Sunday’s Vote on ECA Truth


Ensenadense citizen in the neighborhood consultation called by Armando Ayala, this Sunday, October 18, 2020, you are not really going to vote whether or not to expand the facilities of Sempra Energy through your local company Energía Costa Azul (ECA).

Although this was announced by both Ensenada businessmen and the Municipal President, the reality is that the public consultations required by law were already carried out by ECA since 2017, according to the company itself.

The only permit they say they have pending is the natural gas export permit, which is granted by the federal government’s Secretary of Energy. A long-term permit that has not yet been granted.

The information that ECA hopes to collect from Sunday’s consultation in Ensenada is actually to know what is the priority that citizens would give to the list of works that could be carried out with the 435 million pesos of ‘social work’, which are included in the global investment for this expansion project, which is approximately $ 1.9 billion.

ECA would allocate those 435 million pesos in works for Ensenada, once they have the federal permit, and begin construction. Something that they have estimated to do by the end of this 2020. And they hope to know through the neighborhood consultation, where the population prefers to invest that money.

Of the 22 works that appear in the promotional video of the consultation, those that are ‘voted’ the most by citizens are the ones that in theory they will focus their resources. That is what it is about, and that is how they understand the consultation promoted by the municipality.

Among the works and / or support projects highlighted by the City Council are the following:

  • Canalization of the Ensenada stream
  • Resources for the Freseros de San Quintín baseball team
  • Ciclovía El Sauzal – Ensenada
  • Rehabilitation of Avenida Juárez
  • Security Observatories
  • Purchase of patrols
  • Camalú Sports Unit
  • Quick soccer field in Punta Colonet
  • Reform and Front Overpass
  • Traffic lights
  • Rehabilitation of Police Sub Stations
  • Cannon Doña Petra
  • Amber Street Bridge
  • San Quintín Braulio Maldonado Park
  • Velatorios Maneadero
  • Canine and Feline Unit
  • El Zorrillo Park
  • Chapultepec Park
  • Recovery of sports fields and spaces

Below we share the full interview conducted with Energía Costa Azul staff, in relation to the issue of neighborhood consultation and other issues related to the possible expansion of its facilities:

In the interview, Juancho Eekhout, general director of the Energía Costa Azul (ECA) reconversion project; Ricardo Moreno, Director of the Strategic Project; and Jorge Uribe, Project Development Manager.

JUANCHO : Well, thank you very much Ricardo for your time, for taking the time. I am Juancho Eekhout and I am the general manager of the Energía Costa Azul (ECA) reconversion project. We thank you very much for the time, we at ECA are very happy to be able to be in this stage of the project, the reconversion project as you know is a project that seeks to add natural gas liquefaction facilities to the facilities that we currently have at ECA and with In order to be able to receive natural gas, to liquefy it and to move it in tankers in the form of liquefied natural gas to areas in Mexico where this fuel is needed, such as Baja California Sur, and / or export it to Asian markets.



Bjadock: LUV the ballot that appears to show you only get the muncipal project “goodies” if you vote YES!

 With the Yes-No options, I agree that the Energía Costa Azul company will expand its facilities and activities in Ensenada and allocate part of its income to projects for the benefit of the community, this Sunday the consultation requested by the Secretary of Energy to the Ensenada City Council.

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