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UltraMarino Oyster Bar Music

This past Wednesday, I spent a night enjoying the food and music of downtown Ensenada.

After dinner with friends at Cafe Arabiga,  I walked the half mile down Avenida Lopez Mateos(First Street) to UltraMarino Oyster Bar.

UltraMarino is located at First and Ruiz, one block west of Papas & Beer, Mango Mango & Hussongs.  see Ensenda Interactive Map, top left this site.

UM is a much smaller and more comfortable bar than those other tourist hangouts. UM has the same owner as Barra Azul in Ensenada.

You enter a narrow hall bar, that also serves tapas from their little kitchen.   I ordered up a Cucapa Obscura on my way to the music playing in the “garden” in the back.

The garden is a half-covered outdoor patio that seats about 70 people and will accommodate many more for standing room only.  I arrived in the middle of the first music set of Ensenada Jazz.

Ensenada Jazz is directed by keyboard player, Ernesto “Sixto” Rosas.  Ernesto Rosas Montoya is a musician, composer, teacher of the Bachelor of Music and Artistic Director of Musical Studies Center (CEM) at UABC.

Driving the soul of the group on Wednesday night was the fiery energy of drummer Esteban Hernández.  Esteban combines latin rhythms with old school bebop swings in speed, power and finesse to provide the foundation for the tune’s mood.

Luis Salazar is the bass player and his acoustic bass bumped the music along through the evening.  He also got out in front with his solos.

Isais Diaz guitar provided rhythm background and lead melodies on the Ensenada Jazz playlist that included American jazz standards and some pop/rock fun like the Doors.

I was fortunate to meet a local music promoter, Leroy Jose Amate.  Because I was taking photos and the OGITH(“only gringo in the house”), Jose and his wife chatted me up about my story, how I moved here and how I was enjoying living in Ensenada.  Leroy Jose also has a jazz program on 92.9FM on Sunday night, called Soul Street Radio.

Leroy Jose got up for a vocal performance of “Sumertine” for the gig with his Oakland Bay baritone.

These guys played well after the midnight scheduled ending and a late crowd came in to enjoy the last set.

I walked back to my hotel through a very quiet tourist district.  3AM bedtime is unsual for me, but, it was a very memorable night.  I plan on doing this at least once each month.

The Ensenada music scene is making a comeback and I’m excited to enjoy meeting new friends and enjoying the music.

Ultra Marino is a fine music venue with a variety of music styles Wednesday through Saturday.  Check out UM facebook page for the schedule.


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