Ensenada Scenic Road Report

Bajadock has been away past few weeks.  Was surprised to see the soutbound 2 lanes(sea side) torn up just south of Bajamar, approx Km 80.  Traffic was squeezed into 1 lane each for south and north drivers for about 2 miles, then rejoining the normal southbound flow at the SEMPRA gas plant.

The 1 lane squeeze just south of El Mirador in Salsipuedes has been on for approx 1 year?  This is at approx k87-k91, southbound after the drop down from El Mirador.

For some reason during my southbound drive home Friday, I noticed something new.  At K88, K90 and K95 there looked like new terracing on the hills above highway.  These slopes appeared to be mini versions of the big terracing at the K93 landslide.

Perhaps this has been reported many times and my coffee was not strong enough during my morning reads.  The only thing I have been reading about the Scenic Highway in this area is the endless fault studies and the continued discussion of the Bajamar alternate route possibility.

No, I did not stop for photos of these newly terraced hills, as home and happy hour were calling at approx 5:30PM yesterday evening.  But, at 5:30PM, the big honkin earth moving vehicles were still seriously engaged with the dirt. Will snap some photos in the next couple of week.

Anyone have any news on this?

Also, the humps and bumps from patches in the Salsipuedes stretch are getting worse.  That rumble strip at K96 southbound is beginning to catch my anger.

Did notice a few cops set up on shoulders south of La Mision.  None were engaged with drivers during my drive.

One last note was that the Tijuana El Chaparral border southbound crossing was easy at 4PM-is Friday.  It took approx 7 minutes to cross and add another 5 minutes delay to due the slow merge after the “U” bridge to Av Internacional.  And somebody fixed the huge pothole just before the “U” bridge.  For a Friday afternoon, that was an easy an uneventful border crossing.

Thrilled to be home.  And I’m loving the June gloom gray clouds.  CHEERS.


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