New Ensenada Hotel

At noon on Monday was laid the first stone of what will be the Hotel Lucerna in the port of Ensenada, an investment of 15 million dollars whose work will be completed in 14 months.
The ceremony was attended by entrepreneurs, business chamber presidents and government officials, led by José Kabande, owners of the hotel chain based in Tijuana. Touched to the point of crying, Kabande said that for 30 years his father’s dream was to build a hotel in Ensenada, and so far was achieved. He thanked the presence of his mother Maria Teresa, for being the backbone of the family and their companies.
Kabande family, owners of the hotel chain based in Tijuana. “We are not a big chain, but a big chain. We bet strongly on Baja California and Mexico, because we have the desire and the talent in the family and we will not wait, my father’s school was to invest even in difficult times, “said the businessman.
Kabande recalled that his maternal grandmother was a maid of the Hotel Riviera del Pacífico and then, with effort, he attended his “little motel”, she learned the business of hospitality, he said. He noted that Lucerne hotels were 50 years old, “and Ensenada we did not come to move or take away the business to anyone, here what are missing are hotels, services, infrastructure.”
In charge of the work of the Hotel Lucerna is the architect Eduardo Arjona, it will have 140 rooms, on a plot of 7 thousand square meters, a meeting room for 300 people, underground parking for 200 cars “because by the conditions of the city, Which has no airport, forces us to build a parking lot larger than normal. ” Initially it will have 8 floors, it will create 160 fixed work sources, and during its construction will hire at least 380 people, with a total investment of 15 million dollars, and it will have an old Californian style, in remembrance to the ex Hotel Riviera And the Golden Age of Ensenada.
In the midst of a persistent rain, President Gilberto Hirata intervened with one of his accustomed allegories: “Given this image that nature gives us, the water that is so lacking to Ensenada, but also lack the presence of investment, take advantage of this Space to tell the Kabande family, thank you !, because the origin is of effort, it is of work, and it is of tradition. “
He described as historic the placement of that first stone traces the future of one of the vocations of Ensenada, and augured success of the chain as it has happened in Tijuana, Mexicali, Sonora, Chihuahua and Sinaloa. “Lady Kabande, here are your roots, you are going to sow a great seed here.” “We appreciate your support for the Ensenada construction companies, they are going to give jobs to many young people and professionals of Ensenada, we want that investment and many more that enrich the future and present of Ensenada.”
For his part, the Secretary of Tourism of the state, Oscar Escobedo Carignan, pronounced that today is an extraordinary day because it crystallizes an added value more to the kindness of Ensenada, and for Baja California, turned into the second favorite destination of the Mexicans. “We are partying because this is a sample of how the second and subsequent generations are dedicated to the unique goal of making Baja California even better. What better than to house an extraordinary chain of hotels, with the Kabande family, who along with families like the Fimbres, the Cettos, are in that great niche of Progressive bajacalifornianos “.
“The official said that hotel occupancy in Baja California is formidable, but on Saturdays and Sundays in Ensenada are rejecting people because there is no place to stay,” 37 percent of our tourism comes on the subject of gastronomy, wine and craft beer , But what good is it to have all that if you have no place to stay. What better than a project of this category and the prestige that has the Lucerne.

Hotel Lucerna will be located on the entrance road to Ensenada, between Quintas Papagayo and Janos Restaurant, within the residential Playitas.

foto por ElVigia
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