Ensenada Foodie Week 22-28 May

Bajadock:  I have yet to find a list of participants in any of the dozens of published articles on “Foodie Week”, May 22-28.  “We’re having a week of special food promotions” is nice.  A wee bit more detail, so that we could choose our destinations, would certainly help the idea, cheers?  Provecho.


Here is a slide show that you can scroll through.  The flyers published here just came up on the Facebook Page  late afternoon, Monday, 22 May.


As part of the promotion of food consumption among the local population, the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Spicy Foods of Ensenada (Canirac), will hold from 22 to 28 May the Foodie Week Ensenada or Restaurant Week event.

At a press conference led by the president of the Canirac Carlos García Travesí Bosch, it was reported that the event consists of offering special menus at prices up to 50% less than normal, in order for families to have the opportunity To go to the places that most draw your attention to tasting the dishes so you would otherwise have to pay more.

So far there are 35 restaurants registered, but it is expected the participation of 50 or 60 of all levels, whose economic offer ranges from 99 to 499 pesos in menus of various times that normally cost between 50 and 100% more, Depending on each establishment.

“Foodie Week’s strategy is to offer attractive rates to generate a week of occupancy above the statistically recorded and compared with in previous years,” said Garcia Travesí Bosch.

For this, a tabulator has been created where the average consumption is 500 to 650 pesos in Gourmet Restaurants, or Autor Cuisine, the diner can pay only 399 pesos.

In casual restaurants where the average cost is 250 to 500 pesos per person, during the Week of restaurants only pay $ 199 pesos for the menu.

The promotion also contemplates that in Mexican breakfast restaurants or snacks where the ticket is normally 150 to 250 pesos per person, the consumer only pays 99 pesos.

In pastry shops and cafes that charge between 80 and 150 pesos, the price will be 69 pesos, was informed at the press conference.

Present were: Roberto Alcocer Zardain, Vice President of Promotion of Canirac; Héctor Rosas Rodea, delegate of the Secretary of Tourism: Marco Antonio Coronado, president of the Business Coordinating Council; Jorge Monroy Martínez, sales director of Coca-Cola; Rodolfo Corral Flourie, president of the Marketing Committee of the Ensenada Trust, and Marianna Recines Velázquez, food and beverage manager of Bajamar.

García Travesí Bosch stressed that this effort will allow the food industry to offer a unique gastronomic experience that encourages the local population to go to restaurants, and those who come from other cities in the state help boost hotel occupancy.

This initiative also has the common objective of joining ties between the restaurants, the Canirac, tourist authorities and the ensenadenses.

The expectations, as they have been achieved in other entities of the country, are the attraction of new customers, restaurant exposure, increase the number of visitors, increase sales, position the participants and at the same time be in the taste of the ensenadenses And the Baja Californians.

In the Week of Restaurants is expected to increase by at least 300 daily diners in each of the establishments and an average visit to two different places per person during the days of the event.

If the success is expected, said Garcia Travesí, the State Secretariat of Tourism could boost the completion of the Month of Restaurants at the state level to rotate a week in each city, including holding the event twice a year.


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  1. first99
    Posted May 23, 2017 at 07:22 | Permalink | Reply

    This is a great promotion. How would one find out where these restaurants and coffee shops are located?

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