Ceviche, Conos y Concierto

Downtown Ensenada has so many different types of restaurants, events, music and fun.  I have been needing a break from recent focus and found an old friend to share an evening out in our city.

We were discussing which seafood restaurant we would choose and that discussion can open dozens of quality possibilities.

Choosing chef Robert  de Anda’s La Concheria was easy.  Roberto only cooks what is fresh that day and limits his menu to shellfish, the catch of the day, clam chowder, maybe a caldo, pasta and fresh veggies.  Simple, fresh and executed with passion.

Roberto received some Peruvian ceviche experience when he began chefing that folds in some oriental flavors to these chunky textures.

Roberto is working away on my “surprise” dinner.

Sorprendame, por favor.  Clams, octopus and yellow tail ribbons from the Pacific were a sashimi delight.

Even the tostadas are something special at La Concheria.

Love me a one page menu.  Open 10A – 6P.  We squeezed an extra beer out of Chef Roberto to stick around past closing for a few minutes.

There are plenty of familiar labels here from Valle de Guadalupe.  Hey, that’s a sparkling wine from Vena Cava on the right to help you celebrate something special!

Roberto takes time when he can to chat about your food enjoyment and what he did to prepare it.  He also offered us an idea for dessert.  My guest and I aren’t huge dessert fans.  But, we decided to jump on chef’s referral.

This gelato shop is adjacent to our earlier breakfast stop, Casa Marcelo.  Ramonetti Heladeria.  11A – 7P.  A Swiss Italian named Pedro Ramonetti Bonetti came from San Francisco to the Ensenada Ojos Negro valley, bought the ranch now knows as Cava Marcel – which today encompasses 260 acres – and began producing cheese.

Cups AND Cones(conos) available here.

It’s obscured, but, almost tried the “Crema de Whiskey”.  Stuck with  my all time favorite  of vanilla bean.  Also enjoyed the mango sherbet.  The secret of Ramonetti’s creamy goodness is their fresh cream, according to Chef Roberto.  After all, Cava Marcelo,  is the cheese king of Baja.

We ended our adventure in ‘Nada town with the guitar duo of  Giovanny Arreola y Porfirio Ziga at Cafe Arabiga.  They handed out a lengthy set of Latin guitar music that included sambas, ballads and jazz standards like “Autumn Leaves”.  They said they were returning next Thursday, 17 Agosto, to Cafe Arabiga.

Condensation fog and weak photographer, but, you get the idea that you can get your dessert fix at Cafe Arabiga.  Mas dulces…


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