Bajadock’s Little Paradise

Got these shots of my hood from a 15 mile round trip hike in 2011.  Missing my monastic lifestyle there now, as I have been away almost 2 weeks. Hope to return this week.

Surprise Panama trip with good friend in 2006 completely changed my ideas about money and the stuff filling my closets and garage.  Ok, I still enjoy several comforts that many lack.  But, my idea of needs vs. wants adjusted drastically toward simplicity.  Those 10 days in Panama cleared a path for my moving from Colorado to Ensenada, Baja California in 2007.

The simplicity theme pops up this week, because I notice homes that have been collecting stuff for 30 or more years.  Photos, souvenirs, what are all of these electronic adapters?, coins, holiday decorations, tools, and whatnot are on the scene.  My buddy who invited me to Panama liked to use the word “whatnot”.  “This, that and the other” are more of the same.  When is the last time you took a good look at your t.t.&o storage spot?

Just witnessed a weekend garage sale for an entire neighborhood.  I’m not the wealthiest guy on the block, but, I would rather pay someone $100 to haul away stuff than sell dozens of small items for $1 for 8 hours on a Saturday. “This pair of garden shears was only used on Sundays after church, so they include a special blessing for the next user.”  Gadzooks, I’m such a spoiled gringo!

One of the best feelings of my life was my homeless period of 2006-2007 after selling my Colorado house and emptying its contents to craigslist, friends and Goodwill.  We are possessed by our possessions.

I am so thankful for my simple little life that includes family, a few friends and lots of adventure.

You just do not know what changes the cosmic debris will throw your way.  Hope yours is fun.



  1. Raymond
    Posted June 4, 2017 at 13:04 | Permalink | Reply

    Well said. Try to convince a woman to that philosophy.

  2. udowinkler
    Posted June 4, 2017 at 13:57 | Permalink | Reply

    I may need to do that myself…I have a bunch of items in storage here in Ensenada, and it’s costing quite a bit of money every month.

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