Ensenada Aeropuerto Mañana

Bajadock: we have been hearing about this airport plan for at least two years(2015 post).  With all of the infrastructure needs of Baja and lack of money, this boondoggle’s progress will be interesting to watch.  Following article certainly offers a pessimistic and mocking tone.  Mañana does not mean tomorrow.  It just means not today.


Kiko Vega continued this day with his circus on the construction of an airport for Ensenada, installed in Ojos Negros.

This day he set up a paraphernalia in this port to launch what he called the procedure to select the builder, financier and operator of the Ojos Negros airport, in which he addressed a sense of discourse to the ensenadenses, who were cold when he said that it would be done in a way Jointly with the private initiative, which immediately generated all kinds of comments, and even jokes that the state partner will be one of Kiko’s friends or Kiko himself.

The reality is that according to experts consulted in IATA (International Air Transport Association) the construction of an airport, as it should, takes about seven years, so if Kiko meets this cantaleta that brings since he began work as governor , We will hardly see him in his period unless they come out with one of his accustomed flops.

The experts consulted said that following the announcement of Kiko should prepare a master plan with long projections and construction is established by parts, before which the experts indicated that eventually to get out of step what would Vega is to stay in this stage of Launch which speaks of having a land of 700 hectares, but the movement of passengers takes time for logistics that involved especially if it speaks of international flights, which have barely managed mature airports such as Tijuana and Mexicali Kiko invited his businessmen and said that the federal government will support him, but throughout his speech never managed figures, nor gave deadlines, only that it is a society with a majority share of the State, with investment of the Private sector “, which worried given the poor handling of PPPs in Baja California, although it was defended on the grounds that its government has bu In qualification in transparency, something that in reality is very questioned.

Meanwhile SIDUE followed suit and announced that from today until June 28th, all national companies specialized in airport operation, construction and maintenance, interested in partnering with Baja California, can present their proposals Since the presentation of the same will be the 28 of July.

He explained that the Airport Project consists of a 3km runway, a runway, general service platform, hangar areas, a passenger terminal, control tower, Rescue and Fire Extinguishing Corps, fuel plant, parking lots and Depending on the volume being handled could become international airport in a period of 5 years (?).

Total that with this announcement Kiko hopes that they stop pressuring it by unfulfilled promise, but to two years of leaving the government this generates more doubts than uncertainty because it is not the first time that makes an announcement of this type.

On July 3, 2015, he said exactly the same thing that today “the airport for Ensenada, today is a reality, since it has the approval of the feasibility and the lands where it will be built are already owned by the state.” He added: “I already have the feasibility and they gave it to me in Ojos Negros, they revised El Tigre, they reviewed Santo Tomás and they revised Ojos Negros and the SCT through their measurements and others indicated that Ojos Negros fulfills all the conditions that are required for At the time Ensenada has an international airport and I already bought the land and these are in the public patrimony that is the state and the state is of us all, “said Vega de Lamadrid.

“The construction of the international airport will be open to tender in the near future yet to be defined, but once completed the work will provide employment to a significant number of people and will also motivate the economic growth of the state with tourism that will visit the Wine Route, Said two years ago. It should be recalled that the federation has cut back resources for projects after the collapses in revenues and so far has not been indicated in any budget that has allocated resources.

Anyway, someone said, “who does not know Kiko to buy it” and here we see in two years.



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  1. Gillian Macgregor
    Posted June 16, 2017 at 07:38 | Permalink | Reply

    An airport with small plane shuttles from San Diego, LA and Cabo would be nice. This would bring travelers from these international airports to Ensenada with no fuss. I live in Ensenada for much of the time, and would love to be able to get to and from big aitports without busses and difficult travel. Ensenada doesnt need an international – just shuttle flights to and from the big airports.

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