San Ysidro Morning Ready Lane

Having a SENTRI border pass without a sentri-fied vehicle can be a challenge.

This was the scene Friday morning, 5:15AM at San Ysidro(Tijuana) Ready Lane.  The lineup was backed up past the Nissan Dealership, but, 10 lanes available had me through in 35 minutes.  That was good, as I had to catch an airplane ride out of San Diego.

Past 2 times at SY Ready, noticed of the 2 approach lanes, the right moves more quickly.  That is subjective, but, looks like the left lane that curves harder left to spread to the 10 available booths has people hesitating and coin-flipping their perfect choice for a fast lane.

The right lane has fewer options and a less harsh left turn.

Six SENTRI, ten Ready and six regular lanes were available this Friday commute.  There have been times that the regular lanes have been less crowded than Ready.  This morning was not that way.

CBP guards have been very chatty with me.  Today’s guy asked where I lived.  The he asked me about the South Dakota license plate story.  He was kind and my time anxiety was eased due to speed of today’s Ready Lane.  Chatted with him for a minute and hauled to the airport for my first coffee of the day.

Doc, what’s the dif between those different lanes?  Let your fingers hit the keyboard, boys and girls.  I charge big bucks for my border expertise consulting.

Ready Lane routing in bright lime green on map:


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