Move Migrant Camp from Border


Tijuana.- To safeguard the safety of the families that still remain in El Chaparral, it is proposed that they be transferred to the Tijuana Sports Unit, reported the municipal director of migrant care, José Luis Pérez Canchola.

The official mentioned that the problem is becoming more serious in that space, especially due to the presence of more than 500 children, according to the numbers that the municipal authority has.

Merchants ask for a solution to migrant protests at checkpoints

“The situation has been getting worse because of the conditions that people are there. What worries the municipality the most is the presence of more than the children; there are a good number of these minors already born in Mexico, who we have been supporting so that they have birth certificates ”, he commented.

Pérez Canchola, said that some of the migrants have already chosen to leave El Chaparral, on their way to shelters such as the Salvation Army and the Ambassadors of Jesus, however, for the families that remain there, they will be insisted that they leave the site close to the International Garita, bound for the Sports Unit, which is available.


“The proposal that the Directorate has made is to look for a suitable space, where people can be with greater security, waiting for answers from the North American authority. You have to convince them to settle there and stop being in the El Chaparral camp, due to the climate of permanent risk that exists ”, he stated.

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