Baja Border Crossing Maps

SoCal Border Crossing Overview Map


2017 verified accuracy of maps on this page by Bajadock.  Above map is an overview of the 3 western border crossings to/fro Southern California.  Detailed maps are below with further instructions in linked highlights are by just clicking the maps.  None of this stuff is copyrighted, so thanks for sharing with any and all.

1. San Ysidro Ready Lane Map(2017)



Click here for San Ysidro Ready Lane(and regular lane) details, or click map above.

2. San Ysidro SENTRI map(2018).

Click here to San Ysidro SENTRI map details. or click on the map above.

3. Otay Mesa Regular, Ready, Sentri map 2017


Click here for Otay Mesa crossing details, or click map above.

4. San Ysidro and Otay Mesa map combo 2017


5. Tecate Border Crossing map 2017


Click here for more details on Tecate border crossing.  Or click the map above.


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