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Casa de Caballo Wine Bar

When visiting Ensenada, and south of the Macroplaza(Walmart/Costco/Home Depot) you will find many taco stands and rustic bars/restaurants.  Where to sit in comfort and enjoy a glass of wine with a view of the ocean?

Casa de Caballo Tapas & Wine is your oasis in Punta Banda.

Armando and Monica will take very good care of you.  This little wine glass hats are perfect to debug your picnic at the Caballo bar.

Hungry?  The tapas prepared by Armando are freshly made and bursting with juicy flavors.

Last Sunday was my first visit to Casa de Caballo and enjoyed every light breeze moment with friends.

Casa de Caballo is open Fridays and Sunday 3pm-8pm.  Come with friends or if you are solo, you will make a friend in a hurry here.

Casa de Caballo Facebook

Kilometer 12, Carretera La Bufadora, just west of Campo La Joya.



Ensenada Seafood Tour

Began our Ensenada seafood tour at 240 Grill.  240 is a Tiny spot at 3rd and Riveroll, in Plaza Villa Mexicana, specializing in various seafood tostada dishes.

They are also fans of Star wars, check the plate below the smoked marlin.

Carta Blanca beer is the special cerveza at 240.  Reminds me of the old Carta Blanca bottles with the opener in the bottom.

240 Grill is a fun spot for lunch or a quick bite.  240 Grill Facebook

In the same shopping center, Plaza Villa Mexicana(1st/2nd/Alvarado/Riveroll) and around the corner is La Cevicheria, my 2017 favorite fish bar.

Surprisingly, La Cevicheria was out of fresh oysters this visit.  We tried a few different tacos.  You always get the flight of 4 salsas when visiting La Cev.  The Tuna al Pastor tacos are on this plate.

Did not have time to enjoy one of my favorite treats at La Cev: the chicharron de pulpo.  We also spotted a salsa verde across the way at another table.  Ordered it to go 1 week after this visit.  Yum

La Cevicheria Facebook

But, we had to have oysters, so we headed to the south side of Ensenada.

My first visit to Mariscos Barbajan was festive with a 20 piece band hammering out the music.  This restaurant is huge, rivaling the size of El Primo Nava.

Meet and greet was good and service was enthusiastic.  One downside was the canned and runny salsa.  Check out the 325ml XX Ambar.  That’s an 11 ounce beer, so stay thirsty my friends.

Barbajan patio for beach viewing is an option.

Will come back to Barbajan for a complete dining experience in near future.  Location at Costero and Estancia is ideal.

Barbajan facebook

Muelle 3 Restaurant Ensenada

My maiden voyage to Muelle 3 restaurant in Ensenada was this past Friday.  What has taken me so long? This iconic seafood restaurant is one of the few spots on the water in Ensenada that offers excellent food in a small, comfy setting.

With more than 12 miles of waterfront available from the Ensenada Hwy 1 toll booth south to Estero Beach, finding 5 decent restaurants with an ocean view on that stretch is a dining challenge.  Muelle 3 is a welcome port for sensory treats.

Muelle 3(“mway-yay tres” – Dock or Pier 3) is small, but dishes out some of the best and most unique seafood dishes in Baja.  They are usually busy in late afternoon, because they close at 7PM.  We luckily only waited about 10 minutes for a table at 5:30.

First order was fresh oysters with our beers.  They offer both Wendlandt and Agua Mala microbrew selections.  Wine is also available.

Next up was Pulpo Huitlacoche.  This may be the most creative octopus dish I have ever enjoyed.  I had seen/heard of Huitlacoche(see video at end of this post) before, but, these were my first bites, combined with slices of octopus and veggies.  I jokingly guessed grits on the green salsa support, but, it was polenta with cilantro.  The tortillas made for mini taco bar fun with the pulpo mix.

Yellowtail and veggies

Yellowtail and risotto was my “surprise me” dish.  90+% of my restaurant orders are “sorpréndeme, por favor”.

Both of our seafood main dishes were simply seasoned and seared perfectly.  No sauces or extra goop were added to disguise the fresh fish flavors.

Maybe Muelle 3 can squeeze in 20 diners maximum.  Owner/chef David Martinez is in the yellow shirt out on the patio here entertaining guests.

Our servers also handled kitchen’s last call smoothly.  Noticing that we had only ordered appetizers as of 6:30PM , we were asked if we would like to order more before the chefs shut down for the evening.  There was also no rush to the services that followed, even though we were 2 of only 4 diners remaining, thank you.

Muelle 3 gets our 5 anchor award(out of 5 possible) for flavors, atmosphere, service, value and fun.  Best way to enjoy this is with a 4some sharing different dishes and flavors.  Next visit, I will bring 3 friends and begin at 3-ish.

Loved another online review lamenting lack of ambience at Muelle 3.  WTF?  Cozy dining room attached to open kitchen on the waterfront with boats and gulls bobbing and weaving provide an excellent atmosphere at “Dock 3”.

Location is on water at end of Mercado Negro Fish market in Ensenada.  Street parking works or there is a thrifty pay lot on the north edge of restaurant between Muelle 3 and Cocedora de Langosta.

Muelle 3 Facebook.  646-174-0318  Closed Monday.

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