Baja Ranch Shower



by Kate R/Valle de Guadalupe

We don’t have running water on our ranch. Andres, the property manager for another of our landlord’s ranches brings water to us on Mondays and Fridays. At 5 feet tall, maybe 90 pounds soaking wet and around 60 years old, Andres has lived his whole life in this valley. His face has the lines, curves and warm smile of a man born to rural life. He hand buckets water from barrels in his truck to our two barrels on the back patio.

After I moved in with my love I very quickly was able to see water usage in terms of actual volume. How many gallons a bucket, how many gallons for flushing toilets, washing dishes and taking showers. On our first date weekend together, my sweetie giddily asked if I wanted to shower. He led me outside to a bath mat and began filling a green plastic watering can.

It was the middle of summer and unnecessary to heat the water up. With the upper field of the ranch behind me, birds chirping and a breeze coming from the West, my darling gave me my first ranch bath. I giggled and squealed through the whole experience!

Since then we approximate that we’ve had around 300 showers together. 300. Let that sink in. Not having running water means a lot of water related tasks are easier to perform with each other’s help. From washing our hands to our treasured showers.

There is something special that happens between two people, the honoring of each other’s bodies in the act of cleaning each other. Of depending on each other to make it easier.

After my accident I was unable to lift my arm over my head. Without a second thought, there was my love washing my hair, soaping all my important parts, drying me off and brushing my hair. 💓 A total of 3 gallons of water between us during shower time closes any gap of disconnectivity born throughout the day. I wouldn’t trade this for the world.

Ranch shower anyone?? 🙂

Bajadock: Amazes me how many diy shower varities exist with bladders, cans, garden spray pumps and more accessorized with hula hoop curtain holders, pvc curtain frames and an indoor variety using an infant pool bottom for your used water.  I am definitely a spoiled gringo. 


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