Ensenada Murder Rate

Historic closure had the first half of this year, with 90 murder victims registered in the municipality, representing an increase of 221 percent compared to the same period of 2016, when there were only 28 violent deaths.
Information provided by the Attorney General of the State (PGJE), reports that from January to June 28, the date on which the last homicide occurred, were deprived of life 78 men and 12 women.
The number of people killed in the past six months, exceed the 73 deaths reached around 2008, same as it was considered one of the most violent in the last decade in Ensenada, where more were raised high-impact crimes.
Data released on the website of the Ministry of State Security (SSPE) indicates that 2016 ended with 68 deaths; 2012, 63; 2007, 61; 2013, 56; 2006, 54; 2011, 54; 2014, 50; 2015, 48; 2004, 47; 2005, 41; 2009, 41 and 2010, 41.
For the first half, from highest to lowest incidence in 2008 there were 29 killed; 2007, 28; 2016, 28; 2006, 27; 2012, 27; 2014, 26; 2015, 25; 2009, 24; 2010, 24; 2011, 23; 2004, 21; 2013, 18 and 2005, 17.
By coverage by El Vigia, during the first six months of 2017 50 victims were counted for crimes committed in the south or Valle de San Quintin area, ie, about 55 percent of people killed in the whole municipality.
June, “black”
According to official data, last June was when greater number of deaths were homicide, by registering 21 deaths; He was followed by April with 18, March 17; May, 13; January 12; and February 9.
With regard to statistics obtained between January and June 2017, the average is about 15 deaths per month or one person killed every two days. If this trend continues, the year would end with about 180 victims, that is, 146 percent more than in 2008.
The state prosecutor has announced assurance five suspects to the murders of seven people committed so far this year, ie a triple homicide, another double and two remaining with one victim each.
January to June 2017
90 murder victims
Five alleged killers arrested
221% increase compared to the first half of 2016
50 south
40 urban area and surrounding delegations

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