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Gasoline Price App


Bajadock: I downloaded this Gaso app to explore.  Fiddlesticks!  The radius is only 5K(3 miles) and I do not find a way to change locations for trip planning.  “No hay estaciones de servicio con tu parametros de busqueda” is what I get when I move my map to Ensenada centro.  WTF?  

Zenzzer is another app that is available, but, it is limited to the “fair pour” idea of reporting stations that give questionable liter measurement. 

Gas Buddy is the model to follow, but, not yet available in Mexico.


Consumers already have at their disposal the GasoApp application, which allows to locate the gas station that is allowed by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) that offers the best prices, as well as those that have been verified by Profeco, Julio Felipe García Muñoz reported. 

The delegate of Profeco in Baja California explained that the users will be able to consult which are the gas stations that commit irregularities and their recidivism; Also denounce, through photographs, irregularities of the collection that was made, of the pump and the cost of gasoline at that time. This application, he said, is available for iOS and Android.

During the Ensenada Forum, the federal official explained that the application will show the options that are located within a radius of 5 kilometers.

Regarding costs, he recalled that with the release of the price of gasoline, Ensenada and Tijuana are of the cities with greater presence of the Profeco, to maintain actions of verification of the price of the fuel and that is in sight of the consumer.

He said that in Tijuana 600 gas stations have been registered and, as a result of the revisions, sanctions have been applied, such as suspension and seals on some of the pumps.

He observed that if the pumps are covered with black plastic, it is because the employers try to cover the sealing seals installed by Profeco.

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