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Mexican National Taco Day


Who doesn’t love  Tacos?

Tacos are an everyday culinary tradition in Mexico, but this dish is so popular throughout the world that it has its own day in our calendar, marking March 31st as National Taco Day.

The word taco describes a typical Mexican dish of a maize tortilla folded around food. According to one of the etymological theory estates that the word derives from the Nahuatl word “tlahco”, meaning “half” or “in the middle,” in the sense that food would be placed in the middle of a tortilla. Also, the Náhuatl word for the corn tortilla (an indigenous Pre-Columbian invention) is “tlaxcalli”.

taco can be made with a variety of fillings, including beef, pork, chicken, seafood, vegetables, and cheese, allowing for great versatility and variety. A taco is generally eaten without utensils and is often accompanied by garnishes such as salsa or chili pepper, avocado or guacamole, cilantro (coriander), tomatoes, onions, and lettuce.

Today we share with you the traditional varieties of tacos in Mexico, definitely there are tacos for every taste:

  • Tacos de Asada (grilled beef tacos) composed of beef  grilled over an open fire, served on two overlapping small tortillas and garnished with guacamole, salsa, onions, and cilantro.
  • Tacos de Carnitas, literally “little meats”, is a dish of Mexican cuisine originating from the state of Michoacán. Carnitas are made by braising or simmering pork in oil or preferably lard until tender. The process takes three or four hours and the result is very tender and juicy meat, which is then typically served over corn tortillas and garnished with salsa and onions.
  • Tacos de Canasta (“basket” tacos) made with soft tortillas filled with a spicy meat mixture, then placed in a basket and covered with cloth, that keeps them warm and traps steam which softens them.
  • Tacos Al Pastor (“shepherd style”) made of thinly sliced pork strips that have been seasoned with adobo seasoning. The pork is  skewered like Greek lamb for a gyro  on a vertical rotisserie cooked and flame-broiled as it spins. Served over corn tortillas and garnished with guacamole, salsas, onions and cilantro.
  • Tacos Dorados (fried tacos)also  known as  flautas (“flutes”). The tortillas are filled with pre-cooked shredded chicken, rolled into an elongated cylinder and deep-fried until crisp. Served with sliced lettuce, cream, salsa and cheese.
  • Tacos de Pescado (“fish tacos”) they consist of grilled or battered fish filet, lettuce or cabbage, pico de gallo, and  sour cream or mayonnaise sauce, all placed on top of a corn or flour tortilla.



#5 Las Brisas and company.

Chosen by many “gringos” to be the best tacos in Ensenada, Las Brisas and McTaco are some of the most popular taco stands by locals and tourists, McTaco alone has been around for 35 years serving tacos in the same spot. El Apache and the most recent one Chimpsy are really good options next to them.

Things to look for:

*Great Service, English spoken.
*”Chorilocos” at Las Brisas, taco made with asada, cheese and chorizo are a must.

How to get here.

#4 El Paisa.


El Paisa is one place that is a daily stop of hundreds of people who lived near by. Cheap and very traditional (no tables to sit at) this place is a perfect spot to stop if you’re coming from the “other” entrance to Ensenada.

Things to look for:

*Fast service
*Good location if you’re taking the exit at 10th street.

How to get here.

#3-2 El Trailero and El Flamazo

The legend says that the original place was “El Flamazo” but the owner lost the place in a poker match, to piss the new owner off, he opened a new place just next to the older taco stand calling it “El Trailero”, now both places are next to each other and we can’t be more thankful because both places are really good. “El Trailero” became more famous in time and they also offer different options like Birria, Cabeza (Steamed Cow Head) and even Fish tacos.

Things to look for:

*El Trailero put avocado instead of guacamole which is a nice variation, specially for Adobada tacos.
*”Huaraches” at El Flamazo will blow your mind, it’s like 3 tacos in one, you’ll need a fork to eat it.
*Perfect spot to stop if you’re entering or leaving Ensenada.

How to get there.

#1 Tacos El Angelito


Tacos el Angelito is not well know among tourists but ask to most people from Ensenada and they will know this tacos for sure, this place is well know to be one of the best adobada tacos.

Things to look for:

*Asada and cabeza tacos are good options to take in between adobada tacos.

How to get there.


Now for fish tacos, here are our choices:

Tacos El Fenix


Chosen by many food blogs as one of the best fish tacos in Ensenada, this place is a must if you want to experience one of the best culinary experiences in Baja. No meat here.

Things to look for:

*Fish tacos and Shrimp tacos is all you need here.

How to get here.


Kazón Fish Tacos


This place is one of the hidden jewels outside Ensenada just a few hundred feet away from El Trailero, this Taco shop offers great variety in fish and shrimp tacos like the “Hawaii taco” taco which is a non-battered shrimp with a buffalo-style salsa all covered in cheese or the “Taco Especial” battered shrimp with battered jalapeño with cheese, magical.

Things to look for:

*Great variety for fish tacos.
*Taco Especial is one to be remember.
*As El Trailero, great option if you’re leaving or entering Ensenada thru highway 1.

How to get here.

Honorable mentions
As we said at the beginning, there are more places that deserve to be listed here like Tacos 777El ZarpazoLa ChispaTacos de la 6Tacos El Recreo and Tacos de Pescado El Chopipo, any of this places will satisfied your Baja-Tacos needs.

Bajadock: mapped on Ensenada/Wine Valley Interactive Map


Ensenada Food Truck Park

Ensenada Food Truck Park Facebook

Located south side of Ensenada, Av Reforma/Hwy1, across from Walmart, north of Costco.  As with all of my posts, they are plotted on the Ensenada/Wine Valley Interactive Map, link on left side of site. Our staff of cartographers never sleeps.

Ensenada Interactive Map

Our team of cartographers began plotting popular restaurants, taco stands, wineries and other spots in the Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe area about 5 years ago on the Ensenada Interactive Map.  Click the map above or click here to access it.

The map is constantly updated with new discoveries and is always available on the left side of this website.

No, Hernán Cortés, we can’t possibly map every churro, chicharron and chocolateria location.  The good news is that the map also shows google maps locations that our team has not yet found.  The new Carl’s Jr near the flag in downtown Ensenada is an example.  Blame me, as I’m not a fan of U.S. fast fooderias.

As of May 2017, over 520 locations have been plotted on the map.

When first opening the map, the view can be quite a mess, as Ensenada Centro is dense with business locations.  Zooming in(hit the legend button to remove legend and unhide zoom: lower right) will focus on a more specific area of the city or wine valley.  Click and hold the map to move around.  Hit the legend button again and choose vino, hotel, cafe/Wifi, etc. to search.

The locations plotted by our team, when clicked, will open an info bubble that includes an underlined link to that business website or Facebook page.

Youbetcha, we gladly accept requests to plot on the map.  We will only focus on Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe with the area from La Mision as a northern boundary and Santo Tomas as southern boundary.

Thanks for any suggestions, criticism and commentary on our Ensenada Interactive Map.


Valle de Guadalupe area of map showing winery locations plotted.

Ensenada Top Ten Bars

Bajadock: Three bars that I favor, but not included in following article, are Wendlandt(foto above during one of my visits), Cerveceria Agua Mala and Punta Morro(technically P.M. is not a traditional bar/pub, BUT, has THEBEST spot for a beverage and view of sunset on the ocean).  Have added links to the bars in this article.  Click on the bar’s title. And all are mapped on the Ensenada Interactive Map, click on map below listings.


As for bars, we always think of the group of Papas & Beer, Hussong’s, Pueblo Antiguo and La Villa, but outside of there, which are the best and most visited ?, according to what we witness and what the Statistics we threw, we give you the 10 best options:

Ultramarino Oyster Bar

You can not miss the shots of oysters and good live music, you can try the Wong Ton of marlin, or if you are, a good jar of artisan or barrel, while dancing with Takon Machine, I do not know, think about it. ..

Lucky Irish Pub

Whether in the Center or in Valle Dorado, in addition to a good beer, enjoy the wings, potatoes and cheese or the entry you like. This is a must see for many, so much, that they are already going to the third branch.

Lucky Irish 2
Lucky Irish 3

Ryerson 51

One of the most crowded places of the Center Zone of our city, located at the nal de la Primera and Ryerson, enjoys an excellent atmosphere, very busy, but excellent.

Pits Racing Bar

Well known for its wings and beer in medium or jar, is a good place to talk and live after work.

La Sabina

Located to the south of the city, it offers you between beers and domestic and imported drinks, but you should not miss any of its excellent cocktails of the house.

El Patio Bar

On the first between Blancarte and Alvarado is this bar that for more than 20 years offers good amibiente and an extensive menu in drinks and snacks.

El Pato

A good place to enjoy versatile live music and any national and imported drinks you want.

Las Micheladas

Although it is a new place in our city, this chain of bars has been very successful simply in Tijuana, Mexicali and Rosarito, reason why it gives us good sign to go to listen music of banda and norteño.

La Ferreteria

Another place where you can listen to banda and norteño music live and with the Dj you can enjoy and dance of different genres of music, its decoration makes you feel that you are really in a hardware store and you do not know if to buy a beer or tool ….

Red lion

A place whose owners give the concept of “After office”, where they invite us to take a jar, pintaditos or drinks prepared after work creating a relaxed atmosphere and with good music, the bad thing is that it always fills up early.


Ensenada Interactive Map

ensintmap Started the Ensenada Interactive Map a few years ago as a humble attempt to plot points of interests for residents and visitors.   Click above image to access site map.  And yes, I am open to and in need of more spots, improved info and r.i.p./d.e.p. news.  Valle de Guadalupe seems to change weekly.

As commentators have mentioned, the initial image above is a flustercluck of icons crowding Ensenada Centro.  Click on one of the icons in Legend menu, right side to view an image like this(restaurants)…


Click additional check boxes on legend menu to add to view, such as Tacos and Mariscos for more….


To access Valle de Guadalupe, either drag map down to access north. OR click the “legend” icon title of the legend menu to collapse that menu.  Hiding behind the legend menu exposes the +/- ZOOM tool.  If somewhat familiar with online maps, zooming in and out assists your search perspective.


Zoom in for better navigation…


Click on any icon to expose a hyperlink(if the title is underlined, like Adobe Guadalupe example below).

ensintmapadobeguad          ensintmapicon

Click that title/hyperlink to open details on that spot’s website/facebook page/photo…

Comments, additions, corrections and updates needed and welcomed.  The map link is always on left side of this site, just below the photo icon.


Facebook Map Mania


As mentioned in my Ensenada Roof Tile Tour, depending upon local businesses’ Facebook Map Mania can be dangerous to your gas mileage.

Baja is often confused with Baja Norte.  Ensenada may give you Ensenada Puerto Rico.  A neighborhood in Ensenada may give you a street name.

I could have posted dozens of these mapping confusions, but, the three examples in this post should suffice.

Punta Morro, the best romantic sunset bar/restaurant in Ensenada, would not be such a great sunset spot if you followed their Facebook map above.


I have been to Lucky Irish Bar, but have yet to try Lucky Irish 2, located on Reforma, just south of the Ford Dealer.


Neto’s Place interests me, but the Facebook map would have me running in circles north of downtown.

The lesson is that a phone call for location and streets for your search can save you a lot.

The only thing that I don’t comprehend here is the fraccionamiento(neighborhood) thingy.  Heck, I never understood the neighborhood name concept in the USA.   Fracc Loma Linda doesn’t seem to be such a distinguised area vs. Fracc Valle Dorado.  But, I’m just a poor gringo trying to navigate this city.

Our staff of cartographers is always hard at work keeping up the Ensenada Interactive map.  We welcome any “must do”, new restaurants or other places of interest in Ensenada or the Valle de Guadalupe.


Punta Banda Road Construction

Punta Banda Road Construction

July 2013 began the second phase of new pavement on the Carretera La Bufadora route.  Our staff of cartographers has plotted the construction zone on the Ensenada Interactive Map(or click the image above to get to the interactive map with links).

Spring 2012 saw new pavement laid down for the eastern 1.7 miles(3K) of the road.  That section took about 3 months to complete.  The new section is approx 2.7 miles with its west end at the tidepool section of Punta Banda.

This new section of construction includes detouring your drive on to dirt and gravel roads bordering the old/construction route.  There are a few on/off/cross sections and changes are likely over the next few months.

Suggest you take it slowly and enjoy the scenery.  You may even spot a fruit, veg or fish stand that you would have missed when streaking by on pavement.

What is the over/under bet on the number of topes installed when construction is complete???

Ensenada Marineros Baseball


Ensenada Marineros Baseball Calendar.  click to go to website.  7:15 PM start times for Monday-Saturday home(blue) games.  7PM start for Sunday home games.

Map to Stadium, located at 9th and Guadalupe, 3 block west of Av Reforma.  Click on map to get to live version of Ensenada Interactive Map.


Ensenada Musica

Ultra Marino announces music every Wednesday.

The Ensenada music scene is breathing again.  No bar/restaurant owner is going to book a band and not have confidence that the investment will bring in customers and money.

Great news. First & Ruiz in downtown Ensenada.   See my Ensenada interactive map.

I plan on enjoying the energy this Wednesday/Mierc0les.  See you at Ultra Marino.

Ensenada Wifi Location Map

Click the map to open up the LIVE  Ensenada Interactive Map with category filter, zoom and directional tools.

1) The coffee cup(w/wifi) icon signals a traditional wifi cafe that may have some finger-food choices.  2) The wifi-only signal indicates a restaurant or bar and will show up next to a restaurant or bar icon on the LIVE Ensenada map.  Sanborns, Mi Kaza, Veleros, Cafe Orleans and Tequila’s have additional sustenance to offer.   Click the links below or on the LIVE map to see menus and services for all.

One frequently asked question is “Free Wifi?”.  Hey, gringo pobre, it’s a cup of coffee!  Park your VW mini bus, hustle your Jesus sandals in and relax for a few minutes with the locals.  You may meet a new friend and learn something about Ensenada.  And they’ll have lots more good info than you will read in any tourist book or stupid blog!

One warning is on business hours:  check the links to websites/facebook pages.  A working class Mexican isn’t cruising his Lexus SUV at 6:30AM for a grande-mocha-frappiacho-carmelita-a-la-whippa for $8 on his way to the staff Power Point presentation every Monday.  8-ish is the typical breakfast opening.

Mi Kaza, one of my favorites(I’m usually the only blue-eye there), has their coffee running at 06:30.

There are many more wifi hotspots in Ensenada, especially in the downtown area.  Most of the hotels have it, but, only available with security code.  As with all of the map’s services, we will update as soon as we discover.

Thanks for “Z’s” alert on Cafe Tomas at the CEARTE art museum on Costero.  That handy spot has a small food cafe and lots of info on art and music happenings.  Parking at CEARTE is easy/free on the east side.  Check out the huge, devilish bust sculpture.

Here is our updated list as of November 9,  2011

Ensenada Wifi Locations

CafeArabiga                                                        Mi Kaza Restaurant
Tequila Sports Bar
Punta Banda Fire Department
Zu Taza Cafe #1 Blancarte
D’Volada Cafe & Smoothies Reforma Sanborns Cafe
Zu Taza Cafe #2 Lopez Mateos
D’Volada Cafe & Smoothies Floresta Starbucks
Cafe Tomas @ CEARTE 
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