Wine Valley Sky Diving Adventure

Bajadock: No, I don’t know if Globos VDG in this vid is the new combo hot air balloon PLUS sky diving crashes within a breath of your life this past week.  No news if bungee jumping from the balloon basket is next on the menu.

For the second time during the same weekend, a hot air balloon operating in Valle de Guadalupe collapsed when it was manned by the same pilot.

On both occasions all passengers were unharmed however this time the globe brushed electric wires and left the town of Francisco Zarco without light.

The official Public Safety report indicates that the balloon collapsed around 9:30 am from a considerable height despite the fact that the passengers were not injured.

The ballon fell on Sixth Street in the village of Francisco Zarco in the vicinity of Rancho El Mogor.

After the events was approached to the zone a crew of the Federal Commission of Electricity to reactivate the service.

Bajadock: Remember this little thrill?



  1. Gabriel Ben-Or
    Posted June 5, 2017 at 09:36 | Permalink | Reply

    A close friend of mine ran a hot air balloon business for years giving countless rides. He told me how dangerous the industry really is because of lack of standards and enforcement for hot air balloon businesses. The equipment needs meticulous and expensive maintainence, and operators need to be sober, well trained,and have good judgement about how to fly the balloon, how to land the balloon and when to not fly due to weather. If you believe these standards are met in Mexico, have a nice flight!

  2. kim wagner
    Posted June 5, 2017 at 09:52 | Permalink | Reply

    I had a girlfriend in the states that was an owner/pilot and I was the chase vehicle/support. I cant tell you the number of close calls we had mostly in the Carmel Valley of San Diego. Our equipment was top notch but just by the nature of the sport or business it is always go=make money no go= loose money. Certainly cosign the above comment re safety standards here in Mexico. Just my personal opinion and I have no experience in regards to the Guadelupe deal.

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