Citizens Secure Neighborhoods

The insecurity that is registered in the city bordered on residents of different colonies in Ensenada to restrict access at certain times of the day and at night to strangers like the same police officers who do not enter to patrol.

The initiative to close roads is of the inhabitants, who did it without consulting any authority.

“One of the problems was that they never arrived (policemen) when we called them, they spent up to half an hour without attending and the thieves at that time were already gone, or they were arrested but the next day they are already free and they rob us again” , Shared Fernanda who lives in San Marino.

Another similar case is the private Bay of Peace in the fractionation Villa Bonita where each of the 40 families that live there paid 700 pesos to buy high-tech security equipment.

According to a document delivered at each address are 300 pesos for the automated metal door and security cameras 24 hours a day and 400 pesos for a remote control.

“For the safety and tranquility of our homes, we have to work.”, is the motto they use.

Even with this control, neighbors have decided that the access code will be changed periodically to prevent it from leaking into other people outside the community.

In the case of the colony Moderna, Moderna Oeste and San Marino, they also cooperated to buy chains, steel anchors, signs with messages from ‘ALTO’, neighbors watching and at night they close the streets with chains and padlock.

Neighbors from different settlements agree with the businessmen who say that agents do not reach the 911 or 089 calls for help and feed false alarm statistics.

Vigilance with security guards is no longer an alternative because they do not trust private security companies either.



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