Baja Crime Crisis

Bajadock: We posted above photo attached to December 2016 article on police checking seatbelt compliance and warning drivers of cell phone use while driving. This is the proverbial rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, per the following:

Faced with increasing levels of insecurity, impunity and corruption in Baja California, the Citizen’s Council of Public Security and Coparmex, demanded strong and effective actions by the federal, state and municipal governments to fight criminals.

In a press conference, Juan Manuel Hernández Niebla, president of the Public Citizen’s Council of Public Security, Faisal Díaz Nassif, president of the Citizen Committee of Public Security, and Coparmex leaders, Armando León Ptacnik and Jorge Nava Jiménez, demanded that officials comply With their responsibilities.

In Baja California, all crimes go up month by month, Hernández Niebla said, and the culture of non-reporting also increases in the face of the authority’s lack of capacity to investigate and punish.

The lack of crime prevention programs is increasing intrafamily violence and addictions, making Baja California youth a conducive breeding ground for crime, and a prison system that is also in crisis, said the president Of the Public Security Council.

It seems, he said, that the citizens should be abandoned, before an insensible authority, without strategy that minimizes a situation that is becoming critical.
Baja California appears to be a day-to-day entity without a law, Hernández Niebla emphasized.

Therefore, we asked the Governor Francisco Vega to shortly authorize the project to implement the new Criminal Justice System, allocate more resources to the State Attorney General’s Office, to have more trained personnel, and to improve The efficiency of the inquiries and using state-of-the-art technology.

It also requires that both the State Government and municipal governments submit a strategic public safety program in three months, with concrete and time-bound targets and results based on indicators that allow them to evaluate their actions and performance.

We want, said Hernández Niebla, that the governors, governor and mayors, assume their responsibility to provide security to the Baja California.


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  1. Posted May 12, 2017 at 07:54 | Permalink | Reply

    This kind of reporting irritates the bloody hell out of me.”Fight the criminals” what a joke.
    Baja California is usually thought of as the whole peninsula. However there is a state north and a state south.
    So where is the increasing crime happening?
    I have lived in both states for over 16 years.
    The amount of crime I have personally experienced is 2. Both were thefts from the trunk of my car..We know the gas pumps are miscalibrated in favor of the station, but they still have gas attendants and service
    However, I have had, a backpack, and wallets returned with the money. I have dinged two times in all those years for mordida. And help with blown tires on the road for no charge.
    This kind of reporting with no statement of where or the type of crime, feeds into the US propaganda that spews from the media at the beginning of each holiday to keep the fun loving American Travelers afraid to come to Mexico and spend there money here.. “Facts man, only the facts”, but I do appreciate the seat belt warning, I’ll remember to put mine on when I go into Rosarito.

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