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La Concheria Surprise

This Friday’s episode had me enjoying Chef Roberto’s “surprise me” dishes at La Concheria restaurant in downtown Ensenada. That’s Roberto working hard in the corner.

I have been ordering “sorprendame” since a well dressed, traveling salesmen ordered “surprise me” during my second week of my table waiting career decades ago in Bloomington, Indiana.

First up for our surprise were fresh oysters from Ensenada and Kumomoto oysters from a bit further south in Baja. These melted in our mouths and paired well with a rose sangiovese from Montefiore winery.

La Concheria is a small restaurant that might seat 30 people.  This Friday had a few people waiting for a spot as Roberto, Memo and team were working hard and fast.

Next up came Roberto’s ceviche especial with big chunks of octopus, clams and fish with peppers, onions and tomatoes. Mint is a big surprise element is in this big surprise.  Roberto learned about Peruvian ceviche in Peru.

Everything is fresh at La Concheria and the menu is one page, printed on approx a 5X 7 laminated card.  We love one page menus!

Music can happen anywhere and at anytime in Ensenada

We were full, but, when this dish joins your table, you have to dive in.  My guest had been eyeballing a few of the mussels dishes being served to other tables.  Roberto obviously is telepathic!

Roberto, Memo and Equipo La Concheria get our 5 out of 5 telepathic mussels award for fresh seafood, helpful service, a unique atmosphere, exceptional flavors and outstanding value.  La Concheria Facebook.

646 178 3271 phone

La Concheria is located on Lopez Mateos/Calle Primera/First Street in Ensenada and is open lunch until 6:30-ish PM.


Fish: Fresh, Frozen, Or…?

por Roberto C. de Anda, Chef/ La Concheria

“Está fresco?” Es una pregunta recurrente y generalmente la gente quiere saber su la pesca es del día, para mí el factor tiempo es mucho menos importante que el factor manejo de producto.
Este jurel llegó a la pescadería hace dos días y quizá tiene capturado dos días más, pero el manejo que le da el pescadero es impecable y el resultado habla por sí sólo

“Is it fresh?” It is a recurring question and generally people want to know their fishing is of the day, for me the time factor is much less important than the factor handling product. This yellow tail came to the fishmonger two days ago and perhaps has captured two more days, but the management that gives the fishmonger is impeccable and the result speaks for itself.

La Concheria Restaurante, Ensenada

La Concheria Restaurant

by the Lusty Napkin          

Two friends and I visited La Concheria this Tuesday for the first time.  Chef Roberto de Anda and team gave us some fun suggestions, descriptions, delivery and presentation of fresh seafood at this hidden gem of a restaurant in Ensenada.

A market style window of the fresh sea dwellers available along with the menu is part of the greeting.

La Concheria’s wine selection is a good sampling of  a handful of Valle de Guadalupe varieties.  Negra Modelo and Modelo Especial beers are also on tap.

We started our feast with Negra Modelos and Kumamoto oysters.  A few salsas, lime and hot sauce are a great beer pairing with these morsels from the ocean.

A steaming bowl of Roberto claim chowder was served with crisp bread to continue our flavor discovery.  This chowder is full of clam chunkies.

Here is the bonita fish ceviche.  My team and I prefer this style of rustic hunks of fish and veggies in our ceviche as it shows care for the flavor combos and guests.  One team member said this dish was very Vietnamese in style and flavors.

Yes, with Roberto’s help, we selected a Monte Xanic Sauvignon Blanc to add to the mix.

Next up was the octopus and fish mixed ceviche.  The pulpo was so tender that we pressed chef Roberto on how to prepare our own at home.

Fish of the day is always available at La Concheria, but, we were already full.  But, here is a grilled sampling with veggies.

The menu is limited to the day’s availability of fish so you can expect a caldo/soup, risotto, pasta and the catch of the day to add to the conchas on hand.  Roberto is bilingual and happy to prepare your dish according to your needs.

The flavors wafting from the kitchen to the street bring the attention of nosey hungers.

La Concheria is located on 1st Street/Lopez Mateos close to the Mercado Negro Fish Market at Gastelum.  Hours are 10am – 6pm. phone 52 646 178 3271   Facebook page


We will give La Concheria 4.5 out of 5 perfectly shucked oysters for our first visit.  Hope to get to more of the selections soon.  Gracias Roberto, Memo y Equipo La Concheria.

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