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Best Fun of 2017

Last week, wrote about my Best of Baja food and beverage experiences of 2017.  In so many ways, this past year was a renaissance of my spirit with family, friends and fun. Here are some of my Best Fun of 2017 highlights:

Attitude adjustment and house remodel(front side photo above) were my best improvements for 2017, with new entry, curtains, paint color and outlook heading into my new adventures.

Best Sign of the Apocolypse: Rosarito fire in October

Best workout: Bodyweight workout followed by legs/chest/arms weights followed by intervals on this hill

Best Love Thy Neighbor Advice

Best Sunrise

Best Sunset

Best Optimism

Best Movie:  Hidden Figures  (I video my movies, as I have not been out to a flick since 2004), Thanks W, for the reminder.

Best Car Rental: CPE Isuzu Trooper Rent-A-Car, gracias!

Best Unfair Fight, Four on 1

Best Home Dinner: chili verde

Best Street Performer: No fire, no tricks, no assistants, no juggling…just a man and his bottle….Wowzers

Best Street Performer with Fire: The Silver Man Clan, Tramo de Muerte

Best Green Flash: Edgar Lima

Best Jail

Best Alternative Workout Studio: Angie’s Pole Fitness

Best Road Trip: Reno to Ensenada, September, was my first trip through the Sierra Nevada mountains.  Can’t wait to return and spend more time soaking in the scenery.

Best Christmas Decoration

Best Birds and Bees Do It Photo

Best Happy Hour: l’chaim

Best Wine & Food Pairing: Bocelli Sangiovese and cauliflower crust pizza.

Best Bubbles

Best Bubbles Saluting Flag

Best Mom


Best music: Jean-Luc Ponty, “Renaissance”

Best Photo: Owl in my front yard.  Certainly not a great composition, but, it was fascinating to share the moon with this little guy perched on top of a pvc pole lot marker.

Best Moments with family and friends, thank you.  Cheers to our adventures and new friends this year.  Ring my bell soon.



Perfect Thanksgiving Weather

3 Months of Training

Celebrating completion of 3 months of consistently tough workouts in my gym and on the hills here.

The lower scar in above photo is what I call “Tuscany Trail”, as an hommage to my Tuscan neighbors whose home hovers above it.

After my chest and arm work, hit this hill for 16 intervals of 45 seconds each with a 90 second walking rest interval.  It was the most difficult workout of the year and I passed the test.

Thoroughly enjoyed a thick piña colada shake as my reward.

For the 92 days, I missed 9 days of workouts.  That’s the 90% workout day goal I have been trying to reach.

Also moving my diet to a more ketogenic diet has been a big help.  Nope, I’m not a keto perfectionist and far from it.  I enjoy beer and wine way too much.  But, adjusting my food intake toward green veggies and protein is easy.

Chicken, bacon, walnut, avocado, cucumber, roasted red pepper, gala apple and romaine salad with a cheap Malbec from Argentina was Thursday’s late dinner

My snacks are almonds, cheese and celery.  Hummus and greek yogurt provide excellent dipping variety.

I also have an 11-12 hour “fasting”  window between my last food intake at night and my late breakfast after workout.  That breakfast is my protein shake of whey powder and a variety of frozen fruit that I keep in the freezer.  EZ on fruit intake if you want to lose fat.

How much weight have I lost?  Guessing I’ve lost 12 pounds of fat, but, I don’t have a scale and have always recommended that a scale is a terrible tool for fat loss.  Most people’s weight fluctuates +/- 5 lbs daily, so what good is a scale to measure your progress?

My three categories of exercise are weight resistance, bodyweight exercise and hiking/running.  I rarely do the same exercise in any given week as variety is good for training as well as keeping a fresh attitude.

A business mentor of mine taught me about incrementalism.  The idea is to ease in to your healthy lifestyle.  Applied to diet and exercise, most people go absurdly overboard in the beginning.  Which leads to a quick end.  Try incrementally adding days of exercise, a  few naked salads and some protein shakes to your week.

I enjoy the mental and physical benefits of challenging workouts as I age gracefully.  And I’m writing this at 6:20PM, so it is time I had the first beer of the night.  SALUDOS.

30 bodyweight exercises

Planes, Trains, Autos

7 days, four airplanes, 2 trains, 2 Uber rides, 2 shuttle buses, 2 municipal buses, 10 road tolls, 1 rental car, a hike at midnight and a peaceful dawn drive from Newport Beach to Ensenada this Sunday morning were among my methods of commuting from left coast to right coast and return.

For those of you living in urban communities, ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft are regular services.  I happened to be in a very rural part of Florida this week and Uber is ein geist(a ghost).

Called a taxi service about scheduling a ride in early morning of approximately 12 miles.  “We don’t pickup in that city!”.  It was three miles from the city center in which their office is located.  And the dispatch dude made certain he gave me attitude in smacking me down for my persistence with my request for help.  Imagine that happening between Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, two adjacent cities in SoCal?

Denny’s at 1AM…zzz

So a hike under the stars got me to my destination just after midnight.

Why do airports look like shopping malls?  This was my second visit to Charlotte airport in 12 months.  Yes, when I travel, I always have a hankering for diamonds, furs and leather boots, oooh!

On my last second flight from Orlando through Charlotte to LAX, was able to sneak into window seating. Yep, I’m the window guy, using my pillow against the pillar to catch up on needed sleep.

eastbound path in red, westbound is green

LAX airport is one compressed sea of humanity, bags, taxis, shuttles, cultures, strip clubs and stuff.  The horseshoe design is a traffic shock, even for L.A.

Getting a ride escape from LAX after landing is easy, but, can be expensive. For example, Uber from Newport Beach to LAX is $50.  But, Uber LAX to NB is $125.  Guessing the ride to the airport is cheaper because that driver will easily gain another customer quickly at LAX.

There is a bus from LAX to Union Station that will connect you with Amtrak trains as an option for approx $10 bus and $20 train .

There is also a Disney Shuttle from LAX if that is your direction for approx $30.

The best option is to have a very good friend who will fight the freeway and LAX traffic battle.  Thanks to Pablo and Arenalita, I swindled them into my commute to LAX.

But, even great friends can be asked to do too much, so I chose old school “Super Shuttle” for my return trip from LAX to Newport Beach.  At $50, it was a solid value, plus I scored a promo $20 rebate.  Super Shuttle also texted me when my flight arrived on which vehicle # would be greeting me, nice.

If those good friends also provide blue fin tuna sammiches with roasted red peppers to greet you, you are one lucky leprechaun.

Woke up rested and ready to rock south to Ensenada this calm, clear Sunday morning and caught a beautiful sunrise in top photo.  The spot is El Mirador at K84, north of Ensenada.  Above photo is from a few years ago that barely show my neighborhood on the hill above the ship in the harbor.

What trip through Ensenada could be complete without witnessing an accident at Tramo de Muerto, just north of Maneadero?  This was 7:30 this morning.

Now enjoying a peaceful Sunday in my paradise.

fotos por Bajadock




Thanks Friends

Happy to announce that my home, aka Dockerty’s Pub, is officially reopened to guests.

Thanks to Chuy and Jorge, plus their teams, my new walls, entries, lighting and doors will be welcoming Pub friends and family for beverages, food and more fun memories.

My bachelor mess, construction zone and dust bowl have dominated the past 2 months.  But, I have hosed down the entire house and cleared out the big chunks of debris and stagnant props for a simplified and peaceful setting.

My pantry and wine frig enjoy nearly the same abundance as my Irish luck and appreciation of those of you who have helped me recently.  Looking forward to sharing it all with you.

H, PS, S, D and BL are at the top of a long list deserving my appreciation and thanks.  If I did not mention you by initial or name, just drop in for the beverage of your choice.  Newly positioned door bell provides the new password for your VIP visit.

Salud, Amor y Paz de la Pub.


Workout Success

No wonder that so many give up so early on their new exercise plan.

The first day, the first week and the first month is full of pain, little success and lots of frustration.  Sore muscles tell you “just fuggeddaboutit!”.  Injuries say “what were you thinking?”.  Your tortured mind tells you that the upcoming workout should be procrastinated at all costs.

No, I had not let myself go to complete flab this year.  But, I was likely up 10-12 pounds at one point due to travel, weak mind and other distractions. Exercise and fitness goals are a huge part of my soul.

Waitaminute, we thought you did not own a scale and don’t believe in weighing yourself as a good measurement of fitness, right?  Right!  But, they way I feel, look and clothes fit tells me exactly how many weeks of serious effort are needed to correct my conditioning.

August 8 began my recent workout discipline.  I started with an easy chest and arms weight workout and a light 2 mile hike. The photo of my neighborhood above is my outdoor gymnasium.  Only required additives needed to these hills are good shoes and good attitude.

Today marks the 8th week completed of my path.  Out of 56 days, I missed only 8 for an 85% success rate.  More importantly, was that at week 2, I began throwing in some serious hill interval workouts to kick my bunz into puddles of protoplasm.

Today’s 12 repeat sprints of a 200 yard hill(approx 8% grade) followed by chest and arms weight session was a winner.  My new sofa grabbed me hard for a spontaneous nap today after this morning’s punishment.

About my diet, I slightly moderated the amount and type of food enjoyed.  Added fat with avocados, olive oil, coconut oil.  Preferring veggies and salads over rice, pasta and spuds.

Last night’s spaghetti dinner modification example including 1/3 the normal pasta serving.  The other 2/3 was zucchini and spinach.  Those 2 veggies go great with my red sauce and Italian sausage.

Cucumber, tom, apple, avocado, chicken salad with olive oil, lime and Tajin dressing

Yep, I like my beer, wine and occasional starch sinning.  But, I’m guessing my diet only changed approx 20%.  Biggest change was focus on adding veg intake.  In calorie terms, guessing I’m devouring 10-20% more than before due to the intensity of my workouts. Like my no scale rule, I don’t count calories.

It is fun to be in a place that I can eat virtually as much as I want.  Other than my beer and wine fixes, I’m lucky not to own a sweet tooth. Well, I need an ice cream score on occasion, so I load up my daily protein smoothies with ice, so that I have to spoon it.

Smoothies, salads, fish(not fried) tacos, stews/soups, pork/chicken/seafood, nuts, broccoli.  Nope, I’m not perfect on these, but, my trend with these fresh foods is my friend.

Food tastes better, my mind thinks more clearly and sexual performance and enjoyment are improved, youbetcha!

Sharing my success as encouragement for you and yours to find a way to improved health.  If you only walk around your block, that is better than sitting in your Barcalounger.

Bajadock’s 5 tips for long term exercise success:

  1. Find an exercise activity that you might enjoy. Hey, I don’t completely enjoy all of my types of different workouts, but, I enjoy taking on the challenge and the satisfaction of achievement.
  2. Set an exercise schedule, add a buddy if that helps you and get it done in 30-60 minutes.  A 10 minute high intensity interval workout is better than going out for a 1 hour walk.  Quality  and consistency win over quantity.
  3. Modify your diet.  Unless you are working out with intensity for 2 or more hours a day, you will not outwork a bad diet.  Find vegetables that you enjoy.  Do a one day per week “cheat” day to take care of your cravings.  Modify, don’t try anything crazy, because that won’t last long.
  4. A little bit of fruit , especially berries, in a smoothie(I like whey protein) is good.  Fruit juices and a whole lot of fruit might look healthy, but the sugar content will defeat your plan.  OJ in your morning is a weight loss killer!
  5. Extra bonus:  Until you reach some little point of success, weight loss, % of planned days executed, keep it your little secret.  I hear many announce their new plan or buy the shiny new equipment and discuss their purchase with 20 friends.  Shhhh, JUSTDOIT, exercise and wait until you have health news worthy of a press conference.  Thanks for reading mine, CHEERS.

Baja Peasant Food

My diet is fairly healthy with little pre-prepared food.  But, once in a while, I indulge in something that is full of fun like this week’s chili fries.

I’m all about peasant food or “comida campesina”.  Fresh, local ingredients prepared and cooked family style are my pleasures.

As mentioned before, lots of swirlies, splashies, sprinkles and flowers on plates are warning signs.  If “elevated cuisine” is simply plate decorations, enjoy the above example for your next hot date.

Hey, Doc, isn’t that a splashie decorated on your  chili fries plate?  Um, that is a spill from my ladle.

Salads, tacos, soups, stews and ceviches comprise 90% of my food intake.  But, the chili fries thing was because I had a carbohydrate itch that needed scratching.

Yep, I like my fries cooked medium-well, so they get a few extra minutes in the oven for the crunch factor.

Chili recipe was a slight new twist adding mole sauce to the mix of pork, black beans, poblano chiles, celery,  zucchini, tomatoes, onion, cumin, oregano and chili powder.  With cooler weather here, this cauldron of bubbly goodness poured over crispy fries is a good evening.

Poblano or pasilla?

Only thing I omitted that could have pumped up the decadence factor on my chili fries is some gooey cheese.

What wine to pair with this seductive dish?  That would be “vino ambar”, aka cerveza!

Next up?  I think I’ll be exploring a seafood poutine, thanks for my friends in the other BC, British Columbia.

Healthy Life Secrets

Bajadock: The year 2017 has brought me more distractions from my daily exercise routines than imagined.  For me, exercise is in my blood, my mind and my spirit.
Happy to celebrate a solid full month of daily discipline in August.  I feel better, sleep better, think better, enjoy the taste of food more and even enjoy improved sex.  Okay, youbetcha, I have a healthy imagination!
Often, you have to get out of your own way to walk the path to success.
After an exercise layoff, the first workout, the first week and the first month of exercise routine can be very discouraging.  Pain, few results, unwilling muscles, fatigue and a weight scale scream fuhgeddaboutit!
Which is why I don’t own a weight scale.  My exercise physiology professor professed, “To see if you are losing weight, get naked in front of a mirror.  If you are fat, the mirror will not lie.  If you are improving the mirror will not lie.”.  
I’m very happy to back in the groove, one day at a time.
The mirror is smiling this morning. 
CHEERS to your health.
Most everyone is interested in living a long, healthy, and happy life. The near universal demand has given rise to a copious supply of charlatans selling “answers.”

Internet entrepreneur, conspiracy theorist, and natural health guru David Avocado Wolfe says that “superfoods” will extend your life. Freelee the Banana Girl espouses the benefits of a diet that’s vegan, raw, and yes, full of bananas. Gwyneth Paltrow seems to stand behind whatever kooky quackery will make her the most money.

The claims these characters make are flashy, marketed as fix-all solutions to the health problems that prevent us from living long and productive lives. They’re also fallacious. There’s little to no evidence to back most of their assertions.

The reality is that Wolfe, Paltrow, The Banana Girl, and many others claiming dietary or lifestyle “secrets” are simply out there to make a buck. The actual “secrets” to health and longevity are not secrets at all. Far from being flashy, they’re actually quite boring. And I’ll give them to you for free:

1. Exercise. The physiological benefits of exercise are so powerful a group of scientists likened exercise to a medicinal drug. Habitual exercise promotes a healthy weight, prevents diabetes, fights depression, and reduces your chances of dementia, among many other benefits. You only need to spend 150 minutes per week exercising at a moderate pace to attain these benefits. That’s merely 2.2% of your waking hours! For even more benefits, exercise 450 minutes per week at moderate intensity or 225 minutes per week at vigorous intensity.

2. Eat a Balanced Diet. Science has not identified a “healthiest” diet. “Everything in moderation” sounds vapid, but it has a lot of backing. Simply paying attention to what you eat seems to yield results, not any specific diet. If you want some specific tips, here’s a few that can be distilled from the research:

3. Don’t Smoke. The numbers are striking. Lifelong smokers can expect to live ten fewer years than their peers.

4. Make Friends. It sounds silly, but a meta-analysis from 2010 really drilled this point home. Examining 148 studies with 308,849 total participants, the researchers found that people with stronger relationships had a 50% increased likelihood of survival. What does this mean? According to the editors of PLoS ONE, this means that “by the time half of a hypothetical sample of 100 people has died, there will be five more people alive with stronger social relationships than people with weaker social relationships.” Whether through a reduction in stress or levels of depression, or some other factor, meaningful relationships help us live longer.

More tips could undoubtedly make this list, but if you follow these four “secrets,” the odds are good that you’ll live a long and healthy life.

South Dakota License Plates

After my adventurous purchase of my new vehicle in Reno, 3 weeks ago, fedexed my documents to Clay County.  Also sent two signed, blank, personal checks with the documents to them.  This is an office that has handled me with efficiency and friendliness during the past 10 years that resembles nothing like my other DMV experiences.

Telephoned the Treasurer’s office to verify receipt and was handed off to “M”, as she was about to telephone me.  The car dealer in Reno from whom I purchased the car was taking their time processing the title work and had not yet sent that to Clay County after 1 week.  Also got a copy of the SD application and was able to scan it and email back to Clay County.

Shared my Reno to San Diego driving experience with the team at Clay County Treasurer’s office

Well, the Nevada temporary tags are going to expire in a few days, what do I do?  Explained the situation in an email to “M” at Clay County.  She asked if I would like a SD temporary tag, because I had sent them an extra personal check to cover that small expense.  Got the temp tag via email, SHAZAAM!

Not many people send signed blank checks in the mail.  But, this team at Clay County is easy to trust.

Also got a needed copy of my other vehicle’s S.D. registration via email, thank you.

That same day, the Reno dealership confirms that the title document is being sent to Clay County.  On Monday of last week, “M” confirms that she can fedex my new South Dakota plates, reg, etc.  “M” also explains that she is going to be leaving the office and would be handing me over to “L”.

As Clay County team brightened my day with their efficiency, shared the photo of my neighborhood with them for cheers.

A couple of hours later, “L” emails me that she received the title info and has fedexed the plates and reg package to me that same day.  Also has the total for my check including S.D. sales tax on vehicle, processing fees and fedex.  Wow, this entire process likely was completed in 1-2 hours.  And “L” provided me with the fedex tracking #.

Drove up to San Diego for first time with my new vehicle to pickup the plates plus other stops.  Customs and Border Patrol at San Ysidro gave me a grilling about my SD temporary tag.  Also had my bill of sale and MEX + USA insurance docs.  Gave them my SENTRI pass as well.  Thought I was headed to secondary inspection for sure.  Nope, got through after about 5 minutes.

Package was received 2 days later and my new vehicle is proudly sporting Mount Rushmore on front and back bumpers. Yes, one of my friends at Clay County placed the orange “2” sticker(February expiration) on both plates, thanks.

Last piece of the little story is SENTRI.  I had lost my SENTRI/GOES website password.  With online threads stating 6 month waits to get new vehicles approved in the SENTRI program, I was anxious to get in line.  When SENTRI emails you a temp password, DO NOT COPY/PASTE it into login page.  It creates error message.  Confession:  the email with your temp password clearly states…”Do not copy/paste or ELSE!”.  But, in my typical stubborn fashion, I failed to read those easy instruction.

Another photo of my neighborhood’s hidden beach shared with Clay County team

Big thanks to “L” and “M” for fabulous customer focused service.  Cheers to everyone at Clay County Treasurer’s Office.


Have endured a tough emotional, physical and mind blowing week.

Thanks to all for help and I’m lucky to be here.

I am thankful for a wonderful life.

Thanks to my friends who care.

Thanks to my fabulous family. We are a small family.  We do family well.

Thanks to the wonderful women who have shared their time and energy with me.

Thanks to my neighbors who have shared their resources and experiences to ease my pain.

Thanks for every sunrise, sunset, fog, cloud, moon glow and raindrop.

Above sunset Friday is by IRE.  THX!

Time wounds all heels, so I’m hoping my walk will ease through the cosmic debris with time.



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