Taco Tuesday Returns


La Bufadora Tequila Grill revived Taco Tuesday yesterday after a vacation.  It was a grand fiesta with tasty chicken, pork and fish, inexpensive beer and rock n roll tunes.

Band was outside on the patio at a modest volume level.  Prefer that to allow diners enjoyiing conversation between tacos, margs and beers.

It was mostly a cool, grey day to beat the heat and relax.  Alex, Jan, Eduardo and team provided the friendly service and dishes from the main menu were also available.

Easy to find La Bufadora Tequila Grill, they are inside the last curve of Carretera La Bufadora before you find the mall of shops.  And because LBTG is located outside of the mall, you can avoid the cheezey hustlers of merchants offering genuine Mexican souvenirs made in China.

“La Buf’ Adora Tequila Grill is serving you until 6PM on Sundays. Open every day from 8AM until 9PM, closed on Mondays.”

See news on La Bufadora Tequila Grill Facebook page. See you next Toozday at LBTG.

Toozday sunset photo by the “I” on the beach.


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