big Flagpole and Riveroll runs into the 3 Heads Park.

All of my posts are plotted by our team of cartographers on the Ensenada Interactive Map(includes Valle de Guadalupe wineries/restaurants).

Parking is best for La Cevicheria if you just move just inland from Calle Segunda(2nd), you will find a spot with patience and willingness to hike 2 or 3 blocks to your target restaurant in ‘Nada Centro.  Circling endlessly on weekends around Costero, 1st and 2nd will cause dizziness and loss of appetite.

La Cevicheria gets our coveted 6 oyster award(out of 5 possible).  Will be bringing friends back to this fun spot soon.  Ooops, and I was the only gringo in the house(OGITH)!

La Cevicheria Facebook

Mi Kaza Desayuno

by staff food editor Cali Cucaracha               

First visit to Mi Kaza, across from 3 heads park on Riveroll, Ensenada, was a few years ago. Had an hour to kill while waiting to meet boat mechanic for finishing touches on boat before throwing it back into cruiseport marina slip.

My friend and I were only gringos in Mi Kaza at 9am. Owner, Les, explained that though tourism has hurt, he survives due to popularity with locals.  By the way, ask Les about his wine business.

Juevos rancheros was my choice and desayuno gringo was my buddy’s. The photo above is the j.r. dish and a solid value at 60pesos.

Noticed 2 laptops working, so wi-fi is available.

Service is very attentive, all is clean and Les is on the floor.

For my 5 cucaracha dive dining review:
NO: Unique/ethic atmosphere: It’s a cafeteria, simple, clean, comfy. Not as funky or unusual as I prefer. But, catch Princess Di on the wall.
SI: Seats less than 100. It’s likely 80-90
SI: Unique/ethnic food. It’s home style mexican with some gringo favorites mixed in. No website, so couldn’t show menu.
SI: Several item on menu less than $10. Nearly everything is less than 100p.
NO: Barstools and bar. My irish heritage enjoys a beverage. As a single, I’ll dine at the bar when I’m alone. No liquor license, says Les, so that famous “family dining” euphemism applies

That’s 3 bugs out of 5 and a solid value. They also open at 6:30am! That’s huge, as very few Ensenada breakfast shops open before 7:30/8. I have been back several times and am always the only gringo in the house(OGITH)!

Only Gringo in the House

I love the being the only gringo in the house(OGITH).

Got home Saturday from my 8,800 mile driving adventure to find satellite internet not behaving properly.

So, I’m transmitting this morning from Cafe D’Volada on Reforma/Valle Dorado.   Business is mild here this Monday morning and approx 10 locals have been served as I watch traffic on its way downtown.

OGITH is my playful term to embrace the Mexican culture and attitude.  Gives me a chance to destroy the Spanish language and embarrass myself.

Funny thing how the Mexicans almost always play along with my poor Spanish and encourage me.  Only the gringos reprimand me harshly for my errors.  Hmmmmmmmmmm…

Word of the day is “Amargo”.   Needed to describe the bitter taste of Starbucks coffee that I dislike.  AMAAAARRRRGOOO!  GAG!


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