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Cremeria Los Globos

Stop #1 of 11, September 2013 Valle de Guadalupe Cork Trail Tour

When visiting El Valle de Guadalupe, a consideration for comfort is to “picnic in” your vital food and beverage needs.  Sure, there are mercados and tiendas that will have many of the basics, like Mercado Liz in Francisco Zarco.  But, for things like cheese, artisan bread and your favorite beer, plan ahead.

A must stop in the wine valley is Cremeria Los Globos.   They are located about 50 feet east of the valley’s only stop light in San Antonio de Las Minas.

Enter the door and childhood memories of italian markets flashed through my mind.  Big cakes of a dozen or so cheeses are out on the counters with samples ready to try.  Olives, pestos, jellies, wine and bread are in a supporting role of all of the cheese.  It will be impossible to leave the Cremeria Los Globos without an additional item with your cheese.

I asked for the “queso mas fuerte” and was directed to a romano-like hunk of chewy heaven.  But, that would overpower any wine experience.  Moved down the strength scale a bit to a Oaxacan cheese that was close to a Monterey Jack in flavor and texture.

Bread was next on the shopping list.  I am a fan of chili peppers, but, not in bread and especially not in bread that is going to be part of a wine tasting.  We got a light wheat that had rosemary and a light touch of olives in it.

We had filled our cooler with ice, water, beer, chocolate,  and additional cash from the newish(2012) Calimax grocery store in El Sauzal.  This Calimax isn’t the biggest, but, has all of the basics.  It is located just over one mile “south” of the Hwy 3 Ruta del Vino exit on Hwy 1.  It’s across from the 16 story “Entremar” ocean side condos.  Ice and cash were the biggest needs.  We also picnicked in some Sonoma chardonnay, as the wine valley is scarce for dry whites.  Please correct me if you can on this?

losglobosquesoWe head further inland on Mex hwy 3 in the wine valley toward the little town of Franciso Zarco and Vinedos Malagon.   Our eyes are peeled for new sights, signs, taquerias and any other points of interest.  It’s coming up on 4PM, which was our soft goal for happy hour.

The Pontiac Vibrator’s outside temp gauge says 75F.  LOVEIT.  Temps were reported at 100F in the wine valley 2 weeks ago.

With our bread and cheese score from Cremeria Los Globos, we were off to check into our suite for the weekend.  Hoping we find a friendly face at Malagon’s B&B with whom we can share our bread, cheese, wine,beer and enthusiasm.

Other than that, our plan is NO PLAN for the evening.

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